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334 ads

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PerfectCPM has been the Perfect Online Advertising Solution for all your Web, In-App, and Mobile Media needs for many years! Get guaranteed results with premium media across a wide range of verticals with high volumes of Alexa top rated traffic, Forensiq and RiskIQ fraud-protection included, get your campaigns live TODAY!

✉: info@PerfectCPM.com
ⓢ: PerfectCPM.com

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High quality, tier 1 traffic for desktop and mobile promotions. Contact us at http://siriustraffic.com or chat with us now via our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/siriustrafficnetwork

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We are selling a Raw Deals Calls for CA, USA, JAPAN and we work Prepayment only.

Accepted : Bitcoin / Wire Transfers.

Interested can PM me.

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Mobile inbound search calls for Home Security/ADT! We are direct and calls go thru an IVR we know works! Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me sharon@leadzod.com so we can get things going for you. Quality is key!

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International lists, opt in generation, and data available. We also have Live Transfers available for Debt, Student Loan, Reverse Mortgage, Home Security, MCA, Payday Debt Relief, Auto Warranty, Refi, Health Insurance, Rehab, and more. TV calls also available. Add me on skype: sdutil143 so we can speak or email sharon@leadzod.com

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Guys Beware of This man HE used to take money ON PAYPAL under Name of WakeNET AB, C4LD MEDIA and Their owner name is Johan Wennberg (instal capital) .
This guy is complete fake, he gonna make lots of promises to take money out from your account for INSTALL AND LEADS AND TECH CALLS
Once you will pay to him. This Motherf**cker will stop responding. Even Unfriend.
This bastard will take payment Under Name of Wakenet AB, C4LD MEDIA. and PayPal email is johan@microcash.com is belongs to Johan Wennberg (instal capital) and later even Install capital will not respond you properly.


Please never ever pay to such bastard.
If you will pay then Be ready to loose with this #putamadre Skype= live:yuval_241 (YUVAL OPHIR)

James Miller
Skype: jamesmil450@gmail.com

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Looking to join a per call network with more responsive partners seeking well paying and sustainable offers? Message me on skype/ zeejaybay

We also pay on your terms :)

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Providing quality Tech Support calls, for US, Canada and UK . Have different choices for Popups: BSOD, Microsoft, Complaint Pops (without any branding).

Bulk pricing and TrackDrive routing platform available for Resellers and Direct Centers having atleast 10-15 cc cap.

Shoot me a message and we will talk details on skype.

Skype: live:harsh.kohli

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I am looking to buy 100 Aus windows pop up calls per day. Reach out to me if you have the solution.

Skype : maliksid401@gmail.com


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I am having:
1) Mobile campaigns: CPI, CPR
2) Desktop Campaign: CPV, CPL and CPS

Please get in touch if you have traffic and looking for campaigns.

Also, if anybody having Quickbooks and Antivirus calls, contact me.

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Hello how are you All We are looking Direct Advertiser For CPI CPM CPL CPC PPI Email CC POP PPC PPcall offers We are waiting for your reply Thanks

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We have quality tech support calls with $45+ ARPC running with existing clients. Our AHT is about 30+ minutes. Consistent flow availability.

Traffic: FB/Google/Mainstream

Call Rate: As per volume.

skype me: live:billing_2821

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We are looking for Pay Per Call solutions for Tech support vertical. Preferably from Adult traffic or Facebook.

Need calls from Australia, Uk and USA.

Skype : ebizexpansion



hey, we are currently looking for tech calls at any volume. please ping me if you have




Selling & buying all type of calls
Skype me: tom.miller0306


we are providing travelling calls.
calls quality awesome
minimum 100 calls
payment wire transfer or bitcoins
skype - adityasarwan
price- $11


I have live transfers for student loans available....raw calls and filtered available. Inbox me for more info


inbox me for more info on Student Loan Calls...Raw calls and 3 minute buffers available.

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Hi, I am Selling Windows & Mac Tech Support calls from the US, CA & UK.
3000 calls per day available.

Skype: steve.tumer

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We are Gling Media - looking to buy calls for Tech support.
Only US and Germany, and 100% clean.
Find me on Skype - gilvram


We specialize in senior data and currently run the following call transfer campaigns;

Medical Alert
Walk-in Tubs
Hearing Aids

In addition to senior data, we have been running successful call transfer campaigns for;

Student Loan Consolidation
Home Warranty
Computer Tech Support
Free Cruises/Travel

Reach out to me for more details at mdorf@performancemediastrategies.com

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We specialize in debt settlement transfers for over 8 yrs. Live transfers, tcpa compliant data, and simple opt in co-reg all. Fair market value, big volumes, quality is key! US generated. Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me sharon@leadzod.com


Get leads/Calls for Tech support for France, USA, UK, Australia.

PPC and Popup calls are available. Skype me for prices.

Skype: mittal.priyanshu

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Hi, Gling Media is Selling Windows Tech Support calls from the US.

We have a lot, and only HQ, 100% clean

Find me on Skype: gilvram


Hi everyone,

If you are able to buy or sell calls in any vertical and any geo we are interested in your business! Contact me to get something started emile.yeesshh (skype)



Need google, Facebook, Yahoo, Banking, etc traffic, and also i need red lander popups.

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specialized in call center services like Lead Generation, Survey lead
generation, Appointment Setting, Lifestyle Surveys or Product review
surveys. No long term contracts,
we renew the contracts monthly or weekly as
We have an experienced and tailored telemarketing team for Australian

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I am looking for adult/tube traffic, real human visitor.
No shit, no bots, no parked domain traffic. I would be using Volume or AdsBridge to track the quality(don't want like hitting a Piñata blindfolded).
I am available to discuss it further if you got the real deal.

Skype - live:964de8500cb16fd3

P.S. - Got no time to entertain any loud mouth son of a b**** who intend to scam.

Payment term - Escrow for them who need prepay to start with.
Rest NET 1

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Looking for calls generated from search and display ads (no call center transfers) Please email me for further details. Tara@avengedigital.com

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If you are interested, please message me here or email at marc@digitalmarketmedia.com or skype mdp0513


Please pick a time that works best for you in my calendar link below https://calendly.com/marc-dmm/30min