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Sharian MathewsSeller

Start Your Email Campaign with Targeted & Customizable Email Lists. Sign Up Now. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Email Marketing Lists. Email Marketing Services. Types: Direct Mailing Lists, Business Mailing Lists, Consumer Mailing Lists, Marketing Lists.

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Sharian MathewsSeller

Explore Our Extensive Database & Create Your Own Targeted Phone Number Lists. 25 Million Businesses. 245 Million Consumers. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Types: Mailing & Email Lists, Business Lists, Consumer Lists, Sales Leads Lists.

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Muhammad TanveerSeller

I have FRESH AND HOT leads for UK AU ES NL SE DK NO FI for list management. I am also looking for direct advertisers to run their campaigns on my database.
Ping me on Skype: tanveer50threvenue

Muhammad TanveerSeller

I am looking for Casino Gambling Campaigns in AU UK PL NL FI and DE. I have some high converting leads. only direct advertisers no networks. Skype: tanveer50threvenue


Scammers Alert !!!!!

A new Scammers in this market so Be Aware from him he got prepaid from me and now he is not replying, name : Mohd Anas. He scammed me with 1000$

I think this is the same person as -
Navema - skype : live:nevenaclaims (scammed me 100 USD)
Hans - skype : live:hans_4292 (scammed me 200 usd)
Ryan Silver : skype ryanassilver (scammed me 700 usd)
InjectInstaller : live:.cid.d958b12a9fefd5db (scammed me 325 USD)
Carry quin : skype live:carry_277 (scammed me 200 USD)
Eunice : skype live:.cid.4f8f4ade70d2280e (scammed me 200 usd)

As you can see here is full of scammers and I advise you to never work with a new person on a prepaid system !

proof -

Oleg BalashoffBuyer

If you are have own traffic sources, please send me message to inclide domai list and stats. We will check out your sites and send you offers convertable with your traffic


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Hand Reared Blue-Eyed Cockatoo for sale
Blue-Eyed Cockatoo for sale, the unusual Blue-Eyed cockatoo is a visually stunning bird, possessed with an adorable character. It goes about its business whilst quietly surveying those around it. Buy Blue-Eyed Cockatoo online. As with all cockatoos, plenty of exercise and ‘enrichment’ of their living environment will go a long way towards achieving a contented bird, be it in the home or aviary. We have been breeding this species since 2009 in here in Denmark. There is a huge popularity surge at the moment, as word spreads of its attractive nature and personality. Cacatua opthalmica for sale.

Learn more about Blue Eyed Cockatoo

At maturity they will average between 45 and 50 centimeters (18-20 inches) in length and weigh between 500 and 570 grams (18 - 20 oz). The Blue-eyed Cockatoos get their name from the blue circles of featherless skin around their eyes.

Smitesh ChaubalBuyer

Hello everyone,
Anyone have push subscription traffic ?
Please feel free to contact me on Skype

Gazi Nurul hasanBuyer

We are a leading adult dating smartlink network. We are looking for good affiliates. We have already thousands of affiliates working regularly.

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Publishers, got lot's of campaigns for you on CPM and CPC mode, pm me for details.. Skype: sherwindonald


Burmese Star Tortoise for sale - The creature neighborhood is definitely absolutely obsessed with varieties that characteristic alluring habits and vibrant colors. It has also been fixated on the rare and vulnerable. One tortoise covers it all and has stayed a sort of “holy grail” in the eyes of fanatics across the globe. The Burmese star tortoise (Geochelone platynota) has undoubtedly reached stardom in terms of recognition and receiving interest from not only keepers, but from conservationists, as well.

The rare Burmese star tortoise is among the most incredible tortoises. The oval shaped carapace (upper shell) measuring 26 cm is seen as a a highly distinctive star or symbolizing pattern. The dark brown to black, domed carapace is marked with up to six symbolizing yellow stripes growing from small, yellow central areas (areolae), creating a star pattern that provides this tortoise its unique appearance. The underside or plastron is yellow with each scute having a dark brown

Goncalo CascaisBuyer

We're looking for UK based SME traffic. We can pay on CPC, CPL, CPM.

Please contact me for more information via email ( Skype (goncalo.marketinvoice) or simply register your details on our dedicated affiliate marketing page

Sahil AnandSeller

Silage Agro (Punjab Silage Private Limited) is well known firm for the best quality Rajpura Silage. Contact today for your order & details.

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Hi Guys!

Looking for Desktop traffic for our great WW PPI campaigns!!
Feel free to send me an email:

See you!!

Ashima ShuklaBuyer


I am buying desktop POP traffic for Worldwide Geo's.
CPM will depend upon your traffic quality our average CPM ranges from $0.30 to $5.

Kindly email me: or skype me: to discuss further.

I hope we can start great business partnership and earn great revenue together.

Kind Regards


xps tile backer board


Hey there!
Are you looking for the traffic? ;)
High quality POP traffic!
-Only verified sources
-fast approve
- no overspend
- support 24/7,
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Need to buy WW traffic and All verticals through open RTB. Using adkernal platform for buying and selling traffic.

Payment type: net45

Contact me on my skype: swetapatelclixconversions

or email me:

Lionel JamesBuyer

I buy a setup for your desktop
I buy installations from USA and Europe.

let's say you made me 50 installations, I paid them to you after they are made and so on.
I need real people, I don't need bots and virtual machines.

you can contact me on Skype: live:.cid.92aba93673134608


Hi bro, I'm looking to buy cheap traffic from tier 1 and tier 2, My target: IOS, Desktop

Price 0.1$ for every 1000 visitor

I'm ready to spend more than 100$ daily

If you have big amount of traffic contact me at
skype: dzaiiirsport

Thanks to you.

Bhagwati PandeyBuyer

Dear Friends,

As the subject says, we are an adnetwork with multiple traffic source, so we buy and sell traffic via XML/JSON, anyone interested connecting and have business to offer, please do connect me on skype.

We can buy and sell at this time, push, pop traffic via, direct link, xml/JSON we are open to work on post pay.

Please rest assured you going to deal with a company in business since 2001 and have very good reputation in partners.

Skype : GAMsupport

Bhagwati Pandey


Buy Macaw parrots online
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We are looking for desktop CPI installations worldwide

My email (

Miguel D. RobinsonBuyer

Hello everyone

We r looking for Desktop bundle installs for worldwide
win8/10 chrome
I have enough budget. daily 1500$.
My .exe has a good CR
I don't accept bot traffic
Only one install per desktop from real users that are validated. No bot or fake installs.
We only buy on PPI basis and need only desktop bundle installs.

I can prepay.Payment method only via BTC

Please only serious people can reach me.
skype : at9357

Dmitrii KiroshkoBuyer


Sergei BuyerBuyer

I buy a lot of Android Pop traffic on auto download file .APK (Advertising application)

GEO: Tir1-2

Write a personal message

Prem MBuyer


I'm looking to buy high quality US pop-under/pop-up traffic in any volumes

CPM basis.

All verticals except adult and gambling

If you have some for sale — ping me!


If you want to work — add me on Skype

Tyrion C. OSeller


How are you today? hope you doing fine.
are you looking for high volume of email traffic? I have available specially for you!.
lets rock your campaign in just a matter of time.
ask me how.

ping me @skype I.D tyron.leadsection

Rajesh KumarSeller

Never ever work with MGID they have world worst traffic. They will tell you they have best traffic sources and will also share fake PDF file or SS or client email SS.
Be Alert with these fraud company !