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Janel FieldsSeller

sell the cheapest installation.

All I need from you is a link to statistics and a link to your file.

price for Europe 0.35$
price for ww 0.04$

Minimum order 500 installations.

Write to the contact.
skype: live:.cid.322877202d1f671

Telegramm @installhost

Lionel JamesBuyer

I buy a setup for your desktop
I buy installations from USA and Europe.

let's say you made me 50 installations, I paid them to you after they are made and so on.
I need real people, I don't need bots and virtual machines.

you can contact me on Skype: live:.cid.92aba93673134608


Scammers Alert !!!!!

A new Scammers in this market so Be Aware from him he got prepaid from me and now he is not replying, name : Mohd Anas. He scammed me with 1000$

I think this is the same person as -
Navema - skype : live:nevenaclaims (scammed me 100 USD)
Hans - skype : live:hans_4292 (scammed me 200 usd)
Ryan Silver : skype ryanassilver (scammed me 700 usd)
InjectInstaller : live:.cid.d958b12a9fefd5db (scammed me 325 USD)
Carry quin : skype live:carry_277 (scammed me 200 USD)
Eunice : skype live:.cid.4f8f4ade70d2280e (scammed me 200 usd)

As you can see here is full of scammers and I advise you to never work with a new person on a prepaid system !

proof -


We looking YOU traffic!
We interested direct publishers or webmasters
I have good system antibot and antiVM. Fraud traffic - don`t interested.
I have more offer also has its own downloader for CPI model.
If you interested - add me in Skype live:alexdobrian

Vashoot VashootBuyer

Please signup to our affiliate network
Grab any offer that you want, and receive NET 7 payments

Lionel JamesSeller

SKYPE - live:.cid.1d4e5715cae613e1 SCAMMERS

Dmitrii KiroshkoBuyer


Chandan BindSeller

Hey Folks,

We have inventory for CPC and Video view campaign if any one need traffic so lets connect over skype

Skype id: bindchand95



We have WW converting traffic available...
contact me on Skype live:support_71810

Alexander BuzzBuyer

I am looking for PUSH notifications, Native ads, POP ads, Zero-click ads, PV TOS traffic. The conversions are required.
Top countries by demand: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Qatar, New Zealand, Spain, Austria.
We support JS tag, XML/JSON feeds, open RTB version 2.3 and higher.
Geat direct campaigns (from our DSP platform) to buy on specifics GEOS and carriers!

DirectRTX TeamBuyer


We accept all types of traffic from all sources - including proxies, adult traffic, toolbars, etc.

What makes us different? We're a "what you see is what you get" network. When we buy your traffic, the amount we pay is guaranteed.

We never adjust your earnings based upon quality and never suspend accounts for the types of traffic they send.

If we can't purchase your traffic, we'll simply send it to your fallback URL. Payments are sent on a NET-30 basis via PayPal.

All accounts are automatically approved. Direct links are provided for you to send traffic to.

Miguel D. RobinsonBuyer

Hello everyone

We r looking for Desktop bundle installs for worldwide
win8/10 chrome
I have enough budget. daily 1500$.
My .exe has a good CR
I don't accept bot traffic
Only one install per desktop from real users that are validated. No bot or fake installs.
We only buy on PPI basis and need only desktop bundle installs.

I can prepay.Payment method only via BTC

Please only serious people can reach me.
skype : at9357


I need VAST/VPAID traffic. I will pay 0.30-0.50$ per cpm maximum. Target is worldwide.

Please send me the personal message and leave your skype id if possible.


Great revshare add me on skype jonman123lol

richard michaelBuyer

this is my website im looking someone can display hus/her ads to my site


HQ Video Traffic available
100 % CTR and Fill Rate
Accept XML< Vapid<Vast Tags

lest connect via skype : live:.cid.5ef0cbbc58825dc4


Hi We are looking for partners who can buy our RON Display inventory on CPM bases With Pass backs
You may also test our traffic on Rev Share 70/30 hurry up Q4 is about to end lets make some $$$$$$$

Email :

Skype: allan.mediawhite

Anatoliy LabinskiySeller

We have own worldwide campaigns.
Looking for high-quality offers based on CPA, CPL, CPS, Rev Share models.

Neel DolasSeller

Hello Everyone,
Are you looking for quality traffic for your offers on CPM and CPC basis . We can help you with POP, Adult, Converting PV/TOS, Premium sources

contact me via Skype:-live:neel.dolas
email -

Orlando CesareSeller

This person cheated, took prepament for an advertising campaign, which, of course, did not start. Be careful!
His corporate mail was checked (we sent a message there and he read it), so I can conclude that the company ( is also scam.

Robert Barnhill ( - SCAM

E-mails: (checked) profile here:

Skype: i.robert25

Payment data:
PayPal -
Acc. Holder Name - Abdul Azeem
Bank Name - State Bank of India
ACC. NO. - 35870532218

Mike TofanSeller

Hi Dear,

We’ve global reach in terms of traffic and coverage and our inventory is bifurcated across all major verticals (Mobile Web, Desktop, In-App).

Currently we are looking to integrate with DSP partners to sell traffic via oRTB:
- Banner
- Native
- Push

Please contact me for further discussion of cooperation:
Skype: live:mike_43509


I sell installs extension fiirefox
Any time use my landings
You give me your xpi - i send installs

David SSeller

Blueberryaffs is looking for more offers for Q4!!!

Top Geos are Nordics, GCC, UK, FR, BE, DE, AUS, ZA, NZ, NL, CA, IT, PL, US, PT, SG

Top verticals are the following; finance - forex - crypto - dating - adult - cams - porn - mainstream - sweepstakes - utilities - gaming - loan - gambling - sports

Let's talk business over skype: live:admin_184338 or email

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Ashima ShuklaBuyer


I am buying desktop POP traffic for Worldwide Geo's.
CPM will depend upon your traffic quality our average CPM ranges from $0.30 to $5.

Kindly email me: or skype me: to discuss further.

I hope we can start great business partnership and earn great revenue together.

Kind Regards


I am looking for quality traffic for a wide range of offers. Focus on CPI branded app installs but have some great 1 click and pin submits too. jason.bergatt


Buy Mobile Ogranic Traffic, any kind of traffic, especially search traffic.

ping me : jeff.hsu.bpo

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need your traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39 or via email

Thomas ClarkBuyer

I need real live traffic to my link. Need to go to the site or clicks. It is necessary that there are no bots and virtual machines, only good traffic of living people.

Forgive me not to bother me if you cannot do a minimum free test of your traffic for free or for a minimum amount.

I govt redeem good traffic constantly and a lot. My budget can go as high as $ 500 per day.

Contact me on Skype. flagid.co_suc8m

Smitesh ChaubalBuyer

Hello everyone,
Anyone have push subscription traffic ?
Please feel free to contact me on Skype

Antonio RosBuyer

We can provide:

-Weekly payments.
-Best CPM rates.

Geos: WW
Just Pop Up/Under.

.Payment is on request with minimum withdrawal of $10.

Let's cooperate!

Skype: live:dff8a22f5d82f3db