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The MaximumData® provides:

Fresh Quality OPT-IN Leads And Database available for your Business! USA & WORLDWIDE (B2B or B2C). 3-6 hours Built, Connectivity and Low pocket cost is guaranteed.


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M2M are a New Media UK business.

More than 300 top brands rely on us to deliver acquisition and montetisation on campaigns from Gaming to Finance, Trading to Lead Generation, Utilities to Competitions and many, many more.

Our network consists of nearly 200 offers including campaigns from Finance to Gaming, Trading to Lead Gen, Competition to Health & Beauty and more from wide set of GEOs from USA to NZ. Our strengths lie within e-mail marketing as we believe it to be the most cost-effective way to find new customers.

At the moment we're looking for publishers and data providers who specialise in Prime and Sub-Prime data. You may already have your own e-mail channel that's plodding along nicely or, you may be considering outsourcing to an agency. Either way, we're interested in both, the businesses who don't have time to facilitate the e-mail channel and those who wish to bring it to the next level.

Interested? Please get in touch!

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Please message me on skype to talk further.

Thank you!

SKYPE: mdp0513

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Live transfers available for several in demand verticals. We have good quality and volume isn't a problem. We can get things started for your centers asap. Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me sharon@leadzod.com so we can discuss. (cpl and prepay only)

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Hello Everyone !
We're an emailing company looking for UK campaigns on CPL/CPC/CPA bases , the following verticals are preferred : Home improvement / Finance / Competitions / Health & Male Enhancement.
Please pm on skype if you have any !
Thanks !

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We have compliant opt in data for your call centers and email marketing. Very good quality. Volume isn't an issue. Contact me on skype sdutil143 or email me sharon@leadzod.com

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Hi friends,

I am looking for owned and operated video traffic.

Don't be shy and contact me if you're interested in becoming a publisher with Vexigo!


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We have an extremely valuable homeowner feed that our solar and refi and home improvement rooms use for their call centers and email marketing. Add me on skype: sdutil143 and we'll get things going with you.

Opt in, tcpa compliant, US generated. Major quality and volumes!

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We are a 12 years old performance marketing company. We have campaigns available and we are seeking more solid, high quality partners with which we can do business. Please contact us for a campaign list. We work with Disney, Lending Tree, Empire Today, HBC Health Insurance, and more.

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Mobile inbound search calls for Home Security/ADT! We are direct and calls go thru an IVR we know works! Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me sharon@leadzod.com so we can get things going for you. Quality is key!

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View LeadZod.com deal desk and see how we can help. We're known for compliant and quality leads/traffic. We are direct and US generated. Over 17 yrs in the business we can help build your ROI with fair market value pricing. Cost reflects quality. Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email: sharon@leadzod.com

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I have high paying offers in the following verticals:
Home services
Finance (laons, credit)
Addiction treatment
And more


Last year Newsmax made over $40 million in email marketing off of our email lists and the 22 we currently manage/represent. We work with over 3,000 advertisers that are made up of health, finance, travel, charities, lifestyle, etc..

Benefits of Partnership
- all advertising is sold on a CPM basis
-we never see any of the names on your list
-the newsmax name is nowhere to be found
-we have over 20 pople on the sales team
-have built great relationships with our 3,000 advertisers over the years
- pay monthly

email me if there is interest apangerl@newsmax.com

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We are currently looking for partners to generate high-quality home improvement leads for us.

We work in a number of different verticals such as solar, windows, boilers, electricians, roofers, tree surgeons and that’s just a few. We are very open to the different types of activities used in order to generate leads; the only traffic source we don’t accept is incentivised.

If this is something you can help with please get in touch or sign up here https://affiliate.quotatis.co.uk/join-today.html?spn=640
Email : abrice@quotatis.co.uk
Skype : abrice97


We have Good Quality Display Traffic( both PC & Mobile ). Looking for CPC Campaigns to run Over our Websites (Geos - US, UK, IN ).

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specialized in call center services like Lead Generation, Survey lead
generation, Appointment Setting, Lifestyle Surveys or Product review
surveys. No long term contracts,
we renew the contracts monthly or weekly as
We have an experienced and tailored telemarketing team for Australian

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Call Center Registration Service Directly to Your CRM

We have experienced agents who create pre-calls according to your script, we can generate a perfect client to your niche ...
We have a profesional team who deal with traders, cosmetic, cars, loans, insurance and more.

our team can generate over 500 leads per day.
contact me if there any similar needs ...


Own and operate over 150,000 sites

Selling Display, Video, Search, Pop, Native and Email traffic

WW traffic

Message me!

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Ya Solutions Inc is a Technology-obsessed Digital Marketing company located in Canada. We own top performing US/Canada offers in Cash Advance, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Auto Finance, Legal, Home Improvement, Survey, Mortgage and Solar.

Why us? we are an Advertiser focused on quality over quantity. We understand the importance of using latest technology, user behavior, design trends, follow many best practices and operate a fully compliant ecosystem.

We offer partners high converting mobile optimized offers, top payouts, quick and prompt payments, exclusive/private/white label option and 24/7 support.

I look forward to discussing our offers with you/your team.

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We at eGENTIC care very much for the HQ leads we generate. If you are looking to run Lifestyle/Survey questions or Co-Registration offers please contact me. Also Legacy data in our DB available for you!!!

Let's start doing great business together.


Guillermo Pacheco
Sales Manager

eGENTIC North America Corp.
1940 Harrison St.. Suite 301
Hollywood, FL 33020 USA
Tel. +1 (786) 766-5148
Cell +1 (786) 375-1334
Skype: guillermo.pacheco77
mail guillermo.pacheco@egentic.com
web www.egentic.com

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We deliver the best inhouse call centre leads in many verticals like BO/FX, Travel ,solar,surveys, and many other campaigns .Looking for good clients with good pay outs for our call centre.

To get the best deal for your business contact me !

skype @ kirtymishra82@gmail.com

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Hi Guys,

Iam looking to buy display and mobile banner traffic on CPM basis.

Please feel free to contact me .

skype id : priya.adotize

mail id: priya@adotize.com

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We have campaigns available for pay per call and call transfers. Campaigns include Student loan, Health Insurance, home improvement, interstate moving services, Medicare Supplemental insurance, reverse mortgage, and more. Please contact us if you have high quality search and/or or display calls, or you have call centers that provide great call transfers.Some of our clients are Disney, Lending Tree, Empire Today.

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Our company is looking for traffic for a National Canadian and USA relocation campaign. Exclusive offer. Publisher must work on a CPL basis. Payouts are negotiable. $7 per lead. large volume offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please message me for more information



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We have a campaign from a major home security company in the USA. Looking to buy calls on a pay per call basis from search, display, social and possibly inbound transfers. Please contact us for details.

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If your centers are still working and not taking the next 3 weeks off for the holidays add me on skype: sdutil143 so we can provide you with good opt in data, live transfers, mobile search calls, or simple opt in co-reg. Our centers are still working and providing leads so you can take advantage of the quality while others miss out.

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Hello Everyone,

Natexo has great quality traffic for the UK market and I am looking for good campaigns to shoot on this traffic!

Are you interested in Natexo´s traffic and can you offer great UK campaigns, then please contact me and lets work together!

Skype: mariette.natexo
Email: kole@natexo.com

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We are looking for strategic partners that can sell us direct traffic for the long run.

Currently, our highest demand is for:
1. Ad Banners (unsold inventory) - for desktop and mobile - 728x90, 300x250, 300x100, 300x50, 160x600, 300x600 etc.
2. Preroll Video (InStream only) - We use VPAID or VAST tags.

We have a large portfolio of advertisers and can buy traffic from almost all GEO's including North America, LATAM, Europe, Middle east etc.

Please feel free to reach out to me at:
Email: shahar.peter@harrenmedia.com
Skype: shahar.peter

Cheers :)

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I am looking for email traffic for fashion capping on CPC bases for FRENCH MARKET.

Please contact me:

Skype: miriam.abacus