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788 ads

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I'm looking for video traffic in Tier 1 (CA US AU UK) Dekstop and Mobile Web / App. CPM Basis. I am also looking for Hispanic traffic in the United States. We have great sources of demand and some direct campaigns as well.
Feel free to add me on skype or send me an email. Thank you very much!
Best regards!

Gabriel Gomez

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We are looking for HQ Pops traffic.
Direct publishers and ad networks are welcomed.

Promo tools: JS code and XML feed.

Skype me - live:ok_1099
Email me - ok@globalnetwork.pro

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The MaximumData® provides:

Fresh Quality OPT-IN Leads And Database available for your Business! USA & WORLDWIDE (B2B or B2C). 3-6 hours Built, Connectivity and Low pocket cost is guaranteed.


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We have quality traffic for all geos & verticals at GlobalAdMedia.com and we are specialized pop-under ad network. we are offering to advertisers $100 bonus for signing and funding account with minimum of $1000 at GlobalAdMedia.com, we do offer $50 bonus for funding $500.

I would request anyone who is interested in this offer please signup for an advertiser account. http://www.globaladmedia.com/register/advertiser

Contact us by email or skype support to get further help with advertiser account.

IMPORTANT : We are able to stop 99% fake traffic in GlobalAdMedia.com which means all you get is real traffic and offer guarantee on our traffic, if an advertiser receives any fake traffic and they can prove they received fake IPs then we offer 100% refund for that traffic with no further question asked.

Rajendra Prasad
Email - partners@globaladmedia.com
skype - gamsupport

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We are selling Windows & Mac tech support calls from the US & CA.
Up to 2000 calls per day is for sale!

Our calls are high quality with a good rpc.

You are welcome to contact me on Skype ID: mnhweb

PS: We ONLY accept prepaid payment and minimum 100 calls per day.

Payment: Bank wire, Bitcoins or Paxum.

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Desktop and mobile, high converting traffic. Mobile Inventory: Banner, In-Banner Video, Native Ads and Video. Skype: yogev.kidar

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I'm looking to buy high quality WW pop-under/pop-up traffic in any volumes


All verticals except adult.

T1 & T2 countries.

If you have some for sale — ping me!

Skype: nazar.adcash
Email: nazar@adcash.com

PS. Don't comment on post. If you want to work — add me on Skype or email and let's get things moving!

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Buzz me over Skype: honeysingh4343 or Email: contact@buypopunders.com

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We are looking for video & display worldwide inventory to advertise our ads.

So let me know if you have supply on same.

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Hi all who wants to make money!
We are looking for VIDEO (VAST/VPAID) traffic from DIRECT publishers worldwide on CPM basis.
The best campaigns and perfect support for the adequate video pubs ;)

Ping me on Skype: olga.gulakova@tapgerine.com

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We are looking for HQ Mobile traffic from DIRECT publishers worldwide, CPM basis.
Net30 terms, no adult and/or fraud.

Ping me on Skype: olga.gulakova@tapgerine.com

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Hello guys! SmartyAds offers high-quality desktop and mobile (web/InApp) WW traffic on CPM basis. Our clients get more than 2 b impressions daily from reliable direct publishers and publisher houses all over the world.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon@outlook.com or email me -elena@smartyads.com

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Hello everybody,

I`m with Epom Market SSP and we`re looking for NG pop-under traffic on desktop and mobile - and we`re ready to pay fixed CPM for it.

Can you please reach out if you have daily volumes more than 10,000 imps/day to sell?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hello! SmartyAds offers you:
- HQ mobile traffic;
- CPM basis;
- All geos;
- All IAB verticals;
- Premium publishers.

If you're interested in cooperation just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com

Have a great day!

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We, at Adsolut Media have display CPM campaigns for direct publishers and networks.

We can work on Fixed/Rev-Share business model offering our customers some of the highest numbers.

Adsolut (adsolut..in) is a pure CPM ad network partnered with some of the top Ad Exchanges like OpenX , Smart AdServer , AOL and many more.

Feel free to mail me at kush@adsolut.in or skype me at kush.rohra.

Excited to hear from you !


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Hi all,
we provide HQ video traffic - VAST/VPAID/pre-post-roll WW. No RevShare.
Let`s make money together!
My Skype is olga.gulakova@tapgerine.com, ping me there.

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Hi guys, I have the best-converting sweepstakes on lead generation. Competitive payouts. Looking to buy traffic in many different geos. Please ping me on Skype or drop an email for further info. Let's do some business!

Skype: jordi.domenech.adsalsa
email: jordi.domenech@adsalsagroup.com

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Buying tech support
traffic on cpm basis
calls on per call basis

No Bots pls
Adult allowed
Next day payment at starting

Please mail your
Daily volume :
to contact@call-solutions.net

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We are buying display / Video traffic on CPM basis (both mobile and desktop) for Tier 1 countries.
Connect me on skype or email me for more info.
Skype : garima.vertoz
Email id : garima.bhat@vertozadvertising.com

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Are you looking B2C Email ID Database & B2C Mobile database services in India? {Our Mobile: +91 81280 13111 , Our Email: wixitech@gmail.com , Our Website: www.wixitech.in} we are a leading bulk database provider and supplier. We provides All India B2C Leading Database Provider in Inida. This package contains B2C Databases (Business to Consumer) from Pan India. Email Database, All India Email Database, All India Email Id, Corporate Email Database In India, Hotels Email id Database In India, Individuals Email Id. Database Company in India providing direct marketing services in India using mailing lists, email ... We also help local companies market their products/services overseas via direct Comprehensive Business to Consumer (B2C) Databases. Indian Email Database & World Mailing List Providers ... Email Database, B2C Email Database, Small & Medium Entrepreneurs in Indian SME Sector It Includes All Indian City and State Mumbai, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bangalore, Karnataka. India Business & Consumer Email Lists .

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We have quality tech support calls with $45+ ARPC running with existing clients. Our AHT is about 30+ minutes. Consistent flow availability.

Traffic: FB/Google/Mainstream

Call Rate: As per volume.

skype me: live:billing_2821


Traffic available from Israel in the niche of Sports.

Double Click (DFP) is an option for the ads.

Message me for details.


Selling MAC POP-UP Calls with great flow. Price $8/call

Skype: ankurbansal03

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Heelloo. Everyone. Please Pay your kind Attention to the fact i'm looking to Buy more than 300 Inbound calls Per day in PC TECH Support verticals.. skype: tony.williams637..

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Thumb 2d3905069a424e90Seller

Perfect for the following verticals

Accepted Verticals:
Tech Support
Lead Generation
Downloads & mobile installs
Mobile Content
Forex & Binary
Casino & Gambling

Mobile Inventory for all Devices:
Banner, In-Banner Video, and Video, Display pops under/over

Desktop Inventory: for all Devices:
Banner, In-Banner Video, and Video, Display pops under/over

We Support tool bars, exe files extensions plugins Js label, Iframe, HTML and Vast Tag. for maximum viral appeal for your products of services
**Content Locking for Tech support also available**
skype: easypopsuk@outlook.com

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High quality US tech support calls.

23 mins AHT
can do upto 60CC
ping me on skype : goutham.vvs


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We've been running ios and mac tech support traffic with good success, and we have added WINDOWS display traffic with IE targeting.

It's display traffic, meaning, you have to pay for ads, not for calls directly. Call to 1000impressions ratio is great, so you can have a good amount of flows.

it's prepayment only, just to save your time.

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I have many agency accounts rental ads, it can spend max 5k$ per day, good service for CLOAKING your campaign on Facebook /Google.

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I am Katie from Appleadss and we have high quality CPM traffic WW. Hit me for POP, Banner and Email ( Mobile and Desktop) with all verticals.