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High Quality E-Mail & Display Inventory in ES/IT/UK/FR/DE

Only BRAND offers!
Best Verticals: Travel, Insurance, Telco, Coupon Downloads, Brand Sweeps

NO Shady Offers!
NO Pin-Submits!
NO Nutra!
NO Forex/Binary!
(We will not send the above offers, no matter how much you offer on CPM)

If your campaign has a TV commercial and Wikipedia page it's more likely to be suitable for us. Only well-known brands.

Contact our Campaign Manager on Skype now: jerry.nullo

Thanks & Best regards

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Huge volume of verified traffic!
Over 600 publishers all ranking highly in Alexa/Similarweb(most are Google approved sites that are on AdX)

-Traffic from direct publishers only
-Variable targeting options (geo, site category, device, OS, browsers, language, time etc.)


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We have quality and converting traffic on pop under format, We can work on selling quality traffic to direct advertisers or ad network, anyone interested buying premium pop under traffic on prepay or post pay basis Please contact me via Skype or email to discuss further.

We work on prepay, postpay, Revenue share or xml partnership

Rajendra Prasad
Email - partners@globaladmedia.com
skype - live:reply444


SKYPE: zealraga

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Monetizus.com - global monetization platform which provides you a number of monetization methods to monetize your browser extension, toolbar, add-ons, websites, installers, bundle-installs and etc. Some methods we developed - are 100% unintrusive and not annoying.
So if you care about your users - we that you need!

We work via revenue share basis - 70%\30%

Give it a try and I sure you will be satisfied with the result.

Feel free to contact me:
Skype: monetizeus
E-mail: dima@monetizus.com
Web: monetizus.com
Registration via :http://partners.monetizus.com/m/m8en-sgja-dmqj

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to offer you good volumes of effective traffic and good CPM-rates!

RU - 340k impressions daily - from 0.7$
US - 160k - from 1.5$
IN - 110k - from 0.5$
BR - 110k - from 0.3$
FR - 100k - from 0.7$
LT - 80k - from 0.35$
TH - 80k - from 0.35$
PL - 66k - from 0.35$
TR - 63k - from 0.5$
IT - 60k - from 0.5$

Contact me -
e-mail: olga@hilltopads.com
Skype: hilltopads_adv
LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-selling-traffic-238177bb/


We're a Amsterdam based lead gen company based in Amsterdam with business in AU, NZ, NL, DE, and are currently growing in the UK. We work solely with CPL/Co-reg offers through sweepstakes, emails and displays.

Add me on skype: wkarim99
Or send me an email: William@qubiqlabs.com

Look forward to working with you!


all publisher and Networks are welcome for discussion.
Looking for WW traffic for CPI and CPL offers

All verticals and all geos

skype id:-live:ffc7bd7d51a6ec9

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Hi All,We have a very competitive online shopping store Zaful.com. I am looking for CPS traffic and PPC marketing manager. If you are interested, Feel free to contact me.Your referral would be highly appreciated!

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I am looking for Quality E-Commerce Publishers CPA,CPI,CPL,CPS. Worldwide offers (globalwide media)
High Payouts and lots of cap.
Find me on skype: orlando-guerrero (orlando petit|globalwide media)

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We offer high quality, high intent direct navigation search traffic. All verticals. Over 200 countries.

Did you know that direct navigation search users are much deeper into the conversion funnel versus users from traditional traffic sources? Why? Because direct navigation search users who are zero click redirected to your landing page have not had their focus or intent diminished by distracting content or competing ads.

But please note that direct navigation traffic sources are not all alike. At Trellian, all of our direct navigation traffic comes directly from domain owners via our Above.com domain investor platform.

Since we are able to fully control all traffic directly from the source, we are in the best possible position to deliver users having the quality and relevancy you want in your conversion funnel.

Contact accountmanager@trellian.com to learn how our high quality, high intent domain traffic can meet or beat your campaign ROI goals.

Visit our website to create a campaign.

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Get your content shown on top premium sites across the globe. Sign up to today at Redirect.com

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Are you an advertiser looking for Exclusive quality Traffic World Wide ? Add me on Skype : Segun.dr

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Are you looking for no-limit email traffic for your CPM campaign in AU/FR/IT/ES/PL ? : )
We offer a send out any date, with good results guaranteed.
Just write me: agnieszka@leadiance.net
S: agnieszkaleadiance

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Guys! We have really good results with CPM Video!
We work with LKQD, Verta, SpringServe, AOL, StreamRail
Desktop/mobile/inapp, VAST/VPAID, WW
Ping us: cpm@tapgerine.com

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High quality, tier 1 traffic for desktop and mobile promotions. Contact us at http://siriustraffic.com or chat with us now via our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/siriustrafficnetwork

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We are direct owners of chrome extensions with really huge users inventory worldwide. We are looking for different types of monetization: Search, Intext, Contextual, Video, Banners, Native and e-commerce / shopping widgets as well. We are ready to cooperate with fair partners and please notice that we are dont integrate any type of scamers tags into our extensions. Our priority is - profitable partners with fast payment or short holds. Lets make a long term business together.

Feel free to ping me in skype: michael.adwirk

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we sell HQ traffic for Mobile and Desktop on a CPM model.
for more info ping me via Skype

Skype id:Mathivadhani_niutux
mail id:mathivadhani.s@niutux.com

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I represent NiuTux Digital Media: http://niutux.com/

Inventory is available for banner and in-banner video ad types
Tags we support: javascript, iframe and html

Interested? Then reach me @ Mail: parthiban.c@niutux.com, Skype@ Parthiban Chinnappan to discuss and take it forward.

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Drive conversions to your offers with Global Network - http://globalnetwork.pro/
Pop-up/Pop-under traffic WW on CPC basis via direct campaigns creation.

Mail us - hello@globalnetwork.pro
Skype us - live:kir_189

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International lists, opt in generation, and data available. We also have Live Transfers available for Debt, Student Loan, Reverse Mortgage, Home Security, MCA, Payday Debt Relief, Auto Warranty, Refi, Health Insurance, Rehab, and more. TV calls also available. Add me on skype: sdutil143 so we can speak or email sharon@leadzod.com


Hey there!

I'm looking for campaigns with great CR and payout for products in France

Verticals: E-commerce / Beauty / Fashion / Health
Geo: FR

If you have these kind of campaigns please send me an email at affilead.france@gmail.com

I look forward to speak to you soon

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to offer you good volumes of effective traffic!

Contact me -
e-mail: olga@hilltopads.com
Skype: hilltopads_adv
LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-selling-traffic-238177bb/


I am looking for big volume traffics in Global except China mainland. Pls contact me if you have.my Skype:


We are a ad-network and we are interested in buy a lot of traffic from different sites (all verticals). If the cpm and the quality is good we can buy 100% the available inventory without limits.

We work with third-party ad tags, and we can buy world-wide traffic.

My Skype is escoti2

Thank you

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Are you a super affiliate & publisher?
I'm looking for Facebook, Google AdWords, or native traffic for our exclusive Nutra trial & E-Commerce CPA campaigns.

We can offer great payment frequency & better payout for a long term business collaboration!

Besides, we also provide: virtual credit card / Fb Ads accounts /spy & cloak tools

Reach me out @ skype & Email:
To check our exclusive offers we request you login in here:

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Hello guys. We still can round off the week with great conversions.
I'm on a look out for quality traffic for Nutra campaigns in HU, RO, ES, IT, CZ, SK and more.
Connect if you got such traffic, and lets' round the week off with some $$$$
Please, we work on CPA/CPL basis, no CPC/CPM.
Skype - live:tayo_167

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Hello! Do you have email list?

I would be interested in monetization (list management) of your email DATABASE, it can be either from Europe or from other parts of the world. We work on the Revenue Share basis.
Lets work together! You can't loose, you can just gain profits with us!

Contact me for more info.

Email: anna.s@abacus-marketing.com
Skype: anna.s71


Do you want someone to manage your email list?
Contact me for more info.

Email: maddi@abacus-marketing.com
Skype: Maddi A