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612 ads

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IveMedia Ltd is looking for desktop HQ traffic for top geos. Good Alexa rank of your sites is required. CPM model.

Email and Skype contact: publishersupport@ivemedia.com


Phono is India's fastest growing and most loved affiliate network. Our expertise is Cost per sale, Cost per lead, Cost per Click, Cost Per Installs, Cost Per Download, Social media, Search Marketing and Video Marketing Campaigns.

Our success is built on market-leading technology, data and performance intelligence combined with exceptional client service, innovation and performance.

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We offer high quality, high intent direct navigation search traffic. All verticals. Over 200 countries.

Did you know that direct navigation search users are much deeper into the conversion funnel versus users from traditional traffic sources? Why? Because direct navigation search users who are zero click redirected to your landing page have not had their focus or intent diminished by distracting content or competing ads.

But please note that direct navigation traffic sources are not all alike. At Trellian, all of our direct navigation traffic comes directly from domain owners via our Above.com domain investor platform.

Since we are able to fully control all traffic directly from the source, we are in the best possible position to deliver users having the quality and relevancy you want in your conversion funnel.

Contact accountmanager@trellian.com to learn how our high quality, high intent domain traffic can meet or beat your campaign ROI goals.

Visit our website to create a campaign.

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We sell HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis.More than 2 b impressions daily. GEOS: US, UK, CA, AU, DE.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on

Skype: manager.amante or via e-mail: support@amantemedia.com

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Hi guys!
We are selling mobile/desktop WEB/INAPP traffic, all Geo, JS/HTML/Image/Video banners, CPM basis.
Interested? Just ping me on skype or by email, both:

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for display and video traffic on CPM from Tier1 countries.
We are a digital advertising company representing 200+ demand partners and we are working with competitive CPM rates for our campaigns, almost all verticals (except adult and illegal ones) and all IAB ad sizes.
If you're interested, please register here http://clicksocean.com/sign-up and I will send you the tags.

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We are selling CPM video and display banner traffic via our self-serve platform
Mainstream verticals
Wide choice of targeting options

Contact me at daria@waardex.com or ping me in skype darrja88

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Ronsearch is looking for partners to work via Open RTB protocol (2.4) integration (CPM).

We offer you:
- WW desktop and mobile traffic (mostly tier 1)
- Advanced targeting options
- 100% transparency
- 2B ad impressions per month in more than 112 countries
- Various ad formats: banners, native ads, rich media, video, pop-up and pop-under
- Strict filtering of non-human traffic

For further info, please, contact us via
e-mail: manage@ronsearch.com
skype: doris.winter86

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we sell HQ traffic for Mobile and Desktop on a CPM model.
for more info ping me via Skype

Skype id:Mathivadhani_niutux
mail id:mathivadhani.s@niutux.com

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Cajón Digital S.L. is looking for Sponsoring and Coreg campaigns in Es.

If you are interested in high quality leads and you have campaigns in this GEO...
Skype: Sales_cajondigital
Email: sales@cajondigital .com

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Hi everybody! Are you interested in HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis? We offer you more than 2 b impressions daily for US, UK, CA, AU, DE markets.

Mail: emma@ivemedia.com


Please contact me for further details @ Jhulen@adkarma.com


Selling leads and running campaigns! **Accepting only CPL Co-reg offers**
We're a Amsterdam based lead gen company based in Amsterdam with business in AU, NZ, NL, DE, and are currently growing in the UK. We work solely with CPL/Co-reg offers through sweepstakes, emails and displays.

Add me on skype: wkarim99
Or send me an email: William@qubiqlabs.com

Look forward to working with you!


we are providing travelling calls.
calls quality awesome
minimum 100 calls
payment wire transfer or bitcoins
skype - adityasarwan
price- $11

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specialized in call center services like Lead Generation, Survey lead
generation, Appointment Setting, Lifestyle Surveys or Product review
surveys. No long term contracts,
we renew the contracts monthly or weekly as
We have an experienced and tailored telemarketing team for Australian

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We are Motormobile LLC - performance based marketing platform with affiliate network and we are looking for CPI traffic on the WW scale. All verticals and devices.
If you have good traffic sources, we will do our best to find the most suitable campaigns with competitive payouts for you.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me:
email: eugene.bagatsky@motormobile.com
skype: eugene.bagatsky


If you have/can generate leads for a travel agency interested in holiday-travel, contact me.

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For details contact me @
Skype: neeti.adminds
Email: neeti@admindsdigital.com

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Trellian has high quality, high converting, zero click traffic on a CPV auction base platform.

Keyword targeting, run of category targeting and RON from over 200 GEO countries.

We are an exclusive domain traffic source.
Create your campaign at www.trellian.com or ping me.

Skype - Trellian-Louie


i will provide category targeted traffic, geo-targeted traffic, and keyword targeted traffic ranging fro 5000 human visitors to 1m visitors that can be tracked with goo.gl

i will also provide leads, sign ups ,referrals and downlines to any free to join mlm,affiliate cpa or business.

i can also provide adsense traffic to any blog or webite

The traffic can come from google,bing,yahoo, facebook,twitter, linkedin, instagram or any other social media

i also provide solo email advertising for any business and guaranteed clicks and opt ins for leads, sign ups,referrals and sales

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Hi all,

I am looking for publishers/networks who can provide or who wants to buy high quality display desktop / mobile web traffic!

Let's Connect to discuss. Skype : Deborah.mediashakers


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Through our DSP, you will have access to millions of global audience in both desktop and mobile. You can also target online audience by location, device, browser, IP address, website, carrier / ISP, etc.

I included some links and additional information below:

Demo account: http://dsp.bluagile.com - username: demo / password: demo

Sign-up page: http://dsp.bluagile.com/#/signup

DSP features: http://bluagile.com/dsp

FAQ / Support page: http://bluagile.com/support

Tutorial: http://bluagile.com/guides/mobile-campaign-setup-guide/

Top geos: http://tinyurl.com/zfzradz

Skype: bluagile.support
Email: support@bluagile.com


We are looking for UK and US traffic for our wide range of sweepstakes campaigns.

We also have our own Life Insurance, Debt Management and Injury Claims offers in the UK on CPL.

And have just launched pin submits in Greece and Cyprus too!

There is uncapped budget available for good quality traffic!

Add me on Skype to discuss further: sara_unnik

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Iam buying traffic for our RTB exchange Banner and mobile for tier1 geos. We are working on CPM or on floor rates with passback tags

Connect me for more query
skype: arushi.bhatia6

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I represent Strategic Partnerships at Adsolut Media.

We have great campaigns lined up for Video & Connected TV with flexible payouts.

Skype: Kush.Rohra
Mail: kush@adsolut.in

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Desktop and mobile traffic for the italian market Currently, we collaborate with 60 publishers - 4.500.000 Unique Users already. Native textlinks. Selling CPC campaigns. add me on skype if interested or send me an e-mail to alessio.lupino@mail.internetizegroup.com

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Hello! I am selling Mobile and Desktop Traffic, Banner and Video. CPM only. GEOs are US, UK, EU, CA and LA traffic. Please, reach me at max.k@waardex.com


I am offering High Quality Traffic for the Dutch market and I am looking for email campaigns on CPM and CPL basis.
Please feel free to add me on Skype at nina.box5 :)

Looking forward to do business with you. Cheers!

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Lets start the best way possible.
You haven´t been getting good results with your regular? Maybe its time to try what others have to offer.
We can help you publish your campaigns on EMAIL traffic on various countries.

Lets have a chat. Skype: whitney.abacus
Mail: whitney@abacus-marketing.com

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I am looking for clients interested in rent our data base for a very cheap price. We have our data segmented by many variables (age, gender, zipcode.. and interests: be informed of travels, interested in forex, looking for a couple...) Our database have less than 1 year.

We also offer high quality coreg and cosponsor leads in our own platform.

Ping me by Skype: aitor_cajondigital