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Hi we are looking for Publishers generating Quality calls for Home - Improvement Verticals. We have high paying offers for :

1. Pest Control
2. Plumber
3. Water & Fire Damage Restoration
4. Locksmiths
5. Air Conditioning Contractors
6. Bathroom Remodelling
7. Electricians
8. Kitchen Remodelling
and many more

Sign Up Link: https://goo.gl/Sk07rS

Or mail me at harsh.k@ringpixel.com for more details

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Live Transfers, TV transfers, debt, auto warranty, refi, reverse mortgage, student debt, home security, health insurance, payday debt relief, mca, and more. Data for tons for the above verticals, internationals lists, and custom opt in lead generation.

Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email: sharon@leadzod.com so we can discuss your campaigns.

(CPL and prepay only)

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We have 3 proven opt in tcpa compliant homeowner feeds that work for anything home related. (solar, home improvement, home security, etc) Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email sharon@leadzod.com (prepay/no paypal)

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I am the Operations Manager for SteveBurris.com and we are looking for HQ Traffic on most verticals across our top GEO's and WW. We offer pre-roll video ads on desktop, mobile web, and in-app. We have several campaigns and very competitive rates available.
We work on CPM ONLY! No Prepay options!

Please contact me through email or skype:

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We just got in a ton of great travel/vac data and ton of uk consumer, mobile, debt data, pharma.

Add me on skype: sdutil143 (cpl and prepay only-no paypal)


Own and operate over 150,000 sites

Selling Display, Video, Search, Pop, Native and Email traffic

WW traffic

Message me!

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The MaximumData® provides:

Fresh Quality OPT-IN Leads And Database available for your Business! USA & WORLDWIDE (B2B or B2C). 3-6 hours Built, Connectivity and Low pocket cost is guaranteed.


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Hi guys,

I'm looking for direct publishers active in one or more of the folliwing GEO's; NL / BENL / BEFR/ FR / DE / UK / SE / AU on CPL and CPA basis.

We have (exclusive) offers in the following categories; Home improvement, financial, insurance, panel campaigns, Forex, Casino and Sweepstakes.

No prepay, No CPM

Add me on Skype: ebodde_imailo


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My name is prem. I am working as Media Buyer at revcer.

revcer is Publisher based ad network, monetizing display inventory at best
CPM rates.

I am reaching out about your website inventory and wanted to see if there
is an opportunity for us to work together. revcer is ad network that
provide cross- device demand for pop, display and video advertising inventory.
Our demand partners range from ad networks and exchanges to direct
advertisers, agencies, trading desks, and DSPs. You definitely see best
CPM rates with us.

If you are interested in working with us. You can join in our network as
publisher from below url:


Kindly do not hesitate to ask me, If you have any queries.

Best Regards,


Media Buyer- revcer.com,

Skype: prem.revcer@outlook.com

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We are generating calls from SEM/SEO in Australia and are looking for buyers in: Asbestos Removal, Driveway Replacement, Bathroom Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Lasik, Diet Doctor, Flood Restoration, Home Automation, Heating and Cooling, Landscape Architects, Roof Replacement, Solar Panels, Swimming Pool Installation and Removal, Home Healthcare Aides.
Reach out with any questions or to discuss - pete@dwausa.com

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Are you looking for traffic for your offers?
We have top tier traffic for your incent offers.

If you have great offers at high rates then lets talk.
skype me at jarden007 and let's see how we can work together.

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UK and US MCA, PAYDAY, HOMEOWNER DATA just in! skype: sdutil143 or email sharon@leadzod.com (prepay/no paypal)

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We accept traffic by most model and monetize it on CPA offers. Your traffic is driven to the best performing offers. Guaranteeing the highest revenue, close to potential maximum.

Our Account managers immediately adjust each campaign based on your traffic behavior or offer performance. SmartADV provides stable ROI increase with minimum efforts and time required from marketers.

Ping me for more details! live:b5984cede3a9c701

Get Started Now: www.joinsmartadv.com/fa

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Hi everybody ! I need senior @ databases for a FRENCH EXCLUSIVE CAMPAIGN
payout : 24 € per lead - display OK - skype : victoria.chiaramonte7


I want to buy traffic 1000 clicks per day

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Hi all

I am looking for sources of high traction shopping traffic to monetise with my direct shopping feeds, Pricegrabber etc. Most verticals and UK and U.S coverage. Need a CTS network score of 1%. Revshare or Prepay.
Please get if you have such traffic and can do this.

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Looking for campaigns for call center lead generation on CPL basis. Pre-call, Live transfer (must work with SIP) Please contact me for more details.




Hello Everyone!
We provide high-quality content and buy traffic on a CPC base to few articles on this website: www.newsforants.com . No bots or other frauds.

We currently acquire users via native ad networks, looking to expand our options to different acquisition verticals. Would love hearing from you and hear your ideas for optional collaboration or partnership.



Looking for CPA/CPL traffic on desktop for my owned and operated (mobile optimized) offers in:

Home Security
Home Improvement

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Mobile inbound search calls for Home Security/ADT! We are direct and calls go thru an IVR we know works! Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me sharon@leadzod.com so we can get things going for you. Quality is key!



I'm on the hunt for UK CPA email traffic for a range of our home improvement, survey, sweeps and financial campaigns.

Please add me on Skype: monetisejamescapps

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Video traffic needed on CPM basis.

leave a comment or reach me at:
email: jow@videfy.co
Skype: joe.awad.videfy


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Looking for traffic in Australia for various offers.

Please contact me if interested
Skype: afiliados_31
Email: camila@cptarget.com.br

Thank you,


Looking for direct advertisers for all kinds of verticals. Only CPL/CPA base.

No networks or affiliations please.

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We are a direct data buyer...no need to pay middlemen. We have really good tcpa compliant feeds for finance verticals, home improvement, insurance and others. If you are looking for good connectivity, volume and conversion contact me on skype: sdutil143 or email sharon@leadzod.com.

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Looking to join a per call network with more responsive partners seeking well paying and sustainable offers? Message me on skype/ zeejaybay

We also pay on your terms :)

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specialized in call center services like Lead Generation, Survey lead
generation, Appointment Setting, Lifestyle Surveys or Product review
surveys. No long term contracts,
we renew the contracts monthly or weekly as
We have an experienced and tailored telemarketing team for Australian


If you own a path and are looking for a new co-reg offer, please reach out. claravillejos(AT)live.com


We are looking for video inventory in Tier1 but are also open for WW geos via VAST/VPAID rotating tags and/or JS player.
Desktop, MW and IA.
Fix CPM rates and/or RS basis are available
feel free to reach out roy@snw.media