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Mihail RusuSeller

Date of registrations:
25th Jan 2021 / 16th Feb 2021 (today)

NETHERLANDS - 15,175 leads (CRYPTO)
Available - 5,000
GERMANY (DE) - 8,649 leads (CRYPTO)
Available - 0 - SOLD
ITALY (IT) - 18,201 leads (CRYPTO)
Available - 5,000
Available - 7,000
SWEDEN (SE) - 7,121 leads (CRYPTO)
Available - 0


Tel: 357 96844676
Skype: live:7f47c83444000c99

Leads ProviderSeller

Looking for fresh and Active database for your business ??
I have database for email marketing, forex, ecommerce, dating and many verticals upto 100K data in every vertical.

Or Live traffic in CPM/CPC/CPL and CPA in the verticals of forex crypto dating igaming etc.

( Forex Crypto is our specialisation )

Both Blackhat and Whitehat traffic for regulated and non regulated brokers.

Net 7 after first month only.

Connect me for more info.

Skype: live:.cid.2e5a376ab28dbae0

LeadsValley CPA CPLSeller

Full marketing for Forex & Crypto that fitts for product owners is our speciallty.

Re-targeting services, Data & Traffic acquisition, Affiliation management (from A to Z),Optimization and KPI management, Email Marketing services, Media buying service on fixed or managed models.
Media channels:
- Email marketing
- Native ads
- Social
and more.


Netgow MarketingSeller

We provide HQ Traffic for offers from the Financial industry (Crypto / Forex / CFD), including:

- Branded and white-labelled creatives
- Media buying services on fixed or managed models
- Email Marketing services
- Data & Traffic acquisition

*Traffic & Data available as well

Skype: live:marketing_30487

Thomas GautierSeller

We deliver HQ Traffic for Forex/Crypto Offers almost worldwide in most of the languages.

The leads will be sent to:
- your landing pages (S2S / postback pixel implementation required)
- via API through our pre-landers and landing pages

For additional information:
- email:
- skype: live:.cid.f9043df1024d6b22

Tristan N Eriksen ClicksexpertSeller

We're currently excelling in the following verticals:
Finance (CFD, CRYPTO, FX, Loans, Insurances, Investments etc)

We have huge volume of quality & non-incent traffic for all Geos. We can work on, POP, Banner, Native, Email, Video, Push Notifications, Social Media Campaigns targeting both Mobile & Desktop.

Hit me up for more information:

Or by Mail:

Jonas LarssonSeller

As part of Traffic Lions, we are a full-service marketing agency based in Guildford with extensive knowledge and experience across digital, including digital marketing, social media advertising, Google Ads, content writing, PR, branding, design, web development.
Tier1 Traffic available for Forex / Crypto / CFDs and Adult Dating!

Native / PPC / Social / Email Marketing / Banners

For further details,
Skype live:.cid.cf28a74233ef8d6f

Financial Partners Marketing FPM.globalBuyer

We ( are looking for strong affiliates to drive traffic to our exclusive Forex and Crypto offers.

Best CR and payouts on the market.

CPA - up to 1200 usd
Revenue Share plan - up to 50%

- and our managers will contact you within 24 hours

Test your traffic and start earning today!

Vlad FortunaSeller

Our TOP verticals:
Gambling / Betting / Dating (both) / Sweeps / Crypto
*but we can run any other*

- HQ direct traffic (over 33K of sources);
- Worldwide;
- Push / In-Page / Native and PopUnder;
- Mobile & Desktop;
- Audience filtering and Automated Rules setting;
- Prepayment basis.


Traffic NomadsSeller

Created by experienced media buyers, Traffic Nomads is one of the few push ad networks in the market with its own push notifications userbase. With an intuitive self-service platform and expert media buying advice, advertisers can achieve
the results they are looking for seamlessly.

TrafficNomads was built by MOBIPIUM, an affiliate network specializing in mobile offers.

Why Traffic Nomads?
• Own push notifications userbase
• Tested Premium Sources
• Dedicated campaign managers to help you reach your goals
• Personalized optimization & media buying tips every week
• Self-service platform w/ multiple targeting options

Ad Formats Available:
✅ Push notifications
✅ Pops
✅ In-Page
✅ Banner
✅ Native
✅ Calendar

Best Performing Verticals
Almost any offer can be advertised in Traffic Nomads, but these are the ad formats with the best performance so far:
• Dating
• Crypto
• Mobile offers (MVAS)
• Casino and Betting Games
• Sweepstakes
• eCommerce

Join Traffic Nomads today!

Alex EdelsteinBuyer

I'm Looking for CPA LIVE CRYPTO, FX Leads,
Social media & Search engines Live CRYPTO, FOREX Leads

We are a working brand since 2017 with high converting rates!

Payment twice a week


$750 - $950 CPA LIVE - depends on the GEO

8 - 15% Average Conversion



We would like to build long-term relationships DIRECT and have references upon request.

Call or TEXT me on SKYPE.
Mobile: +44 7383473466
Skype: live:.cid.7f961e18159aafa2

Artem HOBuyer

Greetings! I'm here for crypto traffic on a CPA basis.

In exchange offering:
✅Own, In-house offers
✅Wide variety of top converting GEOs
✅The best EPC
✅Highest CR's
✅AI-powered lead distribution system to monetize your leads multiple times!

We're giving an iPhone 12 to each affiliate who doing 10 FTD's within the first 5 working days with us! Guaranteed, no jokes.

Please, hurry up while this promotion is still live.

My Telegram: @Artem_HO
My Skype: live:.cid.1628a23574baaba9

Sofia MartinSeller

Looking for direct/semi-direct email/display offer !
Model : CPM/CPC .


Verticals : Casino ,Gambling,Crypto,Forex,Betting etc .

Contact us for more details :
Skype : live:.cid.69c152eaeb416c46

Grace PedroSeller

High quality crypto traffic available here for those geos UK, US, IT, FR, NL, ES, DE, AU, AT, DK, NZ, CA, IN, Nordic, Latam etc.
For more details ping me in skype.My skpe id is :- live:.cid.4ef01e741e9013e7

Johnny ZybermannSeller

#Crypto #Finance # Forex #BTC
- GEO's: NO, DE, FI, NL, SG, GCC, IT, FR, AU, NZ, ZA, UK, AU, CA
- Payout Models: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC.

AdnetworkX is a buying Media Agency selling High Quality / High Volume traffic.
Reach us for more info.


Bertrand PoireauSeller

Traffic for SALE:
#Finance #Forex #Crypto #BTC #Binary Option.
We provide Banner, POP, Display, Email & Video Campaigns & Native. CPC, CPM, CPL & CLA.

Feel free to reach out to us for more infos!
Skype: live:.cid.d0219fb696119ab1

Maria Jones Seller

Looking for direct advertiser !!
Source- Email
Model- CPL
Niche- Crypto

Add me in skype for more details,
Skype- live:.cid.120cf97e6b0f8f97


My name is Sagi CEO of
Clickgate is a CPA Affiliate Network. Clickgate is focusing on the crypto vertical for over 3 years.
Clickgate has two departments - Affiliation and Internal Media Buying.
I’m looking to buy Crypto traffic, Tier 1, Top CPA Offers, No prepayment, Weekly Net7.

Our competitive advantage is that we have an internal media buying team, making us one of the top players in this industry in terms of volumes we generate. As a publisher you will be coordinated by your account manager who works closely with the media buying team, providing you with tips and performance insights.

Insights on crypto vertical:
Top traffic sources:

- Facebook Ads
- Google Adwords
- Native Ads
- Email

Top Performing GEO’s:

Nordics - 25% CR
CH - 25% CR
NL - 20% CR
UK - 20% CR
DE/Germany - 15%-20% CR

All CR by FB traffic.

Hit me up on:
Skype: live:.cid.35600912cc02f036
Telegram: sagiclickgate


Angelina | AdaviceSeller

Hey guys,

High volumes of live FX and Crypto traffic avaliable on our end.
Exceptional rates for GCC, UK, AU, Nordics.
Top GEOs: UK, AU, NO, DE, AT, SG, SA, AE

Contact me to get more info:
Telegram: @AdaviceMedia (Angelina)

Yaacov GviliSeller

WhiteHat Traffic For Bitcoin, Forex, Crypto And CFD Available now from Skyline Marketing.
Focusing mainly on Tier 1.
Geo's: DE, NL, IT, FR, ES, UK, SG, GCC, AU, NZ, FI, NO, DK, SE And more
Hit me on Skype for more info
#Whitehat #Finance #Traffic

Surya JainSeller

Hi everyone,

We've got good ios push notification traffic / Calendar traffic.
erfect for utilities offers, betting, casino , sweepstakes, dating, crypto etc..
payment model - CPC

Setup an account with this link -

Ping me on skype/telegram to know More -

Skype - Sales.ezmob
Telegram - suryajain0

Leads Center Martin OlesenSeller

Finance - Crypto, Forex, CFD's - Depositors/traders/huge Data inventory
Traffic Model: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC
sources: Display, Native, Push, Pop, Email and social media.
available languages: EN, AR, RU, DE, ES, IT and more
skype -

max vogelSeller

Do you have a demand for quality traffic?
We are a boutique marketing agency that searches for advertising partners for a long run business partnership.
We are generating an efficient source utilization to Financial Industries - Forex Crypto, Traders, online investments. Our company constructs email marketing in high volumes with either SOI\DOI compatibility.
Best performing GEOs include:
- Nordics
- Native EN
- EU Specific tier 1
Supported models:
CPM, CPL, CPA, Databases
For more details and business option, Ping me!
Skype: live: cid.93742144868a8707

Iraj BhattaraiSeller

Hi, This is Erraz from Adsaro Ad Media Network. If you are looking for quality traffic on Betting, Gambling, Crypto, Travel offers, CBD, Nutra, Sweepstakes, Bingo etc. We are here to help you with all your advertising needs.
We are here to boost your sales

Looking forward to connect with you for further discussion.

You can connect with me here
Skype: live:6614iraj

Artem HOBuyer

Greetings guys!
I'm looking for crypto traffic on a CPA basis (DE, UK, LATAM, etc):
- Highest EPC in the game
- Best brokers
- Prelanders if you need them
- Involved, supportive managers

We're going to pick the best offer for your traffic source and GEO. Fast and easy!

Our open-minded team is here to exchange fresh ideas and new approaches. Let's start earning today!

Guys, please, serious inquiries only! And
NO PREPAY please, let's save your and my time, thank you!

My Telegram: @Artem_HO
My Skype: live:.cid.1628a23574baaba9

Robin oliSeller

Hello Everyone, This is Robin from Adsaro Ad Media Network. If you are looking for quality traffic for Crypto, Gambling, VPN, etc verticals. We are here to help you. Looking forward to connect with you for further discussion.

You can connect with any of the manager at the following
Skype: live:robin_7707
Skype: live:6614iraj

Ryan LewisSeller

We work WW (Languages.: EN / FR / DE /IT/Flemish /AR)
.Our main verticals are:Traditional Forex, CFDs, ETFs,Educational/Webinars, Gold Trading, Stock investing, commodity trading,Crypto-Investing, ICOs. We can work on all kinds of channels simultaneously (Mobile & Desktop).

We have inventory managed on fixed CPM as well as performance network operating on CPA or CPL models. For other Verticals details and pricing will be given separately by demand.

Ruby TalSeller

Hi all,

I am Ruby from an online advertising company which can help you to reach your ROI goals.

We have traffic globally in POP, Banner, Native, Push, Email and Video, where we can target audience with your ads directly to their mobile or desktop.

Our traffic sources are premium and direct and we work on various pricing models like CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI and CPA,etc. and we promote various verticals like Nutra, Loan, Games, Utilities, Shopping, E-commerce, Adults, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Casino, Dating, Forex & Crypto with the integration formats of JS Tag, URL, Image, oRTB, S2S pixel.

If you are looking to buy traffic/ have any queries, please feel free to ping me on Skype:live:.cid.7111cf4375103ca4

Jack AlmeidaSeller

Finance - $Crypto, $Forex, Bitcoin, CFD's.
Languages - EN, AR, RU, IT, DE, ES (and more)
#CPA #CPL #CPM #CPC + Huge Data Inventory.
Sources: Display, Native, Push, Pop, Email, and Social media.
$kype me at live:zikmate

#finance #gambling

James RourkeSeller

Unique CPM, CPC

API or S2S
Our content or yours
Funnels fit with regulated brands (Tesla, Amazon Trading content)

Traffic extracted from top market GEOs

Send a message today