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We're looking for Top-Tier Affiliates to run our Direct Campaigns

Tractas is the Leading Global Performance Ad Agency of Direct Campaigns.

We pay Weekly, NET15 and NET30 through PayPal, WIRE, Skrill, TIpalti and WebMoney, Payoneer or XOOM!

To talk to our Account Manager, contact Mary via email or skype: mary@tractas.com

Looking forward to make lots of money together!

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Please reach me on skype immediately if you can generate Online Pharmacy Buyer's leads potentially through any type marketing tools applied however I need this on Cost per lead basis.. Don't contact me if you can't perform wise.. skype: tony.williams637

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Hi there ,
Not a lot of brokers can convert these, We Can :)


As I have listed, we even could run KPI offers well. And deliver huge traffic in these geos. If you are a big network, or an admin that are looking for HQ traffic and willing to pay me fast based on my traffic quality.
Pls ping me : r.roy911

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We have high quality email traffic / coreg / sponsor on FR, ES, IT, UK, US. my mail ID: b.rochdi@mycoreg.fr OR can ping me on my skype ID : bayane.weedoit

Lets make it happen !

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CPA/CPL basis, normal rates, GCC and Tier 1.

Contact me for further information.

Email - martin@beemedia.biz
SkypeID - martin.james542

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Skype : aman.verma@adcrax.com
We are looking for smartlink traffic. We can buy Mainstream,Adult & CPI Mobile and Desktop traffic.
More than 10k+ campaigns rotate under our rotator.

We can pay weekly , monthly and net30

Higher eRPM !

Mail : aman.verma@adcrax.com
Skype : aman.verma@adcrax.com

Signup today :https://platform.adcrax.com/intro/register


ADV MOB is specialize in:
Mobile CPA: WAP Mobile optimized, Mobile Subscriptions, MO flow, MT flow, 1,2 clicks.
Mobile Apps: CPL, CPI, CPE, CPR and CPD. - iOS and Android
Through these conversion methods, we can provide and deliver strong distribution and optimization through our Network Partners through various Traffic sources and Verticals.


* Access to hundreds of Publishers.

* We deliver quality tier one leads through our Network.

* Optimization of your campaign(s).

* Worldwide Distribution.

* 100% Campaign Management.

To join our Network - Advertiser Signup Link - Advertisers - http://network.adv-mob.com/advertiser_signup

CATCH ME UP ON SKYPE : evpepato and VISIT OUR WEBSITE : www.adv-mob.com

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If you are a publisher with CPI mobile traffic, please PM on skype: live:1e1c03fa3d4201fc

Mobiletraffic.de has great variety of WW CPI offers special for you ;)

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Are you looking for the best quality traffic ? Then you will find it with us at Sharksads. Contact me and lets start working together asap :)
Email: zack@sharksads.com
Skype: zack.sharksads

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We are selling INCENT CPL traffic worldwide.

We work only with first-hand exclusive offers or with direct Advertisers!

Feel free to contact:
Skype: alebedevspb

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Dear Webmasters and Media Buyers!

Tapgerine invites partners to participate in the new program — Tapgerine CPA.

Proper innovative platform with modern tracking system for direct advertisers and publishers only offers:
Global coverage, predominantly Tier 1, but there are also exclusive GEO
Huge variety of verticals: dating, shopping, gambling etc.
Own customized platform
Individual work terms and conditions
Round the clock support
Operative project feedback
Timely high payouts

Try CPA-offers in Tapgerine CPA — choose the best for your application!

Register in our system right now: http://cpa.tapgerine.com/signup

We will be glad to answer all your questions.

Contact our managers:
kirill@tapgerine.com (skype: kirill@tapgerine.com)
pavel@tapgerine.com (skype: pavel@tapgerine.com)

High conversions and payouts!


Hello how are you All We are looking Direct Advertiser For CPI CPM CPL CPC PPI Email CC POP PPC PPcall offers We are waiting for your reply Thanks


Always looking for direct advertisers/offers World Wide for CPA, CPL or rev-share basis.
NB! Only direct advertiser!!! Not any networks with direct offers.

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Send your quality traffic to our Smartlink and get paid every Friday !
We accept POP / redirects / banners.

Here are some actual eCPMs per country: https://targeleon.com/topgeos

Feel free to signup here : https://targeleon.com/signup
@: alex.s@targeleon.com
Skype: lex.sidor

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Looking for HQ publishers that have HQ traffic for our CPA, CPI and CPL campaigns. (WW)

If you are interested and have good quality traffic please ping me:
-skype : bonnie.kato29
-mail : bonnie@desktapp.com

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Adwirk Network (self-served platform) looking for partners who need traffic at good prices. We have direct sources and affilliates. Work on CPC/CPM/CPV
All type of display traffic: banners and full page/pop up/popunder ads.
We work with JS/Html tags.
Deep targeting options, all geos coverage, billions impressions per month, sources filtration system and a system for assessing the quality of traffic is always at your service. Ready to work?
Please, sign up http://partners.adwirk.com/member/auth/signup?id=77b645f477364505d665d636d6947546771345a577c68446
and feel free to contact me if you have questions and need help. I almost forgot to tell you, a minimal deposit of just 10$
We do not work on rev share or performance. All our traffic is bought on CPM/CPV/CPC/CPI/CPA and the numbers shown in our self serve are the numbers we have sent.
Email: igor@adwirk.com
skype: igor.adwirk

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Hello guys!

I'm looking for exclusive offers for our HQ traffic. I'm interested in CPA/CPI/CPL. Also looking for incent offers.

Please contact me on Skype: sergeygrytsuyk

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Hello all,

Looking for good payout campaigns for All Geo's..
All verticals...

We have good traffic for GCC, Russia countries.

Looking for CPC offers all verticals.

Skype:- noble.ghosle1
email :- ng@alphainfolab.com

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We can provide pre-verified traffic and high quality lead generation for your campaigns, on a "cost-per-action" basis. We operate with most verticals and any Geo and demographic targeting.

Ad Campaigns are programmatic and are displayed in specified browsers like: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Explorer, Apple Safari etc. Also, specified operating systems such as: iOS, Apple, Android, Linux, Windows etc.

Contact us with your offer NOW >>>
skype: KashtaMedia
email: marketing@kashtamedia.com

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Platformlead is a Premium Lead Generating Network - Selling CPI/CPA/CPL across various Vertical World Wide. connect with me via email and or Skype - tosin@platformlead.com

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Freenet (previous www.Jamba.de) is looking for partners to promote our offers (DIRECT) in France.

CPA 14€ non-incent

OFFERS: games/ utilities/ ringtones / whats app /wallpapers / sweeptakes (iphone) / adult

PM me for more information!

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I always looking for new potential partnerships and cooperations on different kinds of business models.
We are working on CPM, CPC, , CPA, CPL and use traffic from direct source and any tier 1 GEO.
We have display traffic, desktop and mobile
With our own publishers, that at all times are looking for popunder/display traffic WORLDWIDE.

Our advantages:
- traffic from direct publishers ONLY ( if requested)
- 10+ billions impressions per month.
- millions leads per month
- 50 geos covered
- Ad formats: pops, banners, push-ups, interstitials, video and much more!
-reputation for years in lead gen technologis

for mor details, Skype me : John_electrads

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* Campaign Management on CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI & other, basis...
* Excellent offer, and in all verticals...
* Programmatic demographic targeting...
* Setup in 24 hours, provided Ad Creatives and Landing Pages are ready.

Interested? ...then let's do business:

Contact us via email or skype:
skype ID: KashtaMedia

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Using Hasoffers, Cake or Voluum?
Scaleo Pricing Starts at 29$ p. Month

Switch now!

We Offer:
- Landingpage Rotator
- Offer Rotator
- Deep Linking
- Hide Referrer
- ISP/Carrier Targeting
- Mobile Device Targeting
- Finance Solution
- Free AntiFraud Logic
- Allow Scripts as Creatives
- Advanced Redirect Rules on nearly everything

and many more features.

What clients say about us: http://www.capterra.com/affiliate-software/spotlight/151740/Scaleo/Scaleo

Check our Demo now at www.scaleo-up.com


Hi to all :)
I'm looking for new italian emailing campaigns to shoot on our incent and no incent exclusive databases.
Please, add me on skype @ francesca.orangebuddies


Lead3r CPA Affiliate Network is the place where you will find the best CPA & CPL offers that matches your traffic. We provide offers in more than 10 verticals in over 100 countries. If you want to get the best value of your traffic, I will be happy to present you our top performing offers and tell you more about our affiliation program!

We have a way to monetize any kind of traffic, including yours!

If you are looking for a better way to monetize your traffic, reach out to me
e-mail: adrien@lead3r.com
Skype: adrien.lead3r

Create directly an account and check our offers: www.we-are.lead3r.com/signup

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We have a quality traffic for your campaigns from our direct sources!
Available ad formats: popunder/popunder mobile, regular/mobile banners.
Geo coverage - worldwide!

For more information please contact me via skype (hilltopads_adv3) or register here:

Let's do a partnership!;)

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Hi everyone, please contact me if you need traffic worldwide. Almost any types of. CPM on prepayment. CPA, CPI, CPL - flexible basis (net0, net7 etc).

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Hello guys!

We are Trafficluster! Mobile Ad company.
I'm looking for mobile CPI traffic.

WW geo
Android, IOS

Feel free to ping me througt e-mail: mila.n.shutova@gmail.com
or Skype: mila.n.shutova@gmail.com

Have a nice day!