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775 ads

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Dear Partners,
We have got great Booking.com offers:
2230 Booking.com - INTL - Non-Incent - $8,00
2229 Booking.com - INTL - Non-Incent - $8,00

Flow: Purchase/Booking

Allowed Traffic: Website, E-mail Marketing, Social Traffic, Cashback, Pop-up/Splash

Country Targeting: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

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Hello, everyone.

We have:
* Great CPM rates
* WW traffic
* 2 billion impressions daily
* Deep targeting options

Get in touch for more details on Skype: kristina@smartyads.com or via e-mail: kristina@smartyads.com


Hello everyone!
we are looking for CPA traffic for tier1 & tier2 countries for our direct and exclusive offers for different verticals.
Ping me to know more!

email: julia@ramongroup.com

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We just got in a ton of great travel/vac data and ton of uk consumer, mobile, debt data, pharma.

Add me on skype: sdutil143 (cpl and prepay only-no paypal)

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I'm looking for two things:

1. RON display banner inventory for mainstream verticals... to buy with tags and passbacks.
2. Display and mobile inventory to buy via open RTB.

Can you supply?
Would love to chat on Skype @ julianvardi

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We are Motormobile LLC - performance based marketing platform with affiliate network and we are looking for CPI traffic on the WW scale. All verticals and devices.
If you have good traffic sources, we will do our best to find the most suitable campaigns with competitive payouts for you.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me:
email: eugene.bagatsky@motormobile.com
skype: eugene.bagatsky

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I'm looking for EN speaking Video traffic for all environments. Email me kahlia@cignal.io if it's something you have.

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Do you want to create your own database or increase it in Spain?
We have the best way to help you !!
Ping me on Skype: Sales_cajondigital

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Cajón Digital S.L. is looking for Sponsoring and Coreg campaigns in Es.

If you are interested in high quality leads and you have campaigns in this GEO...
Skype: Sales_cajondigital
Email: sales@cajondigital .com

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I am from Smartyads. We offer advanced targeting options for sophisticated advertisers. JS and IFrame tags are supported. Tier 1 and ww traffic for almost all verticals available.

For more details feel free to ping me on Skype: kristina@smartyads.com

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Hi there. My name is Olha, I work for Rulead. I'm looking for CPI/CPA offers now.
Our Company deals with direct advertisers & publishers therefore we can provide you with numerous exclusive campaigns and specific developer traffic sources.

I'm open for business, feel free to contact me any time.

Mail: olha@rulead.com
Skype: live:olha_63

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I am looking for Co-Reg campaigns for our paths. We have a Coreg path for the US and UK.

Message me details so we can link up.


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Hi everyone!

Don't miss an opportunity to be our good friend and partner!

SlaviaMobile is an international network, which propose you huge variety of CPI/CPE/CPR/CPA high quality and converting offers. Our task is to make cooperation easy and successful, so we know how it is important to make qiuck payment and to grant all the information according our mutual cooperation.
We are looking for new partners and I am sure we have what you are looking for. ;)
Ping me here or via Skype - live:irina_2829
My email is irina@slaviamobile.com

Have a good day!

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UK Traffic only.

Most campaigns are our own, direct, in-house offerings. High converting, High CPL. Mainly Sweepstake and Finance. we also have some 3rd party gambling campaigns.

Scope for increasing payouts with proof of quality traffic.

Please feel free to sign up here: https://www.surgeaffili.at

Please contact me on Skype if you have questions! benfconvergys

We only pay CPL, we will not consider any other payment option. We will not prepay. We will not consider CPC or CPM emails.


Duke Burger House uses fresh ingredients to make the most delicious meals you have ever had. Our ingredients, delicious chopped meat and fresh baked buns, are all prepared internally in Duke Burger House’s kitchen.
All of Duke Burger House’s ingredients are made in-house, hormone-free and ground fresh. Our highly-qualified chefs mix incredible ingredients to get an unforgettable taste and wonderful food experience for you to enjoy.

Visit us at QMall located at Algharrafa, Thani Bin Jasim Street 780
#Duke_Burger_Restaurant #Club_Sandwich #Sandwich #starters #restaurant #restaurantqatar #burgerqatar #foodqatar #instafood #photographer #visitqatar #qatari #qatari_and_qataria #qatarlife #qataruniversity #قطريات_الدوحة #قطريات #قطري #مطعم_قطر #dukeburgerhouse

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Looking for all direct publishers on pay per call module.
Verticals : Travel, tech, payday Pharma, Rehab, Student loan, etc
Geo: US, CA, UK AU, FR, JP

Skype @ popundermedia
email : anurag@cpminventory.com

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Hey guys!
SabotageAds is looking for new direct Tier 1 sources to monetize our CPI campaigns.
Payment terms - net30.
Please ping me in Skype - live:67982aed07a81ee0
or write me to vita@sabotageads.com

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I'm selling HQ inventory for both Mobile and Desktop on a CPM model. We do support JS tag and banner/URL.We have inventory for all geos and able to target all verticals.We can pass macros like site id,device id.
for more info ping me via Skype


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We can offer you on our DSP platform :
- #Banners - 2nd bid price auction
-Transparent relationships & advanced targeting
- Small test amount ($200)
- Pop under and banner traffic on CPM
- 300 MM daily impressions worldwide
- conversion tracking
- optimization by subid and domain
- carrier targeting
- IP range targets
- budget cap & Frequency capping
..and etc..

If you have a need of quality traffic - please contact with me - tanya@mybestclick.net

Thank you,
Tanya Dimitrova
Mybestclick team

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For details contact me @
Skype: neeti.adminds
Email: neeti@admindsdigital.com

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Hello All.

Dochase Adx is a direct to publisher platform which serves the best quality of traffic for advertisers. We're integrated with various exchanges and DSP's and would be willing to partner further more with appropriate platforms to achieve their campaign goals.

You can contact me via email at saint.onwukeme@dochase.com

Skype: germainofficial.

Best regards.

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Hi all.

We have direct publisher traffic for advertisers who are interested in tier 1 as well as www geo's.

We have a live dashboard with robust targeting options.

Kindly note:
We don't do redirects, autodownload or misleading ads.

If interested kindly mail me @ saint.onwukeme@dochase.com

or Skype: GermainOfficial


Hi Guys,

We are looking to monetize our display banner inventory for both Desktop and Mobile web on CPM basis. Please feel free to pine me if you can.


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We offer high quality, high intent direct navigation search traffic. All verticals. Over 200 countries.

Did you know that direct navigation search users are much deeper into the conversion funnel versus users from traditional traffic sources? Why? Because direct navigation search users who are zero click redirected to your landing page have not had their focus or intent diminished by distracting content or competing ads.

But please note that direct navigation traffic sources are not all alike. At Trellian, all of our direct navigation traffic comes directly from domain owners via our Above.com domain investor platform.

Since we are able to fully control all traffic directly from the source, we are in the best possible position to deliver users having the quality and relevancy you want in your conversion funnel.

Contact accountmanager@trellian.com to learn how our high quality, high intent domain traffic can meet or beat your campaign ROI goals.

Visit our website to create a campaign.

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Looking to buy UNITED STATES leads and data for ALL Verticals!! Please join our FACEBOOK GROUP!!!


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Interested to hear if anyone has access to co registration offers in Ireland.

ZinQ have excellent traffic on our owns paths so can deliver quality & quantity across a wide range of verticals.


We are a video platform looking for traffic on CPM Basis.

Skype : sosobens1

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Need traffic for direct campaigns.

Ping me on skype:- akshaygautam67



We have inventory for Video pre-roll and Inbanner. We work with many leading networks and DSP's. We are looking to monetize our inventory for both Desktop and Mobile web. Please feel free to pine me if you have a suitable demand.



Hi Guys,
I am looking to buy desktop and mobile web traffic for standard banners and video pre-roll. Especially in English speaking countries! If you have it, please feel free to contact me over skype or Email.

Email: sai@adotize.com
Skype: sai.adotize