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FroggyAds.com SupportSeller

✔️ 2,000,000,000 reach per day. (2 Billion)
✔️ CPC from ONLY $0.01 - All 252 GEO's.
✔️ Best Push-notification Advertising Network.
✔️ 10x Higher Conversion Than Other Traffic Sources.
✔️ Targeting: Desktop, Phone, OS, Browser, Country & City
✔️ 100% bot-free
✔️ Average ROI on 118%
✔️ No adblockers
✔️ Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google.
✔️ Low minimum deposit on $50

Sign up Now: https://froggyads.com/push-notifications.html

How to run push notification advertising:
Push-advertising is currently the best type of ads to get conversions and the best performing affiliate tool.

To run those campaigns you will need:
⚈ 192×192 px logo for your campaign
⚈ 492×328 px creatives
⚈ title up to 30 symbols and description up to 45 symbols

Still thinking? Use the market's top-performing native ad format & start making money today.

Sign up here: https://froggyads.com/push-notifications.html

Sirius TrafficSeller

💵$30 Minimum Deposit
📱🖥 Mobile and Desktop Traffic
🏞Display (Banner and Text Ads)
🎯Programmatic Targeting

Aubrey SandersSeller

♦ Try our platform now: http://bit.ly/2Dgz1tn

%25 Bonus Coupon Code: MYMEDIADS25

If you signup via MyMediaAds and use our coupon code on your first deposit, we'll add %25 more fund to your account! To learn more, send me an email via aubrey@reklamstore.com

📌 Reach premium display, video, native and POP traffic.
📌 Publish on desktop / mobile web / in-app
📌 3rd Party tag support: JS tag, rotating tags etc.
📌 Integrated 140+ SSPs & traffic sources
📌 Advanced targeting options: Geo, device, SSP, browser, operating system, carrier, white-listing, and black-listing.

🌟 ReklamStore DSP is a campaign management product that provides advertisers to buy ad placements online in real time!

🌟 You can buy premium traffic, generate quality leads & boost your sales with our advanced targeting options!

🌟 Our demand-side platform is a self-serve programmatic advertising tool which advertisers can create, manage and monitor their display, affiliate, video or mobile ad campaigns.

SHAY MEDIA traffic Seller

looking for decent traffic in the financial market?
Our generation team works with Excellent sources,
Looking forward to cooperate only with long terms perspectives. Ready to provide big volumes, start with a test campaign. targeted via social media, search engines, SMS and nativa through 4-stages funnels.

Forex & Crypto hot/cold leads with great CR.

For more detalis about us-
Ping me on skype: 49c9266a1bed58ad

Okan AtmacaSeller

- Worldwide HQ inventory
- CPM basis on self-serve for direct advertisers and openRTB for networks

Ping me on Skype: okanatmaca or register at https://login.adjux.com/advertiser/signup to get started now!

Basel SSeller

Sponsored Content Ads - Available on exclusive CPC basis - working with leading News, sports, entertainment sites.


Current advertisers achieving ROI of upto 1000%, use our machine learning ad engine to your advantage.


Please get in touch on info@jubna.com or register on www.jubna.com/en/advertisers

or discuss on skype: bsayaf

Sam CallsolutionsSeller

Buying/Selling HQ Pop calls in bulk

Payment via BTC, Paypal,Paxum,Bank wire,Cash

Please email your
name :
contact number:
daily calls :
best bulk rates:

to contact@callsolutions.net

Jay ZSeller

1,000+ Health Insurance calls daily. Search generated. No medicare, medicaid, etc. Good filters. Also options for transfers.

Create an account here and get started https://usecallbox.com

Jay ZSeller

1,000+ Auto Insurance calls daily. Search generated. Inbound only (no transfers available unfortunately). IVR hosted on our end.

Create an account here and get started https://usecallbox.com

Henry AdelsonSeller

Day’n’night, 24/7, we generate traffic for Crypto and Forex. You are given a chance (or take your chance) to promote the product and make your business most profitable with us.

Focusing on En TIR1 and RU traffic for online Crypto/CFD/FX trading brokers. But we are not going to keep you within bounds, additional geos are relevant. Our lead generation team results will blow your mind. We cooperate by CPL/CPA models, which are most profitable for you!

Our biggest benefit is that we will give you what you need! Deliver huge volumes and high quality fast.

For more info please contact me :
Phone - +16466308224
WhatsApp - +37253392886
Skype - live:9348013207497323729

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Alisya StrongsSeller

Trafficshop is offering quality mobile and desktop adult traffic on CPM basis. Pop unders, redirects/skimmed, banners are available via SSP from hand picked traffic sources. Extensive targeting and optimization features, different types of traffic and pricing.
We provide real time fully transparent stats, API, user friendly interface and a lot more features to make your media buying experience super positive.
Get in touch with us via online chat at www.trafficshop.com or alisya@trafficshop.com. PM also works

Zoe BanksSeller

We are a lead generation team in financial market, using an individual approach for every client in order to provide hot traffic.

Sources: search, context, social media (Facebook mostly).
Verticals: Forex, Options, Crypto.
Funnels type: Make money, education, LPS , videos, preLanders.
Models: CPL, CPA.
Integration: API.

Skype: 14e5b608d615741e

Zoe BanksSeller

There is a huge catalog from which I will select the necessary base depending on the budget, region, format, etc. (there are Russian-speaking databases)
Do you need a cold base, warm, hot or VIP leads with warming-up? Please!
Optimal prices!

You can contact me:

Skype: 14e5b608d615741e
Telegram: @zoebank

SHAY MEDIA traffic Seller

We're selling high quality data for FX/Crypto industry.
You can even choose date of registration and status.
Leads came from our lead generation team.
100% registrations.

Ping me if you're interested !
skype: 49c9266a1bed58ad

Eleonor KotmanSeller

Get the hottest traffic!
Our lead generation team is one of the best on financial market. Working for FOREX, CRYPTOCURRENCY&OPTIONS, we spread our campaigns to any GEO’s with the most beneficial languages: English, Arabic and Russian.

Only CPL/CPA models as the most efficient way to promote your business!

For more detail info:

Skype: c3e53fbe007e9bd8
e-mail: e.kotman@unknownholding.com

Kevin GloveSeller


We have large traffic from directly publishers worldwide.

Please go here to start your campaign:


Prepayment is our payment terms.
Minimum payment is $500 only PayPal/Webmoney/BTC.

Thank you!

Skype: Kevin_Adkode
Email: support@adkode.com
Website: https://adkode.com


Traffic / Live / Database

we are looking for stable consumers
if you think this is for you then message send me a message.

Get the most out of it Here
Message me on Skype. for more information ping me @ live:calebporter42

manju guptaSeller

Do you have any tech support, Gaming, Subscription, Dating, Casino and gambling campaign?

Reach me out!
S)~ live:manju_mobivisits
E)~ manju@mobivisits.com

Ashok KumarSeller


Direct & Premium traffics available on CPM Banners & In-Banners.Desktop and Mobile web & in-apps Traffics available.

We Support tags: JS,Html and Iframe.

let's Connect skype@ ashok@jeztec.com

Abraham | DiGiAffSeller

We have high quality Inventory world wide, looking for direct advertiser / Product owner for Online APK/DDL & CPI mobile Offers with open/dedicated cap. If you have then ping me.

Skype: live:nightrider1204

*Ad Network please excuse, we ll take if you have direct CPI Campaign i,e only 1/2 Jump campaigns with dedicated cap, not shared Cap for all ad network .

*Exceptional case we will take if you have shared cap 2k per day

Alessandro ScopetoniSeller

Vubio is a premium advertising network for agencies, brands and advertisers: https://vub.io

We've just launched our self-serve platform. Our traffic is fresh and unsaturated. Use our estimator tool to prepare your campaigns https://vub.io/traffic

About Vubio:

➖ Extended targeting options (OS, OS Version, Browser, ISP/Carrier and lots more)
➖ Quality traffic at a competitive price
➖ Min. deposit $25
➖ We accept Paypal, Credit Card and Crypto (ETH & BTC) payments.


Use code mymedia_ads to get $10 in ad credits

✅ Sign up here: https://platform.vub.io/register

Viktor KochidagSeller

High quality investor for Forex/Crypto industry, We deliver high quality investors on CPA/CPS/CPL basis.

Our Leads come from our quality reliable sources:
×Email Marketing
×Search Engine
×Social Media

100% quality registrations and deposit from our leads.


We allow:

- S2S/API integration
- Ability to work with a prelander etc
- Targeting capabilities
- Funnels type: Make money, Education, LPS , Videos, PreLanders.


Payment term - Prepayment

Mirza BaigSeller

Selling lists on CPL.
Sources: Live traffic campaigns, sms campaigns, social media campaigns & watsapp campaigns.
Volume: depends on order.
GEO: targeted countries.
payment: paypal, bitcoin, neteller, payza

skype: FAST TRAFFIC (mirza.mansoor.ali.baig)

Orr YoffeSeller

We're offering a full marketing suite for product owners from the Financial & Gambling sections, including:

- Branded creatives in 61 languages over 170,000 variations)
- Media buying service on fixed or managed models
- Affiliation management (from A to Z)
- Optimization and KPI management
- Email Marketing services
- Re-targeting services
- Data & Traffic acquisition
- Consultancy services

*Traffic & Data available as well

Skype: orr.yoffe1
Email: orr@rs.co.il

Anastasia ShulgaSeller

We provide WW inventory.
We are looking for direct advertisers networks and affiliates to become our partners.
Top converting verticals: Gaming/Dating/Gambling/Healthcare/ Nutra, Binary/Forex
Contact me if you need information by Skype viiiienk_a

A MSeller

US BSOD, PayPal, Cashapp.

Bsod Login+shopping Mix
AHT - 20+.
Price - 1200/- INR.
Minimum - 10 calls.
Source - Adwords.
Bulk Buyers do not contact I can only provide daily 50 calls max right now.

PayPal PPC Calls.
AHT - 9-10.
Price - 400.
Minimum - 50 Calls.

AHT - 9-10.
Price - 400.
Minimum - 50 calls.

Bulk orders Available only for PayPal & Cashapp.


Huge South America, SE Asia, Russia traffic looking for monetization solutions.

Search traffic,

Please ping skype: jeff.hsu.bpo.

Saanvi BhagwatiSeller

We have CPC traffic for Verticals:Downloads, entertainment, utilities on US, UK, AU, CA, CN, JP, KR, SG, RU, MY geo.

Ping me Skype: live:saanvi.digitalmediads
Email: saanvi@digitalmediads.com

Onlywire marketingSeller

Hi! We are OnlyWire, we submit your content to the largest social networks to greatly increase exposure to your brand, products and services. Making it easier to get fresh available data from clients all around the globe.

For more information: ping us on skype onlywirellc.mktg@gmail.com

Annabelle StuartSeller

Hi everyone!! This is Anabelle Stuart from Blue State Digital Marketing.

We provide the data that you need to reach and make more clients!!

for more details about the services and deals that we offer just reach me at

skype: bsd.mktglmtd@gmail.com
email: bsd.mktglmtd@gmail.com

Looking forward on doing business with you guys!