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Jonathan FerrariBuyer

Let's Talk:
Skype: live:jonathan.ferrari_4

Searching for people/companies that can bring Cryptocurrency clients to be paid on CPA Basis.

Our Payment is minimal starting from $550 for FTD (First Time Deposite) and going up to 1300$ for FTD.

add me on Skype for faster resposnse:

Evi SBuyer

Crypto, Betting, Gambling traffic needed!

CPA/CPL offers for WW
Increased payouts for HQ traffic!

No prepay, but we pay twice a week.

PM or sign up via

Seller is a reliable platform for east trading forex, fiat chat and more,

Lara JosefSeller

We generate quality Sweepstakes, Surveys database leads in various countries.

The data contain full details of users who frequently participate in sweepstakes and take up online surveys.

1. Sweepstakes Leads Database
2. Survey Leads Database

Our leads and data contain only users that had frequently participated more than 5 times in online sweepstakes and surveys.

What you will get;

1. 90% Converting Leads database
2. Fresh Leads
3. Sweepstakes, Surveys
4. Very High CR
5. ROI Guarantee 100%
6. Leads with full details, Full name, Email, Phone Number, Country, etc...
7. 70% assurance user will take up Sweepstakes, Surveys
8. User Online Survey and Sweepstakes count history

2. Available on Skype and Telegram.

Dirk SwartSeller

Premier-Lead is the best Media Agency for:

We provide leads for companies and desks.
We have direct Traffic with best conversions at Social, Search and more sources.

Find me via Skype:

Jan UngerSeller

Are you looking for TOP Quality traffic??
We provide re targeted traffic for :

CPA CPL lead generation operation, HQ media agency.


Temidayo LawalBuyer

Kindly reach out to me if you have High-Quality traffic for Direct and Exclusive Nutra & Dating offer8 (Both Adult & Mainstream) open caps.

All Geo

Skype: live:.cid.16489fbe9efd3096

NB. No prepayment please.

Bruno MorettiSeller

Available traffic CPA / CPL - forex- crypto
We are the direct source
Contact Skype: ive:.cid.d3bead7411adf5e2
Telegram: @Fxpartnerships

Badejoko Selimot JokotadeBuyer

Hello Everyone, trust you are doing good?
I am interested in getting high quality and genuine traffic for our newly launched converting offers.
Kindly send a private message or chat up on Skype
You can also reach me on LinkedIn @Badejoko Selmah Jokotade. I am also on Telegram @ Jokotade Selmah
I look forward to doing business with you.

Junior KnotBuyer

CPM Media is a company with multiple integrated platforms such as RTB, OpenXML, TagsJS, Banners, Direct Link CPM among others we connect our traffic with the best campaigns.


Real Stats and 48 Horus.
Popunder CPM formats.
Direct Link CPM Formats.
CPM Banner Formats.
No Minimum Visits or views.

Payments: NET 24 Hours.
Method Payments: Paypal
Skype business: juniorknot

David CuiSeller

SMS is a media based on modern mobile communication. Mobile phones are personal communication tools that users carry around with them.
Users can easily receive messages in any place including during business trips, which are more easily accepted by users and have better advertising effects.
Mobile phone users will check the SMS after receiving it, and the SMS will only be eliminated after viewing it, so it can reach a viewing rate of over 95%,
which is a viewing rate that no other media can reach.
TV, newspapers and outdoor media, the cost is high, while the cost of SMS is low, in the same advertising costs,
the audience users of mobile phone SMS than the traditional media audience users to be several times more.
Mobile phone SMS can be released in real time, fast, mobile phone users in all parts of the country can receive, such a wide range of other publicity methods is difficult to do.
skype/whatsapp +8615970413457

Seller DSP Ad NetworkSeller

➡️ is a (DSP) ad network that provides high-quality, high-performing, and brand-safe worldwide traffic for your campaigns.

We are integrated with 150+ top ad networks to access their premium traffic, where we have categorised the traffic in 300+ different verticals.

💡 𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐃𝗶𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝐓𝗿𝗮𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰 𝐓𝘆𝗽𝗲𝘀:

🔵 Push ads - 11+ billion impressions daily
(Minimum CPC $0.003)

🔵 Native ads - 2+ billion impressions daily
(Minimum CPM $0.10)

🔵 Display ads - 5+ billion impressions daily
(Minimum CPM $0.10)

🔵 Pop traffic - 750+ million impressions daily
(Minimum CPV $0.0001)

We use Adscore to exclude bots and low-quality traffic.🚀

✔️ Live support 24/7
✔️ Dedicated ads experts help launch, run, and optimise ads according to your KPI.
✔️ Transparent ad platform.
✔️ Track your ads' performance in real-time and scale-up.
✔️ Low Minimum Deposit of ONLY $25.

We offer a 10% First-time deposit BONUS.

Sign Up Now:


♦ Register now:
♦ 100% Fill Rate with Highest eCPM
♦ Looking for publishers willing to turn their traffic into profit
♦ All publishers accepted, adult traffic, too
♦ Get your tags and start earning within minutes
♦ $10 min. payout
& more!

PopBounty is a CPM-based monetization platform that maximize your profits with our high performing Pop-Up / Pop-Under & Direct Link (Smart Link) solutions.

Use our unique, in-house developed Traffic Evaluator, along with subid tracking, and see how much you earn in real time.

You can contact us via live chat, email or Skype to ask your questions.
Skype: live:.cid.97866f0b80bd260e

Pavel GEPBuyer

We have the best offers in the industry right now.
-High CPA/Revshare payouts! Postpayment!
-Cysec regulated.
-Best converting mobile APP.
-Cover most of the world.
-We have a new brand only for Crypto trading.
Please register here:
and Ill contact you.
Or For more details, please contact me by email:
Skype : live:pavel.gepshtein
or Telegram : @pavelgep

Maikl StivenSeller We are engaged in incentive installs to increase the app positions on the market for keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that users enter into the search field on Google Play or AppStore to find the particular app. They are also called "search queries" or “search requests”.

How does the promotion on our platform work? When you press “Start” at the keyword campaign, a pull of users from targeted locations gets the task to search for your application by a certain word or phrase (you choose it creating the campaign) and to install it. They search, download, and open the application. After that, motivated people keep the application on the devices from 1-14 days. With the help of this promotion your app can move from 250 position to the top-3. As a result, the app becomes more noticeable for organic users, who may use this keyword, so it may bring you more organic installs.

for all questions write:

Temitope RamonBuyer

Kindly message me if you have High Quality traffic on CPA, CPL,CPS,CPP basis on several verticals like Dating, Sweepstakes, Insurance, Finance, Loan, Education, Nutra etc.

Contact me now for better discussion
Skype: live:.cid.36cdda243265741e

Note: No prepayment.


Wuhan Wingroup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Whatsapp: +8615797076598

Emmanuel TaiwoBuyer

If you have High-Quality Traffic for Dating, Finance, Solar, Loan, Nutra, Mobile & Desktop CPI, and Auto Inusance Offers, this is your chance to make HUGE ROI from us.

Contact me.
Skype:- emmec04
NB. No prepayment please take note.

VaMsi SuNnuUBuyer

Hello Mates,
My name is Vamsi, I am a Supply Side Team manager at Adapace Media.

We are a global Ad Network company, cooperating with the wide majority of partners.

I wanted to reach out because I think there is a big potential from our cooperation for mutual benefit.

We provide a variety of advertising solutions for running advertising campaigns.

We work with CPI,CPA and CPR mobile apps,

so we can effectively deliver a 100% fill rate for publishers.

Please check our company website -

Please connect on
Skype: live:.cid.556771953fa6efce



$500 FREE Google Ads Credits
Our company is providing to beat-tester of our trained. AI software-$500 free google ads credit to spend and get high quality traffic!

Get free credit here:

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Jay SuraniSeller

1) Are you a Business Owner or Digital Marketer?
2) Do you want to grow your startup digitally?
3) Do you want to grow your YouTube Channel?
4) Do you want to digitalize your business?
5) Do you want to boost your sales globally?

If YES, then click the below link and make money easily. With a few clicks and words typed out – and ad creatives for your small business are DONE.

Harol SerranoSeller

Design ROI Focused Eye Catching Creatives With Artificial Intelligence Ad Automation
With the emergence of Creative AI, advertising creativity knows no bounds. Artificial Intelligence can artistically design optimized ad creatives and banners based on consumer data. Ai ad creative automation enables digital marketers to create countless variations of ad banners quickly.

As many of your know we are a Global Partner with Google and thanks to the thousands of connects we have, we are a Premier Partner, only 3% of the companies in the world can get this badge 😎

Of course such a partnership comes with its perks! We have some amazing news 🎉 users get $500 FREE Google Ad Credits!

You can find your country and see the equivalent in your currency.

Randy DSeller


Babatunde IbikunleBuyer

Monetize your traffic with good payout. We have direct and high converting offers in different verticals: Dating, gaming, casino & gambling, sweepstakes, Insurance and Finance.
please contact me on
Skype: live:.cid.e3be7e82cd13e26f

Plan B ForexBuyer

We are a Client centric boutique broker with a small yet diverse and a very Proactive team that aggregates prime brokerage platforms & also provide verified external strategies and administration support to Institutional as well as HNW retail clients.

We are working with a few Forex call centers, by managing funds for their clients and generating Handsome Rebates commissions for the call centres.

We have in house PAMM solution and strategies that can generate anywhere from 2%-10% depending on the clients risk appetite, while also generating rebates commissions of 5%-15% of the total invested amount for the Call centers who work with us and introduce clients to us.

If interested in discussing further, we can schedule a quick call with your team and explore the opportunity of working together.

Skype - bhagesh.nair
Email -


Kate FrattingerSeller

If you are looking for profitable and qualified forex /crypto leads for your bussiness, we can help you providing them.
There are a lot of english, german, spanish desks makes money using our traffic every month.

We have several categories of leads:
- depositors (they have expirience in trading);
- recovery leads (the lost money in scam);
- leads that interested in earning money throght the internet (webinar visitors, downloaded courses).

Countries: UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Netherland, Denmark, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand.

Write me via Telegram and we will discuss all the questions: