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Traffic BuyerBuyer


I'm looking to buy popunder or popup traffic for Japan, France, Germany and Australia on CPM or CPC basis.

Please connect on skype: anurag_sh87

Realpush FZE LLCBuyer is leading monetization service by push notifications for publishers and affiliates.
Exclusive direct landing pages with very high CR for top affiliates. (All verticals)
Perfect CPC Rates:
15$ - 300$ per 1000 clicks for Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 Regions.


If you're ready and want some more details, please sign up as a publisher and let's get some money together:

! Attention !
First of all, we are looking for direct publishers and top affiliates and we work on Revshare basis. But if you have any other traffic source, or you're an CPA / smartlink service, we have a special proposal for you both on revshare or CPA basis.

jasmin jacobBuyer

hi i am looking for premium adult websites traffic like brazzers watch my gf, will offer best price

Skype - live:support_68754
email -

Lupon MediaBuyer

You have a site and work with RTB ad networks and want to earn more? We can offer exclusive partnership opportunity to monetize your website using our Header Bidding platform and earn premium CPM rates.

We already have direct partnership with the biggest bidders on the market and great ad exchanges.

Our header bidding platform enables publishers to manage multiple bidders and capture the highest value from every impression.

If you have quality traffic and think you can scale great campaigns on CPM basis sign up here:

or send email on

MobiGlide Ltd.Buyer

Hello Everyone, this is Goran from Mobiglide Network.
We are looking for traffic for the above mention offers.
We also own e-commerce offers in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, UAE, Saudia Arabia with great payouts.

Looking forward to connecting with you for further discussion.

Skype: kobiandrea1

Register here:

Trello B AlexSeller

GLOBAL OFFERS Email Auto Responder – the top email marketing tool
If you need Email Responder for live posting (dating sites) or have email traffic I can provide.

Unlimited Mail Send DOI
You Can Send Unlimited DOI Mail like (Responce / Follow-Up)

Real-time Update
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Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Camping with your limit.

SMTP Rotation System
Auto Rotate SMTP for every Message

Email Validation

Email Verification System for bulk Email Impor

Email Import & Export
Bulk Email Import and Export System!

Response Message Setaup
Add Unlimited Response Message with your limit

Follow-up Message Setup
Add Unlimited Follow-up Message with your limit

Use Shortcode messagese
If like to use Shortcode with message and follow-up


Hi, my name is Anastasia and i'm texting from the Russian mobile performance agency. We're working with TOP Russian advertisers (e-commerce, betting, finance) with good budgets and looking for additional traffic sources. CPI/CPA payment models. Don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

 lo4d medaiBuyer

lo4d media

Earn more with our hassle-free monetization solution
Thinker. Researcher. Teacher.

Open for any outstanding PPI offers. Clean installer with smart technology and intelligent ranking in addition to tonnes of daily installs is waiting for to deliver installs to your offers. We have a great experience in the bundle industry, working on PPI, PPD, CPM, CPE, CPI basis.

Alternatively, we are always looking for publishers with quality traffic, we can deliver top rates per desired GEO. Every offer is tested scrupulously and cannot bring any damage to the user's PC.

I am interested in all inspiring ideas and connection with key people in the industr skype live:lo4dmedia796

GuruMedia Ltd IntBuyer

GuruMedia is the exclusive CPS affiliate network with better payouts, weekly payments, and more offers.

Whether you're a super-affiliate or it's your first year in online marketing, you will automatically enjoy a 5-star personal approach. Unlike most affiliate networks that give the VIP treatment to their favorite affiliates, we've made the VIP treatment our standard for every affiliate. Enjoy a dedicated support chat room with direct access to the management team, plus custom payouts, weekly payments and offers on demand.

- 1000+ offers

- 35+ verticals

- Better payouts

- Weekly payments

- Intelligent tracking

- Dedicated account manager through email/Skype

- Weekly Listings of New and Top Performing offers

- 10 years in business

- Over $150,000,000 in payouts, since 2010.

- Now accepting new or super affiliates

In addition, GuruMedia enables you to convert 4% more compared to most networks by incorporating
weekly audits to add any skipped conversion pixels.

Tom MathewBuyer

Pops/Push/TOS XML Feeds Available

We are looking for Pops, Push , TOS traffic Via XML feeds.

CPC offered: 0.001-0.008

Skype: live:tom_31940


Hello How are you, I am loking for MX CPM Traffic via XML/JSON feed and OpenRTB I like to resale true my adnetwork to my Clients in Mexico and Latam Markets

Please Contact me at

John FernandezBuyer

We are looking for traffic from genuine sources on the basis of CPC/CPM.


Hello All,
We are looking for extend our partners in this countries. If you would have a database that is not performing well with other providers lets make a test and you will get convinced. Our built in house delivery platform can not only monetize Openers but also reactivate Non-active users.
We put all the resources, you only a little bit of data.
lets talk,

Alexander ZvonarevBuyer

Hi There,
OTM DSP is looking for new quality VAST and oRTB publishers with RU and US traffic.
We can offer you a stable demand for all types of video traffic from direct advertisers with nice payouts and fill rate.
Please ping me on Skype (atonement89) or email ( if you are interested.

No prepayments if you are not Google:)


Hello, I'm looking to buy quality traffic. Can you help me?

Fabrizio D'AuriaBuyer

Hi! I'm Fabrizio from Datawork, we are a online marketing agency specialized in leads generation.
We are looking for new publisher in order to run own direct offers.


Skype: fabriziodauria1

Michael BoulderBuyer

We are operating by growing DSP platform BWADGROUP with demand for all GEOS. Currently, we are looking for more supply:
1). Mobile WEB/INAPP traffic. All GEO. Fixed CPM. 100% coverage for good traffic.
2). Display traffic. All GEO. 100% coverage, no passbacks
3). DIsplay pop unders for own performance projects. CPM fixed rates.
Please, contace me:

Lana Media BuyerBuyer

We're looking b2b traffic with these audiences:
Digital marketers
Internet entrepreneurs

We consider following placements:
solo emailing

We could collaborate with you by these basis:
Flat fee
CPS (affiliate)

Skype: ads.linksmanagement



Notify platform Works colecting data from partners to feed our platform to provide real time information for our clients.

This means that I would like to propose you a new way to monetize your actual business.

- You add our tag into your actual email marketing actions. Our tag cookies the users once the email is opened.

- We pay you for every 1000 unique cookies generated (CPM), or every 1000 unique opened e-mails, monthly.

It is important to say that we do not capture any Data. We just use it in order to feed our platform with real time information. This means that our tag capture emails with MD5 encode, we are not able to see the adress.

Im looking for Brazil traffic!

Please to get in touch!

Skype: ricardo.rodriguespinto



Hello everyone

I want to buy traffic from RU, UA mostly and another Tier2 Tier3 countries for minimal bids like 0.01 CPM and not higher than 0.2-0.3.

If you have that - welcome to test for $20 prepayment.

Todd FullerBuyer

I am lookin for publishers that can send their users Back button clicks to our landing page. Our lander is simple and non-intrusive so the user won't notice that the Back click went to an advertiser. If you are not currently monetizing back clicks or never heard about monetizing this traffic then feel free to reach out.

Skype: cody.bierman77

Pop Blast.netBuyer

Hi, We are Offing to Direct Publisher, Starting $8 CPM


Stasia WeQBuyer

I’m Stasia from WeQ and we are looking for new supply partners for our smartlink solution.

We have more than 6k mobile offers worldwide in our portfolio and we see great results with our current partners.

How about quick chat sometime this week to set up cooperation between us? Here is my Skype live:stasiaweq


We are looking for different -2 traffic source or marketing partners.
Who can help us to launch our upcoming projects and programs, Our programs are similar like or

We even need good affiliate partners too, along with we are also looking for genuine PPI download partners also.


Hello there

We're looking for constant partners with Tier1 PUSH Traffic via XML on CPC and CPA basis.

If you would discuss or start collaboration - please send email to or drop a line at DM.


Marry TaylorBuyer

Hi there,

I am a media buyer who is looking for mobile web banner traffic for many geos (it will be great if you have premium traffic in FR, DE, IT, US, PL and UK). We work on CPM model using JS tags. If you have this kind of traffic, please feel free to contact me.

Skype: marrylm1025


Urikbiz LiantezppcBuyer

We need the following types of traffic:
Display (CPM based)
Native (CPM based)
Audience (XML, Direct)

Skype: urikbiz

Omer RochmanBuyer

Hey Guys!
We are in search for partners that are OpenRTB compliant!
We have WW traffic from best sources, traffic quality tool integrated and ad-quality tools.
We do Banners, Native-ads and Video, from IA MW and Desk.
Quick integration for quality players.
Promised added value!
Ping me for further discussion!


Hi Guys,

We are looking for DSP/SSP partners on open R-T-B for Display, native and video traffic.

We are already working with over 30+ exchanges and 500 direct campaigns and over a 1000 publishers.

So we have premium traffic and demand, we are looking for partners to buy and sell traffic.

Please add me on skype or mail me and lets make some $$$ together

Looking forward to working with you'll.

skp :