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http://FroggyAds.com is a Media Buying platform that connect You to over 85 traffic sources around the world. You will receive high-quality, high-performing and brand-safe traffic from the worlds top SSPs!

We work on CPM basic for Native ads & Display Ads and CPV for popups.
Our minimum CPM is $0.10 and for CPV is our minimum $0.001.

Our self-serve platform http://FroggyAds.com is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. Advertisers, Media Buyers, Agencies and Affiliate marketers can set up campaigns with a full range of targeting options and ad units to reach their desired audience.

Our advertising platform serves over 7,75 BILLION impressions Daily from over 180 countries.

5+ billion Display ad opportunities daily.
2+ billion Native ad opportunities daily.
750+ million Popup/Popunder ad opportunities daily.

We offer popunder, popup, interstitial ads, native ads, mobile & display banner ads.

http://FroggyAds.com ONLY Prepaid

Our Skype ID: live:froggyads

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We have direct financial & gambling programs on our affiliate platform https://adpump.com/uk-en - Binary options & FX, casino, poker, lottery, slot games, bingo, betting, credit loans.

- CPA & Rev share basis;
- CPL;

Payments terms:
PayPal, Wire Transfer
We pay weekly!

Let's start our collaboration!

skype: mixalis_mavromatis
email: mavromatis@adpump.com

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Hello everyone, let me introduce our network first!

Zetaniche is performance based affiliate network who is offering affiliates to promote some of the most popular products in unique and low competitive geos of Europe. We have exclusive adult and mainstream offers in a wide range of verticals such as health, beauty, weight loss, dating and male enhancement, which you can start running right now!

If you are an affiliate or a webmaster who is ready to promote our offers in targeted geos, here is what we are offering you:
Payment options: wire, Paxum and Payoneer
Payouts: monthly - minimal payout for wire is 100€, for other payment options is 50€, weekly 1000€ and bi-weekly 1500€

We offer you professional and experienced personal AM who is looking forward to answer all your questions and show you the best way to promote our offers!

Want to start making some money? You are more than welcome to join Zetaniche today!


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Monetize your traffic with us at Los Pollos (www.lospollos.com). We know better than anyone else, the best techniques to cook any type of traffic to payout perfection. At the moment we have one of the best dating smartlinks on the market, producing proven results for our partners with the following features:

- Smartlinks (Dating, Mainstream, BizOpp)
- 10,000+ Direct & exclusive campaigns
- Weekly payouts

Want to make bank on your remnant, geo-redirect, or exit traffic? Join us now.
Do not hesitate to hit me up on Skype (support2.lph) for more details!

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Looking for traffic on CPA/CPL/CPI/CPS
- adult dating;
- mainstream dating;
- Casino/Gambling;
- Health&Beauty;
- Games; CPI
- VoD.
We have direct as well as our own products and some exclusives.

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Hi Guys,

I am looking for traffic for www.maxpotent.com.br we are direct advertisers of this offer and it is converting very well on adult traffic, we have several prelanders and also sales page for gays. Hight Payout available! We also have skin care, diet offers, check it out www.mundo.network


Hi there
For our new brands that will be released next week we are looking for CPA/CPL/CPS traffic in big amounts.
Contact me on Skype if you have such.
My Skype ID - live:boris.ly3

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http://FroggyAds.com Get full control of our world class self-serve platform for online advertising where we focus on results, conversion and ROI.

Need to promote your product, business or mobile app?

Our powerful turnkey solution enables you to easily plan, manage and analyze your advertising campaigns.

The http://FroggyAds.com network is a renowned industry leader.

Every day we deliver over 7 BILLIONS of mobile and desktop ad impressions to billions of potential clients, for more than 185 countries.

We have all kind of ad formats like Popunder, Popup, Intersitial, Native Ads, Mobile and Display Banners.

Our innovative self-serve platform is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. It was created for online business owners, media buyers, affiliate marketers, mobile app developers and anyone there looking for high quality traffic, sales and app installations.

Adjust and fine tune advertising budgets and the campaign schedule are with no effort.

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Hello - hope you are doing well.

Looking for new publishers/networks to run our own Nutra campaigns(muscle/male enhance/ and pet trials) - trial & straight sale campaigns!

Add me on Skype for more details - live:dario_3345


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I am Looking for traffic CPL,CPS,CPA,CPI,CPM campaigns
we have world Wide Campaigns!!
Payment terms - net 0, net 7, net 30.
Ping me on Email or skype:
Email :pankaj.arya@appsdiscover.com
Skype : 9639433779

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Hi there, i need installs for our own PC software. If you have installer traffic that you are willing to sell on PPI , or if you have display traffic and you accept cost per sale deals, please ping me on Skype or write me to ana@adsology.com


I am looking for CPI, CPV, CPS, Publishers. We have direct and exclusive campaigns . Please reach us at adblowzs@gmail.com

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Hi, this is Jessica from 360totalsecurity ,and this is our product ,
As our 360totalsecurity is free , we promoto our premium products .We can do CPS 30% with our partners .
If you have interesting to know us , please feel free to contact me .
my skype is , jiajia_0796
PS.this is our affiliate page , https://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/affiliate/

have a nice day !

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Publishers Wanted - Direct & Exclusive Offers GCC Region.

Skype: sami@vipresponse.es


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Dear All,

Kindly contact me if you have CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI traffic. We have many offers which convert well.

Venita Paul
Skype: live:venipaul


Hello how are you All We are looking Direct Advertiser For CPI CPM CPL CPC PPI Email CC POP PPC PPcall offers We are waiting for your reply Thanks

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do you have campaigns ?
Are you looking for real traffic ?

we can promote your campaigns to generate the best traffic for you

we can work on CPA,CPL,CPI,CPM
we have many sources but we will chose the source that suits your requirements the best

FYI :we only start on PREPAYMENTS and after the first deal we could consider moving to net terms

for more information add me on skype :live:sarah_17264
or send me an email : sarah@oquentmedia.com

your traffic is one step away

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Looking for Direct/Exclusive CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, PPI for Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

Tractas is a Global Online Performance Marketing Agency for Mobile & Desktop Devices.

Please email/skype me: adrian@tractas.com so we can touch-base

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You simply get a real result - your income multiplies.

Pulsar Ads gives you an opportunity to use easy services to get real money from your traffic.
The conversion does not depend on your experience. After you signing up, you will get access to the intuitive interface that will help you to keep all the advertising campaigns under control.
Everything is crystal clear: detailed real-time reports if needed.
Everything is available: multiple formats of advertisements.
Your campaigns will bring you maximum income and a lot of bonuses.
Pulsar Ads gives you access to offers right from advertisers. That is a main formula of the highest price for your traffic.
Anytime you can choose variants of withdrawing.
Any problems, you can solve them fast with our online support service.

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Facebook Ads is getting expensive and hard to do day by day. But LaserMedia can help you with it, we have the best CPA offers - high CR & competitive payout.

Also provide virtual credit card / spy & cloak tools to help you with your profit.
Pls drop your skype if you're interested.
skype & email - wangyang@lasermediagrp.com

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I look for good traffic on cpa, cpl, cps, cpi basis for own, exclusive and direct offers.

Verticals I need: adult dating, gambling, mainstream dating, adult video, download, games, health, beauty, forex, binary and others.

Just follow this link if you want to make real money: https://goo.gl/fFasFK

Skype - dmitriy.ko281@gmail.com


Hi I just started affiliate marketing and have a website with 4 ads on it. I want to buy traffic to the site to the ads that will end up in conversions of leads and sales. So basically CPS.

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For more info, pls send me an email: Fred.qin@dotinapp.com

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We're looking adult, dating and clean traffic for our 6000+ CPA/CPI/CPL/CPS offers and targeted smartlinks. We accept traffic from Tier1, Tier2, LATAM and Asia GEOs

- Dating
- Adult
- Gambling
- Entertainment

Sources: social, banner, email, blogs, forums

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I want traffic to my CPA links and get conversions
I am looking for quality traffic.
I will first test your traffic by making a small deposit.
If you have quality traffic I will become your customer.
PS: honest seller only.
My skype ID is: ericdeboti
My email address is iriebitraeric95@gmail.com.


I am looking for traffic to my ads that will end up in sales and leads


We are looking for advertisers who are interested in promoting Pay per click text ad & display ad campaigns.
Mobcrunch operates our own in house proprietary PPC bid engine. We offer Run of Network and keyword advertising
campaigns. Whether your goal is visibility or direct response. Mobcrunch Media delivers high quality traffic across:
Cost-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Sale, Cost-Per-Install, and Cost-Per-Action.

Please get in touch over skype :- macskumar5



iRefers.com is looking for Email Marketeres who wants to earn.

iRefers provide great offers, high conversion rate, world class tracking platform & attractive advertiser deals.


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Hi, im looking for e-mail traffic for our own mainstream dating products.

PM via skype - alex.cpamatica
or email


Direct Advertisers can contact me if you have Direct offers on CPC, CPV, CPI and CPS, basis.

Kindly connect with me via Skype :- macskumar5

Preferred payment terms - Prepayment/Daily/Weekly