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Affiliate NinjasBuyer

Direct Advertiser for Nutra COD offers looking for traffic CPA

HIGH approve rates, FAST payments! ;)
We are direct advertiser for Nutra COD offers, looking for traffic on CPA basis.

Health, beauty, anti-age, skin, anti-pigmentation, adult, hair loss, anti funga, diet offers.


Payment Terms: We pay your commission on request.
We can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney - whatever you need.

Contact me for details:
skype: live:.cid.196c7b5be3a3792
telegram: olga_affninjas


Welcome to New Advertising Marketplace and Telegram Chat for Advertisers

Ehab SamirBuyer

Looking for traffic from different sources.
Vertical: Finance - Crypto - Forex
Skype: live:.cid.98d24849f2a71459

Sharon OrtizSeller

Custom Simple opt in TCPA leads. Exclusive. Realtime. Branded for your company.

HVAC, Tubs, elderly verticals, pharmacy cards, Debt, , Credit Repair, Solar, Health insurance, Auto insurance/warranty, Student debt, and more..

Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me (cpl & prepay only)

Eylon AffillionSeller

Hi there,
My name is Eylon from Affillion,
And we have a special new way to generate live traffic for CRYPTO, FOREX and trade in general.
It is a real breakthrough in the Lead Gen business.
If you have long lists of database that are piling up, or just in need of hot leads ready for your brokers, then this is THE THING for you!
Contact me via:

Skype - Eylon Affillion
Email -

Eylon SupportSeller

We have worldwide high quality push and pounder traffic available through our advanced SSP:

A number of advantages of working with noviclick:
✅ Transparency
✅ User-friendly and fast dashboard with advanced targeting options
✅ Practically bot free traffic thanks to our self-developed 3-layer fraud filter
✅ Automatic refunds for suspicious traffic that slips through our filters
✅ No bonuses or promotions but a constant low margin
✅ Adequate support
✅ Fast development of feature requests
✅ $50 minimum deposit

For more information or business opportunities feel free to connect:
Skype: websitefavourite

Sergey PavlovBuyer, VoodooDreams, NYspins, LeoVegas, MrGreen, Wildz, Casumo and etc needs your traffic!

KeyAffiliates - affiliate network that specialises in the online betting and casino industries.

If you work with traffic and are looking for a way to monetize it profitably - write to me, we at have really great offers for you. We are affiliate network that specialises in the online betting and casino industries across Nordic, EU, UK, CA and NZ.

We are looking for publishers who can run campaigns from top operators, with unique deals. (CPA, REV, HYBRID)

We recognise that our affiliate partners are our biggest asset. Transparency and trust are key to a successful partnership; what you see is what you get – and we’ll be here to assist you on every step of your journey.

***Only post-payment model*** net15

skype: pavlov.sergey
telegram: @pavlovdoc

Plan B ForexBuyer

Forex Traffic experts, lets talk and see if we can collaborate.

We are looking for live traffic from all Tier one and tier 2 GEO's barring some countries.

If you are willing to work on CPA or Rev Share basis, let's discuss and get started.

If you are looking for any kind of prepayment without starting off at all, Lets not waste each others time.

Skype - bhagesh.nair
Email -

Julia RBuyer

I'm looking for traffic for our converting Video On Demand & sweeps offers!

Do you have traffic and want a piece of the cake? 🍰Don't wait too long, HMU!


Looking for EN fresh crypto and binary

24H - name, email and geo (date too ideally) - do NOT need phone.

1-2 weeks - name, email and geo (date too ideally) - do NOT need phone.

3-4 weeks - name, email and geo (date too ideally) - do NOT need phone.

If older than 1 month that is still a discussion

Enrique AlvarengaSeller

Best quality generated for you, we have opted-in records and databases available for your business, variable feeds for United States & Worldwide (B2B or B2C). We give the option to customize the type of databases you need, low pocket cost guaranteed.

Databases available for:

#Medicare #Pharmacy #ResidentialEnergy #Energy #Gas #NaturalGas #SolarEnergy #Homeimprovement #MassTor #TriCare #ChampVa #IRSDebt #Mortgage #Payday #Finance #Investment #Creditscore #Travel #Grantseekers #Homeowners #New Movers #Ethnicity #Religion #Language #Leadgeneration #Pets #Muscleenhancement #RAW

Mani Adi91Buyer

Any Call provider can send call at 1cc daily basis, at Rev/sharing profit sharing or flat call price can contact
at email


I'm Suresh Media Buyer with LeadSense, a fast growing online advertising company,Reach me On SKYPE: media_sales10

Sharon OrtizSeller

View deal desk for campaign traffic we offer. US generated. Custom. Exclusive. TCPA. Realtime. Proven leads from over 120 Proven Publishers. Quality is key. Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email so we can discuss your traffic needs. (cpl & prepay only)

Sharon OrtizSeller

LeadZod has the leads to grow your rooms. Contact rate is up. We have the leads to help you take advantage of the season. All verticals, multiple countries, good volume, tcpa custom opt in leads that are exclusive to your company. Skype: sdutil143 or email (CPL & PREPAY ONLY)

Steve MandesBuyer

Buying Flight calls with short payment cycle
PM now on Skype: live:support_59362

Olia NikolyukBuyer

Looking for traffic sources for own campaigns :)
Verticals: nutra, adult
Models: CPA, CPL
GEO: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia
Skype: olia.nikolyuk


Some Super Stable Calls For US Vertical.Mates can Ping on tele : @presleyhere. Also bumping up JP in few days


Looking for a Direct centre or Reseller who could consume 300-600 Popup calls For US Geo . Source mainly google , Serious Buyer can ping me. Post Payment also Could be given to the clients with genuine Reviews. Assured RPC And AHT. People looking for cheap price calls please stay away. Interested can reach me out on Tele @Logan_s

PS - Scammers Please don't mess,You guys Don't stand a chance anyway.

Daria ADxADBuyer

Dear partners! We are looking for Tier 1 demand! If you have good CPM offers or you are CPM DSP, please reach us asap :)
Skype - live:d3220d2f75df501d

Julia RBuyer

Hi all! I'm looking for publishers with traffic for our offers.

We've proven succes on the following verticals:
- Sweepstakes
- Dating
& many more are about to go live!

Add me on Skype for more info:

Steve MandesBuyer

Buying Flight calls with short payment cycle
PM now on Skype: live:support_59362

Eric CladelBuyer

I'm having the feedback from company and affiliates that their partners, clients are asking them to pause/stop to send traffic.

Here is your opportunity to continu to work and get commission, we are working and offering great CPA/RS/Hybrid plan to our products.

Talk to me at any time to move forward...

Erik BoddeBuyer

Searching for quality (e-mail)traffic in NL and SE for Forex campaign on CPL basis: (€20,00 per lead!). Conversion is excellent and pay-out is before the (sales-)call, so really for lead information!

Steve MandesBuyer

Buying Medicare inbounds with amazing payout Pm now on :-Skype live:support_59362

Mark PatelBuyer

I represent the Business development team of Adsolut Media.

Adsolut Media is an Innovative Adtech platform and is a new player in the market but in that span, we have got a strong hold on the Indian market specially. We have on boarded huge publishers Like Hotstar, Zee, TimesOfIndia, Moneycontrol, NDTV, etc.

We have worldwide demand from the top players in the market like Rubicon, Appnexus, Google, SpotX, Freewheel and others.

Kindly connect so we can discuss it further and give you the more details.


Reyhan zenSeller


I am Reyhan from SpotLeads Media a leading Publisher Company.If you are looking to run POP, Banner, Email or Video Campaigns then we can help you to set the campaign as we have traffic over a billion served every week with good results.We have High Quality traffic for all type of advertising that includes Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Forex, Lotto, Weight Loss, Solar Panels, Education & so on.

We have quality & non incent traffic for all geos & verticals

We can work on Email, Banner, POP & Video targeting demographicallyOur strongest geos are US, UK, AU, CA, UAE , all English speaking geosOur Strongest verticals are Games, Forex, Binary, Health, Banking, Gambling, Dating & so.
We are best in CPM / CPC models with guaranteed conversions. Based on Conversions we convert to CPA / CPL as per our clients requirement.We can also work on CPL / CPA / CPI for selecteted offers.

Reyhan Zen
Skype: live:reyhankhan99

Tamar LeviSeller

we are looking direct campaign for our direct traffic sources, We have WW traffic , we can give you good result for your campaign also high ROI, so ping me our skype

Jack TrafficasaSeller

We are working with forex/crypto/cfd/trading and etc products, sell traffic on CPA/CPL models basis. We have traffic for any GEO. We also sell data.

We company - Trafficasa Financial Affiliate Network.
Working with us you can receive premium traffic! We have premium traffic from facebook and google.

You can contact me in Skype or mail:
Skype - live:marketing.sales02-2
Mail -

Sharon OrtizSeller

Auto warranty, home security, health insurance, Elderly verticals, solar, hvac, high income, homeowner, and more.

Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email: so we can discuss your campaigns.

(CPL and prepay only)