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Melis KavakliBuyer

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Direct Link (Smart Link), Pop-Up, and Pop-Under formats are added to our monetization solutions.

Direct publishers, affiliates, arbitrageurs... We're waiting for you. You'll earn more than other platforms.

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πŸ“Œ We have plenty of demand sources and UNLIMITED global demand!

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You can contact us via Skype to ask your questions.
🌟 Melis-rs
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Seva BakulinSeller

We develop digital business solutions for companies of any range – from small to big ones.
We can create customized software for any company, based on its goals and resources. Whether it’s an app or the whole web system, we can do it.
What we do :
1) Web - sites development
2) Mobile App development
3) Blockchain development
- cryptocurrency exchange
- cryptocurrency wallets
- liquidity aggregation
- security
4) Marketing
- Traffic
5) Integration of CRM systems
- Setup, integration, consultation
6) API integration
7) Business consulting
8) Business development
9) Legal
10) PSP
11) Sales department consulting/deploy

Rich PushSeller

RichPops ( is a High-Quality Pop Traffic Ad Network launched by the founders of RichPush, one of the most well-known Push ads networks.

We offer:

β€’ HQ Traffic Worldwide
β€’ Tools to deliver the highest Ads Performance possible
β€’ Pop Ads Experts with 8+ years of experience in affiliate marketing at your service

What you get:

β€’ Source Sampling – estimate the quality of clicks you get in a small amount from different sources, and scale your success by creating whitelists of the best performing sources
β€’ Micro-Bidding - fine-tune your campaigns for maximum performance
β€’ Automated rules – save your time with automatic campaign optimization
β€’ Anti-fraud solutions – benefit from advanced real users tracking system & anti-bot filters
β€’ Pop Ads Experts support – use our team’s expertise to reach your goals
β€’ Multiple targeting options – target your audience by OS, Regions, Carriers, Sites, and more
β€’ Built-in tracking system – get real-time conversions reports

ClΓ©mence BorelSeller

πŸ‘‰ Traffic generated from direct managed sources: Email, Display, Search engines, Social media, Mobile, SMS and others πŸš€ Finance, Adult, Gambling, Astro and more...

NB: CPA/CPL prepaid only

Randy DSeller

Need Business/Real Estate Funding? We are now in partnership with another company offering equity based lending with wide and flexible terms. Whether purchasing an existing business or getting cash from your current operations, they have the resources and personnel to get it done! Call us @ 8565348769


Ivan SokrushalovSeller

Gambling, Finance, Games, Lotto. etc.
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For any assistance:
Tg: @sokrushalov
Skype: live:.cid.29a877accd74c495

Tati AnaSeller

We have the Traffic that you need :)
Let me know:

Our GEOs are:

Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Japan, India, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil and Turkey (soon).

Streaming, Online Casinos and Gaming, Finance and (Health/Death/Funeral) Insurance, Anti-Viruses, Subscription-based Apps, Utilities and so many more verticals...

Ariel TBuyer

Axad Capital is looking to buy these calls.

Auto Insurance, Auto Warranty, Final Expense, Medsupp, Plumbing, Bath Wraps, HVAC, Pest Control, Tax Debt Settlement, Debt Settlement

Health Insurance, Medsupp, Final Expense, Debt Settlement, Tax Debt Settlement, Credit Repair, MCA Debt Settlement, B2B MCA Lending, Mortgage Refinance

Please pm us on skype if you are interested.

Ariel T.

Alina V.

The Maximumdata A multi-service co.Seller

Best quality traffic generated for you, we have opted-in lead records available for your business, variable feeds for United States & Worldwide (B2B or B2C). We give the option to customize the type of databases you need, low pocket cost guaranteed.

Available for:

#Medicare #Pharmacy #ResidentialEnergy #Energy #Gas #NaturalGas #SolarEnergy #Homeimprovement #MassTor #TriCare #ChampVa #IRSDebt #Mortgage #Payday #Finance #Investment #Creditscore #Travel #Grantseekers #Homeowners #New Movers #Ethnicity #Religion #Language #Leadgeneration #Pets #Muscleenhancement #RAW

Ariel TBuyer

Hey everyone.

We need traffic to our own offers. These offers are killing it with high EPC right now.

Contact us.
Ariel T.

Joe A.

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller

Hello to all fans of profit!

With you advertising network

If you need traffic, then you came to the right place!

We have the best WW traffic for video format.

Do not miss the chance of maximum convert!

Traffic from all over the world WW 🌍 🌎 🌏

πŸ”₯ Video format for all verticals.

Mainstream and Adult
Desktop and Mobile

πŸ’° Prepay only

For more information about volumes, rates, and geo please contact us.

My skype: live:oleg_2041
Telegram: @Daimon777

Come and see for yourself the quality of the traffic!

Always yours - UngAds


looking for database depositors forex geos German speaking and Sweden

skype : live:f1eb80f77687b1e1

Jane Sheer ShareSeller

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions and our comprehensive approach allows our clients to achieve their goals with maximum efficiency.

Zoe BiSeller

Papaya start the mobile advertising business of WW for over 12 years. This is our website:
We have direct DSP/inapp traffic for CPI/CPA basis.
Our top performing verticals are Gaming/Gambling/Dating/Shopping/Utilities.
We have a really strong hold over US\CA\UK\EU\LatAm/APAC.
If you have direct offers for this,please contact me,thank you!
My skype: live:616302011
My email:

Ian MSeller

We have WW traffic for all verticals.
We are definitely strongest in US, but we also have supply and demand for worldwide geos.

How is Hastraffic so successful?
We can provide you with optimized CPC traffic that is backed into your CPA, CPL, CPI value.

Our optimization teams in the US, Europe, and Hong Kong optimize the traffic live as it comes in.

Some of our top performing verticals are Survey, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Crypto, Auto, Home, Insurance, Finance, Adult, Dating as well as most of the smaller verticals.

We have traffic on email, SMS, push, chat flow, search, social, domain, pop, back button, display/native, thank you pages and offer walls.

If you own any offers or pages we can monetize your back button and offer you more for those clicks than anywhere else. We can also buy your out of geo clicks. With complete control, we sell those clicks to the highest bidder

Chat on Skype:
Skype: live:b55c3048a48593de

Or simply sign up here:

Shay BarbalatSeller

A leading online marketing and advertising company, Serving traffic globally every week to a vast verity of verticals. we can work on, POP, push, Banner, Native, Email, display, video and social media. we are working with CPA, CPL, CPM basis.

Ivan SokrushalovSeller

Hit me up on skype:
Best websites to integrate tech support landers
United states, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and 190 other geos...
Calls generating traffic for your offers!

CPM is 6$ any geo for Google Chrome

Other browsers minimum CPM:
USA 9$
Canada 9$
Germany 8$
Italy 8$
Australia 8$
France 8$


Alessia RojasSeller

All verticals except adult and dating .
Hit me up for more info : or
Skype : live:.cid.fe922d579324a33e

Kehinde AkanbiBuyer

Hello All,

This is Kehinde Akanbi.I am the Business Development Manager at Dr Cash Affiliate Network in Russia.
I'm presently looking for Nutra Offers with High Payout in Africa

We have high quality traffic for all vertical of Nutra offers in Africa and Worldwide.

Pls get back to me as soon as possible if you have Nutra Offers with high Payout in Africa.
Skype: live:kehinde.akanbi_1.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Kehinde Akanbi

Eylon AffillionSeller

Hi there,
My name is Eylon from Affillion,
And we have a special new way to generate live traffic for CRYPTO, FOREX and trade in general.
It is a real breakthrough in the Lead Gen business.
If you have long lists of database that are piling up, or just in need of hot leads ready for your brokers, then this is THE THING for you!
Contact me via:

Skype - Eylon Affillion
Email -


Crypto Traffic Net ...Seller

Finance - $Crypto, $Forex, Gambling - $Casino, $Sportsbetting.
Languages - EN, AR, RU, IT, DE, ES (and more)
Sources: Display, Native, Push, Pop, Email, and Social media.
$kype me at live:zikmate

#finance #gambling

Julia SydorenkoSeller

Ping me in Skype for details: Julia Sydorenko Adavice

Alyona Media SalesSeller

Just ping me if you are looking for hot finance, crypto, binary, forex traffic on CPL basis.
List of targeting options included!

Feel free to discuss:
skype - alyonasales;
@ -

Mega Source ViolaBuyer

looking for good traffic
CPA model / NO Prepayment only post payment for the first time
accept WW Geo's -
we have native call centers in many language's
please contact me throw skype :

Alexis BradySeller

We are looking for direct and inhouse offers from potential clients for a long term partnership. We can work via 'API integration' , work on all verticals globally on various pricing models. Kindly add me on skype: alexis_6909 or leave your skype to us.

Ori HillelSeller

We would be glad to collaborate with you and establish an operation to build and work long-lasting campaigns as all our advertising partners.

Ping me on Skype if you interested.Β 



Looking for Depositors for Crypto Trading Investment

CPA model

Looking for call centers partnership



Looking for traffic on CPA(FTD) or RevShare basis for PL and UK.
Monfex - trading platform that offers leverage trading on more than 100 instruments, including crypto, forex, metals, commodities etc. We are able to receive deposits with credit cards, wire, BTC etc.

Please, ping me in Skype:
or Email:


Traffic is needed - CPM - CPC - CPA - CPL - CPS

Email Traffic Only


- Sweepstakes
- ClairVoyance
- Adult dating / Adult Content
- Mainstream dating
- Casino/Gambling
- Health & Beauty
- Insurance
- Finance
- Forex / BitCoin / Crypto

We have direct as well as exclusive campaigns.


Looking for High Quality FRENCH traffic for Crypto Investment Product