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9058 ads

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http://www.baseify.com/join Access 70,000 CPC shopping merchants (walmart, ebay, target, etc.).

Our tech doubles your CTR and CPCs.

Earn up to $1 CPC, depending on the product category, in T1 GEOs for shopping traffic.

Product-related inventory needed for the shopping season (ad networks, blogs, forums, programmatic).

A proven record of ecom feed promotion required - 1% conversion rate needed. Rev share only.

Apply now at: http://www.baseify.com/join/

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Would like to buy conversions for direct TR Turktelecom (Avea) offers.

Vertical - games. Payout up to $2 per subscription.

email: info@sfb.global
Skype - info@sfbtech.org

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Hi everyone ,
Already spending more then 50000$ per month for buying Traffic from affiliate networks/ Direct Publishers. Now i want to increase this figure to 100000$ to buy traffic . I am not kidding i can show proof of spending this amount with screenshot.
I am looking for affiliate network or publishers who can work with me . i will test your traffic with small amount . if everything goes well , i can buy your complete traffic.
Looking Traffic For Tech support Only.

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GamesRevenue is a premier developer and publisher of adult entertainment games. After establishing the company in 2012, we became one of the most popular makers of quality adult browser games. By focusing on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences our portfolio includes more than half a dozen hit projects available on the international market with several more games in development.
Most profitable geos: at, au, be, ca, ch, de, dk, fi, fr, gb (uk), is, jp, li, lu, mt, nl, no, nz, se, us.
Less profitable,but still important: ad, cz, ee, es, hk, hu, ie, it, lt, lv, pl, pr, ru, sg, sk, za.
Payment systems: wire, paxum, webmoney, epayments. Minimum payout is 100$. Payment model - hold 15/net 15.
Skype:Rikhard Shmidt GamesRevenue

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Hello everyone, we re looking for traffic on Cpl basis In Italy and Spain for our own offers.
Payments weekly and amazing conversion.
Add me on skype: dariobonanno.91

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Accepted GEO - worldwide except: AL, AZ, BN, BR, CN, CO, GT, ID, IN, IL, KE, KZ, MY, NE, NG, PE, PK, PL, RU, TH, TM, TR, TW, UA, UZ, VN

Pin or CC submit flow, custom LPs available upon request.

Hit me up for details, skype: seekseven


Looking for people who need drug treatment and have the ability to pay with Insurance(PPO or HMO) or Cash.IVR screening

Offer Details

Offer Payout : $50.00 per call

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We are looking for traffic on gambling, betting, lotto, poker for different countries: RU, CIS, DE, EN-speaking countries, Asian countries and etc. We work ONLY on CPA, CPL, RevShare.
Please contact us https://my.3snet.ru/signup or es@3snet.ru.

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MOROCCO SMART CPA Network is a global Performance Marketing Network that provides content locking and monetization solutions for online publishers interested in maximizing their traffic's earnings.

-We have high converted ''DATING'" cpl offers with payouts ranged from : 0.98$ right up to 4$ per lead .


-PIXEL FIRES ON : Single Opt In
-Age : 30 -70 years old
-Traffic allowed : ALL ,exept : Mobile -Adult.

Contact your account manager for creatives.

- Join here and start making $$$$ :



Skype : Moroccosmartcpa

Best regards

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We are looking for traffic on forex and binary options for different countries: RU, CIS, DE- and EN-speaking countries, GCC , Asian countries and etc. We work ONLY on CPL, CPA, RevShare.
Please contact us https://my.3snet.ru/signup or es@3snet.ru.

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We are Motormobile LLC - performance based marketing platform with affiliate network and we are looking for CPI traffic on the WW scale. All verticals and devices.
If you have good traffic sources, we will do our best to find the most suitable campaigns with competitive payouts for you.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me:
email: eugene.bagatsky@motormobile.com
skype: eugene.bagatsky

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Looking for traffic on CPA/CPL/CPI/CPS
- adult dating;
- mainstream dating;
- Casino/Gambling;
- Health&Beauty;
- Games; CPI
- VoD.
We have direct as well as our own products and some exclusives.

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Tier 1 and Asia;
Games, Shopping, Dating, Utilities etc.

Feel free to add me on Skype:

Don't lose the chance to earn $$$ :)

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Run only direct offers with highest payouts ever! Monetize your traffic and earn easily! Any geo, any platform! Unlimited caps! NET-7 payments! Ping me at skype: live:publishers_20 now!

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We have direct CPI/CPA offers for your Tier1 mobile non-incent traffic! Sign up at http://appitate.affise.com/signup or contact directly via skype: live:publishers_20

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If you have high-quality mobile traffic contact me at skype: live:publishers_20 and we'll start making money. Run direct CPI offers at the highest payouts! Earn more with Appitate.com

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Hey guys!
If you have traffic to promote our direct CPA based on campaigns please let me know. A lot of geos and verticals available. Good PO, all offers from *developer*

Let's chat about please find me in Skype live:e90f258d9946a8d5 or e-mail me info@cosmicgroup.mobi

Let's increase our profit together ;)

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Hello World, I'm happy introduce to you Trafxa an affiliate network, we are offering high converting offers that are top ranked in clicksure.

We are able to offer a great payouts and we have huge potential on a lot of GEO's.

Looking forward to discuss more about our potential partnership.

You can reach me at email or skype

Email: yaroslav.g@techmedia4u.com

Skype: yaroslav.gonza

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I'm representing graylock media, CPA network with high-payout direct and exclusive mobile content offers WW.

If you have quality traffic to run our campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact me on the following:

Email: lilla@graylock.media
Skype: live:lilla.greenlight

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Buying display traffic on CPM basis (NO email traffic) on SmartyAds SSP.
If you have desktop, mobile or in-app traffic from your direct publishers, feel free to contact me: publishers@smartyads.com and register at http://ssp.smartyads.com!

Best regards

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Looking For High Quality GCC Traffic CPA/CPL

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Hello everyone
how are you
I'm looking to buy leads for forex.

if you have to sell, please contact me
with me in Skype: live:kim.ibrahimi.offic
or in my email: kim.ibrahimi.offic@gmail.com

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Hello partners!
I'm looking for mobile CPI traffic, to CPI basis.
We have many offers, like gambling, dating, busters, games, etc.

Fell free to ping me in Skype - nick@jammyads.com

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Looking for serious Forex/Financial affiliates and media partners, that can provide valuable customers from all over the world.

Please feel free to ping me on e-mail/Skype : alexander.s@nsfx.com

Looking forward to hear from you.

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Great direct offers, Great payouts, Great geos are waiting for your traffic!

Please ping me if you have it:
E-mail inna@clickky.me
Skype inna_876

We can make a lot of money together ;)

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If you want to sell extension(s), you are at the right place.

- DAU >10k+
- Tier1,2 countries audience

Price estimates personally after discussing.
Skype: max.monetizus

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EasyProfits is an Affiliate Program that is looking for publishers.
The high quality of our products is the reason, why customers readily return to them and why they are recommended by celebrities and promoted by web portals. Make use of the quality of our products and turn it into earnings!
We put your convenience first. We develop the program for you so that you can earn global profits from being a part of EasyProfits.

Be sure to check our site for more details: www.easyprofits.com

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me: piotr@easyprofits.com

What distinguishes us from other affiliate programs?
* High conversion rates – even more than 40%
* One of the latest sales tracking system in the world
* Payments processes by the Elavon
* Mobile traffic statistics
* Payment on demand
* Access to unique tools, e.g. iframe order forms, S2S postback, unique referral system
* 10% commission from recurring orders

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I'm with Ad4Date.com CPA network and we're looking for new affiliates to promote our 500+ offers.
We offer:
- exclusively high payout rates;
- direct offers for WW traffic, 15 smartlinks for all traffic types
- a possibilty to increase the payout rates additionally on high volumes and excellent traffic quality;
- weekly payouts.
Please contact me to know more
Sincerely, Johny
Business Affiliate Manager - ad4date.com
Email: kovalenko@ad4date.com
Skype: live:johny.ad4date

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Hi all,
We are looking massive traffic for our upcoming campaigns. We work on CPL, CPA, CPC & CPV model.

Feel free to contact-
Skype: connectingdots.asia
Email: anchit@connectingdots.asia

Lets do some business together and earn money together.

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For leading online trading company I'm looking for quality campaigns:
- UK
- FR
- PL
- Turkish languages not from TR
- ES
- SG
- And more...

ping me on skype: adva.glucker