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I'm looking for HQ Tier 1 regions desktop video traffic

you can contact me at sagysh@vispot.io
or ping me on skype live:a9db55d8bcec6234

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I'm looking for HQ Tier 1 regions desktop video traffic

you can contact me at sagysh@vispot.io
or ping me on skype live:a9db55d8bcec6234

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Hi everybody! Are you interested in HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis? We offer you more than 2 b impressions daily for US, UK, CA, AU, DE markets.

Mail: emma@ivemedia.com


MeritDirect is the exclusive list manager for many prestigious publishers such as UBM Tech, 1105 Media, Ziff Davis Media, PennWell Publishing, Forbes, Wolters Kluwer , Martindale-Hubbell and thousands of other focused audiences, all which can be made available to your company for marketing purposes. The data is available for dedicated email deployments, direct mail, telemarketing and digital display, all by job title, geo, industry, product and service interest, company size, etc.

The data can also be used for house file enhancement and clean-up, outright purchasing for inclusion in your CRM tool, one-click download CPL models and a host of other options.

Please let me know if you are interested in a more in-depth proposal as I’d be more than happy to meet and discuss your plans for 2016/2017.

If however you already know what you need (as well as what you have to spend) then simply shoot me back an email and I’ll put together all of your options for you.

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hello guys
we are Affiliate forum and have many networks on our platform we are looking for traffic and we provide offers of any campaign with all GEOS
please contact us for revenue

Skype ID : live:yogita.affpub, affpub
Email : admin@affpub.com

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Hello Dear,
We are from Boluder video.
We want to buy traffic from you.We need Tire1 Geos.
We are using LKQD,Spring Serve,Spotx,Optimatic ,Cedato and Fyber.

If you are interested to sell your video traffic Please contact with me for more details.

Gmail : yeanur.rahman@bouldervideo.media

Skype: yeanur.rahman1

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I'm looking to buy high quality US pop-under/pop-up traffic in any volumes

CPM basis.

All verticals except adult and gambling

If you have some for sale — ping me!

Skype: prem.revcer@outlook.com
Email: prem.revcer@outlook.com

If you want to work — add me on Skype

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Hi Guys,
I'm seeking traffic for my direct CPS offer. High conversion rates and good budget.
Please contact me for more details !

Skype @ vermavaishali50@gmail.com
E-mail @ vaishali.verma@mobipuff.com



We have premium demand from 30+ RTB/DSP partners which are looking for Tier 1 RON display traffic. We work on JS tags only. Please get in touch with me in yash.vertoz and yash.advani@vertoz.com


I am Representing DigitalKlik Media. We Are the First Online Marketing Company in Pakistan. We provide Quality Email Traffic in Tier 1 Eng, Europe Nordics and GCC. We have huge volume of email traffic with complete internal tools of email marketing. We generate our traffic through own sweepstakes campaigns. We are good in Online Gaming, Online Casino Games, Online Lotto, Sports Betting E-Commerce, Education, Agriculture, Heath and etc. Get me in Touch today for more information.
Email: batool@digitalklik.com

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I am Nageena Belong to Digitalklik Media.
we Selling Email Display Pop/up Pop/un Desktop Traffic , in Tier 1 Eng, Europe, Nordics and GCC. We are direct publisher.
pick me on Skype:Nageena@digitalklik.com


We can Merge with each other as a Advertiser and As A Publisher.
So contact me on Skype and email for more business.


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Mybestclick LTD. have a tons of pop under and banner traffic for sale.

-Display, Mobile, In-app, Mobile web, Desktop
- Worldwide volumes
- Ad formats: pop under/ banners
- CPM basis
- 300 MM daily impressions of converting traffic
-Targeting : OS,Browser,GEO, traffic type, category and etc.
- Easy for optimization & transparency

If you have an interest, please contact with me on tanya@mybestclick.net

Thank you,
Tanya Dimitrova
Mybestclick team

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Pop-up/Pop-under traffic needed!

We are looking for HQ Pops traffic.

Direct publishers and ad networks are welcomed.

we work with all verticals except adult & gambling.

payments through paypal , wire , payoneer.

Promo tools: JS code

Skype me - prem.revcer@outlook.com
Email me - prem.revcer@outlook.com

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Hi, Media Buyers!
Are you interested in buying traffic? Models Are CPC/CPM.
- Direct Publishers.
-Have Own DB.
-All Over Verticals.
-Various GEO'S .
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We are advertising network, and looking for working with directly publisher who have websites and high quality traffic.

- We buy Tier 1 geo traffic.
- We have script to place on your website to display banner / popup / popunder and direct link.
- We paying monthly, no minimum.

If you want to discuss, add me on Skype: prem.revcer@outlook.com
Thank you!

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we are offering you Email traffic for UK US AU PT PI FR BR IT MX CA SG SZ IS DK GY FL ZL NL .And All Over VERTICALS,Pick me on Skype:Nageena@digitalklik.com


EDU, Healthcare, Travel, C-level, Technology, Telecom, Consumer, Agriculture, Home Owners, Telephone Numbers and Finance verticals data is available across the globe at affordable cost. For more details visit: http://www.dossiershub.com/

Send your details to: sales@dossiershub.com
Call: +1 305-900-3096

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are you looking for email databases for NORDICS and India ? If so , contact me through skype: idm_julia to discuss further details .

- 50 % rev share before tax
- we don't carry the sendouts of the offers, we only sell the database.


Qulaity Email Traffic If You Want Then We Can Work With Eachother.

Dont Waste Time And Join Me Concern People With Skype And Email.



I am Neelum Representing DigitalKlik Media. First Online and leading Marketing company in Paksitan
We are direct publisher looking for direct advertisers.
We are providing Quality traffic on various GEOs.
We are good enough in Nordics UK US AU CA IT FR ES PL PT MX CH and many more. we are working on different varticals such as Lotto Casino Online Gambling Forex Binary E-Commerce Education Agriculture and many many.
Please reach me out on my email or skype for quick response.

Email: neelum@digitalklik.com
Skype: neelumdigitaklik


we are looking to sell our world wide inventory on cpm basis (Programmattic) Display . For mobile and Desktop if interested please free feel free to contact me allan@mediawhite.com or Skype: allan.mediawhite

Hurry up!

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!! Hurry UP !!


Hi We are looking for partners who can buy our RON Display inventory on CPM bases With Pass backs
You may also test our traffic on Rev Share 70/30 hurry up Q4 is about to end lets make some $$$$$$$

Email : allan@mediawhite.com

Skype: allan.mediawhite



Email Traffic Offers For Your Campaings.
Looking Forward On Skype And Email.



Me Neelum Having Great Opportunities of Email Marketing On CPM CPC base.
Contact Me On Skype And Email.


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I am Khansa from DIGITALKLIK MEDIA.We are watching CPC CPM campaigns for all over world with different verticals.Have own DB work on cpm cpc.
Pick me on Skype ; Khansa@digitalklik.com

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We are looking traffic for Tier 1 GEO. We have all popular verticals (except adult and gambling).

You can withdraw money using the most popular payment services (PayPal,wire )as well as using a bank card or an account. In any favorable currency.
Flexible system of payouts by NET terms.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss our future corporation options !

Best Regards,


Media Buyer- revcer.com,

Skype: prem.revcer@outlook.com

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I am Khansa jabeen working as an Account Manager at DIGITALKLIK MEDIA.We are providing Email traffic and on the based on CPM CPC.
Skype or email:



How are you all . Me have great campaings in various verticlas and Geos on CPM CPC basis.
Please ping me at on my skype and email.