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emily walterSeller

I am pleased to offer you installations of any type on any device.
You can choose any country.

I only work on a prepaid basis

I have an account in one of the installation exchanges. And I constantly make installations there. Ready to do the installation for you too.

I’m also ready to sell this account for the price: balance + $ 1000

minimum order is $ 1000

installation prices:
tier1 = 0.25$-0.40$
tier2 = 0.10$-0.25$
tier3 = 0.01$-0.05$

account replenishment methods:

my last deposit to account:

the number of installations per day by country:

number of my last installations:

For additional information write to me on Skype or by mail.

Skype: live:.cid.5dc67b7a2f15a64b


emily walterSeller

I sell traffic to any site or any other way.

we can choose any geo for you. Also make any browsers and OC.

we can also provide a small test.

we work on full prepayment and accept only BTC

Skype: live:.cid.5dc67b7a2f15a64b

Realpush FZE LLCBuyer is leading monetization service by push notifications for publishers and affiliates.
Exclusive direct landing pages with very high CR for top affiliates. (All verticals and worldwide coverage)
Perfect CPC Rates:
15$ - 300$ per 1000 clicks for Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 Regions.


If you're ready and want some more details, please sign up as a publisher and let's get some money together:

! Attention !
First of all, we are looking for direct publishers and top affiliates and we work on Revshare basis. But if you have any other traffic source, or you're CPA / smartlink service, we have a special proposal for you both on revshare or CPA basis.

Root Affiliate ProgramBuyer

♦ Check our offer now:
♦ 20% average conversion rate!
♦ Minimum payment: Only $150!
♦ Conversion pixel for top affiliates <---
♦ Mobile & desktop offers!


Yup. Every single adult with a driving license is your target market.

Product video ->>

Because Root is built for this day and age, the conversion rate is incredible. That's why our payment, per lead is the highest in the industry.

Apply now ---> SupportSeller
✔️ Try The World's Biggest Push Ads Network
✔️ 41+ Billion Impressions Daily 👍
✔️ CPC: $0.003 - All 252 GEO's.
✔️ 10x Higher Conversion Than Other Traffic Sources.
✔️ Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google.
✔️ 100% Bot-Free
✔️ Average ROI on 118%
✔️ Targeting: Desktop, Phone, OS, Browser, Country & City
✔️ No adblockers
✔️ We Accept Emojis In The Text 🤟🏻😜🙀
✔️ Low Minimum Deposit
✔️ 24/7 Campaign Approval

Sign up Now:

How to run push notification advertising:
Push-ads is currently the best type of ads to get conversions and the best performing affiliate tool.

To run those campaigns you will need:
⚈ 192×192 px logo for your campaign
⚈ 492×328 px creatives
⚈ title up to 30 characters - description up to 45 characters

Still thinking? Use the market's top-performing native ad format & start making money today.

Sign up here:

Ben RaynerBuyer

I'm looking for traffic for our well converting UK campaigns.

Works well on Email, Display and Social.

Works perfect with sweepstake, freebie and job type traffic.

Jeremy HaydenBuyer

Whats up? Running beauty offers? Contact me! I have an awesome beauty campaign promoting "Beverly Hills MD - Dark Spot" products.

The offer I can pay weekly on, and I'm extremely competitive on your payout per lead. Let me know how we can do some business.

Email me! or Skype: KSIXJeremy

Nick LeeBuyer

all geos..
non incent
please add me on skype :leo.bnb

Lindsey DaviesBuyer

I am a direct advertiser looking for UK traffic for our wide range of sweepstakes campaigns.

We've got uncapped budgets for consistent, good volumes and high quality UK traffic.

We only work on CPL/CPA, so please don't ask about CPM or CPC.

Add me on Skype to discuss further: lindsey_unnik


I work for an ad network. I am looking for direct offers for my network. We work on cpa, cpc, cpl, cpi among other platforms.
If you own/have exclusive offers, please contact me. I have a private network with over a million clicks per month.
Robert Sherman
Business Development Manager


Survey: "Which team do you think should win the big game?"
Enter for a chance to get a Visa $100 Gift Card!
Publishers can’t use the word SUPERBOWL in any banners or assets that they create themselves.
Net 15 Terms
$1.50 Per Email Submit

Tien NguyenSeller

Get your content shown on top premium sites across the globe. Sign up to today at


Hello, All!
Pliri is automated performance tracking platform for CPI/CPA activities with in-house API and antifraud.

And now we are happy to present Pliri light client that available for subscription.

50,000 conversions, free trial.
after which the bid is $ 0.01 per conversion, pay as you go!

We limit the possible number of promotional subscriptions by 50.

This offer is available only this December 2018.

Manage to register your trial account at the link:
No credit card authorization or commitment needed.

Brijesh SoniBuyer

Hello All,

We are DigiClickss and Looking for CPI Publishers / Traffic Sources, In-App, Media Buying, Affiliate Network, Mobile Web.
We have Direct1 1st jump, 2nd jump CPI campaigns.
Tier1 & Tier2 Countries, Android IOS,
Games, Shopping, E-commerce many more,
Soft n Hard KPIs.
Lets Connect Over Skype (live:digiclickss) to discuss our Business Partnership.

静 杨Buyer

Pin me live:15316004

Igor GolovachenkoBuyer

I am Igor from
We have a Large volume of CPI, CPA, CPL Offer with High payout.
And we are Looking for good traffic and support API.

Feel free to add me on
Skype: live:ihor_80


Hi guys!
Content Studio is looking for partners who can provide us CPI, CPA, CPL or smartlink traffic! We have many direct and exclusive offers.


offer should be hidden in user browsed pages, and pay by unique IP every day.

Need about 5 million IP daily. Please ping if you have the traffic.

Alex TymchenkoBuyer

AdWix Inc. is looking for traffic for good converting CPI offers! Our minpay is 100$ for PayPal; 500$ for Wire. API only.
Skype live:alex_33605

Natalie AffmyBuyer

Get Eroticmadness: one of the TOP 10 best-converting offers at AFFMY!
What is Eroticmadness?
This is the site with a unique matching tool, with a personal touch to the online dating process by making sure that this experience remains special and specific for people. Send your traffic to this exceptional Dating product.
Offer details:
OFFER: Eroticmadness - Tier1 - CPL
Offer Link:
Goal: Email submit
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Don't forget that offers are available on request, so please contact Affmy AM to get a desired offer.

Natalie AffmySeller

Cindymatches is one of the TOP 10 offers of the month at
Contact your Affmy AM to increase your profit with us!

About Cindymatches:
This online dating platform brings people together that are interested in similar activities, passions and future aspirations. Cindymatches is trending right now! Promote this offer and get high eCPMs.

OFFER: Cindymatches - Tier1 - CPL
Offer link:
Goal: Email submit
Traffic: Mainstream

Natalie AffmyBuyer

❗ GET one of the TOP 10 offers: AmigasLindas - LATAM - CPL ❗

OFFER - AmigasLindas - LATAM - CPL
Offer link:
Goal: Email submit SOI
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

LATAM is a very prosperous market for Dating traffic monetization. Try this offer now to get the best results from this growth point. Contact AFFMY AM and start earning.

Natalie AffmyBuyer

Use a chance to earn with unique offer FuckedSnap. Send your English-speaking traffic to this Website, a sexy attractive hookup site geared towards users seeking casual sex, but don't know where to start. FuckedSnap is the best solution for UK, US, CA, AU, NZ.

Take a chance to earn on this exclusive brand with unique payouts and high conversion rate!

OFFER - FuckedSnap - Tier 1/Europe - CPL​
Goal: Email submit SOI
Traffic: Adult
Offer Link:

Natalie AffmyBuyer

Excellent combination of such offers as sexkontakt, erotickykontakt and erotic-flirt. Just send your traffic and make a good profit!

Offer: Sexkontakt – HR RS RO SK PL CZ AT DE - Desk - CPL - MODEL (DOI)
Affmy Offer Link:
Vertical: Adult dating


Rates: Desktop
DE = $3.84
AT = $3.84
CZ = $1.46
PL = $0.64
SK = $1.64
RO = $0.40
RS = $0.14
HR = $0.92

Daily caps: Individual
Tips: Desktop ONLY

Natalie AffmyBuyer

Fremdgehen69 enables users to search members in a specific area and make an appointment for exciting meetings. Promote this offers and get good profit!

OFFER: Fremdgehen69 - CPL
Goal: Email submit
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream
Offer link:

Don't forget that offers are available on request, so please contact Affmy AM to get the desired offer.

Natalie AffmyBuyer

Hello, guys!

Traffic is needed! Apply for the TOP 10 offer of December at AFFMY - DeinSeitensprung - CPL

OFFER: DeinSeitensprung - CPL
Goal: Email submit
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Don't forget that offers are available on request, so please contact Affmy AM to get the desired offer.

Natalie AffmyBuyer

HOT CPL Offer - Iwantu - One of the TOP 10 offers of December!

Try our one of the best online dating sites. IwantU is the best solution for your traffic. Just start to run it and check it by your own.

Goal: Email submit

ZA - 0.8 USD

IT - 1.1 - 2.77 USD

ES - 1.4 USD

PL - 0.07 - 1.76 USD


Are you looking for direct offers for ZA?!
High PO & CR

Skype :

Anna YemelianovaBuyer

RadiumAd Team sends our warmest greeting to Mymediads community.

Are you looking for ways to boost your performance during the last week of 2018? We are here to help you.
Become our publisher and enjoy the variety of our top CPI offers.

GEOs: Tier-1, APAC region, and others.
Verticals: almost any.
! No prepayment !

Let's create New Year miracle together.

Reach out to me via
skype: live:anna.radiumad


Hello Folks,

We have lots of exclusive campaigns available with good PO.If you are looking for CPI, CPA. campaigns.
then ping me over Skype: live:addrawtech for further discussion.