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771 ads

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We are currently looking for RTB Feeds/Traffic. Looking for networks/publishers to integrate our tags as well as networks providing us with tags to integrate. We work with many different sizes and rates. Please email me at
rglebe@adsimilate.com or add me on Skype to discuss rob.glebe We work on Adkernal CPM basis.

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We have INCENTIVIZED traffic for your desktop campaigns. We run email submits, registrations, surveys, sweeps.

Send a message at: accounts@paymentwall.com
Connect at Skype: syrine.gladys.podadera


I am looking for CPI, CPV, CPS, Publishers. We have direct and exclusive campaigns . Please reach us at adblowzs@gmail.com

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We have DIRECT TRAFFIC for your CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPE offers!

Connect at: advertise@offerwall.com
Skype: syrine.gladys.podadera
Sign up here: http://www.offerwall.com/advertise


Hi All,

We are looking for Video and In-Banner Traffic on CPM basis. We are open for RON traffic. Our demand partners provide great fill for your traffic. Our team works hard to take get the best result on your inventory and always provide you with updated reports. We work Net60 payment terms.

You can reach us on sales@jbscmedia.com

JBSC Media

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If you have email submits, lead gens, sweeps, surveys, and registrations for US, UK, AU, and CA let me know! We can set your campaigns LIVE. :)

Email: accounts@paymentwall.com
ID: syrine.gladys.podadera


Hey All,

I have great converting CPL offers with high payouts on Net30. Reach me on sam.joy@foxadmedia.com for more details.


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We are looking for a Solid Opt-in Data Source for Auto Insurance. Please get back urgently on alex@ocean-across.com Or Skype : alex.utsav

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Inboud only- please email me for further information. Tara@avengedigital.com

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#CPL #forex #binary #bizopp #sweepstakes #finance #education offers available for #GCC #LATAM #UK #US #MY #ZA #SG #AU #RU #IT #MX #BR
Skype: sumeetlunia
Email: sumeet@cpainventory.com
Skype: aamnrasuu

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We have volume on all Tier 1 countries for all verticals. - not adult.

SKYPE: gilvram


Our data company is looking to sell its database, which contains over 600mm+ full opt-in records, in different niches.

Data is fully compliant, it was generated through our internal lists and projects.

It contains: Email, time dates, ip, URL for sure.
Over half has full postal, about 30% has phone.
Most of the data is from US and UK.

The niches include debt, insurance, dating, adult, payday, cash, bizopp, jobs, sweepstakes, coupons, homeowners etc.

The data is from 2012- NOV 2016

We will sell the data only ONCE.

The great thing about it, is that nobody has never NOT made a great ROI on it, many come back for the data collected over the year the following year

Contact us for other details, but before that, let me assure you the data will satisfy any of your needs. :)

Thank you

Update: We have cleaned the data fully again, there are 560mm records.

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We run email submits, surveys, sweeps, registrations, downloads/installs. Most of our traffic from from the US, UK, AU, CA, DE, BR, MX, and Asian countries.

If you have desktop offers for these geos, let me know!

Email: accounts@paymentwall.com
Skype: syrine@paymentwall.com

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I´m searching for databases and display networks on CPL and CPA basis. Preferably own databases.

We are an international affiliate network searching for traffic in Spain and LATAM.

join us! :)

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BUY TRAFFIC. I'm looking for Affiliate, Database or website.

• I buy your traffic.
• Platform: Desktop - ( No mobile )
• Sources: Emailing, Display, Search, Iframe
• Verticals ( Mutual Insurance, Financial investment, credit or repurchase credit, consumption, housekeeping, health, astrology, games, adults, training / courses)
• Basis: CPL, CPC
• Geos: FR, CHFR, BEFR.

Ping me on skype : gary@kovetz-online.com

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BUY TRAFFIC. I'm looking for Affiliate, Database or website.

• I buy your traffic.
• Platform: Desktop - ( No mobile )
• Sources: Emailing, Display, Search, Iframe
• Verticals ( Mutual Insurance, Financial investment, credit or repurchase credit, consumption, housekeeping, health, astrology, games, adults, training / courses)
• Basis: CPL, CPC
• Geos: FR, CHFR, BEFR.

Add me on skype : gary@kovetz-online.com

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We do provide quality database for Home Owners, insurance, gaming, forex and deals across the globe. If interested, send your requiremen
contact skype: prospectprof

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We have over 600 active, high paying, high converting offers. Most major verticals, insurance, finance, male enhancement, health/beauty, gaming, sweeps, etc.

US, UK, NZ and AU.

Skype me at Stephanie.SmartAdv

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Hello There,
We are looking to buy traffic for our CPL campaigns.
To discuss this further, Kindly reach me on mail at devangi@adattract.com or Skype: devangi.adattract or leave a comment below!

Look forward to hear from you guys!

Kind Regards,

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Our website is for Educational Certifications, Trainings and Online Self-Learning Courses. Our strength is Email marketing and we have a huge amount of opt-in database from USA mostly focused to Project managers, IT and the like from all industries. We would primarily use email marketing to promote merchant offers.
We are also promoting Finance, Insurance and Travel Pay per Call campaigns.

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We have compliant opt in data for your call centers and email marketing. Very good quality. Volume isn't an issue. Contact me on skype sdutil143 or email me sharon@leadzod.com

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I have high paying offers in the following verticals:
Home services
Finance (laons, credit)
Addiction treatment
And more

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We own and operate The-Solar-Project.com and we are currently looking for coreg / data campaigns. Our solar offer has done very well with mortgage, financial and parent oriented sites. We typically look for low quality high volume lead campaigns (data or coreg). On the coreg side, we have a branded solar offer. We generate anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 leads a day with those type of campaigns. For the data campaign, we simply place our brand name within the partner’s consent language and then purchase the data. We usually buy the data as aged or delayed anywhere from 7-14 days to justify the lower price. We have performed really well with financial/mortgage/home service type sites but are open to testing other placements. With our data campaigns we are currently purchasing anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 records a day. Keep in mind we only call the aged leads 3-4 times and then discard, they are never used in cross selling or resold. We require name, email, address, and phone with the ability to target US zips.

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We are a direct data buyer...no need to pay middlemen. We have really good tcpa compliant feeds for finance verticals, home improvement, insurance and others. If you are looking for good connectivity, volume and conversion contact me on skype: sdutil143 or email sharon@leadzod.com.

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Look no further! SmartADV is currently looking to acquire new affiliates for our exclusive network. We are looking for display and email traffic in various countries for our well performing offers!
Add me on skype to further discuss: mf.smartadv

Or sign up here: http://joinsmartadv.com/mf

- On Time Payments
- Best Payouts
- Amazing Affiliate Support

Looking forward to working with you!



iRefers.com is looking for Email Marketeres who wants to earn.

iRefers provide great offers, high conversion rate, world class tracking platform & attractive advertiser deals.


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We're looking for databases to monetize on a Rev/Share basis - rafael.fazano@leads.global


Hello Members,
Looking for desktop traffic to run CPL & CPA offers for Nordic ,GCC & Tier1. Contact me via mail : sinchan.clickcabin@gmail.com. | No prepayment please...

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We are both a publisher and network generating over 100k+ leads in Australia each month. Contact us today for coreg/sponsor leads and other CPL model channels.

Specialists in Australian lead generation for:
- Education leads
- Solar leads
- Insurance leads
- Mortgage leads
- Finance and Investment leads
- Binary Forex Leads
- Gaming and App
... and many more.


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Hi, I'm looking for qualified email database to monetize. (optin, fresh, ...)
Feel free to contact me for more informations.
Thank you !