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Hey All,

I have great converting CPL offers with high payouts on Net30. Reach me on sam.joy@foxadmedia.com for more details.


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We have volume on all Tier 1 countries for all verticals. - not adult.

SKYPE: gilvram

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We own and operate The-Solar-Project.com and we are currently looking for coreg / data campaigns. Our solar offer has done very well with mortgage, financial and parent oriented sites. We typically look for low quality high volume lead campaigns (data or coreg). On the coreg side, we have a branded solar offer. We generate anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 leads a day with those type of campaigns. For the data campaign, we simply place our brand name within the partner’s consent language and then purchase the data. We usually buy the data as aged or delayed anywhere from 7-14 days to justify the lower price. We have performed really well with financial/mortgage/home service type sites but are open to testing other placements. With our data campaigns we are currently purchasing anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 records a day. Keep in mind we only call the aged leads 3-4 times and then discard, they are never used in cross selling or resold. We require name, email, address, and phone with the ability to target US zips.

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We want to buy US data/leads

- Top Lead Price up to $250
- Maximized lead price due to auction-based selling.
- Extra Profit for Declines
- 5%-15% more profit with decline monetization.
- Life-time Commissions
- We cover all email marketing costs

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Are you looking for new leads for you offer or offers? I`m looking for new offers that are Exclusive.

Here are the leads I`am working on right now.

Auto Leads
Insurance Leads
Mortgage Leads
Auto Warranty Leads
Solar Leads

If you have an Exclusive Offer and can pay weekly please let me know what you offer is.

Thank you

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Offer people the opportunity to learn more about your business to find out who is most likely to make a purchase through quality leads you generate.

<<Forex, Casino Gambling, Loans, Sweepstakes, Desktop Games, Binary Options, and more>>

We offer quality traffic for CPL campaigns with the goal of converting the leads into purchasing cusomers and therefore, helping your business grow.

Please contact on Skype: partners.10media
Email: business@10mediagroup.com


Hi - we run a competition website called ukprize.co.uk which generates opted-in CO-Registration & CO-Sponsored Leads.

Please call me on 0161-6508128 to discuss.


Looking for direct pubs for CPL Insurance, Real Estate & Mortgage offers.

Pay weekly or bi-weekly.

Canada & US.

***Interested Pubs Please DM your Skype***
***Ad Networks Welcome***


Hi, I need email / display traffic for our exclusive campaigns for Forex, Nutra, Health, Insurances, Loans and Mortgage. Ping me on skype jazel.adcrimson


If you're a direct advertiser, own your own offers, or have great exclusives - let me know! We have email, display, search, and social traffic for your offers. Both internal and external traffic.

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Alternate & Title Appending Services - Data Appending service provided by Pioneer Lists identifies missing job titles and updates it with the correct titles. Avail our Data Appending Services strong to ensure that your strong Data Management Services strong are up-to-date with the latest information. We help you identify obsolete and missing data with most recent, relevant information to gain an edge over your competitors. For us customer satisfaction is a prime factor and in maintaing so today we share space among the Data Appending Services Experts In US. Data Cleansing Services email addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, titles etc and keeps your target lists error-free.
Enrich healthy relationship with your customers by availing from Alternate & Title Appending Services the best marketing service providers.
For more information, contact us on +1 888-559-4666 or mail us on info@pioneerlists.com

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Premium US , UK Campaigns looking for CPC Traffic on Net 7 payment basis.

After initial test, prepay can be discussed for larger drops based on quality.

Contact me: dexter@alldirectleads.com

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We're looking for new traffic sources for our DIRECT CPA/CPL campaigns. Feel free to add me on skype - danile.adcrimson

Thank you! :)


Revcontent is a good place to start! Use my knowledge to give you a kick start!

All geos, get clicks for a tenth of a cent, virtually all verticals.

My Skype - paulrevcontent

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Available for weekly payouts!

Pays on full form submit Geo: US only Email, display, search and social traffic only No incent Optimized for mobile Advertiser will not pay for unapproved creative. Please send all custom creative, from and subject lines for approval prior to mailing. Allowed Media Types: Banner Email SEO Social Media

Affiliate sign up http://altusmediagroupinc.hasoffers.com/signup

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We have brand new CPL, CPA, PPCall campaigns and I'm looking for traffic! Verticals: insurance, mortgage, home improvement, survey, travel, auto warranty, and many more..
No host and post, but YES drive traffic to the landing pages OR promote them on your exit/thank you page.
Email: maria.v@dekafy.com
Skype: maria.dekafy

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Inbound calls generated from direct mail, USA only. Get in touch - pete@dwausa.com.
Looking for senior, insurance and finance related offers.

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We have Industry leading US Personal loan and Installment Loan offers
1: www.WinshipLending.com - Take advantage of our top-performing US Installment loan offer.  Lenders can loan up to $5K. - top payouts and weekly pay for volume.

2:  www.TargetLoansDirect.com - Our personal loan offer.  Lenders can loan up to $25K.  top payouts and weekly pay for volume

join our affiliate program here:

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Do you have dating traffic?
I’m looking for UK and US mainstream dating traffic, we own the offer, direct linking only
Let's talk:
Skype: maria.dekafy

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I’m looking for real time web generated leads for our CPL campaigns (US, CA and UK)
Competitive payouts and great conversions!
If you have traffic please hit me up at:
maria.v@t3leads.com or Skype: maria.v.t3leads

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This sale will blow your mind, over 300 MILLION LEADS, not just email list from USA but all over the countries.

We updated our world lists and now it's genuine clean and without spam. You can use our lists for email marketing, postal marketing & telephone marketing.

Information Included In Our Database:

Information Includes like Company name, Address, Telephone, Fax and Emails of Businesses, website, SIC Code, Category, etc.
All Categories Included.
Database is in Excel Format & CSV Format.
All Records are updated and verified on December 2015.
Telephone & Postal Database updated on January 2016.

If you have any concerns please let us know.


Sara diaz


We are looking for CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing expert.
You must have experience in CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
You must have approved Top 20 CPA Networks easily.
You must have managed Affiliate Marketing campaigns before.
We pay you on performance basis.We can negotiate everything.

If you think your are an expert in this,please leave your contact details here.

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Hot direct US/AU campaigns on CPL basis. Add me on skype - danile.adcrimson

Thank you!

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We have low-cost credit repair warm transfers that convert! Contact us today for more details.


we can run any campaign. Let us know!


We are offering content rec (native advertising) traffic from tier 1 sites (ie: CNN, Fox News, Reuters) . We are able to take offers for multiple verticals (ie: forex/finance, mortgage re-financing/HARP, solar, health [ie: skin, diet, diabetes] , casino/lottery). We have blacklists available for all verticals and offe a CPA optimizer that helps ensure that your campaigns are meeting your CPA goals.

To take advantage of our platform's offerings, please email me at martin@nativeads.com and we can discuss opportunities to move forward. Thank you!


We have been around since 2001, and through that time we have cultivated long lasting relationships with publishers.

We have several direct premium publishers that we work with where we can offer unbeatable CPM rates and delivery.

If you are looking for CPM media buys on top publishers, reach out and we can send over a media plan today.

We offer 160x600, 300x250, 728x90, & 970x250 (where available)

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Please contact if you can supply mortgage traffic.

We will pay CPL for all Mortgage leads through our own landing page.

We will accept most traffic types.

We will not prepay. We will not pay CPM or CPC. We are not interested in purchasing list data.

Contact me on Skype for more info: benfconvergys

Or sign up here: https://www.surgeaffili.at

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We specialize in reaching inbox on major ISP by millions each hour. We are looking for fresh data providers so that we can do Rev Share, we focus on the sending and you focus on the best data , the freshest one.

Let us push with your own affiliate account if you want.

skype me : lightcubepro1

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I am looking for High-quality traffic for Mobile content offers and Mortgage (CPL) offers in GCC.
Payment terms are on Postpayment, the Business model is CPI, CPL, and CPA. Interested individuals should contact me via email:lilian@digitalraves.com or skype: lilian_2451