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We need Mortgage Leads in the US.


Hi, I am looking for a long term relationship on getting mortgage internet leads daily or weekly. If you have them or know anyone that does please:

skyp me: GlobalBusinessIdeas

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If you looking to bulk up your email lists, or if your looking for good data to call on, or maybe SMS, you have found the right place. I have data avaiable in multiple verticals and can offer both real time exclusive and aged records.

The verticals listed are just the tip of the ice burg in comparison of what I can offer you....

All data is TCPA compliant, and ready for your contact....get ahold of me through here, or you may email or skype me

email: amy@xanadumarketing.com

skype: dreyer_amy

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Looking to buy UNITED STATES leads and data for ALL Verticals!! Please join our FACEBOOK GROUP!!!


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We own and operate The-Solar-Project.com and we are currently looking for coreg / data campaigns. Our solar offer has done very well with mortgage, financial and parent oriented sites. We typically look for low quality high volume lead campaigns (data or coreg). On the coreg side, we have a branded solar offer. We generate anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 leads a day with those type of campaigns. For the data campaign, we simply place our brand name within the partner’s consent language and then purchase the data. We usually buy the data as aged or delayed anywhere from 7-14 days to justify the lower price. We have performed really well with financial/mortgage/home service type sites but are open to testing other placements. With our data campaigns we are currently purchasing anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 records a day. Keep in mind we only call the aged leads 3-4 times and then discard, they are never used in cross selling or resold. We require name, email, address, and phone with the ability to target US zips.


Long term relationship to purchase on a daily/ weekly basis. skyp: globalbusinessideas


Hey guys - I'm looking for HQ traffic to run to our exclusive offers.

What we focus on?

* Auto
* Life
* Health
* Solar
* Loans/Refi

Mainly looking for direct publisher, open to networks.

Skype: PKMChrisMarcos
Email: Chris@ProfitKingsMedia.com

Thank in advance,

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Please contact if you can supply mortgage traffic.

We will pay CPL for all Mortgage leads through our own landing page.

We will accept most traffic types.


We will not prepay. We will not pay CPM or CPC. We are not interested in purchasing list data.

Contact me on Skype for more info: benfconvergys

Or sign up here: https://www.surgeaffili.at

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I currently have Credit Repair data generated from Home Buyers with bad credit.....data is cheaper then your normal credit repair data, but there is no one more motivated to fix their credit then someone trying to buy a home....both Real Time Exclusive or Aged data....message me
email me: amy@xanadumarketing.com
skype me: dreyer_amy


We are seeking out Publishers for a Long Form / Multi Form Mortgage Offer in the Refinance Niche. Our Pay Out per CPA / CPL is higher than anyone else at $40.00 with zero cap on volume. Anything goes thats with in best practices. Creative and Data can be provided at $30.00 per CPA / CPL.

15-20 DAY PAOUTS!!!!!!

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If you have a call center campaign, or need email and SMS marketing lists, get ahold of me. We are generating tens of thousands of opt in leads a day in MULTIPLE verticals. message me or skype me

skype: dreyer_amy


Looking for a long term relationship on getting Fresh Mortgage Leads daily. Skyp Me:GlobalBusinessIdeas


We are actively looking for cosponsors that would be interested in buying data/leads from us in the UK. Add me on skype if you're interested. We work with all verticals and only in the UK.

Skype: Wkarim99



I am looking for a long term relationship in getting fresh mortgage interent leads on a daily / weekly or monthly basis. Connect with me on skyp if you have a solution, Thank you... skyp: Globalbusinessideas

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We have a large volume of Rent to Own and Mortgage Refi leads available. Both available for Real Time and Aged delivered by API or bulk file. Can scale up at any time. Email me at amy@xanadumarketing.com or skype me at dreyer_amy and we can get you set up!


We need high volume , high quality long and short form fresh & real time mortgage leads and data. In addition we are also seeking publishers to work with directly and form a long term relationship with.

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Acquire the extreme and explicit Business Email Lists, Sales Leads and Business Mailing Lists. Categorize Key Executives, Get Real-Time Sales Triggers, Research Companies, Develop Quality Sales Leads, Improve Pre-Meeting Planning, Gain Competitive Intelligence, Target New Customers, and Analyze Financials, View Key Industry Trends. Gilbert Data Business Email Lists offers you businesses with accurate and reasonable leads that are continuously updated. Targeted Business Email Lists will assist you to increase your client base, thus increasing sales.

Better access to target audiences

Improved rate of contact with the high-level executives and administrators.

Frequently updated through tele-verification for the resolution of removing incorrect data

Boost B2B marketing via direct marketing, telemarketing, and online marketing campaigns.

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I'm in need of Pay Day Loan Pay Per Call Offer that will except call center traffic. but I Also work in the verticals of Auto, Finance, Insurance, and Mortgage so if you have anything In them Verticals for PPC offers please message me on skype at Amanda.spears117


Looking for direct pubs for CPL Insurance, Real Estate & Mortgage offers.

Pay weekly or bi-weekly.

Canada & US.

***Interested Pubs Please DM your Skype***
***Ad Networks Welcome***


Mortgage, Home Improvement, Home Remodel Internet leads wanted daily for a long term relationship. Skype: globalbusinessideas


Looking for daily fresh leads. Internet web form leads. Looking for a long term supplier. Skyp ID: Globalbusinessideas

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Looking for someone to accept our live transfers. Good quality calls! We're looking in the auto loan, education, and payday/personal loan verticals. Reach me on Skype @ Amanda.spears117 or Amanda@xanadumarketing.com


Hi, i am looking for fresh daily internet leads in the following verticals. Mortgage, Home Improvement, Solar, Personal Injury. Leads must fill out a web form or opt in via a lending page. Looking for a long term relationship to buy daily at a high quantity. Please skype me if you have a connection or may know someone who does. skype: globalbusinessideas

Thanks in advance,


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Our Mortgage Bankers And Loan Correspondents Email Lists services include contact information of leads who are interested to know the latest mortgage offers. Our lists are updated every month to give our buyers the most rewarding e-mail campaign experience.
Avail our Mortgage Bankers And Loan Correspondents Lists to reach the prospects rapidly, Contact Us on +1 888-553-7779 or mail us at info@leodataservices.com and we are more than happy to help you.

Watch you tube video –

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The quickest way to rank your website in Google
And the only solution for sites that refuse to budge.

Your website on page one! At Rockets Traffic, your high quality homepage and contextual links go live instantly. Articles and comments get dripped out slowly and safely over time. When you combine our link building speed with the sheer power and link juice contained in high authority links, we will push your site to page one in a flash.

Contact Us:
Email: support@rocketstraffic.info
Skype: ifalayestudios


Hi, i am looking for fresh daily internet leads in the following verticals. Mortgage, Home Improvement, Solar, Personal Injury. Leads must fill out a web form or opt in via a lending page. Looking for a long term relationship to buy daily at a high quantity. Please skype me if you have a connection or may know someone who does. skype: globalbusinessideas

Thanks in advance,



Looking for fresh opt in leads daily that are being produced via landing pages or other tools. Looking for a long term relationship with the right publisher / vendor / source holder. Let me know if you have these leads or you know someone that does. Thank you

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We want to buy US data/leads

- Top Lead Price up to $250
- Maximized lead price due to auction-based selling.
- Extra Profit for Declines
- 5%-15% more profit with decline monetization.
- Life-time Commissions
- We cover all email marketing costs

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1) Our Solar Leads are converting well. Full long form leads. Tell us about your requirements. Contact: loren@worlddatagroup.com

2) Daily Opt-In Leads Available. Fresh Daily, We dont disappoint. Contact: loren@worlddatagroup.com

3) Medicare and Private Insurance Diabetic Leads with Full Form Details - Best Quality and Pricing - Contact: loren@worlddatagroup.com

4) We sell Leads and Feeds to Call Centers. Tell us what type of data/leads you need! Contact: loren@worlddatagroup.com

5) Medicare 65+ PPO Leads available. Fresh. Lets discuss your lead requirements. Contact: loren@worlddatagroup.com

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Hi Pals,

I am looking for good traffic on Direct Payday Loans, Insurance , Survey, and Diet offers in Tier1.
I also have direct installs offers in JP, CN, KR.

With good traffic? Weekly payment guaranteed !!!

Email : Omokafe@digitalraves.com

Skype : Omokafe | DigitalRaves