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http://FroggyAds.com Intelligent Advertising For Progressive Businesses.

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Appitate is looking for publishers for CPI/CPA offers
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Hey everyone,
ADWOOL is now looking for publishers with CPI traffic, feel free to write me!
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Looking for profitable mobile CPI offers?
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Hello Friend,

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Are a publisher with CPI/CPA mobile traffic?
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Appitate has great variety of WW CPI/CPA offers special for you ;)

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Hi everyone.
I'm looking for CPI/CPA mobile offers.
Mostly non-incent, high payout and working offers
- Tier 1 / Tier 2

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Appitate is looking for publishers for direct CPI offers!
OS : Android & iOS
Please ping me via skype

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Hey! My name is Jessie, Affiliate Manager at Appitate.com

We have available traffic on CPI/CPA basis for mobile worldwide.

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We are looking for HQ traffic for direct CPI/CPA offers with high PO.
GEOs: AU, CA, CN, FR, DE, JP, SA, SG, KR, ES, TW, UAE, GB, US!!!

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Selling all type of traffic, min order 100k daily, monthly max 17mil

US, UK only

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Reach me over Skype: comanandrei300@yahoo.com
We offer:
* High volumes of HQ traffic on all verticals
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Reach me over Skype: Andrei ReachEffect

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Need Mobile CPI traffic for our Direct CPI/CPA Campaigns.

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Here you are.
We are affiliate Network Appitate.
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We are RedFireAds - Mobile Ad Company.
We are looking for Mobile traffic for our CPI offers.

Please, contact with me to discuss the details:
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@CPALance is top grossing CPA network. We're breaking all record behind now our vision occupied world no.1 of CPA networks. https:cpalance.com seeking affiliate for reaching top 10 next 2018 offering maximum rates of each conversion. Hit above the link for registration. Be the glorious part of CPALance to raees in your business.

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Need Extensions Installs from United States

- Windows Desktop Chrome
We accept Click Jacking or other incent or non-incent methods but we don´t accept VPN , Proxy ...

- MAC : ALL Desktop Browser

- Payment : Paypal
- No Pre-payment just after test your installs
- No Pre-payment : Daily Payments

Terms & Conditions:

First you need to send me 10 - 20 Installs for TEST , then I will pay you for this installs and i make a pre-payment for 100 - 1000 installs / day

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Don't work with them they did scams and take your money and don't send you nothing .
Before 1 month and half they got the payment and started just after 1 month to start send 1 lead after i told him that he need to send leads.(Just 1 )
They spend my time 1 month by excuses about they doing targeting for their lists (Which targeting need for lists - Thought i'm stupid or something).
after 1 month they send me we completed the campagin from their side after they didn't send nothing (oh just 1 lead) , they responsive team is 0 !
They Proffesional = 0 !
Otherwise i recommend not to work with them at anyway .
Take care about that.
It's Indian company and not from United Arabs Amirates.

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I want to buy USA & UK Travel Calls in bulk. skype me Calls.Merchant

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Hi guys! ADWOOL is looking for Direct publishers with CPI/CPA traffic to pay them money! Skype: publishers_25 Feel free to contact me anytime!


All affiliates!!! we own one of the best diet brand in the world and we re looking for your traffic.

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WW Traffic needed doesn't matter which source or country. Contact me:

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We are looking for traffic that consists of web designers and developers.


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Let`s work with us, Appitate can give you great offers!
Need good traffic!
Looking for effective cooperation.
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Company Appitate is looking for new publishers for direct CPI/CPA offers.
We work at such GEOs: U, CA, CN, FR, DE, JP, SA, SG, KR, ES, TW, UAE, GB, US.
We can provide you with great offers!
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ActiveRevenue Traffic in all verticals available now!

- Direct Publishers
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Let's do this!


we are looking to buy 4k calls daily with Good Quality Windows popup available for US tech support :
we need real calls inventory
- Good flow of calls
- AHT weekly - 15 to 19 mins
- Face to Face deal ( india )
-7 $ hit & count that our buy rate

payment terms - daily after calls deliver -EOD payments

no hold for pubs no hold for one week

For further details contact :
Skype - simpleadsmedia