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Hi all,

Im looking for emailing campaigns on CPC and CPM for NORDICS.

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Hello! Hashing24 bitcoin cloud mining company which is one of the current cloud mining leaders on the market is looking for a relevant traffic. No restrictions in regards to GEO, platform, sources etc.
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Hello, I am looking for 100K UK/IT forex leads on 30 days basis. If you can provide this kind of leads, please contact me at ferdy.sucre@gmail.com

If you will deliver quality leads our cooperation will be on long-term basis.

Thanks to all for your attention

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Do you have FX & Investor leads?

I buy RAW/COLD DB's and lists.

English speaking GEOs is a must.

Connect with me if you are a serious seller, no time-wasters or mobile traffic offers please.

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Hi there,

I am looking for non-incentive quality traffic for our work spaces rental platform. worktel.com / worktel.co.uk

Pls indicate cost on basis you could provide + max. volumes and traffic origin.

Payout is negotiable, bugdet is Open. Dates to confirm. Geo: ESP/GB

Any questions, dont hesitate to ask me!

Many thanks,

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PPC Lead Generation
Paid Traffic (google adwords/Facebook).
Search engine, Native, Media

CPA/CPL (Prepayments only)

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Lets cut straight to it, here is the brand www.platinumtradingacademy.com we provide forex education to english speakers globally and would like to find lead providers who can match our demand to find people who are interested in forex education.

The problem: I am having problems finding providers who can back up their claims of great data by providing a test or sample before any money spend.

Solution: Show me that your data works, If the data is that good what's to hide?

The Deal : We can set-up long-term relationships which suit both sides financially. With the caveat that you are helping these people in achieving a proper trading education, so a win win all around on the karma scale :-)

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Hi all
I am looking for serious affiliates that can bring serious and honest traffic.
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Just as the title says really .
Im looking for all sorts of traffic of french speaking people .
PM me here your offers - thanks

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We can generate a lot of dedicated Forex, Binary
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Hi everyone,

We are looking for CPL/CPA/CPM traffic.
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im looking to close deals CPL/CPA on DIAMONDS FR
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looking for Forex traffic for the specific geos tagged -

Very competitive CPA - ONLY CPA
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I am looking for email marketed investment leads specifically for film investment.
Looking to start a campaign immediately and will pay CPL!

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60+ Email lists on CPM basis

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Newsmax Media Inc
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We are looking for GCC investors CPL, no prepayments

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Looking for CPC campaign - New Zealand
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for online lottery brand.
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HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!
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Hi I want up to date data for investors who either are property investors or EIS investors, only UK data please, let me know


We are looking to sell investment property leads for Australian metro capital city

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Skype: Yigal@internovus
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We're buying high volumes of HQ traffic on CPL
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What we're looking for is:

# GEOs: AU, ZA, IN, MY & GCC (EN speaking)

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Hey guys,

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Looking for someone who will send my offer using his Email database
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If u have some database for sale, not interested, a lot of froud....

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