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23 ads

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We have several verticals like solar, insurance that are producing really good data feeds for US, CA, UK. hit me up on skype with your orders sdutil143 (prepayment only)

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DEAR EVERYONE.. Please pay your kind attention to the fact that i'm currently looking for people who're Buying their phramcy online from those GEO"S.. with immediate effect.. I need all their relevant info.. I'm having enormous supply of all Meds..throughout the Globe.. I need people's Name/NO/EMAIL/ADDRESS/..

Call me directly.. +1 321 613 7079

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We are looking for lists/data for Arabic speakers!

Please contact me on skype: jenny.vipresponse
Email: jenny@vipresponse.nl

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We are generating inbound calls and form filled leads for all legal categories, nationwide. Always looking for more coverage options to send to. Get in touch with me for additional details - pete@dwausa.com

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Are you looking for Direct Inventory? US Market? Europe? Latin? Asian Display Desktop, Mobile, no intermediaries! direct Traffic from trusted sources!
Ping me if you need to run a CPM
Let's increase your revenue!

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We Have the Best DSP with micro bidding per placement ID ,domain names ,automatic campaign otpimzation,Best SSP Partners all verticals WW traffic contact me for more aymen@ad4game.com

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Date_post Opt_in First_name Last_name Email Address City State Zip_code Home_phone Cell_phone Nature_of_Tort Current_Legal_Representation Publisher_url

Xarelto,TVM,Invokana,IVC etc.....

Real time -10-55 minutes are 8 cts per lead Fresh 1-12 hr are 6 cts per lead Legacy are dependent on vintage and volume

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Please reach me on skype immediately if you can generate Online Pharmacy Buyer's leads potentially through any type marketing tools applied however I need this on Cost per lead basis.. Don't contact me if you can't perform wise.. skype: tony.williams637

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Have a large inventory of Belgium Brazil and Germany traffic from good sources for sale.

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we have a couple of campaigns and need E-Mail traffic.
Target: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
>>> CPL: 1€ <<<
Just get in touch if you have CPL traffic

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We are looking traffic for T1 GEO. We work with all popular verticals (except gambling and adults).

You can withdraw money using the most popular payment services PayPal, as well as using a bank card or an account. In any favorable currency.
Flexible system of payouts by NET 30

Please feel free to contact me to discuss our future corporation options !

Please, contact me by mail: publishers@revcer.com
SkypeID: prem.revcer@outlook.com

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✮✮We are looking for an "Seo/Email/Social Media Marketing Partner" that can help us generate LEADS and Data that targets the : Latin/Hispanics/Spanish Speakers in the US, via Opt-in trough out heavily traffic websites or Health surveys for example.

-> We have a Nationwide Campaign that needs generate great quality Co-reg Spanish Leads/Names, VIA : Incentive and Non-incentive Traffic, Banners & Display Lead Generation Targeting the Latinos! ✮✮


Please contact me asap to :
Diana Restrepo
Your Best Data/Leads, Inc
(561) 926-1165
Email : diana@yourbestdata.com

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I want traffic fro VAS campaigns on CPA basis and same in the case of Gambling traffic from United Kingdom (UK). We work on NET30 payment basis.

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are you looking for email databases for NORDICS and India ? If so , contact me through skype: idm_julia to discuss further details .

- 50 % rev share before tax
- we don't carry the sendouts of the offers, we only sell the database.

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We have had a massive increase in criminal defense, and DUI leads coming in. These are Google mobile generated with phone number & data verified.

I need these people contacted, so for the rest of this month you can name your price for these leads with no upfront payments. I just need your pricing, zip/state list, posting instructions, and any caps. Then we'll get you set up with in 24 hours.

Hit me up at allen@pmhtec.com

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Hello i need urgently CPM TRAFFIC based in AUSTRIA for a CPM


Reach me on SKYPE: natalia.a.abacus

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We are looking for calls generated from disconnected or abandoned telephone numbers. If you an help, please message me via Skype: LeighAnnKristiansen or email at PPCProject@AdvertisingResults.com. Thanks!

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I get a lot of child custody, child support leads and calls I do not have a place for. I would love to have a place for these so at least they get contacted. Name a fair price and they are yours.

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Looking for additional traffic to our direct legal lead gen offers. PI-Auto accident specific, PI-General, SS/Disability. Email me at matt@stage39media.com


Hi All.

I'm interested in exploring a partnership with AD-networks/agencies on Direct link/XML Monetization, RTB based for All Geo's!
We have launched special offers, VIA New In-house ADVERSER that will monetize bidding offers and guarantee fulfilling Partnership for both companies.


Skype - avi.rh


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Hello to all !

We have a Nationwide Campaign that required great quality Co-reg Spanish Leads/Names, VIA : Incentive and Non-incentive Traffic, Banners & Display Lead Generation Targeting the Latinos!


Please contact me ASAP :

Diana Restrepo
Your Best Data/Leads, Inc
(561) 926-1165
Email : diana@yourbestdata.com

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Get in touch with me on Skype : mailtojackmiller

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Specializes in Providing High Quality “MASS TORT LEADS – LIVE TRANSFERS such as : Xarelto, IVC, Benicar, Zofran, Invokana & Low T” from domestic & offshore sources “All leads are triple verified and backed by our Exclusive Replacement Policy” ( Fewer than 2% historical replacements over our four years ! ) Get in Touch with me for More Details.