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Hello guys my name is Yaroslav, I am an affiliate manager DirectAffiliate

We are direct advertiser for Nutra COD offers, looking for traffic on CPA basis

Health, beauty, adult, skin diet offers

you can ping me in skype - yaroslav.gonza
or email me at


Hello All

I am looking for incentive and cash back campaigns for France
We have a lot of trafic for it
Don't hesite to catch me on skype : evpepato
or email :

Luiza BrownSeller

Hello Guys,

I have HQ Email traffic of many geos around the globe.
Any one can ping me , if he/she needs it.
Skype id- live:.cid.a46427d788bc652a

Thank you.

Dafne Blas Buyer

I am looking for quality CPL traffic for our clients' campaigns in Mexico. (Direct customers)
super markets

NO prepayment.

I leave my LinkedIn and Skype so they can contact me.
LinkedIn link:íguez-blas-10b99a182

Skype: daffnnee14

Sharon OrtizSeller

Auto warranty, home security, health insurance, Elderly verticals, solar, hvac, high income, homeowner, and more.

Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email: so we can discuss your campaigns.

(CPL and prepay only)

Randy DSeller

I am offering our print expense leads of 1,000 companies who spend $$$ on printing near you for only $100. You can filter by $5k+, $10K+ or $25K+ print spending each year. Let me know if you want me to run quick numbers to see how far out we have to go from your location to grab 1,000 good print leads. ***Discounted to $100 (regularly $200) in hopes it leads to more business for all!


rajkumar bundelaSeller

📣 SOFTWARE RS /- 10000 ,140$ 📣📢
🏫 School management software
🏥 Hospital management software
🏨 Hotel management software
🚗 Car rental software
📈 Student result management software
📊 Matrimonial software
📬 Blood Donation software
⌨️ Online library management software
💵 Property Rent & sale software
🖨 Gym management software
👔 Job Portal
📝 MLM Software
WEBSITE: 1800 / 29$ - ANDROID APP: 3200 /45$ - SOFTWARE: 10000 /,140$
🎉 if u want a complete package of website + software + app just in 15000/,210$
my contact no.

rajkumar bundelaSeller

Learn how to run IOS/ Windows ( BOSD) popup campaigns
I teach you on two ad network completely
Full tricks and techniques for those networks Windows(BOSD) porn and normal popup
And teach you how to get direct IOS/ Windows traffic
In 170 USD, 12000 INR
WhatsApp me +91 8770459222

Aman GuptaSeller

Own Email Traffic Available on CPL/CPC Models@Cpa Inventory
we work with all verticals and geos.
Verticals- Education/Ecommerce/Real Estates/Automobiles / Casino / Forex-Binary

Ping me on skype- aman.gupta764


Registered Real Passports Legally | Driver License, ID CARDS,Social Security . Diploma, Certificates FOR ALL COUNTRIES,

STATES CITIES , COLLEGE , UNIVERSITIES . We give them out at cheap rate and to satified most of our clients!!!
whatsap contact::::::::::::::: +1 281-749-1996
Contact emails

Randy DSeller


Jessica AcquatiBuyer

I'm Jessica Acquati from Demalia. I'm looking for emailing database in Italy and Spain for my emailing campaigns ( mainly CPL). If you have, plead contact me. My email adress is

Julia TurquetiBuyer

Hey there,

We have 3 news campaigns for
- Drummond (we want just traffic located around Sao Paulo) with a CPC remunération (R$ 0,50)
- Aliança Francesa (traffic located in Sao Paulo also) with a CPL of R$ 15
- Englishtown for all Brazil with a CPL of R$6 (one of the best you can find on the market)

We have Banners, Deeplink, and Email Marketing.

Please feel free to contact me :
By skype : julia.turqueti

Randy DSeller

About 3 years ago, we introduced over 3,000 consumer micro-selects, otherwise known as propensities. We've sold a ton of propensities since that time, with amazing results. I often get the question: Which propensities are the best to use for my customers?

They're all good, as far as I'm concerned! Just tell me about what your customer is selling, and I can give you some suggestions on what propensities might make sense.

How are Propensities compiled? These selects are created with a sophisticated model using industry-specific, syndicated data from leading providers including actual purchase information from companies like American Express. Our clients have been getting 20% to 200% better response adding Propensities to a list order.

Randy D

Gabriel MatthewSeller

Our website is for Educational Certifications, Trainings and Online Self-Learning Courses. Our strength is Email marketing and we have a huge amount of opt-in database from USA mostly focused to Project managers, IT and the like from all industries. We would primarily use email marketing to promote merchant offers.
We are also promoting Finance, Insurance and Travel Pay per Call campaigns.

Affiliates EssayproBuyer

Ready to buy HQ education traffic in high volume, it can be data list of emails or other traffic source
We can pay any model you want

Shanti GUS Buyer

Hello guys,

We are looking for India students, who are interested in Our Universities in Germany, Canada, USA, London

We will pay you good amount of commission

please reach me on


Hi at RedMas we offer the chance  to monetize your traffic with top tire advertiser from all over the  world  . We also have our sale force on almost every LATAM country so  we can reach 1005 fill rate. If you have direct traffic for video or display ads  we are the right  choise!.
Please ping me at or skype : estefania.rush2

Luiza BrownSeller

Hello Everyone ,
Happy New Year to all.
I have HQ SOI/DOI email traffic of many geos around the globe .
Any one can ping me ,if he/she needs it .
Skype id : live:.cid.a46427d788bc652a

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Hailey LeBuyer

Hi everyone,
I'm Hien Le from UNITED AdTech ASIA. We are a 100% company of UNITED INC, Japan.

We all know that year end is our peak season.
I'm now looking for buying traffic from agencies and ad networks who
- work directly with publishers since we need to put our ads.txt
- all GEOs are ok to run
- JS tags integration only
- No adults, streaming, drug, alcohol, non-copyrighted content
- Biz models: CPM, CPC

FYI, to avoid wasting time for both side, hereby is our basic working process:
- we send you JS tags to place directly on your sites or ad server to deliver ads >> you can check performance by checking our report.
- our campaigns source are from all demand partners around the world including Google. We dont have our own direct campaigns at this moment yet.
- We dont do PREPAY as well

If you think its a good time to collaborate, please feel free to ping me on
- Skype: ID: live:hien_171
- Email:

Thank you so much for your time, everyone!


Hi There,

I need high quality CPA/CPI traffic for the following verticals. Finance,shopping,Dating,Education,Travel.

Please contact me


Mark PatelBuyer

I represent Business Development team at Adsolut Media.

We are an innovative AdTech platform and one of the strongest platforms in APAC serving clients like Hotstar, Network 18, Zee News, MoneyControl, Quikr, AndhraJyothi, MxPlayer, Lrytas and many more well-known publishers.

We offer services like Outstream video, floater ads, OTT, regular banner, video ads for Desktop, Mobile and In-App. Our Ad formats provides high CPM and high fill rates and it’s very easy to integrate.

I am looking forward to monetize your inventory.
Kindly connect so we can discuss it further and give you the more details.

Connect me on Skype: live:c94a4380082f2a33
Or Mail me on to discuss this further.

**Please note we only work with publishers having ads.txt and we do not work on prepayments**

Aitor CarniceroSeller

I'm looking for clients interested in cosponsor & coreg in Spain.

We have our own platform to generate those leads.

I also offer a rent of our data base, which is segmented by demographic variables (gender, age, zipcode...) and interests (education, coupons, forex, casino, travels, insurances...)

Ping me by Skype: aitor_cajondigital


We are a mobile programmatic advertising network.
For global Open RTB ecosystem, we collaborate with major players and provides branding & performance campaigns for our top publishers. Embedded with our technology and foresight data analysis, we could constantly bring new demand to your mobile inventory. We provides industry standard ad-tag and support various type of inventory. You can simply integrate us in your waterfall or connect with your ad-server to run in real-time.

Deeksha PalBuyer

Looking for quality traffic on CPI, CPA models.
I have incent campaigns with open cap
let's connect on skype live:deekshapal02


I'm Johnny from a WEBSITE & APP NETWORK, an ads distributor specializing in providing pre-roll video ads and banner with the highest CPM in the social network market

I would like to buy high-quality traffic (Video - Native) - Worldwide. Please contact me via email: or my Skype account (live:tronghuyphung)


Rox RoxBuyer

1) real pc only
2) fast start
If we work first time I pay to test max $150
We have good and clean offers

Send PM mi


Hi Everyone, I am looking for partners who can generate good quality leads to my education- based campaigns. please email to


Providing the best offers with the best CPL in the industry. Direct campaigns with high CPL offered.
Reach us -

Sharon OrtizSeller

View deal desk for campaign traffic we offer. US generated. Custom. Exclusive. TCPA. Realtime. Proven leads from over 120 Proven Publishers. Quality is key. Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email so we can discuss your traffic needs. (cpl & prepay only)