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1610 ads

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high quality ntavie ads traffic
skype : financze
email ; mri@berlin.com

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Hi All,

We are looking for Publishers to deliver our multiple live campaigns of Finance,Education,Real Estate & E-Commerce verticals.
Please ping me over skype @ live:shakti_139

Directly Signup here:

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Hi ,
Nice to meet you.
Myself Andrew Morris and we have email database for AU,NZ,USA,UK,IT,DE,FR,ES,BR,MX,ZA.
Our database is segmented by age,gender and Specific interest.
Our best working verticals are: Gambling/Casino, Bingo, Lotto, Online Gaming, Binary, Forex, Health, Beauty.
We work on CPM,CPC basis on prepayment.
So please let me know if you have any campaign of which you want to run on our email database.
Contact details:
E-mail : andrewmorrisbusiness@gmail.com
Skype : live:andrew_18381

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Main sponsor ( masked on main page) on www.BitcoinHack.info
- generate thousands visitor a month
- generate great CPA conversion
- contact me if interest with your offer
- Accept : Skrill, Bitcoin, Paypal

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We need direct/exclusive email and Display offers for UK AU PL BR GCC IT NL BE TH MY SG MX

We need incent friendly Direct email campaigns for UK, US, FR, DE, AU

We need CPI incent (without KPI and CPR) for US IN

Reach Out-
Skype: aamnrasuu
Email: anjali@cpainventory.com

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Forex Site-Targeted Traffic for Sale!!

Over 65,000 unique & live user registrations a month.

Hit me on Skype:

Don't be from India or China. If you are - Don't hit me on Skype.

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Are you looking for the 100% White Label email delivery solution under your branding & logo. Its best solution for the Resellers/Agencies. Marketing email accepted.

300K Emails/month - $100
500K Emails/month - $150
1Million Emails/Month - $250
5Million Emails/Month - $890
7Million Emails/Month - $1100
10Million Emails/Month - $1500

Exclusive Features:
Dedicated Domain & IP's
100% White Label
Unlimited Users
Email Scheduling
WYSIWYG Email Composer
Email Templates
Spam Check Inbuilt

Note: We do not provide email list/data.

For details: http://bulkmailbox.co.in
Skype: bulk_mail_box

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Weekly payments. Every Friday.
Hottest CPI/CPA/CPL offers worldwide
CPI/CPL/CPA - Desktop and Mobile
Worldwide - MAKE SERIOUS $$$ FAST!!!
DAILY OFFERS are also available on some campaigns.


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DGmedia operate tons of high quality exclusive leads in every geo on CPI and CPA platforms,
email marketing ,display, pop up/under and RTB
For more info send your inquiries to:
Or talk to me on skype :
Nathan gonen

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Hi all ,
*****Our company just signed an exclusive co-operation with Instagram!. *****

We can now offer 100% legit , official boosts and promotions from Instagram to provide you with REAL social traffic in bulk amounts.

- Official offer.
- NO bots , or fake profiles guaranteed .
- Boost Guaranteed by Instagram!

Offer is good for all GEO`s

Offer includes all verticals.
Explicit BO or Forex offers will need to be pre-approved of course.

Skype or PM for more info.
Dave :live:info_676170

Dbd41a52 a1a4 4fa8 9f1c b37593180ce7
Thumb 48aed6982ff3ca08Buyer

We are looking for high quality traffic on most verticals across our top GEO's and WW. We offer pre-roll video ads on desktop, mobile web, and in-app. We have several campaigns and very competitive rates available.

Feel free to pm, skype, or email.

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We own and operate The-Solar-Project.com and we are currently looking for coreg / data campaigns. Our solar offer has done very well with mortgage, financial and parent oriented sites. We typically look for low quality high volume lead campaigns (data or coreg). On the coreg side, we have a branded solar offer. We generate anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 leads a day with those type of campaigns. For the data campaign, we simply place our brand name within the partner’s consent language and then purchase the data. We usually buy the data as aged or delayed anywhere from 7-14 days to justify the lower price. We have performed really well with financial/mortgage/home service type sites but are open to testing other placements. With our data campaigns we are currently purchasing anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 records a day. Keep in mind we only call the aged leads 3-4 times and then discard, they are never used in cross selling or resold. We require name, email, address, and phone with the ability to target US zips.

Thumb 82c2fbf1aff10a73Buyer

UK Traffic only.

All campaigns are our own, direct, in-house offerings. High converting, High CPL. Mainly Sweepstake and Finance.

Scope for increasing payouts with proof of quality traffic.

Please feel free to sign up here: https://www.surgeaffili.at/signup.php

Please contact me on Skype if you have questions! benfconvergys

We only pay CPL, we will not consider any other payment option. We will not prepay. We will not consider CPC or CPM emails.

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Hello everyone.Im glad to join this wonderful network full of proffessionals.Im Nicole Henry head of media sales Oxegen media and im a new member here reffered by some of my recent patners.I have information that many people are desperately searching for HQ traffic on various verticals and im here to help everyone get HQ traffic in order to acchive their goals.Our top verticals are forex,binary,financial audience extension,spread betting and CFD.For more info add me skype:live:nicoleoxegenmedia

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I'm Anna from Leads Global! We work mainly for direct customers through the activation of performance campaigns especially on DEM and display channels (CPL). We also have some CPC campaigns.

I'm in charge with the Italian market but we operate in other countries as well on various vertical markets, in particular Finance, Forex, Telephony, Purifiers, Energy, etc.
Do you have traffic?
Do you also have a database to monetize?

Add me on Skype: live:anna.gabellone

Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

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Great Pop traffic for Desktop only available!

Any geo! Competitive CPMs and small prepayment (refundable)!
Mainstream, PC Support campaigns allowed! NO ADULT!

Add me today, let's start making more revenue!

XML Feed Integration also available!

Skype me @ ronnyed

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We are Finmax.com
We are looking for CPA Traffic
EN, RU, PL, GCC, IT, DE, Nordic countries
High CR%.
CPA from $400 up to 500
Revenue Share Up to 50%
NO Prepayments

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Hello folks,

I'm looking for non-incent desktop offers on CPL/CPC basis for Nordics/GCC & Tier1. We have HQ traffic available for these geo's. Share you offer at sinchan.clickcabin@gmail.com


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Kissterra is looking for new partners!

We are an online US lending affiliate program which provide the best online finance offers such as payday, personal, installments and cash advance loans.

If you have HQ US traffic please contact me!
We work on Revshare\CPS\CPA, NET terms.

Skype: Ortal Achlakian | Kissterra
Email : Ortal@kissterra.com

Thumb 748553b104ec07c1Seller

Dear All,
My name is Pieu and we have e-mail database in forex binary, casino gambling, finance, dating and clairvoyance verticals and we can run your e-mail campaigns in these verticals on CPM model (€3) and on prepay term.
please contact me with the below mentioned details if you are interested.
E-mail : pieu7samanta@gmail.com
Skype : pieu7samanta.
***NOTE : please contact me if you are okay with prepay ***
I will be looking forward to hearing from you guys soon with great offers.

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Adsolut Media is looking to buy traffic across Display, Video and Connected TV on Site specific/RON basis.

We are flexible in terms of business deal (Fixed Rate/Rev Share). To discuss this further, kindly mail us on info@adsolut.in or leave a comment below!

Skype ID : aksh.chhetija
Website : adsolut.in

Look forward to hearing from you guys!

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Hello, we are F5stat affiliate network http://f5stat.com

We have a great Casino, Poker, Betting, Binary and Dating offers. We are looking for affiliates to start running it on CPL/CPA basis.
Our payment terms is net30 for new partners.

We are looking for traffic in: RU, AM, AZ, BY, KZ, KG, MD, TJ, TM, UZ, UK, US, CA, DE, ZA, LT, LV, EE, IL, CZ, PL, ES.

If you have relevant traffic or experience in running such offers please feel free to contact me. Skype: opalev_d

Thumb 9432c088529ed13aBuyer

Hello guys!

We are Trafficluster! Mobile Ad company.
I'm looking for mobile CPI traffic.

WW geo
Android, IOS

Feel free to ping me througt e-mail: mila.n.shutova@gmail.com
or Skype: mila.n.shutova@gmail.com

Have a nice day!

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If you looking to succed in Spanish traffic i got fresh data for LATAM.. ping me on skype bichote28 ,

Thumb c963154b40a3421fSeller

I represent NiuTux Digital Media: http://niutux.com/

Inventory is available for banner and in-banner video ad types
Tags we support: javascript, iframe and html

Interested? Then reach me @ Mail: parthiban.c@niutux.com, Skype@ Parthiban Chinnappan to discuss and take it forward.

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Hello, my name is Veronica and I'm video account manager at Media Shakers. We are a video AD network that Specializes in brand AD's. At the moment we are looking to buy mobile and desktop pre roll traffic.
Please feel free to ping me: veronica.mediashakers

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Hi to everyane.

I am from Crystal Ads company.

We have direct and stable offers, with high PO.

We are interested in good traffic WW.

Do not work on pre-payment.

Please contact me:

Skype - live:victoria_6002
Email - victoria@crystal-ads.club

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Hi - I'm looking for video inventory across mobile, inapp and desktop to buy on a CPM basis.

Please contact me at rebecca@blutonic.com.

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We offer high quality, high intent direct navigation search traffic. All verticals. Over 200 countries.

Did you know that direct navigation search users are much deeper into the conversion funnel versus users from traditional traffic sources? Why? Because direct navigation search users who are zero click redirected to your landing page have not had their focus or intent diminished by distracting content or competing ads.

But please note that direct navigation traffic sources are not all alike. At Trellian, all of our direct navigation traffic comes directly from domain owners via our Above.com domain investor platform.

Since we are able to fully control all traffic directly from the source, we are in the best possible position to deliver users having the quality and relevancy you want in your conversion funnel.

Contact accountmanager@trellian.com to learn how our high quality, high intent domain traffic can meet or beat your campaign ROI goals.

Visit our website to create a campaign.

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We have genuine calls available on Pay per call basis, mainly for Payday loans, travel, & tech.

Feel free to buzz on Skype @ popundermedia
or email at anurag@cpminventory.com