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Eleanor Grace MillerSeller

Get the hottest traffic!

Our lead generation team is one of the best on financial market. Working for FOREX, CRYPTOCURRENCY&OPTIONS, we know how to get high CR even from Russia!

Only CPL/CPA models as the most efficient way to promote your business!

For more detail info:
Skype: aff.mediatraff

POP AD UP Biz DevSeller

Try our platform: https://popadup.com/

You can select the SSP you want and the Ad format you need, and everything happen instance.

Ad Format:
Push Notification Ads
Pop under Ads
Popup Ads
Native Ads
Display Banner Ads

Device and Targeting
Desktop, Mobile and Inapp

Apps & Games installs,
Lead Generation
Crypto & Forex
Tech Support

We work with the biggest SSPs in the world such
Double Click
Pulse Point

And the list much longer….

Start budget as low as $25

Rate are very market competitive

And we have live chat support to assist you anytime you need us over Skype:

Popadup Team – Skype Name - search for our logo
Skype ID: live:f5d8bea540e8cf1b
Email: support {@} Popadup.com

Please contact us or simply

Learn More: https://popadup.com

Alessandro ScopetoniSeller

Direct publishers premium traffic available through our self-serve platform. If you're already buying pop traffic from other networks you will definitely see the difference, give us a try!

About Vubio:

βž– CPM Starts at $0.20
βž– Min. deposit $25
βž– We accept Paypal, Credit Card and Crypto
βž– Fraud/Fake Traffic AI Detection

πŸ‘‰ Learn more: https://vub.io
πŸ‘‰ Sign up: https://platform.vub.io/register


Use code mymedia_ads to get $10 in ad credits

Dmitriy | PPC.BUZZSeller

Get your bonus for PUSH traffic deposit!

Top up $500 and get $100 bonus*
Top up $1000 and get $300 bonus*
Top up $2000 and get $800 bonus*

* - during December 2018

Register with PPC.BUZZ self-serve platform to purchase converting PUSH traffic with more than 400 Millions impressions available daily!

PPC.BUZZ SSP allows to purchase PUSH and NATIVE traffic to your campaigns and attract engaged audience. You will have to pay only in case user clicks on your ad.

There are a lot of useful targeting tools : GEO/ City / Device / OS / Browser / Carrier targeting options and schedule

Paypal, Webmoney and Wire transfer payments are accepted


If you have any questions or you need some additional info - please contact our support: support@ppc.buzz

FroggyAds.com SupportSeller

βœ”οΈ 100% Bot-Free 😲
βœ”οΈ Average ROI on 118%
βœ”οΈ 10x Higher Conversion Than Other Traffic Sources.
βœ”οΈ Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google.
βœ”οΈ CPC from ONLY $0.003 - All 252 GEO's.
βœ”οΈ 292+ Million Active Subscribers
βœ”οΈ Best Push-notification Advertising Network.
βœ”οΈ Targeting: Desktop, Phone, OS, Browser, Country & City
βœ”οΈ No adblockers
βœ”οΈ We Accept Emojis In The Text πŸ€ŸπŸ»πŸ˜œπŸ™€
βœ”οΈ Low minimum deposit on only $25

Sign up Now: https://froggyads.com/push-notifications.html

How to run push notification advertising:
Push-advertising is currently the best type of ads to get conversions and the best performing affiliate tool.

To run those campaigns you will need:
⚈ 192Γ—192 px logo for your campaign
⚈ 492Γ—328 px creatives
⚈ title up to 30 symbols and description up to 45 symbols

Still thinking? Use the market's top-performing native ad format & start making money today.

Sign up here: https://froggyads.com/push-notifications.html

Lead MonsterSeller

Hi Guys
lead generating on long terms options.
I got accesses to online buyers list who buy on e-commerce shops online many types of things and pay via credit & debit card.
those people are live buyers and the records are collected base on last week up to one month.

all those clients are based worldwide but we can filter country geo-target and get you the buyer list from you targeted geo needs.

clients list benefits and info contain!!!

1.all the clients we deliver are fresh,
2.all have a valid credit card to buy your product
3.only direct mobile number of those clients
4.country targeted
5.mobile network they use *Vodafone, Tmobile etc
6.full name of the client
7.100% valid data guaranteed
8.list is dedicated collected per etch order and you be the only one who got those records,

every invalid number will be replaced for free.

if you interesting in such list.
get in touch, for free samples.
skype - joy-Vagner
email - mcsleaders@gmail.com

Aubrey SandersSeller

♦ Check our platform now: https://bit.ly/2zQLSlC

♦ %25 Bonus Coupon Code: MYMEDIADS25

♦ Minimum payment: Only $50!

If you signup via MyMediaAds and use our coupon code on your first deposit, we'll add %25 more fund to your account! To learn more, send me an email via aubrey@reklamstore.com

πŸ“Œ Reach premium display, video, native and POP traffic.
πŸ“Œ Publish on desktop / mobile web / in-app
πŸ“Œ 3rd Party tag support: JS tag, rotating tags etc.
πŸ“Œ Integrated 140+ SSPs & traffic sources
πŸ“Œ Geo, device, SSP, browser, operating system, carrier, white-listing, and black-listing targeting.

🌟 ReklamStore DSP is a campaign management product that provides advertisers to buy ad placements online!

🌟 You can buy premium traffic, generate quality leads & boost your sales with our advanced targeting options!

🌟 Our demand-side platform is a self-serve programmatic advertising tool which advertisers can create, manage and monitor their display, affiliate, video or mobile ad campaigns.

Aubrey SandersSeller

♦ Check our platform now: https://bit.ly/2UzK499

♦ %25 Bonus Coupon Code: MYMEDIADS25

♦ Premium push traffic via self-serve DSP

πŸ‘‰ Mainstream traffic!
πŸ‘‰ Minimum bidding only $0.01!
πŸ‘‰ Minimum deposit only $50!
πŸ‘‰ Global inventroy!

If you signup via MyMediaAds and use our coupon code on your first deposit, we'll add %25 more fund to your account! To learn more, send me an email via aubrey@reklamstore.com

🌟 ReklamStore DSP is a campaign management product that provides advertisers to buy ad placements online in real time!

🌟 You can buy premium traffic, generate quality leads & boost your sales with our advanced targeting options!

🌟 Our demand-side platform is a self-serve programmatic advertising tool which advertisers can create, manage and monitor their display, Pop, Push, video, mobile, and native ad campaigns.

William Zhang | MobisummerSeller

Tec-Ad CPI\CPA Traffic Platform with Anti-Fraud engine!

I am william from mobisummer, Business Develop of Tec-Ad platform.

Please sign up here:
And contact Skype:

Tec-Ad is an advanced intelligent Mobile Marketing platform of Mobisummer. Our platform is transparent, efficient and comprehensive.

1. CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS price model is acceptable.
2. Targeting Traffic on countries, city, OS, Carriers traffic category, device and network speed.
3. When your campaign is active, you can easily blocked the cheating or performing badly in time.
4. the unique optimization\anti-Fraud system empower advertiser raise or block traffic sources automatically.

Ronnie MattSeller

We are a group of 5-6 Direct Pubs. We are selling high quality tech support calls for FR, DE. ES . CC upto 15-20.

Contact if you are a direct buyer. Minimum paid test can be for 100 calls.

Connect me on skype: live:ronnie.matt

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Kevin GloveSeller


We have large traffic from directly publishers worldwide.

Please go here to start your campaign:


Prepayment is our payment terms.
Minimum payment is $500 only PayPal/Webmoney/BTC.

Thank you!

Skype: Kevin_Adkode
Email: support@adkode.com
Website: https://adkode.com

Frazer DobsonSeller

Premium Data within the AU and NZ GEO's available. Over 5 Million Cleaned and Valid records available alongside Live Lead Generation, all hygiene checked on a live basis and verified on entry.

Premium Email Database also available, marketed to only once per week with over 90% deliverability and 10 out of 10 Spam scoring, available on a CPL/CPC/CPA/CPM basis

Emmy RichfieldSeller

Dear buyers! HOT LEADS are knocking on your door!

Unknown Holding is known to be the company that generates hot leads and cold data of the highest quality for:
Models: CPL/CPA;
Sources: SM (facebook, insta); teaser ads, native pushes, emailing, Google AdWords;
- making money&education;

Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to get a unique product, cause our huge team of professionals has different approach to each customer.

Contact me:
*email: emmy.richfield@unknownholding.com
*Skype: live:9c6f6db6a30bdf06

Basel SSeller

Sponsored Content Ads - Available on exclusive CPC basis - working with leading News, sports, entertainment sites, and Push Notifications.


Current advertisers achieving ROI of upto 1000%


Please get in touch on info@jubna.com or register on www.jubna.com/en/advertisers

or discuss on skype: bsayaf

Tania SeleznovaSeller

Hey, everyone!
HOT traffic for Mobile Subscription offers.
In-house developed would be a plus.

Let’s talk:
Skype: tania.s.adavice
Email: tania.s@adavice.com

Oleh TkachenkoSeller

Stingrad LTD is a performance digital marketing network, which main office is located at Hong Kong since October 2015.

We are dynamically developing and looking for new partnership opportunities. At the moment we are looking for advertisers with direct and semi-direct WW CPI based campaigns.

Do you have it?

Ping "oleh.t_2" for more details.

Anastasia TokmakovaSeller

I'm representing UngAds advertising network, working with WW traffic by CPM/CPC/SmartCPA/CPI/CPL price models on the prepayment terms!

Our verticals are adult and mainstream (including crypto, finance, dating, gambling, betting, games, sweepstakes, etc).

Formats: popunders, banners, video, push notifications !!

Contact me on Skype: live:anastasiya_304
Always happy to talk to you:)

Brandon RodriguezSeller

Do you have Australian traffic / db?
Contact me to see our campaign list!
Email, Social, Display, etc

SKYPE: Brandon.lunaclic

NOTE: NO prepays or CPMS
Please do not contact me if those are your terms.

Mike DavidSeller

Hie Everyone,
I would like to tell you that we have different types of calls like
at very cheap prices if you need text me here or on my Skype,
lets talk about payment than NO POSTPAY NO PREPAY sit with me at your centre (DELHI, NCR) make the payment and got the calls..

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller

Hello to all fans of profit!

With you advertising network UngAds.com

If you need traffic, then you came to the right place!

We have the best WW traffic for video format.

Do not miss the chance of maximum convert!


Traffic from all over the world WW 🌍 🌎 🌏

πŸ”₯ Video formar for all verticals.

Meinstream and Adult
Desktop and Mobile

πŸ’° Prepay only

For more infromation about volumes, rates and geos please contact us.

Skype: oleg@ungads.com
or live: oleg_2041

Come and see for yourself the quality of the traffic!

Always yours - UngAds

Smitesh ChaubalSeller

Contact me on Skype: live:smitesh_10

WW traffic needed

Alice RomanovaSeller

We sell high quality financial vertical lead bases for the FX / Crypto / Casino/BO industry πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”
You can even choose the month of registration and status.
The media department independently generates leads.
About 200 000 english-speaking leads! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

HURRY UP! We sell at the lowest price on the market, you may not have time!
Contacts: πŸ‘ˆ πŸ‘ˆ πŸ‘ˆ
telegram @romanov_al3
skype live:8dbe01c05ef6a2e0

Traffic HuntSeller

Selling unlimited volumes of worldwide (all geo) traffic on CPM basis.
Adult and mainstream, desktop and mobile popunder. CPMs starting from $0.3.
(We work on prepayment basis). Accept OpenRTB / XML integration.

Please contact:
skype: dmitriy.yerokhin
skype: olga.koval17
telegram: @traffichunt_okoval


Hey! im running Coregs and Sponsors campaigns in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Mexico and Chile. If you want some hot leads contact me!! ;)

Also looking for Cosponsor traffic in Spain and Italy


GBMedia Pro is known to be the company that generates the highest qualified leads:

Verticals: Crypto / Forex / Binary / Adult / Dating / Gaming / Casino / Health & Beauty / Hot Finance etc.

Models: CPL/CPA;
Sources: Lead generation
All Geos .

email: administraion@gbmediapro.com
skype: administration_2432

John KazanovichSeller


we're selling high-quality Mobile traffic from Premium adult websites. Both Popunder and Skimmed are available. 4+ million impressions per day with an average Popunder rate of $0.63 CPM for WW. Our system allows you to choose several targeting options: geo, 3G/Wi-fi, OS, browser, IP ranges,etc.

We work both with openRTB integration or through our Dashboard.

Drop me an email if you need more details or assistance with the campaigns launch: john@trafficshop.com

Yana PitraSeller

Looking for own in-house built offers for Mobile content, Sweepstakes (cc submit and CPA CPL SOI) for all possible GEOs. Email:yana@directaffiliate.com

Ethan AndersonSeller


We are looking for direct offers on Forex vertical for Australia.We have 1M forex email traffic from AU.
Please ping me on Skype.

Skype: live:andersonethan700

Rebecca LeeSeller

This is Rebecca from CPX-Traffic, we are providing traffic for all ad formats in the premium sites.

High quality CPM/CPC traffic will be delivered. We can provide you $10 free test, check the quality of traffic and then you can add more funds and continue the campaign.

As our major traffic source come from the top inventory like Rubicon, Pubmatic, Google Adx, Ad form, Smart adserver, AOL, Pulsepoint, Geniee SSP, OpenX, Appnexus etc.

Rebecca Lee

Skype : live:rebecca_8624
Email : rebecca@cpx-traffic.com
Website : www.cpx-traffic.com

AK MediaSeller

We are providing quality traffic, leads and database in the following verticals: Forex/Binary, E-commerce,Finance, Casino/Gambling.
Basis: CPL/CPC/CPM/Flatfee;
Sources: Social Media ; Database; native ads, emailing, SMS, Google AdWords.

Only serious buyers please contact me.

Skype: live:ak.media_2
E-mail: ak.media@cyberservices.com