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813 ads

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Direct Advertisers should contact me if you have Direct offers on CPL, CPA, CPI basis. Kindly connect with me via skype: idris.platformlead

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Hi, My name is Wesam and I am
the Sales Director at Imadeya marketing company.
Our company provides several categories of fresh and targeted leads from GCC-Gulf Cooperation Council.
Our Ads Services:
* Native Ads
* Social media
* Google Ads
* Financal webs Ads
- CPL basis for finance verticals Forex,Binary Options & more.
Let's discuss our possibilities to increase our partnership.

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I have TONS of EMAIL data available!!!

Targeted Data! RAW DATA!! ALL OPT IN TCPA Compliant!!!

GREAT Pricing on BULK orders!!!!!!!

Feel free to Skype me: Carlee.F21

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Hi all,
We have some great exclusive offers and would love to see the traffic you can drive to our offers! We pay on a CPA platform! Some of the best EPC!!! Must be TCPA compliant! We are looking for USA traffic for almost all verticals!! Please feel free to add me on skype and we can discuss further!
Enjoy your day!
Skype: BryanMelle.RTO
email: bryan@xanadumarketing.com

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We just got in a ton of great travel/vac data and ton of uk consumer, mobile, debt data, pharma.

Add me on skype: sdutil143 (cpl and prepay only-no paypal)

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We are looking for publishers with direct CPI traffic for offers with high PO.
GEO: Tier1 Tier2

Skype: live:eliza.appitate

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We are looking for new patners to run our campaigns on CPL Basis to Mexico, Argentina and Chile. So, if you have databases or affiliates who are able to work with us, pop me a message:


**Non-incentivated traffic, pls

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Double phone verified aged transfers for MCA, Debt, and Student debt. These are not in the marketplace as were the only company selling these. Quality is key and volume is not an issue! All US generated!! Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email sharon@leadzod.com (no free samples)


Hello all,

Pleasure to E-meet you all.This is sharan from Expletus Media Pvt.Ltd.we would like to buy traffic.we have good converting CPI and CPL campaigns.If anyone interested please add me on SKYPE @ live:sharan.kumaran1996

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Do you want to create your own database or increase it in Spain?
We have the best way to help you !!
Ping me on Skype: Sales_cajondigital

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Appitate is looking for new publishers in CPI basis.
Our GEOs are Tier1 Tier2. We have a lot direct offers with high PO.

Add me on skype: live:eliza.appitate


Our data company is looking to sell its database, which contains over 600mm+ full opt-in records, in different niches.

Data is fully compliant, it was generated through our internal lists and projects.

It contains: Email, time dates, ip, URL for sure.
Over half has full postal, about 30% has phone.
Most of the data is from US and UK.

The niches include debt, insurance, dating, adult, payday, cash, bizopp, jobs, sweepstakes, coupons, homeowners etc.

The data is from 2012- NOV 2016

We will sell the data only ONCE.

The great thing about it, is that nobody has never NOT made a great ROI on it, many come back for the data collected over the year the following year

Contact us for other details, but before that, let me assure you the data will satisfy any of your needs. :)

Thank you

Update: We have cleaned the data fully again, there are 560mm records.

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Hey! My name is Kristina, Sales Manager at Smartyads.com

We have available traffic on CPM basis for display and mobile worldwide.
We are transparent and brandsafe!

Please feel free to contact me at: kristina@smartyads.com or ping me on Skype: kristina@smartyads.com

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Cajón Digital S.L. is looking for Sponsoring and Coreg campaigns in Es.

If you are interested in high quality leads and you have campaigns in this GEO...
Skype: Sales_cajondigital
Email: sales@cajondigital .com

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1) Business opportunity data
2) refi homeowner
3) australia homeowner
4) canada homeowner
5) debt
6) student loan
7) mca aged transfer blend
8) uk homeowner
9) diabetic
10) medicare
11) private insurance
12) back brace
13) forex/binary
14) payday

Skype: sdutil143 or email sharon@leadzod.com
(cpl & prepay only)

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Im looking for massive DE traffic for Desktop.

IAB Standard sizes.

Please Skype me if you have.

S: remi.mojoo

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International lists, opt in generation, and data available. We also have Live Transfers available for Debt, Student Loan, Reverse Mortgage, Home Security, MCA, Payday Debt Relief, Auto Warranty, Refi, Health Insurance, Rehab, and more. TV calls also available. Add me on skype: sdutil143 so we can speak or email sharon@leadzod.com


Do you own your own offers? Do you need traffic?

We have INTERNAL, non-incent, display traffic. Sites in beauty/lifestyle, coupons/deals, edu, and insurance.

Contact me today to see if we can do business together.

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B2B Data Provider in Turkey | Mailing List Provider in Turkey | B2C Data Broker in Turkey | Emailing Campaign in Turkey | Business Data Lists Turkey | Turkish Telemarketing Data Services

We offer business data services for foreign companies to meet their business marketing campaign requirements in Turkey.

Our business data services range from direct marketing campagins, targeted audience marketing campaigns and telemarketing campaigns to website advertisement traffic, business data lists, business data verification and data management.

Contact us to find out more about how our services can work for your business data requirements regarding Turkish business and industrial sectors.

Euroline International | www.eurolineinternational.net

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Hello! We sell HQ desktop & mobile (WEB and IN APP) traffic on CPM basis. More than 2 b impressions daily. Reliable direct publishers and publisher houses all over the world.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com.

Best regards

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Live Transfers, TV transfers, debt, auto warranty, refi, reverse mortgage, student debt, home security, health insurance, payday debt relief, mca, and more. Data for tons for the above verticals, internationals lists, and custom opt in lead generation.

Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email: sharon@leadzod.com so we can discuss your campaigns.

(CPL and prepay only)

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If you are direct publisher with HQ traffic, we have CPI offers for you! High PO from advertisers!
GEO: Tie1 Tier2
Verticals: different.

Please, contact me
Skype: live:eliza.appitate

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We are looking for Email Marketing Campaigns for Forex and Crypto Databases.

Skype: karnav.shah

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Are you looking for New direct offers in CPI basis?
Our GEOs: Tier1 Tier2

For more information add me on skype: live:eliza.appitate

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I'm looking for non-incent HQ traffic! If you're publisher with good sources, on UK, AU, CA, HK, TW, JP, FR, DE, US, please, contact me via skype live:alice.appitate

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Email Service Providers in Turkey | Email Data Lists Turkey | Mailing Service in Turkey | Email Marketing Company Turkey | Emailing List Turkey | Turkish Email Campaign Advertising in Turkey | B2B B2C Emailing Services Turkey

We assist businesses and organisations by carrying out email marketing campaigns for them in Turkey.

Our Email Marketing Services mainly consist of :

• Promotional Emailing Campaigns to promote products, services and businesses,

• Event Related Emailing Campaigns to promote conferences exhibitions tradeshows and specific events

• Newsletters and Periodic Emailing Campaigns in Turkish English and other languages.

• Email Data Management Services,

• B2B and B2C Email Databases,

• Emailing Consulting Services in Turkey.

Please contact us for any emailing projects of yours in Turkey.

Euroline International | www.eurolineinternational.net

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We have HQ email traffic for GCC geos on CPL basis.
The direct advertisers who are looking for CPL web traffic please reach out at Skype: aamnrasuu or drop an email at anjali@cpainventory.com

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Student debt transfers killing it right now! If you're looking for good quality and high volumes of slc US generated transfers add me on skype: sdutil143 or email sharon@leadzod.com. (US centers only, prepay only)

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I'm selling HQ inventory for both Mobile and Desktop on a CPM model. We do support JS tag and banner/URL.We have inventory for all geos and able to target all verticals.We can pass macros like site id,device id.
for more info ping me via Skype


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Hi guys!
We have New Direct Campaigns in CPI basis for you.

Ping me on skype: live:eliza.appitate