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Financial Partners Marketing FPM.globalSeller

We ( are looking for strong affiliates to drive traffic to our exclusive Forex and Crypto offers.

Best CR and payouts on the market.

CPA - up to 1200 usd
Revenue Share plan - up to 50% - Test your traffic and start earning today!


looking for database depositors forex geos German speaking and Sweden

skype : live:f1eb80f77687b1e1

Aven GerseSeller

UK, DE, Spain, China, GCC forex leads database available. Good quality leads with name, email, phone number. HIgh conversion rates. payments bitcoin only. 100, 1000, 3000 packages offered. First come, first serve. skype: trmotomototr

Alex WalkerBuyer

I'm Alex, media buyer looking for a quality FX/Crypto traffic for trader offers we own exclusively. I look forward to a long-term business relationship. Let me know if you have some FX/Crypto traffic available, preferably with an information in what countries, what volumes and average prices.

We will be also interested in display soon.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me:live:.cid.9c0f3aa822cf63


Hi all,

I need Crypto,forex,or investors HQ leads to buy only those GEO LOCATIONS.
VERY HIGH PRIORITY : Germany,Austria

If you have HQ Leads for sale contact me :

Johanna ZaouiBuyer

Looking for traffic from different sources.
Vertical: Finance - Crypto - Forex
Skype: live:johanna_3657

Goncalo CascaisBuyer

We're looking for UK based SME traffic. We can pay on CPC, CPL, CPM.

Please contact me for more information via email ( Skype (goncalo.marketinvoice) or simply register your details on our dedicated affiliate marketing page

Andrew MorreSeller

Sell huge database with miners & hardware buyers
Europe , Asia , US , Nordic , WW
PM me or email

Chris TonevSeller

We promote your brand to users interested in FINANCE, News and Trading.

Thousands of followers on our channels.

Leads Ready for Sales Call Closing

Very High Player VALUE

Contact us for more details:



Not scammers !! I want traffic for my website. My website just make reviews for binary options and signals providers.

Aven GerseSeller

UK forex leads for sale. Active traders. Name, email, tel no. Great conversion.
5000 leads for £2500
3000 leads £1500
1000 leads for £750

Realpush FZE LLCSeller

🚀 Exclusive partnership opportunity with one of the leading push notification networks for those who want to change the native industry with us!

❓Why Realpush?

💰 We serve over 1.5 billion impressions of push notifications daily worldwide. Exclusive super-quality audience. That is all our direct user base which is made by our publishers
✈️ Realpush is fully self-developed platform

🏁 Please, add us in skype or send a request by email: , Skype live:stan_3225, live:vesta_155

Martha GilBuyer

We have a great reach and a trajectory of almost 5 years in the admediatex market. It is a cpm advertising network with agreed upon payment modalities for each client, we focus on giving the best performance for both advertisers and publishers.

Our website registration for publishers is:

Payments: Daily 24 Horus.
Paypal and Bitcoin.
Skype business: admediatex

If we accept ad network cpm small, they should only register equally and send request of the domain where they will execute the ads.

Admediatex provided formats:
Banners JS (JavaScripts) CPM
Popunder CPM
Direct Link CPM.
Accept Worldwide Traffic.
High Rates and Live Stats.

Alen ŽlimenSeller

I am selling social media traffic from all over the world on my own high traffic website with many visits and visitors per day. It is real organic and active traffic.

My website is about making money with real legit online business sites and with crypto currency and we have there our own proof of sites that really paying earnings. Also we have our tips and tricks how to earn more money as we love to help other succeed.

Alessia RojasSeller

Hello Guys ,
We have the best Bundle Installations traffic in market.

Ping me if you need .
Here is skype id :

Thank you .

AffGuru Traffic MarketplaceBuyer is a meeting point between advertisers and affiliates, where the advertisers can buy and the affiliates can sell. Are you an Online Platform and you need traffic, leads and new customers? Explore the Traffic Marketplace and discover the offers posted by the Publishers and Affiliates. Are you a Publisher or Affiliate? Explore the Affiliate Programs posted by the Advertisers. None of the available offers meets your needs or requirements? You are free to create and post your own campaign.

Erik IsraelSeller

KN 95, disposable 3ply face mask, Full body gown and goggles? Buyer LEADS and CALLS available in: UK CN UK IT ES FR DE PL SE SW IE etc...

We can deliver bulk buyers to your company today! Sellout your KN 95, disposable 3ply face mask, Full body gown and goggles within a day, save a life today

Direct Calls and Leads available at affordable price.


Have you heard of priorityrecovery,org? They can help you recover money you lost trading binary options. Although it originated from Israel, it is global now and a lot of people in different countries like America and UK now sell binary option fraudulently. If you lost money trading binary option, priorityrecovery,org can help you get it back.


.we have real High quality PPI traffic.
We are looking for genuine PPI offers for distribution on our network.
If you have serious product with Good website, monetization method etc then reach me through skype for discussing possibilities.

Following product owners are welcome: Software, game, media, extensions.

Payment terms: Pre-payment
Minimum amount to start: $100

Requirements: Should be Registered company with Real product and with real monetization etc.
And if you have clean offer , no ransomware , money stealer , virus
We can distribute it on a very high scale and can give very high amount of traffic with a very high CR
so if you have clean product reach me on skype



We generate leads by ourselves and sell to top brands in the regulated and unregulated forex and crypto market (currently we have the ability to sell up to 60-80 FTDs per day). Our traffic sources are rating sites displays and crypto forums displays.
English speaking (native speaker) for call centers including Britain, Switzerland and Nordics.
German speaking (native speaker) for call centers including Germany and Austria
We have average CR in DE 25%, CH 29% , UK 14% and T1 EU 12.5%
LTV over 5k EUR. Our minimum FTD is 250€
We are looking for high Converting partners !
payment terms: NET 7 BTC (no prepayment required). feel free to add me on Skype live: .cid.ccf3556cec4c0a42


Data Leads Available at a very cheap price!

High Conversion
High Connectivity
Double Payout

26+ geo available for release

message me on skype live:calebporter42

Leon SoufirSeller


#Forex / #Crypto / #CFD / #Insurance / #investments / #Loans / #FTDS

-Our funnles include:
#Banner Overlay ads
#Banner (Whitespace / Injection)
#Desktop Ads ("Push")
#Native Ads


Skype: Live:serleon_2

Alex WalkerBuyer

Looking for CPA traffic!
Do you have FX/Crypto traffic WW? Please feel free to ping me on Skype live:.cid.9c0f3aa822cf63

Mike BernardBuyer

Hi There!

Conditions are the follow:

- Need BUY 5-10K daily TIER 1. GOOD QUALITY installs ppi / cpi
- No scam, our advance platform will track duplicate IP,s or VM , dont waste our time pl

- Payment terms : daily after installs bring x you. we can discuss pre paid but NOT ON FIRST TEST

Please to refrain dealers only direct publisher NO scammers only real installs

The messages that dont fulfill these requirements will be DELETED

////please read carefully all requirements ////

for more info skype me : .live:.cid.9dc0d72a054b82d0


stefania speroniBuyer

Looking for traffic (Women over 30 years old) Latam, US, UK.
CPL (emailing, display, pop).

Leads - WorldSeller

HOT traffic in these verticals: Gambling, Casino, Forex, Crypto, and Adults
Our sources: Display, Social, pop up/under, email, Push
We provide traffic from more than 150 GEO's and in 10+ languages.
Skype: live:.cid.ded9c1f901f10aa7

Tom BoogleadsSeller

Representing more than ten years of experience working inside the Finance and Forex sector, Boogleads offers an exceptional approach to marketing and advertising that is both cost-efficient and effective. Our "insider" knowledge of the digital media sector, combined with our well-trained sales team collaborative approach to multiple market media, enables Boogleads to deliver superior, cost-effective Forex and Crypto traffic.

With a collaborative approach to multiple market media, our Forex lead generation services focus on people, processes and technology and ultimately ensure that our brokers receive the most out of their marketing investment. We believe an effective ad campaign can be successful no matter the size of the canvas. This approach allows us to keep both our costs down and ensures an attractive advertising alternative to any client.
FEEL free to add me on Skype
to proceed :live:.cid.a66d62325b65f712

Forex Leads Factory Ltd.Seller


SKYPE ME : live:.cid.d8e1a8fc725a2c7a

Sagar SikarwarBuyer

Hello Guys,
We are looking for Email traffic for our CPL and CPC campaigns, Do not hesitate to contact me if you can help us with the same, You can find me on Skype by the name sagars.clickcabin or drop me an email on and

Nit NatimphBuyer

hello Every one, I am looking to Buy financial database from forex and binary, crypto, Investors database, Do let me know if you have files of these verticals, looking database from 2018 in bulk. as we are a data company, we have tons of millions of records, so any one interested, we would be, just checking with the duplicates and bad numbers for test initially. and what ever is unique records found in your database which we dont have, u would be paid for that.

we have suppliers daily supplying database to us so if any old financial database is just kept with you in your email and hard disk then do get in touch with us now. we would pay you for your unique database which is not duplicate.

only genuine Suppliers who have good database as we are looking for long term business here.

Do get in touch on skype : live:nitnatimph
God Bless