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1481 ads

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Hey All,

100% of our advertisers are Media Buyers and Affiliate Marketers.

World Wide Inveotry - over 1 Billion Impression per day.

IAS & Forensiq Fraud Detection

Traffic sold on CPM,CPV and CPC

Most of our advertisers coming from mobile content promotion, gambling, Binary & Forex, Tech Support, Shopping and App Installs.

Traffic Transparent
Native Ads
Double Click
User Engagement
Arbitrage Traffic

Accepted Verticals:
Lead Generation
Downloads & mobile installs
Mobile Content
Forex & Binary
Casino & Gambling
Tech Support

Conversions Tools for

Using many macros for tracking

Simple Dashboard

for more details:


email: support at popadup.com
Skype: Popadup Team or support @ popadup.com


we have search feed monetization from Yahoo if anyone wants to monetize his traffic BIG TIME.

the eCPM for 1st tier traffic is normally more then $15

my skype is - hadar034


Our amazing website is looking for display ads.
We are looking to sell desktop traffic for banners (no downloads, adult or cleaners).

Please contact me: gili.cohen@linkury.com

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We have quality and converting traffic on pop under format, We can work on selling quality traffic to direct advertisers or ad network, anyone interested buying premium pop under traffic on prepay or post pay basis Please contact me via Skype or email to discuss further.

We work on prepay, postpay, Revenue share or xml partnership

Rajendra Prasad
Email - partners@globaladmedia.com
skype - gamsupport

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CO-sponsoring few days fresh traffic available.

Minumum order - 1K $
We require prepayment for new clients ,
net terms can be available after you reach credit from us in following deals.

skipe- live:wass.media
email: adam@wassmedia.com

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High quality, tier 1 traffic for desktop and mobile promotions. Contact us at http://siriustraffic.com or chat with us now via our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/siriustrafficnetwork


Sources Lead Generation
TreeTop Creative IVS offering CPA campaigns for publishers!
We are looking for new publishers for CPA campaigns. So do you have traffic that you want to make money on? Then add me on skype with this phone number: +4531266314 or mail med with this mail adresse: yt@nuevascalendarios.net and see what i can do for you!

I only offer campaigns on CPA, but it is the markets best CPA prices you can expect with me, and it will only grow bigger the more loyal you are. i'm a small company with no bs.

I need CC Submit Traffic.

ATM: I'm operating in France and Canada, so add me on skype.

NO Prepayments
Please DO NOT write me with CPL, CPM, CPC offers and if you are looking for Prepayments.

TreeTop Creative IVS

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If you're looking for a self serve DSP for In-app traffic (Video included) Shoot me an email kahlia@appreciate.mobi or ping me kahlia-tabakhoff so we can get started.


I will provide category targeted traffic, geo-targeted traffic, and keyword targeted traffic, alexia traffic, adult traffic ranging from 5000 human visitors to 1m visitors that can be tracked with goo.gl

I also provide organic traffic to any website

i will also provide leads, sign ups ,referrals and downlines to any free to join mlm,affiliate cpa or business.

i can also provide adsense traffic to any blog or webite

The traffic can come from google,bing,yahoo, facebook,twitter, linkedin, instagram or any other social media

Targeted solo email advertising for any business for guaranteed clicks,leads and opt-ins

I will do press release to 150 pr websites and google news

I will write articles with your website promoted on 100 articles websites

I will provide country and category targeted mobile traffic

I also provide social media advertising like facebook fan page likes,fb followers, twitter followers(not bots), twitter retweets, youtube views,followers,likes,comments and subscribers, p

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Please feel free to contact me to discuss our future corporation options !
We are a manufacturer with great payouts and new offers are available constantly.

skype: mixalis_mavromatis
email: mavromatis@adpump.com

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We're currently looking for decent E-commerce products to sell.

We have access to many-many premium traffic sources and are currently generating 2k+ sales to different e-commerce products on a daily basis.

We're mostly looking for products with $30+ payout, ideally.

If you have anything, please hit me up here or send an email to this address:



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How are you?
I'm looking for pop/banner traffic
The pop support both PC and Mobile while the banner support Mobile only
We have worldwide coverage and will offer you a high rev share deal.

Feel free to reach out.


Zach Presler
Ceo & Founder, Stallion Media
Skype: zach.presler1


we are direct advertiser looking for quality india traffic.no bots plz.plz add in skype ktech1231

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Pm me for more info
If you have quality traffic -
We have big budget
We have available API
Amazing sales team and high CR%

PM me on skype : live:wass.media

Or email me - adam@wassmedia.com

CPA only . thanks

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Adwirk Network ( http://adwirk.com/ ) is looking for partners who need banner traffic at good prices.
Banner traffic is available
WW Geos.
We work with JS/Html tags.
Prepay basis, daily or weekly payments.

Feel free to ping me in skype: igor.adwirk or email: igor@adwirk.com

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Monetizus.com - global monetization platform which provides you a number of monetization methods to monetize your browser extension, toolbar, add-ons, websites, installers, bundle-installs and etc. Some methods we developed - are 100% unintrusive and not annoying.
So if you care about your users - we that you need!

We work via revenue share basis - 70%\30%

Give it a try and I sure you will be satisfied with the result.

Feel free to contact me:
Skype: monetizeus
E-mail: dima@monetizus.com
Web: monetizus.com
Registration via :http://partners.monetizus.com/m/m8en-sgja-dmqj

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If you are a publisher with CPI mobile traffic, feel free to register on our platform:
Mobiletraffic.de has great variety of worldwide cpi offers

If you have any questions contact me via - nastya@mobiletraffic.de
or skype: live:1e1c03fa3d4201fc

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Hello, I'm looking to buy quality traffic. Can you help me?

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Hello Everybody,

if you're looking for fresh non-incent Email-traffic in Italy you have found the right partner!

With 6M active users, 20 milions openings and 1,5 milions clicks per month we're one of the biggest and most perorming email marketing publishers in Italy.

We're always open for new business and to meet new potential partners!

We have also 6 thematic NEWSLETTERS (tv shows - streaming - weather - gossip - cooking) where we can place your DEM&Display ads, guaranteeng a 30% OR every day.

The only thing you have to do to start the business is to ping me by Skype @ bruno.denoni.mnb or contact me at bdenoni@mailbrands.com

Looking forward to hear from you!

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* Campaign Management on CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI & other, basis...
* Excellent offer, and in all verticals...
* Programmatic demographic targeting...
* Setup in 24 hours, provided Ad Creatives and Landing Pages are ready.

Interested? ...then let's do business:

Contact us via email or skype:
skype ID: KashtaMedia

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Trafficshop is going to TES (TheeuropeanSummit) conference in Sitges next month 4th-7th March. If you are interested in adult traffic on CPM and CPC basis (own traffic sources and network traffic) ping me and we will set up a meeting.
skype is in bio

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Hi there! I’m looking for email traffic in AU and NL. We work on CPL, CPC and CPM basis! Please feel free to contact me by email or skype :) email: denz@natexo.com ; skype: elmar.natexo

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Hey guys,

Global Network requires huge volumes of Pops traffic for Nigeria:

- direct publishers and ad networks
- CPC basis
- Net15 terms
- Promo tools: JS code, XML feed

Add me on SKype - live:ok_1099 , or contact via email - ok@globalnetwork.pro

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I'm Francisco from Check my Ads [http://check-my-ads.com/], an affiliate network of Bluemarket Agency.

With a great range vertical options I'm looking for traffic on CPL basis for CA and USA.

Ping me on skype - francisco.carvalho_16, if this sounds interesting to you.

I'll be glad to give more details about our campaigns.



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We are Looking for email data base in TIER 1 countries with the following:

Time of regestration
Place of regestration

Contact me via skype: nate.stoxmarket
Email: aff.manager@stoxmarket.com

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StoxMarket looking for new affiliates

Top conversions rate in the industry (up to 15%)

Welcome bonus for new affiliates!

We pay:

Tier 1 (exclude us) - up to $700 CPA, OR 35% rev share (good affiliates will get extra)

GCC - up to $600 CPA, OR 35% rev share
(good affiliates will get extra)

We providing our own creatives unless you want to use yours

Tracking, - if you have your own system that we can integrate with it we using panda CRM system we can do it

If not, we also have hasoffers for you to use

If you are interested contact me via skype: nate.stoxmarket or mail aff.manager@stoxmarket.com

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We have B2B and B2C data for US, CA, UK, AU. Let me know if you're interested in some big volumes! We'll give you a good deal on bulk buys. skype: sdutil143 email: sharon@leadzod.com (prepay)

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My name is Jihane, I represent NetAffiliation MENA. I'm looking for Pop Up/Under publishers with desktop or MOBILE traffic for many top CPA, CPS, CPI, & CPL campaigns in the Middle East. We offer:
Good Payouts and challenges
All major Ad Formats support
Good Customer Support.
Join our Publishers Team and let's make business together!
Add me in skype so that we can discuss all the details, please.
My skype ID is jihane.netaf

Best Regards,

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We have display and POP traffic, desktop and mobile (carrier and WiFi).
Our advantages:
- own opt in email list globally.
- 1+ billion impressions per Week.
- Ad formats: pops, banners, videos and email
- provide macros to track the performance.

Ping me on Skype if you are in need on quality, non incent traffic! media_sales13.

Thanks in advance.

Skype : media_sales13

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I am looking for EMAIL traffic for a Travel campaign in Scandinavian countries.

Please contact me:
Skype: miriam.abacus
mail: miriam@abacus-marketing.com