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Tharun KumarSeller

Are you looking for premium traffic for a mobile app?we will help you to get premium traffic. Skype id: tharun_niutux

Mobtika MobtikaSeller

CPA, CPI in-house offers
We can make exclusives for you!
Amazing PO, insane landing pages, kind managers in support.
- Games
- Sexy
- Diet & Lifestyle
- Downloads
- Sweepstakes

Victoria LTVadsSeller

LTVads invites advertisers on board!

Check our High-Quality traffic with the lowest deposit of 25$!

Pop: direct traffic from websites like games, software, movies, mp3 downloads, file sharing, short URLs, and many other categories of websites.

Push: direct traffic from our own database.

- Worldwide coverage;
- 25$ minimum deposit;
- Wide targeting options, including apps, keywords and categories;

What sort of campaigns is doing the best with us?
- Mobile apps;
- Desktop software installs;
- Sweepstakes;
- Browser extensions;
- Tech support;
- Push subscriptions;
- Betting.

And many others!

Hit me up on Skype or Telegram and let's get started!

Skype: live:victoria.ltvads
Telegram: @vicmatsuri

Ivan SokrushalovSeller

Gambling, Finance, Games, Lotto. etc.
Sign up

For any assistance:
Tg: @sokrushalov
Skype: live:.cid.29a877accd74c495

Nikita GapchukSeller

We are a native ad network, most of our partners are direct advertisers, affiliate companies, and independent affiliates.
We do In-house creatives and campaigns' optimization is done by an account manager and his job is to hit performance goals that are set. Even though, we are a totally performance-oriented company.
Our top performing verticals are Gaming/Gambling/Dating/Nutra
We have a really strong hold over US\CA\UK\EU\LatAm/APAC/GCC.

Hit me up at skype or e-mail:
s: nikita_gapchuk

Jenifer MartinSeller

We are selling worldwide banner display traffic.
We have Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile In-App traffic.
we work on CPM self-serve platform,
we support ( js, HTML, iframe Tag ) Campaigns.
Please contact me on Skype or

Lars AstromSeller

CPL(SOI/DOI),CPA,CPM Traffic availabe.


We have a whole platform built that can identify any user and match it to anything in all languages

Please ping me on skype for more details:


Nikita GapchukSeller

Hi community,

Please, don't hesitate to contact me if you might be interested in push notifications solution for your offers or brands. Adskeeper has almost 200k new subscriptions every day with total 1.5 million clicks from push right now.
Dating, Gambling, Nutra/Healthcare, Binary/Forex/Crypto and other verticals perform awesome with us.

My contact details:
Skype: nikita_gapchuk
Telegram: @gapchuk

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller


We Sell WW HQ traffic for different verticals!!!

Start with the best source of traffic in the media advertising market -

Traffic from all over the world WW 🌍 🌎 🌏

All verticals:
πŸ”₯ Tech Support
πŸ”₯ Adult
πŸ”₯ Dating
πŸ”₯ Games
πŸ”₯ Installs
πŸ”₯ Nutra
πŸ”₯ Gambling
πŸ”₯ Software
πŸ”₯ Mobile Content offers,
πŸ”₯ Mobile Subscriptions,
πŸ”₯ Email submits,
πŸ”₯ PIN Submits,
πŸ”₯ Game downloads,
πŸ”₯ App downloads,
πŸ”₯ Sweepstakes,

And much more!

πŸ’° Prepay only

For more information about volumes, rates, and geo please contact us.

My skype: live:oleg_2041
Telegram: @Daimon777

Come and see for yourself the quality of the traffic!

Always yours - UngAds

Alyona Media SalesSeller


Delivering WW in-app traffic from top converting apps to get more viewers\clicks\installs for you.

Let's chat:
skype: alyonasales

Asif SiddiquiSeller

Looking for Own In House Online APK/DDL and mobile apps Game offers on CPI/CPA basis. We can provide daily 20k installs.

Appsflyer Integration available.

Feel to free Ping me over
Skype : live:asifsiddiquieat63 OR Mail me

Surya JainSeller

Hello All,
Ping me if you are looking to run JS script tags!! we got WW traffic.
You can Visit here - Or add me on Skype - Surya.jain45

Eugene HankusBuyer is a well-known network with more than 9 years of experience in the affiliate market.

We invite you to join us and check our good rates for the mobile traffic with the install, submits, push, lead and many other offers.

Ping me on skype live:eguenemobile10
or via email

Looking forward to hearing back from you

Nadine NatificoBuyer - exclusive offers in the most popular verticals.

What our affiliates get:
-Highest payout and ROI
-Best-converting offers in the most interesting verticals
-Personal Manager
-Real-time tracking
-Campaign optimisation
-Regular payments on CPA basis
-Exclusive offers all over the world

To start earning with us simply sign up here and we we'll reply you ASAP.

Let's grow our businesses together!

Nadine Natifico
Account Manager
Skype: Natifico Nadine
Telegram: @ok_nadine

Gary ConnellBuyer

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have Quality High epc pin submit offers for the following Geos CZ, GR, PT, RO and SL. Looking for traffic for these Pin Submit offer all traffic accepted except bot and incent. Ping me on skype: imediazone if you have traffic. Good payment terms available as well.

Maria KIuBuyer

Hi all,
Hope you doing well!
Linavi Digital is seeking Publishers with good and quality traffic to make the high profit together.
If you have an interest to discuss this proposal further, please contact me via:
or Email :
Thank you!

Oksana OctoleadBuyer

Tier 1 and Asia;
Games, Shopping, Dating, Utilities etc.

Feel free to add me on Skype:

Don't lose the chance to earn $$$ :)

Kate VukovicBuyer

We are looking for HIGH quality traffic for our own brand.
If you have converting desktop/mobile traffic you are more than welcome ;)

We offer:
- Weekly payments
- Wide range of creative types
- World class support

Please contact me at
Skype: live:.cid.9d22aad9c4eab3ce
Telegram: @katepartners

Looking forward to have productive business cooperation with you!

Gaurav ChandlerSeller

Hey All,

World Wide Display Traffic Available(CPC/CPM) - Mobile/Desktop (All Verticals)

#Creatives Supported - Banner/ POP/ Push / Native / JSTags / InBannerVideos

#Targeting Options - Category/Vertical, In-App/Web, OS/OS versions, Country/State/City/, Carrier/Wifi

#BlackList / #Whitelist of traffic sources on the basis of - AppIDs, BundleIDs, Publisher, Domains and IP

Advertisers/ MediaBuyers / Affiliates please feel free to connect -

If you are interested, Kindly ping me on:
Skype ID: live:.cid.e0f26b32093c7628
Email ID:

Abhishek KotieBuyer

Hello All,

This is abhishek from Peak1mobi digital media.

Looking for carrier billing mobile traffic for our high converting CPA offers.
Please contact to make $$$$money$$$$

Skype: abhishek_kotie
mail ID:

Maria KIuBuyer

Hi guys,
Welcome to Linavi Digital Co., Ltd, please check our website:
We are looking for HIGH quality traffic for our direct and semi- direct offers from all verticals and geos.
Our offers:
+ converting and stable
+ CPI/ CPA/ CPR with high PO and less deduction
+ a large amount of budget every month
Our Payment:
+ work as net30 ( We can give the Credit Check for reference) , not accept prepayment
+ confirm at every 25th of the month, payment on time
If you have converting desktop/mobile traffic,feel free to contact me.
Looking forward to have productive business cooperation with you!

Stasia WeQBuyer

I’m Stasia from WeQ and we are looking for new supply partners for our smartlink solution.

We have more than 6k mobile offers worldwide in our portfolio and we see great results with our current partners.

How about quick chat sometime this week to set up cooperation between us? Here is my Skype live:stasiaweq

Eduard ZaplotynskyiSeller

High volume, cost-efficient EU traffic
! High conversion&CTR rates
! Account support
! Easy setup

skype: zaplotinskiy

Trello B AlexBuyer

if you have good traffic check out my offers!
LoveSwans - Tier1 - CPL $8
Only Hookup CPL AU,CA,US [DOI] WEB/MOB $6.50
UHitIt CPL US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, ZA [SOI] $5
MilfTicket Π‘PL US, UK, CA, NZ, AU, ZA [SOI] $5
BangaHoe CPL US, CA, UK, AU, NZ, ZA [SOI] $5
DreamSingles Web SOI (AU, AT, CA, BE, DK, FI, DE, NZ, NO, PL, ZA, SE, CH, UK, US) $5
EroticMadness PPL ( AU CA UK IE NZ US ZA) $4
DesperateBBWs PPL (AU CA UK IE NZ US ZA) $3.80
MyCuteGirlfriends PPL (AU CA GB IE NZ US ZA) $4
CindyMatches PPL (AU CA UK IE NZ US ZA) $4.20

Ping me if you have CPL dating traffic:
Skype : live:galinabeverley

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller


Looking HQ traffic?
We have it!!!

We work with different traffic verticals

πŸ”₯ Tech Support
πŸ”₯ Adult
πŸ”₯ Dating
πŸ”₯ Games
πŸ”₯ Installs
πŸ”₯ Nutra
πŸ”₯ Gambling
πŸ”₯ Software

and much more...

We are glad to present you our formats:
βœ… - Video;
βœ… - Banners;
βœ… - PopUnders;
βœ… - Push Notifications;
βœ… - Native ad.

and Price models we are working by:

We work on PRE-PAYMENT terms only.

For more information about volumes, rates, and geo please contact us.

My skype: live:oleg_2041
Telegram: @Daimon777

Best Regards,
UngAds Team.

Rich PushSeller

RichPops ( is a High-Quality Pop Traffic Ad Network launched by the founders of RichPush, one of the most well-known Push ads networks.

We offer:

β€’ HQ Traffic Worldwide
β€’ Tools to deliver the highest Ads Performance possible
β€’ Pop Ads Experts with 8+ years of experience in affiliate marketing at your service

What you get:

β€’ Source Sampling – estimate the quality of clicks you get in a small amount from different sources, and scale your success by creating whitelists of the best performing sources
β€’ Micro-Bidding - fine-tune your campaigns for maximum performance
β€’ Automated rules – save your time with automatic campaign optimization
β€’ Anti-fraud solutions – benefit from advanced real users tracking system & anti-bot filters
β€’ Pop Ads Experts support – use our team’s expertise to reach your goals
β€’ Multiple targeting options – target your audience by OS, Regions, Carriers, Sites, and more
β€’ Built-in tracking system – get real-time conversions reports

Emmanuel TaiwoBuyer

If you have high-quality Traffic on CPP, CPA & CPL basis, you can reach out to me on Skype | emmec04 or Email | for Direct and Converting Offers

#Note No Prepayment Please.



I have huge high quality indian traffic for any kind of cpi offers. Contact me on skype: c6561d19f0651a49
if you have indian cpi offers. Don't contact me if you have more than a net30 payment cycle.

Tati AnaSeller

We have the Traffic that you need :)
Let me know:

Our GEOs are:

Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Japan, India, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil and Turkey (soon).

Streaming, Online Casinos and Gaming, Finance and (Health/Death/Funeral) Insurance, Anti-Viruses, Subscription-based Apps, Utilities and so many more verticals...

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller

Hello to all fans of profit!

With you advertising network

If you need traffic, then you came to the right place!

We have the best WW traffic for video format.

Do not miss the chance of maximum convert!

Traffic from all over the world WW 🌍 🌎 🌏

πŸ”₯ Video format for all verticals.

Mainstream and Adult
Desktop and Mobile

πŸ’° Prepay only

For more information about volumes, rates, and geo please contact us.

My skype: live:oleg_2041
Telegram: @Daimon777

Come and see for yourself the quality of the traffic!

Always yours - UngAds