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Hello Guys,
We provide traffic to All major FX and Crypto Networks.
We generate up to 100 LEADS on a weekly basis with FTDS up to 30.

We are looking for buyers of this traffic on a CPA basis; paid weekly.

We are happy to discuss with anyone who can meet the following conditions,

1. CPA ($450 and above)

Please contact me on my skype: SOCIALITZ


Capitalitz LtdBuyer

Hello Guys,

Capitalitz Ltd is looking forward to welcoming affiliates who have FX & CRYPTO traffic from all major GEOS.


Feel free to add me on Skype to discuss and get started on a wonderful partnership or just sign up using the link below.

SKYPE - Live: info_879269
REGISTER HERE - aff.capitalitz.com

Evi SkrynnikBuyer

We are looking for traffic on gambling, betting, dating, crypto, forex and binary options for different countries: RU, CIS, DE- and EN-speaking countries, GCC, Asian countries and etc. We have offers with good conditions. We work ONLY on CPL, CPA, RevShare.
Please contact us https://my.3snet.ru/?lang=en or es@3snet.ru.

Ahmed El TawousSeller

Do you want to advertise your ICO campaign?!
Are you very interested in that??!
We can offer a 300$ free trial !!!!

Time to take your ICO to the next level with A4G DSP!

A4G DSP have decided to revolutionize ICO crowdsales and take it to the next level. With the launch of its Crypto-package filled with a lot of interesting features:

- Full transparency
- Micro-Bidding
- Auto-Optimization
- Customized Reports
- Pre-Scanned Traffic
- Filter Lists
- Integration with Voluum
- Premium traffic sources
- Over 12 billion available impressions per day
- Retargeting through cookies and user IP
- Target crypto and finance related websites
- Dedicated account managers
- Responsive Support Disk
- Pay in Dollars, Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash

Our Formats:
Pop / Native / Banner
Desktop / Mobile / tablet

If you interested let's catch up at Skype: Ahmed A4G

Vasilii BogdanovSeller

We have got VIDEO, DISPLAY & POP CPM-based traffic for sale.
Worldwide. 737.6 m+- Unique users daily. DSP, SSP.
Desktop & Mobile. Full domain transparency. Mainstream & adult verticals and other
Native ads. Various OS & browser targeting. Demography targeting and more options.

Carrier targeting. White/blacklisting. JS, Iframe & HTML tag is allowed.

Ethan AndersonSeller

We have email database for UK AU US CA IT FR ES NL DK NO FI SE CO MX.
Payment term: Prepay
Please contact me for more details:
Skype: live:andersonethan700

Dan PatrickSeller

We have HQ CPL traffic, GEO: RU, KZ, BY, russian-speaking Europe. CPL Traffic available for all Financial offers like Crypto, Forex, Binary, etc. REAL exclusively targeted audience
- Fast delivery (Less than 24H)
- Real traffic, no bots
- HQ social media campaigns
- Direct traffic source
- Affiliations, landing pages, blogs, etc are welcome!
Looking for long-term partnerships with advertisers on the exclusive basis.
Prepayment only!!!

Add me on Skype: live:danpatrick777



We've been in the business of selling AD accounts for facebook for over 5 years. We are always looking to expand and create long-term relationships with clients.

All accounts are real, from USA/ We also offer European accounts. You will get quality accounts that show a lot of activity and will spend a lot.

We offer direct access to the account and guide you throughout the process of setting it up.

Accounts are BH ready. We replace all flags before threshold and within 24 hours of delivering the account. Our goal is for you to return and buy more accounts, therefore we strive to offer you a great service.

Accounts are $700 each.

skype - whiskeycigar1

Looking forward to working with you! Price and payment methods will be discussed with the client, depending on quantity.

Inga KolesnikovSeller

We have large amounts of DATA on many verticals and live traffic. We work only with direct advertisers, no affiliate networks. * double opt-in on all verticals

We work on :

✅ Crypto,Mining,Forex offers

*No Adult content!

✅ Zero fraud/Bot traffic
✅ You cannot find our traffic sources on any other network

Please follow our link: http://www.skilful-media.com


Please contact me:
💻 Skype: live:skilfullmedia
📧 info@skilful-media.com

Jane Sheer ShareSeller

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions and our comprehensive approach allows our clients to achieve their goals with maximum efficiency.

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Michael ChlebekSeller

">>>>>> We are the best in this area <<<<<<<<"
We have DATA leads all kind.
for SP.IT.GR.UK.US.FI....etc
to more details contact me
at my skype. live:michael.chlebek83

Shachar AmsalemSeller

I'm a PPC Manager who specializes in generating Forex and Crypto leads.
All Tier 1 regions. I work CPL with new clients and CPA after a while.

I sell hot, quality leads (last 24 hours) and data bases from the last few weeks.

I got my own landing pages, I send traffic from my google campaigns to my landing pages.

My leads consist:
Name, phone number, email, country.

Hot leads also include info like time to call, invested in the past or not and what kind of invest.



EN , IT , DE , GCC high converting LIVE traffic

CPL campaigns with high FTD's and high ROI

Skype/Mail - marketing@online1.cf

Oleg VasinBuyer

Hi there! Our demand department is looking for a new traffic sources. We support OpenRTB, XML and JSON types of integration.

Currently we have lots of demand for premium nonadult popunder mobile and desktop traffic for WW geos. By premium I mean clean from bots.

If you are interested, lets get to the details and start testing.


Do you need CPI, CPL and CPA traffic then contact me, with our over 5000 direct publishers we would drive Quality traffic to your offers


Hii guys

We generate HQ RU live traffic on CPL model!!
Topic - forex education

Ping me if u r interested in making money!
Skype: Nicole Brooks Trafficasa
e-mail: nicolebrooks@trafficasa.com

Lena Information StoreSeller


Bins MediaSeller

Our solutions will help you get more leads and increase your brand recognition among your target users. Lots of companies have already taken advantages of our services to boost their profits and reduce costs.

Paul ConservatorSeller

We constantly improve our techniques and methods that allow us to provide you with efficient solutions to improve your performance and take your business to the next level.
Skype : live:dataconservator

Bestraf MediaSeller

Our main principle is honest work with decent people. We do our best to deliver great results to every business since our goal is long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Sayuri LaniaSeller

Providing HQ crypto/forex traffic and working on CPL/CPA basis. Please provide your contact details, or contact me if you are interested in talking business.

- saytraffic
- saytraffic@gmail.com

Tina ToilessGainSeller

Greetings from Toiless Gain!

We work mainly with finance/binary/cryptocurrency traffic and databases.

We offer:
-CPM/CPA/CPL cooperation: we drive an outstanding traffic to gain leads or FTDs for your business;
- Selling a real fresh finance databases collected in our marketing campaigns, supporting all top-notch industry geos.

Contact me on Skype : Toiless Gain

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Abraham | DiGiAffSeller

We are looking for direct advertiser or product owner for CPA/CPL/CPS .

Verticals: Dating, Adult, Health & Beauty, Crypto, Forex/Binary, Insurance, Finance, Education

We dont consider rebroking offers. We accept only Weekly Payment or Prepayment. Please contact me over Skype: live:nightrider1204


Hello,we offer forex bulk.leads.we dont work by for 100-200 leads we sell full databases. (GCC)
Skype us for more info: live:kivafefi

christophe rizzoSeller

Go here http://bit.do/iqoption-affiliate to watch remuneration plan.

All Geo

Anastasia ShulgaSeller

We provide WW inventory.
We are looking for direct advertisers networks and affiliates to become our partners.
Top converting verticals: Gaming/Dating/Gambling/Healthcare/ Nutra, Binary/Forex
Contact me if you need information by Skype viiiienk_a


Newest and latest leads for FX/Crypto/CFD/Online Trading/ICO. These leads are signed up through financial investments and online trading funnels organically trough us
These leads are WW GEO.
As a special introductory offer, I can offer the lowest price on the market - 30 cents per lead for the whole package.
Each lead consists of:
Name, phone number, country, email, the source where the lead originated.
Additionally, I have depositors’ data, users which have already invested and deposited into financial instruments or for online trading. The cost per lead is $3 for the entire package.
These packages are the best on the market with the most lucrative and profitable leads with at least minimum 5 ROI.
Let me know how many you would like to start with.

Viktoria GlibTrafficSeller


We are focused on CPM/CPI/CPA/CPL marketing models to drive real and fresh traffic to gain leads.
We work in all verticals, but when it comes to finance/binary/cryptocurrency traffic and databases, we come first.
Our databases, collected in our marketing campaigns, support all world-class industry geos. We don’t provide bot traffic, so there is zero fraud. Quality is our priority. You won’t find our traffic sources on any other network.

Do not hesitate to contact me on Skype : Glib Traffic
Look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

Henry AdelsonSeller

Cold/warm database. All countries. Eng and Ru speaking.
For more info please contact me :
WhatsApp - +37253392886
Skype - live:b6dec578a4137723

Henry AdelsonSeller

All we do all day, everyday, is traffic generation for Crypto and Forex.
Focusing on En tir 1 traffic countries for online Crypto/CFD/FX trading brokers. Additional geos could be relevant. We have our own lead generation team and cooperate on CPL/CPA basis.
For more info please contact me :
WhatsApp - +37253392886
Skype - live:b6dec578a4137723