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532 ads

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We have a lot direct financial offers banks, PayDay Loans on Spain, Poland, CIS, Baltic States, Kazahstan, Georgia, Mexico and Romania.

I can give you really good rates and no problem with payment.

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Looking for traffic on CPA/CPL/CPI/CPS
- adult dating;
- mainstream dating;
- Casino/Gambling;
- Health&Beauty;
- Games; CPI
- VoD.
We have direct as well as our own products and some exclusives.

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http://FroggyAds.com is a Media Buying platform that connect You to over 100 traffic sources around the world. You will receive high-quality, high-performing and brand-safe traffic from the worlds top SSPs!

We work on CPM basic for Native ads & Display Ads and CPV for popups.
Our minimum CPM is $0.10 and for CPV is our minimum $0.001.

Our self-serve platform http://FroggyAds.com is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. Advertisers, Media Buyers, Agencies and Affiliate marketers can set up campaigns with a full range of targeting options and ad units to reach their desired audience.

Our advertising platform serve over 7,75 BILLION impressions Daily from over 180 countries.

5+ billion Display ad opportunities daily.
2+ billion Native ad opportunities daily.
750+ million Popup/Popunder ad opportunities daily.

We offer popunder, popup, interstitial ads, native ads, mobile & display banner ads.

http://FroggyAds.com ONLY Prepaid

Our Skype ID: live:froggyads

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I have TONS of EMAIL data available!!!

Targeted Data! RAW DATA!! ALL OPT IN TCPA Compliant!!!

GREAT Pricing on BULK orders!!!!!!!

Feel free to Skype me: Carlee.F21

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EasyProfits is an Affiliate Program that is looking for publishers.
The high quality of our products is the reason, why customers readily return to them and why they are recommended by celebrities and promoted by web portals. Make use of the quality of our products and turn it into earnings!
We put your convenience first. We develop the program for you so that you can earn global profits from being a part of EasyProfits.

Be sure to check our site for more details: www.easyprofits.com

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me: piotr@easyprofits.com

What distinguishes us from other affiliate programs?
* High conversion rates – even more than 40%
* One of the latest sales tracking system in the world
* Payments processes by the Elavon
* Mobile traffic statistics
* Payment on demand
* Access to unique tools, e.g. iframe order forms, S2S postback, unique referral system
* 10% commission from recurring orders

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http://FroggyAds.com Get full control of our world class self-serve platform for online advertising where we focus on results, conversion and ROI.

Need to promote your product, business or mobile app?

Our powerful turnkey solution enables you to easily plan, manage and analyze your advertising campaigns.

The http://FroggyAds.com network is a renowned industry leader.

Every day we deliver over 7 BILLIONS of mobile and desktop ad impressions to billions of potential clients, for more than 185 countries.

We have all kind of ad formats like Popunder, Popup, Intersitial, Native Ads, Mobile and Display Banners.

Our innovative self-serve platform is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. It was created for online business owners, media buyers, affiliate marketers, mobile app developers and anyone there looking for high quality traffic, sales and app installations.

Adjust and fine tune advertising budgets and the campaign schedule are with no effort.

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Monetize your traffic with us at Los Pollos (www.lospollos.com). We know better than anyone else, the best techniques to cook any type of traffic to payout perfection. At the moment we have one of the best dating smartlinks on the market, producing proven results for our partners with the following features:

- Smartlinks (Dating, Mainstream, BizOpp)
- 10,000+ Direct & exclusive campaigns
- Weekly payouts

Want to make bank on your remnant, geo-redirect, or exit traffic? Join us now.
Do not hesitate to hit me up on Skype (support2.lph) for more details!

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Hi guys,

We're looking for direct (owned by the advertiser only) Nutra and Ecomm offers.

Please feel free to contact me via Skype and email at the below.

Skype - live:kazula.michael83
Email - michael.k@olavivo.com.

Thanks a lot.


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Sign up as a Filwise publisher and receive a premium box of Johnnie Walker whiskey.

Our platform has 100+ offers for display and mailing in Europe, Austalia and LATAM on several verticals but mainly finance, adult/mainstream dating, real-estate, nutra, business opportunities, e-commerce, CC submits and casino.

Many of our campaigns you won´t find anywhere else and almost all of them have exclusive banners made by us. If you´re tired of always getting offered the same campaigns for bad payouts we have the cure.

We work on fast post-payment.

Contact me on Skype for a list of top offers and a quick sign-up.

Skype: luca@filwise.com



We have direct campaigns on basis of CPI,CPS,CPL,CPA and CPT.We have with High Payout as well good converting rate.For more details please Ping me on SKYPE @ live:sharan.kumaran1996

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We are looking for quality CPS CPA CPI CPL Traffic.

You can reach me on Skype or you can reply via email with your requirement.

Venita Paul
Skype: live:venipaul
Email: veni.paul@spotleadsmedia.com

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We are looking to sell traffic to DIRECT Nutra Advertisers on a CPA/CPL/CPS basis. We are already working with several other direct advertisers and are seeking to increase our network.

Types of traffic: FB, Native, Adult, SEO, and much more.

GEOs: Europe, MENA, SEA, US, AU, ZA and more.

Feel free to contact me for more information. Direct inquiries only.

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I look for good traffic on cpa, cpl, cps, cpi basis for own, exclusive and direct offers.

Verticals I need: adult dating, gambling, mainstream dating, adult video, download, games, health, beauty, forex, binary and others.

Just follow this link if you want to make real money: https://goo.gl/fFasFK

Skype - dmitriy.ko281@gmail.com

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We have quality traffic in many verticals, as we keep growing we would like our offer base to grow also.

Looking for Direct Advertiser or Exclusives for Dating, Finance, Diet, email/pin submits and Solar for the tier 1 countries.

We would like to get paid Net 7 or at the most Net 15. Pre-Pay is welcome.

We also have exclusives offers if you would like to exchange offers with us. : )

Email: Dan@AffBits.com
Skype: Dan@AffBits.com

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For more info, pls send me an email: Fred.qin@dotinapp.com


Specializing in generating leads out of traffic sources (sites, networks, apps etc).
Looking for high quality ads and strong advertisers to do some business together.
Sign up for advertiser account - https://adsbond.hasoffers.com/

For more info my Skype account: live:boris.ly3



Hello how are you All We are looking Direct Advertiser For CPI CPM CPL CPC PPI Email CC POP PPC PPcall offers We are waiting for your reply Thanks

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Hi guys,

I've got a lot of direct offers, most of which are also exclusive and with very good payouts. I'm looking to promote a particular set, because it seems to be going very good and I want to push on it.

I HAVE OFFERS FOR ALL GEOS, especially tier 1 and 2.

I am only looking to work performance based/revshare. If you want to sell CPC/CPM/Flat Rate/Fixed price or databases, please do not get in touch.

Skype: live:cgc_186

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need cpa traffic

comment below

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TrafficCompany is looking for Adult/MS carrier traffic! We have our own subscription services and we have exclusive offers from direct advertisers as well. TOP Geos would be currently TIER 1 and LATAM. Let me know!

Skype: Selwin_16 or selwin@trafficcompany.com


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Recently i‘m looking for pubs who can run our direct nutra offers!!!

male enhancement muscle
US only
highest payout
amazing CR

more details ping me skype: Ryan Wang/Mobikok

Best wishes

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You simply get a real result - your income multiplies.

Pulsar Ads gives you an opportunity to use easy services to get real money from your traffic.
The conversion does not depend on your experience. After you signing up, you will get access to the intuitive interface that will help you to keep all the advertising campaigns under control.
Everything is crystal clear: detailed real-time reports if needed.
Everything is available: multiple formats of advertisements.
Your campaigns will bring you maximum income and a lot of bonuses.
Pulsar Ads gives you access to offers right from advertisers. That is a main formula of the highest price for your traffic.
Anytime you can choose variants of withdrawing.
Any problems, you can solve them fast with our online support service.


Hi, I am looking for a long term relationship on getting mortgage internet leads daily or weekly. If you have them or know anyone that does please:

skyp me: GlobalBusinessIdeas

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For different fashion brands i'm looking for HQ traffic.

Send me a DM or skype..


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Hello All,

We are looking for quality traffic for all models across all geo's

Please contact me if interested, You can reach me on Skype or you can reply via email with your requirement.

Venita Paul
Skype: live:venipaul
Email: veni.paul@spotleadsmedia.com

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We are an affilate network looking for gambling offers. We have a lot of traffic sources worldiwe and we are working on b2b model. So we work with big budgets and traffic volumes.

Asia is the most preferable region

To provide offers plz contact me via skype:

or visit our site:


Hello Readers,

We have some exclusive campaigns in E-commerce vertical. If you have traffic then please connect with me on Skype: cj.maxmanoj@gmail.com


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CPA CPS traffic needed for direct/ exclusive Health/ Beauty/ Nutra offers for US and IN geos.
Please add me on skype: aamnrasuu



I am looking for CPA/CPS publishers for our Direct and exclusive offers.Our top geos are US,IN and our top verticals are Health,beauty and Nutra.Please let me know if you can help.For further details ping me on skype
Skype id:- live:maanu98180
and my email :- indu.cpainventory@gmail.com


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need cpa traffic

comment below