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Realpush MonetizationBuyer

Hey, we have a really exclusive product. Top direct CPA offer in the market - Push Subscription. If you're a CPA/CPL/CPI or smartlink network - Welcome.

✓ This offer goes well on pop up / popunder / redirect traffic
✓ Average conversion rate is 4-6% (Depends on GEO and device)
✓ Desktop and mobile devices are accepted
✓ Worldwide coverage (Of course Tier1 regions are most payed)
✓ After the test we can work on prepayment terms

We are strict in choosing partners. Please, don't try to contact us if you're:
✖ Fraud genius. Push subscriptions are totally free from any kind of fraud due to the transparent technology
✖ Working on CPC/CPM basis only. We pay for subscriptions (leads), not traffic

Hurry up, the number of partners is limited.

When you are adding to Skype and want to get more information, please tell us about yourself - we want to know who you are, from which company and what source of traffic you have.

Email/Skype: contact@realpush.net


Top performing Exclusive Offer!
No malware - For Chrome / IE / Firefox - Toolbar Extensions

Other Geos Available - Inquire within!

Net 15 Terms

guillermo cartasBuyer

If you are good at Landing page installs, please let me know.
We would need big amounts of installs fro our LP.

Agus KusumaSeller

Im looking to buy traffic, work good in platform appnexus, best quality of my traffic check here

Let's make money together !! :)


Buying display traffic on CPM basis (NO email traffic), IAB compiant, from your direct publishers (not resold from SSP's).
If you have desktop, mobile or in-app traffic from your direct publishers, feel free to contact me: publishers@smartyads.com

Daniel SantosBuyer

Hi All!! I'm looking for CPA traffic for BR geo. This are 2 Exclusive offers, for Cloud services and Antivirus verticals. If any of you are interested in these offers or wants to know more details about, please contact me through daniel.santos.seo (skype). Tks


Looking for global traffic, the rate is flexable.

Skype: selimatowj


Hi, this is the email from Aaron Brown representing Bright Era. I am writing to explore an opportunity to build a mutually profitable business relationship with you. We are in huge demand for high quality traffic for banners on CPM basis both on mobile and desktop. We need you to be able to work with JS tags. We can work on both post pay and prepay.
If you can provide HQ traffic competitive rates and large volume, please dont hesitate to contact me through email Aaron@brighteraltd.com. We can also have a pleasant discussion over skype at aaronycn.
Hope we can start our business soon.
Thanks for your reading and have a nice day!


Hello everyone,

We are buying installs/bundle traffic (basically all geos) for our direct search products with daily uncapped budget.
As long as you got traffic, you can contact me at any time.
Skype: liu.jinqi41



on CPM model.we work on REVSHARE(70/30) with NET30 basis. require more than 1MM volumes per day..

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James RedfieldSeller

Shoot me an email and I will get you in contact with who we use, since we take all of our payments online for buying traffic, we are at a super high rate for C.C.Processing. This Company is saving us 27% monthly in processing. Enough to hire a few new sales people and not increase our overhead. Id love to share this with you, just reach out and Ill introduce you.

bizdev15 - Skype


A hugh company in the software industry looking to establish long term partnerships with media buyers and download portals!

Email: gal.cohen@ironsrc.com
Skype: gal.cohen.ironsource

Alex KozhemiachenkoBuyer

Non-incentive, WW, all OS all categories.
Contact me by mail: alex@3ginstall.com or by skype: alex.avangard


We are media agency from Bright Era Ltd, we want to buy tons of premium mobile web banner traffic in high volume. We need ww traffic, we can send you tags according to your top geos. We have different kinds of campaigns with very good rate. You need to work with 3rd party and JS tags. If you have this kind of traffic, pls contact me:
Shall we connect on skype and discuss our potential collaboration. Because we could have a quick chat there.
skype : troyge@hotmail.com
Email: troy@brighteraltd.com

Feel free to drop me a line and I would be happy to discuss with you in depth.


We have big budgets and looking to spend on CPA basis!
We got few verticals including sports and streaming and create more!
Please contact me at tuvit.rubin@linkury.com if you want to sell


looking to buy DESKTOP traffic in WW, CPI/PPI based.


Hi everyone!

Now we have uncapped budget available for direct search products, if you got some bundle traffic just contact me and let's make money together!

Skype: liu.jinqi41

Katarina DmitrovicBuyer
Jasveet SinghBuyer

We r a network and we r looking for Installs for our advertisers so please get back to us with all the possible info on installs .

We need minimum of 500 installs per day and max can be discussed

So reach me at jasadvmed@gmail.com


Currently I have 5 different advertiser who is looking for installs. GEO: US, CA, UK, AU, NZ etc(non-search offer). Should have traffic volume of 10k+ installs per day. Please contact me @ skype: sungive


Hey Guys! SmartyAds has huge volumes of traffic in all GEOs at our self serve platform for advertisers, who aim to run successful campaigns! Let's make money together today! Ping me on SKype Julia.pozdneva or email julia.pozdneva@smartyads.com


Looking to expand our installs base for our exclusive PPI software with new publishers and traffic soureces for long term cooperation.

Ping me on Skype: mansunl1 or mail: idan@janco.media

Lourdes RuizBuyer

Hi! This is Lourdes from Spiroox, I'm looking for Media Buyers running mainstream and/or adult campaigns. We can let you know the best prelanding for each offer and the best segment to start with depending of your traffic. Spiroox, leader in recommended your best performing campaign, no matter the geo/carrier/device, we always have something for you ;) just try! add me in skype lourdes.ruiz.spx


Looking for Databases in Pt
Skype ID: aguiar@natexo.com

email: aguiar@natexo.com


This is Eric from Bright Era LTD - a media angency. We want to creat an account on you platform and run our campaigns. Now we are in need of tons of mobile/pc web traffic on CPM basis and you need to run 3rd party JS tags.
If you have such kind traffic, would you please contact me? skype:hurricanehosee
Email: eric@brighteraltd.com


If you're looking for volumes and quality mobile traffic for GCC, we are you address (on CPM basis).

Please ping me for further discussion!

Daniel SantosBuyer

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for CPA mobile traffic for BR geo. We have exclusive offers, for Cloud, Antivirus and Learning Game Service (kids).

If any of you are interested in these offers or wants to know more details about, please contact me through daniel.santos.seo (skype).

Daniel Santos


Our product is PC Cleaner, We should distrubute in all geos, so if you have traffic ,pls contact with us.

Skype: zhongqing.zhang
email: zhongqing.zhang@mpc.am


Looking for HQ Traffic in Pt for exclusive campaigns

Skype ID: aguiar@natexo.com

email: aguiar@natexo.com



We have available CPM traffic, 100% transparent sites for display, mobile, video!
Looking for new advertisers who are interested in promoting their websites/products through mobile and desktop traffic!
we have:
* Great CPM rates
* Worldwide traffic
* 2 billions impression daily
Ping me on skype svetlana.johnson111 or e-mail me - svetlana@smartyads.com