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30 ads

Thumb f605ac5ec1c29c3fBuyer

I am looking for direct publishers who wish to monetize their sites with high-yield, CPM Video advertising. Cutting edge, high-impact, Video ad formats! Great fill and rates!

you can contact me at sagysh@vispot.io
or ping me on skype live:a9db55d8bcec6234

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Hi everyone,

I'm constantly looking for US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, FR, DE, ES, PT, IT, BR and LATAM traffic for our EXCLUSIVE AND TOP CONVERTING CAMPAIGNS ( ONLY clairvoyance, horoscops, psychics reading): Padre, Tara, Maria & Angela

Required channel: Email marketing
To a lesser extent: Co-registration and Display

NO: incentivized traffic, CashBack, Sponsor, Site Under, PopUnder, Pop Up

All kind of verticals (ideally psychics reading, horoscops,...)

CPL SOI basis with great payouts and conversions (1st page submit)
!!! NO CPM, NO CPC !!!
!!! Net terms !!!

Can place image, iframe, JS pixels
S2S depending on the campaign

More informations:
Email: e.leandro@b-fly.biz
Skype: edgar.leandro78@gmail.com



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Looking to join a per call network with more responsive partners seeking well paying and sustainable offers? Message me on skype/ zeejaybay

We also pay on your terms :)


Hi People

My name is Allan and I am contacting you from Media White to establish if there is an opportunity for us to work together. We are looking forward to evaluate a direct relationship or a console deal to open a new business.

We are a digital agency based in Dubai we work closely with Agencies, Direct clients and we represent local and international premium media.

1. Looking for Video inventory on CPM bases via vast/vpaid tags.

Let me know how would you like to help me on my above queries.

Thanks & Cheers

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I'm Francisco from Check my Ads [http://check-my-ads.com/], an affiliate network of Bluemarket Agency.

With a great range vertical options I'm looking for traffic on CPL basis for CA and USA.

Ping me on skype - francisco.carvalho_16, if this sounds interesting to you.

I'll be glad to give more details about our campaigns.



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* We are looking to monetize our worldwide RON inventory on CPM basis.

* We are looking for partners who can supply us Performance traffic.

* We are looking for both Demand and Supply partners for Video.

Please reach me on skype: ryan.mediawhite

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We are buying desktop pop/dispaly traffic on CPM basis for FR,us & UK geos. we work on all vertical excet aduls and gambling. Please contact me for more info.
we work on net terms with fixed com or rev share.
payments thorough paypal / wire transfer
Add me on Skype: prem.revcer@outlook.com

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I'm Francisco from Check my Ads [http://check-my-ads.com/], an affiliate network of Bluemarket Agency.

I'm looking for traffic on CPL basis for Voyance vertical. From direct advertiser and with good payouts!

We don't work by prepay.

Ping me on skype - francisco.carvalho_16, if this sounds interesting to you.

I'll be glad to give more details about our campaigns.



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We monetize your email database on 50/50 revenue share basis.

Contact me if you are interested.

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Greetings of the day My name is Nikhil Kumar and I work for Adcrax as a business development executive. We are a Performance Network and Affiliates network and continuously searching for new partnership sources of traffic.

Our main interest is in buying mobile CPI traffic. Our Campaigns are running both on Incent and Non-Incent traffic.
Our main focus is to expand our business working with prosperous partners like you.

Hope to hear soon from you.
Nikhil Kumar

SKYPE ID: Nikhil.kumar@adcrax.com
MAIL ID : Nikhil.kumar@adcrax.com

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Thumb 0ebfee4aa9a6ddbeSeller

Hello Guys!
Let us grow your business.

If you are looking for high performance email traffic and DISPLAY then you are on the right post. Add me on skype : sohaib.legendarypaprika or email: sohaib@legendarypaprika.com

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Offering global desktop internal traffic ( RTB) on CPM basis.

* Not accepting Tech-Support offers / Page Redirects / Anything "dirty"

** we require prepayments. Don't waste my time please :)

Minimum campaign budget is $100

For more details:
Skype: trafficbrokerann
Email: allen@trafficbroker.com


Looking to BUY Display/Banner Traffic on CPM basis!!

Our working terms are as follow:

* Net-30 Basis.
* RevShare 70/30 model or Floor price with passbacks.
* Wire Transfers.

SkypeID: pvenkatesh81

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Hi guys, I'm looking for Tech Support traffic. Geo FR, NO, SG, IRLAND, US, CA
Skype: Install Rock


are you looking medicine or brand data for these medicine only. Ambien, Valium, Xanax, Clonazepam, Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Butalbital, Tramadol? feel bree to contact me anytime if you looking for pharma database.

Thumb img 8326 avatarBuyer

Hi All.
I'm buying CPC Emailers Traffic in Geo AU and DE if you have any by chance please ping me on skype rajesh.digidesk
Look forward to hear from all the emailers Publishers.
High Budget Campaign
Many Thanks.

Thumb ae71c34c716c05e8Seller

We are looking for NGOs, charity, human rights, animal rights campaigns (CPL,BANNERS,CO-REG), We have a great worldwide traffic and DDBB.

Send them to cargnelloc@gmail.com or send me your skype user


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Hi There,

We manage over 43m Email addresses in the UK. I am looking for new campaigns either on CPL, CPA, CPC or CPM.

Please check out our website www.clicklabsgroup.com and get in touch to discuss campaigns.

Thumb 249d3ec89a0df92aBuyer

Have you got HQ traffic in Ireland? we offer high payouts and budgets . We are direct advertisers of exclusive campaigns worldwide .

Skype me at: idm_julia to discuss further details.

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Generating legal leads for personal injury, Settlements and many others, We have excellent reach with customers and can get you more than 200 billable leads or inbound calls everyday, Currently generating in all Metropolitan Canadian cities and US states (NY, FL, CA, TX, AZ, AR, AK)


hi there,

I'm looking for particular ethnic groups to run some CPA campaigns in AU.

our survey site is one of the best products out there, high payouts and great landers that are converting very high!
let me know if you are interested and ill send you more details!
need to start ASAP!


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Blue Fennex Solutions provides high quality CPC and CPM traffic for mobile and desktop.

Contact: Álvaro Benito Cerezo
Skype: alvarobluefennex

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I have email campaigns available with uncapped budget. Payout is 0,15€ CPC and is available for DK, NO and NL.

No prepayment.

Ping me on Skype if you are interested: frederik.tychosen1

Landingpage preview:
http://www.ecoliferesearch.org/home,DK,DK,41995.html for DK
http://www.ecoliferesearch.org/home,NL,NL,41997.html For NL
http://euro.onetreeresearch.com/home,NO,NO,41998.html?CJ4NLXXK493U83NC for NO


Greetings! I've got lots of LATAM traffic and i'm looking where to monetize it. Would like to work with direct offer advertisers, as my volumes are great and i can't loose any profit.
Drop your skype, will answer everyone.

Thumb screen shot 2015 09 21 at 5.43.28 pm avatarSeller


I'm selling US pops on CPM model only.

if you are interested connect via Skype: remi.mojoo


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I am looking for good quality CPI, CPL And CPS traffic for our offers. We work on CPI basis. Both incent and non incent. We offer premium payouts.

Please contact me over skype:


Looking to form strategic alliances with demand partners like you to fill our Video/native ads large player inventory globally/ww.
If you are interested in working with us or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Skype: mansi.gupta01
Email: mansi.gupta@timesinternet.in

Thumb profile avatarSeller

Our pubs are hungry for clairvoyant/psychic type offers. We've had a few in the recent past with great results. We can do big volumes in US, UK, CA, AU and Latin America too.

We are specifically looking for:

Padre AU, UK, US

Exceptional Ron UK

Maria UK

Chris UK

Please contact me gselman@clictree.com and/or Skype: gibran.selman


post payment : net 30
display on banners
non incentive traffic
add me on : idm_david


Looking for display traffic on CPL basis on canada. Add me : idm_david