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Request free sample for B2B, Healthcare, Finance, C-level, Real Estate, Telecom, HR, Manufacturing, Technology, EDU, C-level, IT, Construction and many more verticals across the globe.

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Hello,we are looking for HQ traffic for Google chrome extensions CPI
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Ready to work on large volumes!!!!!!!!!!

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EDU, Healthcare, Travel, C-level, Technology, Telecom, Consumer, Real Estate, B2B, Telephone Numbers and Finance verticals data is available across the globe at affordable cost. For more details visit: http://www.dossiershub.com/

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Hi everybody! Are you interested in HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis? We offer you more than 2 b impressions daily for US, UK, CA, AU, DE markets.

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Hey fellow community members,
LoyalCPA is proud member for long time here and our presence in market is continue we paid more than 100k this year to our publishers for their traffic. We have best payout and we can beat any advertiser.

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If you are looking promote CPM+CPA/CPC you need signup 2 separate account for for it.

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Note- publishers/advertiser asking Pre Pay should not contact as this be non resultant contact.
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hi friends, We are Looking for traffic desktop bundle for our software. And the verticals depends.
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I'm looking for HQ Tier 1 regions desktop video traffic

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Hello all.
i am looking to buy desktop pop traffic from direct sites by JS code.
please ping me
Account Manager: Shai Weinreb
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I am selling a very good traffic for appnexus platform :)

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I have International Mailing List from various sectors which will help you to reach targeted customers worldwide. The lists that we provide comes with complete contact information including company name, contact name, contact title, telephone number, verified email address, fax number, revenue size & no. of employees.


Feel free to contact me for a sample.
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I am Jerome from Mobgeek
Is it possible to work with you?
we have WW offers and strongest in EU,AU,US,JP,CA,KR,TW,HK,CN,SG,MY,TH,IN,ID and so on
mobile traffic are welcomed
we work on CPA CPI basis.
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We are looking for publishers who can drive traffic for worldwide on CPM and CPC bases. Looking forward to have functional collaboration.

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I'm looking for HQ Tier 1 regions desktop video traffic

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Hight quality search redirect solution for your search traffic.
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Hello Publisher and advertisers,
Royalrevenue serving affiliate industry since 2011 succesfully,
We were a CPA network since JAN 2017 we added CPC ads in our network too,

CPC ads are paid per click, If you have good traffic on CPC offers start with us, We have lot of great CPC offer , Minimum payment is $5.00 Paid via Paypal
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MeritDirect is the exclusive list manager for many prestigious publishers such as UBM Tech, 1105 Media, Ziff Davis Media, PennWell Publishing, Forbes, Wolters Kluwer , Martindale-Hubbell and thousands of other focused audiences, all which can be made available to your company for marketing purposes. The data is available for dedicated email deployments, direct mail, telemarketing and digital display, all by job title, geo, industry, product and service interest, company size, etc.

The data can also be used for house file enhancement and clean-up, outright purchasing for inclusion in your CRM tool, one-click download CPL models and a host of other options.

Please let me know if you are interested in a more in-depth proposal as I’d be more than happy to meet and discuss your plans for 2016/2017.

If however you already know what you need (as well as what you have to spend) then simply shoot me back an email and I’ll put together all of your options for you.

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Ping me if you can provide it. My Skype: ann.mt.de (Germany Berlin)


Hi there, we are looking for monetization video pre-rolls (small, medium/large, ads up to 30 sec, VPAID compatible) and banners (default sizes), GEO: USA, desktop. Leave your contacts if you are interested



We are looking to buy & sell video ads World Wide traffic, mostly english speaking geo's

Desktop - small, medium, large player, pre-roll

We work on tags (vast,vpaid)

Feel free to ping me on Skype:Manojspikezen
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I have FRESH AND HOT leads for UK AU ES NL SE DK NO FI for list management. I am also looking for direct advertisers to run their campaigns on my database.
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Add me in skype sherwindonald
Need GCC countries, NORDICS, US, UK

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I would like to inform to all that we have fresh and updated email traffic for your email campaign .
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Below is my contact details .
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Hello everyone! MediaConvers (http://login.mediaconvers.com) buy desktop/mobile CPC|CPM based traffic in all GEOs!

please contact Emily Derosa
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I am looking for Casino Gambling Campaigns in AU UK PL NL FI and DE. I have some high converting leads. only direct advertisers no networks. Skype: tanveer50threvenue

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Am selling high performance email traffic available in different countries, we are having our own database which is up to tons of volume, we offering very competitive rates under CPM/CPC basis.

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Sell Traffic: We sell traffic traffic Source youtube
"Need to cooperate with networks with "random app".