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Using Hasoffers, Cake or Voluum?
Scaleo Pricing Starts at 29$ p. Month

Switch now!

We Offer:
- Landingpage Rotator
- Offer Rotator
- Deep Linking
- Hide Referrer
- ISP/Carrier Targeting
- Mobile Device Targeting
- Finance Solution
- Free AntiFraud Logic
- Allow Scripts as Creatives
- Advanced Redirect Rules on nearly everything

and many more features.

What clients say about us: http://www.capterra.com/affiliate-software/spotlight/151740/Scaleo/Scaleo

Check our Demo now at www.scaleo-up.com

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Are you looking for the 100% White Label email delivery solution under your branding & logo. Its best solution for the Resellers/Agencies. Marketing email accepted.

300K Emails/month - $100
500K Emails/month - $150
1Million Emails/Month - $250
5Million Emails/Month - $890
7Million Emails/Month - $1100
10Million Emails/Month - $1500

Exclusive Features:
Dedicated Domain & IP's
100% White Label
Unlimited Users
Email Scheduling
WYSIWYG Email Composer
Email Templates
Spam Check Inbuilt

Note: We do not provide email list/data.

For details: http://bulkmailbox.co.in
Skype: bulk_mail_box

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Please feel free to contact me to discuss our future corporation options !
We are a manufacturer with great payouts and new offers are available constantly.

skype: mixalis_mavromatis
email: mavromatis@adpump.com

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We're currently looking for decent E-commerce products to sell.

We have access to many-many premium traffic sources and are currently generating 2k+ sales to different e-commerce products on a daily basis.

We're mostly looking for products with $30+ payout, ideally.

If you have anything, please hit me up here or send an email to this address:




we are direct advertiser looking for quality india traffic.no bots plz.plz add in skype ktech1231

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Exclusive Nutra Campaigns/ Weekly Payment

Add me on skype: youssef_a4g
email: youssef.m@a4g.com

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Hello, I'm looking to buy quality traffic. Can you help me?

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* Campaign Management on CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI & other, basis...
* Excellent offer, and in all verticals...
* Programmatic demographic targeting...
* Setup in 24 hours, provided Ad Creatives and Landing Pages are ready.

Interested? ...then let's do business:

Contact us via email or skype:
skype ID: KashtaMedia

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My name is Jihane, I represent NetAffiliation MENA. I'm looking for Pop Up/Under publishers with desktop or MOBILE traffic for many top CPA, CPS, CPI, & CPL campaigns in the Middle East. We offer:
Good Payouts and challenges
All major Ad Formats support
Good Customer Support.
Join our Publishers Team and let's make business together!
Add me in skype so that we can discuss all the details, please.
My skype ID is jihane.netaf

Best Regards,

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C-date and be2 affiliate program is looking for new affiliates. We have CPI, generous CPL SOI up to 19 EUR and CPS payouts up to 130 EUR. We provide creatives and live stats. Our brands are live in over 30 countries.

We accept all types of traffic besides incentivized.

You can sign up here:

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I am looking for health and beauty offers from direct advertisers.
We have global traffic from direct affiliates to promote these offers.
Contact me by
email: ekaterina.sergeeva@olamobile.com
Skype: ekaterina.sergeeva.corporate


We are solutions4ad.com network and are looking for a good quality gambling, gaming and porn worldwide traffic. Hit me up on Skype or email for more details: i.przeperski@solutions4ad.com.

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My name is Jihane, I represent NetAffiliation MENA. I'm looking for publishers/owners of websites with desktop or MOBILE traffic for many top CPA, CPS, CPI, & CPL campaigns in the Middle East. We offer:
Good Payouts and challenges
All major Ad Formats support
Good Customer Support.
Join our Publishers Team and let's make business together!
Add me in skype so that we can discuss all the details, please.
My skype ID is jihane.netaf

Best Regards,

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We are a 12 years old performance marketing company. We have campaigns available and we are seeking more solid, high quality partners with which we can do business. Please contact us for a campaign list. We work with Disney, Lending Tree, Empire Today, HBC Health Insurance, and more.

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Selling CPI/CPA/CPV Mobile Traffic incent and non incent. ALL GEO's, especially Tier 1, Asia, LATAM. Please add me on skype and we can discuss a potential partnership.


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Give us your CPA, CPS and CPL Offers and watch your ROI skyrocket! :)
Skype ID: catia.gomes_9

We have traffic worldwide!

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looking for direct cpi/cps/cpa/cpl offers.If you're interested,pls contact me via skype.
my skype id is :samuri/effectmobi


All are exclusive and direct offers from eCommerce/shopping site.

having huge volume to invest in advertising

for now top tier countries mostly looking from mobile traffic , desktop also welcome.

Need Traffic ASAP

skype: manasa.deepthi9


MeritDirect is the exclusive list manager for many prestigious publishers such as UBM Tech, 1105 Media, Ziff Davis Media, PennWell Publishing, Forbes, Wolters Kluwer , Martindale-Hubbell and thousands of other focused audiences, all which can be made available to your company for marketing purposes. The data is available for dedicated email deployments, direct mail, telemarketing and digital display, all by job title, geo, industry, product and service interest, company size, etc.

The data can also be used for house file enhancement and clean-up, outright purchasing for inclusion in your CRM tool, one-click download CPL models and a host of other options.

Please let me know if you are interested in a more in-depth proposal as I’d be more than happy to meet and discuss your plans for 2016/2017.

If however you already know what you need (as well as what you have to spend) then simply shoot me back an email and I’ll put together all of your options for you.

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Mediallianz is an emerging Digital Marketing Services company based in Mumbai, we are looking for traffic for our offers.

Drop mail to us on partners@mediallianz.com

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Join Adwalnut to minimize your cost and boost your ROI.
Adwalnut provides Unlimited Clicks/Impressions/Conversions.
For more details ping me at Skype: rajutuwari754@gmail.com

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Interested to buy USA traffic !!!
Accepted basis - CPL (cost per lead) and CPS (cost per sale).
High payout and 30-40% CR

Please contact me for more information:


@skype - krisbergs123

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Looking for Direct/Exclusive CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, PPI for Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

Tractas is a Global Online Performance Marketing Agency for Mobile & Desktop Devices.

Please email/skype me: adrian@tractas.com so we can touch-base

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Hello !
Our company uses quality traffic and works to improve emails deliverability. I'm looking for new emailing campaigns (desktop,mobile) for the USA,UK,CA,AU, specifically Adults and Dating campaigns. We also have databases in USA,UK,CA,AU.

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Shaw Academy is offering CPL Campaigns.


I am Arul, currently working for Shaw Academy - http://www.shawacademy.com/

Started in 2013. It is situated in Dublin, Ireland and is a professional training and higher education institution dedicated to making the highest quality, practical education accessible to all.

We are committed to both excellence in teaching and support, enhancing the learning experience of each individual student.

We are interested in running campaigns our 1Free Course / 30days Free trial course in UK, US, ZA, AU, NZ, BE, FR.

Recruitment Model: SOI

Test URL: http://www.shawacademy.com/learning/?product=shawaffiliatetesten&lang=en


Warm regards,

Arul Ramkrishna Prasath
Sr Executive - Shaw Affiliate Program

Landline: +91 80 6765 2279
Skype: arulprasad309
Email: arul.r@shawacademy.com

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High CPA is available for all affiliates and media companies for delivering customers from all over the world. Increase your conversion rate and your income with the most advanced auto-trading software available to date. http://binaryxtrader.com
contact on skype : alon.levine1

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We’ve got offers in all verticals + all geos + great payouts!

Apps, Sweepstakes, Surveys, Diet, Muscle, Brain, Insurance, Dating, Payday, Installment loans and More!

Weekly Net 7 Payouts available for some offers

You can sign-up at http://partners.alldirectleads.com/affiliate_signup.aspx

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Our company is looking for large quantity of US aged payday loan data. We prefer 2-3mth ago onward and data with mobile number and emails . Be it LF or SF. Please feel free to contact me via email or skype if you have.


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We are looking for affiliates for ADMUSKETTER CPA network

I`m Ismail , I’m an affiliate manager ,and I`m glad to introduce you our new network Ad musketeer . Let me give you a short overview.

We delivers profitable growth for online businesses. We deliver you the best results, Ad Musketeer employs the best resources in the field that added Quality to ensures your success. To top it all we continue to learn from regular international exposure and investment in research followed by critical analysis of each campaign.

What we offer to Publishers:
- On-time and flexible payouts
- Exclusive highest paid offers
- "Smart" offer search
- New games and utilities direct from the advertisers
- 24/7 individual support
- Bonuses to the most active webmasters
- All our knowledge, forces and time for you to succeed
- We are always on your side!

Please feel free to SIGN UP as a publisher through the link below


Following are our own products

Mac: Advanced Mac Cleaner ( Both display and PPI)
Windows: PC Speedup Pro (PPI)
Windows: Advanced System Care (CPA,CPI & CPS)

Contact us directly via email or skype

Skype: vikas.jethani