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Using Hasoffers, Cake or Voluum?
Scaleo Pricing Starts at 29$ p. Month

Switch now!

We Offer:
- Landingpage Rotator
- Offer Rotator
- Deep Linking
- Hide Referrer
- ISP/Carrier Targeting
- Mobile Device Targeting
- Finance Solution
- Free AntiFraud Logic
- Allow Scripts as Creatives
- Advanced Redirect Rules on nearly everything

and many more features.

What clients say about us: http://www.capterra.com/affiliate-software/spotlight/151740/Scaleo/Scaleo

Check our Demo now at www.scaleo-up.com

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We have a quality traffic for your campaigns from our direct sources!
Available ad formats: popunder/popunder mobile, regular/mobile banners.
Geo coverage - worldwide!

For more information please contact me via skype (hilltopads_adv3) or register here:

Let's do a partnership!;)



Looking for a publisher/affiliates with a huge mobile traffic for our exclusive Mobile Gaming/Lifestyle/Utilities offers on CPI basis


If you have quality mobile traffic, please contact me via email and skype: karla@tractas.com

You can also register at: http://ai.tractas.com/index.php?r=site/signup

Terms & Conditions:
•No Prepayment
•Bi-Weekly, NET15 and NET30 Payment Terms
•Paypal, Wire, Payoneer, Tipalti, Skrill and Webmoney Payments

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We have tons of mobile campaigns!
- incent/non incent
- iOS/android
- any GEO
- all verticals

If you are interested in partnership, please ping me:
-skype: ace@mobchain.net
-mail: ace@mobchain.net


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I´m Looking for Affiliate partners in Adult / Dating / Mainstream – based on CPA / CPL or rev share model for the following WW GEOs.
For more details, please contact me.

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MobileTraffic.de is loyal acquisition agency for mobile campaigns. Our strongest GEOs are DE, FR, UK, US, CA, AU, RU, IN.
We will deliver only high quality traffic for your offers.
Our model is CPI.
Let's do business together!
Contact me via - ruslana@mobiletraffic.de

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Hi , I am looking for publishers/networks who can provide high quality worldwide Mobile traffic for my Mobile CPI, CPD, CPL Campaigns. We also have CPC,CPM, pop for worldwide.
We have non-incent and incent campaigns from almost all verticals.
Payment Terms : NET30
You can Sign up on our panel from here : http://goo.gl/ZbAa8c

​Let's Connect to discuss.
Skype : mevikassingh​ ​Email : vikas@tapigy.com

​​Vikas Singh || Media Manager - Mobile​ || Xapads Media Pvt. Ltd

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Give us your Offers and watch your ROI skyrocket! :)
Skype ID: catia.gomes_9

We have traffic worldwide!

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We're looking for Affiliates to run our Direct/Exclusive MOBILE and Desktop campaigns based on CPI, CPL & CPA.

- incent/non incent
- iOS/android
- any GEO

Please contact with us for more information:

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We are looking for Direct Advertisers or own apps.Kindly ping me on skype: adcrax.saad or email: asif@adcrax.com

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We buy tons of CPI mobile traffic:
- GEO: Worldwide
- Verticals: games, app, utilities, ....
- Both IOS and Android
- Both incent and non incent.
Pls ping me on skype: live:jason.vamosmedia_1 if you have something relevant. Thanks in advance.

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Connect directly to Affiliates, Advertisers & Networks.

- Connect with the whole Affiliate Industry
- Share Ideas
- Check upcoming events
- Discuss in groups

Aff-World.com - The Affiliate Industry Social Network

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Admobly Sells CPI CPR Android Traffic on bulk quantity IN ,US , UK , RU , FR , CA , AU , BR some more !

Daily 5-10k+

We sell CPL Traffic on various countries with different verticals .

ADULT Offers - AO, BO, BY, HN, KH, KZ, OM, PA, PH, SY, TN, TR, YE, US , UK
MAINSTREAM Offers - BA, IR, TW, ME, NG, UY, SV, TH, CL, PH, ID, CO, LK, GT, CR, AZ, NI, LB, RU, TW, SG, GCC , IT , RU , US , UK , AU

Desktop/Mobile - Display/Email both

Work only on prepayment , Refundable policy is available !

skype - aman.gupta764
Email - aman.mahajan@admobly.com
Website - www.admobly.com


Looking for HQ traffic CPI CPA CPL campaigns!
Geos: WW all verticals
If you have traffic for these campaigns kindly contact me on skype ID: bonomi.vale

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Hellp , I have more traffic for all geos ! I need big network and AM support good . Give me campaign and payment good ! We will run for you high volumes !

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Offering CPA incentive traffic for sportbetting and gambling campagins !!!

Feel free to ping me for more details: rebecca.kreactive
Or drop me an email with the details of your campaign: rebeccas@m-themarket.com

Let's do some business!

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Give us your CPA, CPS and CPL Offers and watch your ROI skyrocket! :)
Skype ID: catia.gomes_9

We have traffic worldwide!

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Dear Members of Mymediads,

Fraudscore allows you to track your affiliates and determine if the traffic that they send over is baed on fraud or not.

Our system among, if not the most precise on the market and it detects the following:

We track more than 50 different parameters starting from device IDs, IPs and ending up by click density and conventions as well as many more.

Fraudscore focuses on quality metrics such as conversions, installs, registrations, deposit and all other types or events. We detect any type of conversion you apply as a goal to your advertising campaign - install, registration, deposit, etc.

If interested in a quick discussion, you can reach me over on Skype at alextudorache08

We are now providing all of our clients with a 30% discount on all orders that are completed until the end of March.

I am looking forward to discussing more with you.

Best regards,

Alex T.

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Send your quality traffic to our Smartlink and get paid every Friday !
We accept POP / redirects / banners.

Here are some actual eCPMs per country: https://targeleon.com/topgeos

Feel free to signup here : https://targeleon.com/signup
@: alex.s@targeleon.com
Skype: lex.sidor

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Here are a couple of services we offer free of charge to you:
- Adjust the SignUp<->Acquisition-Rate by sending up to 100 % additional Signups, so we have 200 Signups on 100 Acquisitions
- Adjust the Click<->SignUp-Rate, so to adjust the conversion to f.e. 5 %, you will get 4.000 Clicks on 200 Signups
- Generate 20 % of 2nd Deposits for the players we sent. This means we will incentive 20% of the depositing players to make another deposit within 4 weeks.
We are very flexible, we can turn off traffic with 12 hours notice and also turn it on really fast.
We can split our traffic through multiple traffic networks and set any daily cap you require.

Please contact me for more info at:
Email- danw@m-themarket.com

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We have tons of direct/EXCLUSIVE mobile campaigns!
- incent/non incent
- iOS/android
- any GEO

If you are interested in partnership, please ping me:
-skype: btmdario
-mail: dario@bluetrackmedia.com


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If you are a publisher with CPI mobile traffic, feel free to register on our platform:
Mobiletraffic.de has great variety of worldwide cpi offers

If you need any help, feel free to contact me via - nastya@mobiletraffic.de
or skype: live:1e1c03fa3d4201fc

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Hi guys! ADWOOL is looking for Direct publishers with CPI/CPA traffic to pay them money! Skype: account_17283, feel free to ping

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ADCraX helps Advertisers to drive traffic into their mobile sites or create strong brand awareness across the ADCraX Network. If you are an Advertiser and would like to reach users using targeted ads, get started with ADCraX or learn more about our solution

We're CPI mobile network and now I'm looking for additional traffic sources.
As I know, you have CPI traffic. We have a wide range of campaigns with good Payout and can provide some interesting offers for you.
Please, let me know if you are interested.

Asif Siddiqui
skype: adcrax.saad
e-mail: asif@adcrax.com
Media Buyer at Adcrax advertisements


Hi everybody ,

Our society Axe7 Cloud affiliation is looking to new database in order to monetized them for your account . Don't hesite to send me an email if you are interested and let's do business together : epepato@cloud-affiliation.com

Notre société Axe7 Cloud Affiliation est à la recherche de nouvelles bases à monétiser en régie . N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail à l'adresse suivante : epepato@cloud-affiliation.com

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Hi guys! ADWOOL is looking for Direct publishers with CPI/CPA traffic to pay them money! Skype: partners.adwool, feel free to ping me anytime!

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We're looking for Top-Tier Affiliates to run our Direct/Exclusive MOBILE and Desktop campaigns.

Tractas is the Leading Global Performance Marketing Platform for Mobile and Desktop Advertising with versatile Ad Formats.

We pay Weekly, NET15 and NET30 through PayPal, WIRE, Skrill, TIpalti and WebMoney, Payoneer or XOOM!

To talk to our Account Manager, contact Karla via email or skype: karla@tractas.com

Looking forward to make lots of money together!

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We offer you efficient and easy-to-use tools to convert your traffic into real earnings. Our solution involves the highest profit share for your campaigns and a lot of bonuses. Lexico Ads gives you access to thousands of offers directly from advertisers – it means the highest price for the traffic. In case of any problems our online support service will quickly come to the assistance!

We offer you to use the full potential of your business. Lexico Ads helps publishers to find lucrative offers and make money on traffic, as well as helps advertisers to get targeted visitors and post-install events at a reasonable price.

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I'm looking to buy more traffic for my (internal) sweepstakes/promotional offers in the US.

Open to most types of traffic.

Drop me a mail or Skype.

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Looking fo direct mobile content /subscription offers.(CPA OR CPI )
Don't hesitate to contact with me! I'm looking forward to working with you.

Skype:chenqiuying1215@outlook.com (qiuying chen)