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INXYADS advertising networkBuyer

Great solution for perfomance networks and mediabuyers with a postback system. Unique AI-driven algorithm monetize even your remnant, exit & GEO-redirect traffic.

InxySmart is an online performance-based monetization platform that maximize your profits with our exclusive offers, advanced AI algorithm, and unique in-house developed smart links.

We have updated the dashboard for publishers. It has become simple and intuitive. All actions are authorized: customers can use the popunder code or the postback settings for reaching the highest eCPM.

Since the beginning of 2020, we added over 1,000 new offers, including our exclusive in-house offers. That helped us to double the average eCPM rate for our publishers

Try our backup monetization platform. It's quick, easy and free!
* Easy sign up:
* Get your smartlink in 5 min.
* Turn your traffic into profit.

Don't hesitate to contact us
Skype: Alex | InxyAds
Telegram: @alexbuslov

Performco MediaBuyer

Hi Everyone,

We are looking for high quality traffic for our direct mobile offers mentioned below.

1. Chingari CPI IN Android
2. Ludo Supreme CPR IN Android

Connect over below mentioned for details-
Skype: live:.cid.e3daf3a4f81f211e


♦ Register now:
♦ 100% Fill Rate with Highest eCPM
♦ Looking for publishers willing to turn their traffic into profit
♦ All publishers accepted, adult traffic, too
♦ Get your tags and start earning within minutes
♦ $10 min. payout
& more!

PopBounty is a CPM-based monetization platform that maximize your profits with our high performing Pop-Up / Pop-Under & Direct Link (Smart Link) solutions.

Use our unique, in-house developed Traffic Evaluator, along with subid tracking, and see how much you earn in real time.

You can contact us via live chat, email or Skype to ask your questions.
Skype: live:.cid.97866f0b80bd260e


We're a decade old company. We have offices in India and Signapore.

We have WW hq traffic available. CPA, CPI all available.

(Strictly No adult websites/ products/ services Entertained, so kindly excuse)

APAC region clients preferred.

Payment term: N30


James HayfordBuyer

We're a PPI network that offers promotion solutions.

Over $4.00 per installation for well-experienced publishers capable of bringing quality installations - we don't work middlemen resellers.
High-quality software installs, complete control over your campaigns, and global reach (US, GB, CA, FR, DE, AU, IT, SP, JP, HK, KR) for advertisers.

Only Windows installations.

Feel free to contact us via skype -
Website contact form -

P.S We don't do test installations. We don't work on prepayment with no-name publishers without any guarantee or escrow.
12.07.20 UPD
We are looking for HQ mix installs high volumes daily.


I'm selling my list of 47,000+ emails of website owners, media buyers and other traffic suppliers gathered through the years.

The list is perfect if you're looking to promote your ad network, to establish new traffic relationships or any other monetization offer as it contains mainly website owners looking to monetize their website.

With the right message, you can expect high open rate & registrations.

Price is $100, or just $0.002 per user. Note that the list is not automatically generated or scraped - all the people registered themselves and confirmed their email. If you want a test trial, I can offer 10,000 randomly selected emails from the list for $25.

If interested, ping me on Skype: aaabbabb


Marcel SSeller

Hi all!

Codefuel (Perion) is the leading global search monetization partner of Bing & Yahoo.

We offer our direct search feed to publishers who wish to monetize their browser extensions, mobile apps, and websites offering the highest RPM in the market.

If you are thinking about monetizing your digital assets with search or want to improve/replace your sub-syndicated feed for a direct feed, please feel free to contact me on Skype: marcel_codefuel or marcels[at]


Helena HilltopadsSeller

Hi everyone!
We have efficient WW popunder traffic separated per levels: high, medium, low. You may choose needed upon your requirements:)
Please contact me for more details via Skype -hilltopads_adv3 / telegram - @HelenaHilltopAds or sign up and start today:) -

Ravi KumarBuyer

We have direct campaigns and looking traffic for NordVPN campaign.

Please let me know if you have traffic for this campaign

Skype: live:ravi.troodonmedia

Lise Yin YanBuyer

Looking for CPI CPA CPL traffic!
looking for premium direct traffic only for our inhouse offers. Company who can run CPI,CPA,CPL pls ping me~~~~~~~
Payment terms: Net30 (NO PREPAYMENT!)
ping me on Skype:live:.cid.e5f0c53ff1b29104

José BidvanceSeller

Bidvance is integrated into Digital Minds Group, a sophisticated advertising, and publishing network with many years in the market, having vast knowledge and experience on it. We are a global advertising network and a trusted traffic source.
Bidvance is a company specialized in publisher tools to grow your website profit and traffic and deep targeting methods for advertisers to get the accurate audience for your products. We work with clients all around the globe to improve their business.

Working with us you can find several different advertising formats, such as:
- Display Banners;
- Interstitial;
- Popunders and
- Push Notification.
Choose from our selection of engaging digital ad formats to drive quality leads or monetize your content. Try them out and find the better outcomes ad formats for your audience.

Independently of your business style (finance, apps, software, streaming, gaming, gambling, e-commerce, dating, etc.), we can convert traffic for your products and services.

Mohit SonpalSeller

Looking traffic for our offers of CPI | CPL | CPV | CPS | CPC etc.

Add me on Skype
or email me :

For Sign up link ping me on skype


We are looking for partners to bundle and distribute our free, opt-in market research software, RelevantKnowledge ( on both PC and MAC.
We offer highly competitive commission rates for U.S. and International installs, and would be very interested in discussing the potential for a valuable partnership.

Juliya VdovenkoSeller

Hello there!

I’m Juliya and I'd like to offer you CPC/CPM/CPA traffic!

✅ Only direct traffic! Geos - WW.

✅ If you have: VPN offers, utilities, e-commerce, sweeps, gambling, push collect, and so on,
Let me know!

✅ Advanced targeting settings (geos, platforms, browsers, OS and etc) + СPA goal

💲To get 10% bonus for the first deposit - use this link to register with promo "MyMedia" and ping me after that via email or skype -!

Jake HilltopadsSeller

- Traffic from only exclusive publishers
- 200+GEO's covered
- Advanced targeting (OS, Carrier, Language, Brand -
mobile device, Browser and etc)
- Anti-Adblocking solution
- Over 10 billion impressions weekly

Skype: adv5_hilltopads
Telegram: @JakeHilltopads
Fast approval -

Asif SiddiquiSeller

Looking for Own In House mobile apps offers on CPI/CPA basis. We can provide daily 20k installs with unique users, Purchase/Deposit/Subscription etc etc .

Appsflyer & other mobile attribution Integration available.

Feel to free Ping me over
Skype : live:asifsiddiquieat63 OR Mail me


Hey there,
I am looking for exclusive CPI campaigns..

We have in app traffic and direct publishers as our traffic sources.

Skype: live:.cid.d8a51e3ce57351ca


We have various campaigns available .Looking for affiliate who can help us in providing traffic and generate good numbers at both the end.

Mohit SonpalBuyer

Hello Guys,
I m looking for traffic for our direct offers of CPI, CPL, CPS etc.

Add me on Skype
or email me :

For Sign up link ping me on skype


I have incent traffic for CPA CPI CPE
Please contact me


We are looking for publishers able to serve us with installations. We're ready to buy up to 1-1.5k us/ca per day in future if you provide high quality traffic. Let's discuss details in skype or telegram.
Be ready to provide a real test, we're ready to work postpay but only after a real test and starting with low amounts. Don't write if you don't agree.

Skype: live:.cid.8f6ca9b021575d45
Telegram: @johnloref

Nikita KhazhievBuyer

Hello Folks =)
My name is Nikita, I am a Supply Side Team manager at MaxTopMedia. We are a global Ad Network company, cooperating with the wide majority of partners.

I wanted to reach out because I think there is a big potential from our cooperation for mutual benefit.
We provide a variety of advertising solutions for running advertising campaigns. We work with CPI/CPA mobile and CPL desktop models,
so we can effectively deliver a 100% fill rate for publishers.

We are very much interested in your traffic, and I hope that running our offers will be able to help your company to grow and meet your business goal.

If you are interested in cooperation, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you in advance!

Best regards

Payout - Approved Basis
Payments - PostPayment Net30 (No upfront)
Integration - API and Postback

Interested Publishers Ping me via:
Skype: live:nikita.k_23


Hello everyone,

I am looking for High-quality WW traffic for mobile app CPI CPR CPR campaigns.

-> High Payouts are available.
-> Payment Terms net - 30
-> No Pre Payment

If you have got the relevant traffic, Ping me at
Skype: live:.cid.e8c617f594ea0bc8

Hamid KBuyer

We are looking for Battle Royale games traffic.
Means we are looking gamers traffic. Who usually play mobile games. The games listed below.

Games: Fortnite Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile and Free Fire.

Geo: Tier 1 Countries.

CPS: 20% ( First time Sign up & match event joining).

Cookies: 15 Days.

We are looking only for serious publishers/affiliates. Payments postpay weekly basis.

Contact us for any further information.

Skype: Mackscody
Telegram: +1(252)465-3959.

LeadsValley CPA CPLSeller

We can drive PURE ORGANIC traffic to your apps for WW geos except USA and CHINA. And bring your app to the top of the list!

For ios mobile only.

FREE TEST, amazing results. with any keyword you wish.

ping me on skype:



please message me here or add me on skype

Bhanu VeerapatnamSeller

We are looking for below CPI offers.

Bolo Indya
Amazon Prime Video IOS
Dainik Bhaskar
Ace2three APK

Please ping me on skype if you have the any of the above campaigns.
skype: live:bhanu.bhu04
#cpi #performancemarketing #advertisers #campaigns

Mark RomanovBuyer

Crossmobi LLC is a mobile ad agency with a main goal of consolidation all your advertising efforts in one place and deliver stellar ROI results as well as generate your revenues and increase the volume of quality users through leading advertising campaigns.
We work with both incent and non-incent campaigns and deliver traffic for all mainstream verticals: gaming, shopping, social, business, entertainment, tools, education, travel, etc.
Crossmobi has different options of cooperation and can provide a strong and secure partnership with you

Sanwells MarketSeller

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Timothy R.Seller


We are managing a network of high converting websites that works very good with chrome extensions. We can send around +15K installs per day to your chrome extensions.

If you have a chrome extension and you are looking to buy high quality installs on CPI basis, please get in touch. (Send me your SKYPE id for further discussion)

Looking for longterm business relationship

Don't contact me for any other purpose, thanks.