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98 ads


We are looking for CPA/CPI/CPD/CPL mobile traffic
We have tons of mobile campaigns!
- incent/non incent
- iOS/android
- any GEO
- all verticals

If you are interested in partnership, please ping me:
-skype: GuruMaza1


I buy a lot of Android Pop traffic on auto download file .APK

GEO: Tir1-2-3

Write a personal message

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HEY!!!!!!I'm looking to buy a good traffic for CPI. Skype : Xenia Trafficluster


Attention !! I am looking for High Quality Tech Support Traffic .

I am looking for High Quality Tech Support Traffic to run pops .

Traffic Should be real good .

Geo's - United States & Canada.

Please add me on "Skype - anuj.bhatia81 " If you have good traffic.

I can start from today if the quality is real good .


It's great to contact with you. We are media agency from Bright Era LTD, we want to buy tons of mobile web traffic for ww in high volume on CPM basis( CPM banners). We have many different kinds of offers with very good rate. You need to run the 3rd part and JS tags. If you have this kind of traffic, pls contact me:
Shall we connect on skype and discuss our potential collaboration. Because we could have a quick chat there.
pls ping me: Lancy.Lan66 (skype)
Email: Lancy@brighteraltd.com


MeritDirect is the exclusive list manager for many prestigious publishers such as UBM Tech, 1105 Media, Ziff Davis Media, PennWell Publishing, Forbes, Wolters Kluwer , Martindale-Hubbell and thousands of other focused audiences, all which can be made available to your company for marketing purposes. The data is available for dedicated email deployments, direct mail, telemarketing and digital display, all by job title, geo, industry, product and service interest, company size, etc.

The data can also be used for house file enhancement and clean-up, outright purchasing for inclusion in your CRM tool, one-click download CPL models and a host of other options.

Please let me know if you are interested in a more in-depth proposal as I’d be more than happy to meet and discuss your plans for 2016/2017.

If however you already know what you need (as well as what you have to spend) then simply shoot me back an email and I’ll put together all of your options for you.

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Demand for Huge pop traffic on CPM and Rev Share basis
Lets do some serious business
for better communication please ping me on
skype: arushi.bhatia6 or email me: arushi@xapads.com

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HEy to everyone!
I need mobile carrier traffic

GEOS: see the link

Rates not more that 2$ cpm

Prepay test - 10K

Ping me skype dm_igor


All industry B2B and B2C database is available across the globe at affordable cost. For more details visit: http://www.dossiershub.com/

Send your details to: sales@dossiershub.com
Call: +1 305-900-3096


Hi there, we are looking for monetization video pre-rolls (small, medium/large, ads up to 30 sec, VPAID compatible) and banners (default sizes), GEO: USA, desktop. Leave your contacts if you are interested

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Hello friend, my name is Danying. I am from UC union, Alibaba group.
Now we need mobile traffic from IN, ID, BD, PK and RU.Contact me if you have traffic, we have good offers for you!

Please contact me directly!
Skype: 2023401439@qq.com
Vk: http://vk.com/danyingtania


I work in Business development at Newsmax Media and we have what we call the Feed Network. This is simply a collection of over 2,000 websites that host our advertising units. We have over 16 different advertising units that can go anywhere on your website that you want to monetize. This is a passive revenue opportunity.

message me or email me
Andy Pangerl


Last year Newsmax made over $40 million in email marketing off of our email lists and the 22 we currently manage/represent. We work with over 3,000 advertisers that are made up of health, finance, travel, charities, lifestyle, etc..

Benefits of Partnership
- all advertising is sold on a CPM basis
-we never see any of the names on your list
-the newsmax name is nowhere to be found
-we have over 20 pople on the sales team
-have built great relationships with our 3,000 advertisers over the years
- pay monthly

email me if there is interest apangerl@newsmax.com

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Looking to add more video demand partners using only Streamrail platform for IA traffic.
For more info please send email: nir.k@integral-marketing.com

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Do you need traffic for your email campaigns? We have high quality leads waiting for you.

Send me your offers for the following geos:

UK - FR - AU - ES - PL - IT - BE - DE - NL

Feel free to add me on skype: miquel.garcia86

Or send me an email with your campaigns and payouts to:



Miguel Garcia



We have traffic from around the world and for all vertical. We have partnered with over 10,000 direct publishers.

Except : Adult and sensitive content

These are direct partnerships with premium quality traffic.

We are looking for high paying advertisers for Video, Display, mobile and in APP on CPM basis.

If this fits your bill please get in touch with me right away.

Let me know if you are interested, I'm available on Skype: yash.vertoz


Yash Advani
Manager - Publisher Partnerships
Skp : Yash.Vertoz
+1 (415) 300 4333 ext 6097


Hello !

We are seaking for Video demand from Brazil !

We have access to 40MM daily premiun video impressions.

Looking forward your offers !

Best Regards

skype: santim84


Looking for Brazilian CPA/CPL/CPM/ Networks / offers.

Got HQ Brazil email traffic - Need campaigns!


Hi We are looking for partners who can buy our RON Display inventory on CPM bases With Pass backs
You may also test our traffic on Rev Share 70/30 hurry up Q4 is about to end lets make some $$$$$$$

Email : allan@mediawhite.com

Skype: allan.mediawhite

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Need qaulity database to promote your offer?
Strong geos are NORDICS UK US CA AU IT BE NL!
Skype: legendarypaprika
Direct email ali@legendarypaprika.com



we want to buy tons of mobile web traffic for ww with high volume on CPM basis, you need to work with the 3rd party and JS tags. We have many different kinds of offers and good rate. If you can help us with this, pls feel free to contact me:
pls ping me: 1666940885@qq.com (skype)
Email: June@brighteraltd.com

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Hello everyone! MediaConvers (http://login.mediaconvers.com) buy desktop/mobile CPC|CPM based traffic in all GEOs!

please contact Emily Derosa
Skype: mediaemily
Email: emily@mediaconvers.com

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Hey Guys
I hope this email finds you well. My name is Andrei and I am representing Adnow.com, an international advertising network whose aim is to increase your online business.
I am writing this e-mail to present a great partnership offer.
Adnow Self-service platform is at the highest market standard and now it's ready to drive traffic for you! (CPC/CPM)
You can reach:
- 107 countries
- Desktop and mobile
- 900 mil users per month
- 6 billion views per month
- 150K partners worldwide
Target audience by:
- Device
- OS
- Carrier
- Re-targeting
⦁ Manage campaign in your account, get instant advice from our local language support team.
⦁ You can start it with as little as 0.01$.
Should this be of interest to you,please get in touch!I am looking further of hearing from you

Andrei Vatca
Regional Sales Manager
AdNow Limited Liability Partnership
a: UK, London, Las Suite, 5 Percy Street
email: a.vatca@adv.adnow.com
s: andrei_adnow@hotmail.com

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I have accounts rental ads, it can spend max 5k$ per day, good service for CLOAKING your campaign on Facebook /Google.

* Account is especially suitable for businesses with links through Internet Marketing, skincare, nutra, weigh loss, traffic ...
If you do not know how to set up campaign and cloak for Google, I will support you.

*If you really need my account. Hit me up
add sky me: ninavu88 or hangbom.88

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We're looking for UK based SME traffic. We can pay on CPC, CPL, CPM.

Please contact me for more information via email (g.cascais@marketinvoice.com). Skype (goncalo.marketinvoice) or simply register your details on our dedicated affiliate marketing page www.marketinvoice.com/affiliates).

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Iam Buying huge volumes of Display banner traffic on CPM Basis. we have good brandsafe campaigns with great fill rate
Lets connect together for better business
ping me on skype: arushi.bhatia6
email me: arushi@xapads.com

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I'm looking for GAMING mobile web,InApp and desktop video inventory in (AU,US,UK) for on of our direct advertisers. The supply source must support LKQD Adtags. If you have inventory with these characteristics please contact me ASAP by email or: skype iviegener@sonital.com

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Hi Everyone,

We are looking to buy display traffic with bulk daily volumes, with good payout on CPM basis.

WW Geo's required, Kindly let me know if you have the traffic.

Email: ashima@xapads.com
Skype: ashimashukla.as



Need email traffic for NORDICS... PM me in skype. sherwindonald


we are looking to sell our world wide inventory on cpm basis (Programmattic) Display . For mobile and Desktop if interested please free feel free to contact me allan@mediawhite.com or Skype: allan.mediawhite

Hurry up!