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Arik MoyalBuyer

Hi Guys

I'm looking for registered records 24hr - 7days
Cross fresh traffic,

DE, CH, Nordic, UK, IE, PT,

so if you can get me fresh records as I mansion
I like to check your product.

If you don't have few days leads, let me know what you can have for my needs and we can talk.

Please Note
without a test I can not go ahead I will need around 25 leads for testing and is it ok
I will make an order and we can reduce the test from my order.

If you have that product and can provide a test
we can go ahead.

I can work on CPL prepay
CPA Post pays a weekly payout every Wednesday.

Send me a message here with info
if we are ok here we can pass to another channel.

Daniela MilesSeller

Hi All broker And net biz.
Im offer full POSTPAY live mix traffic for crypto and forex brokers.

if you are broker i can send you traffic on API
i have ES, , PT, BR, LATAM

FOR START I CAN SEND LOW cap on one of the GEOs i have available,

you need to pay daily or weekly is not an issue.

if you wish to increase Volume we will discuss
after we start.


Traffic MonstrioSeller

Hey friends
If you are looking for quality traffic and want to check me out before you pay on a few 1-2 FTDs POSTPAY.
Feel free to contact me if you are a broker or a networker in the financial field MARKET only.

I have a great traffic High-quality conversion Rate
to offer you in several popular countries in the world.

Good Rate on exclusive GEOS. CR 5% - 11%
PT 750, ES 900, UK 1100, SE 1300 , IT 1100

Feel free to send me a message and for a quick response I recommend contacting me on


Martha GilBuyer

We have a great reach and a trajectory of almost 5 years in the admediatex market. It is a cpm advertising network with agreed upon payment modalities for each client, we focus on giving the best performance for both advertisers and publishers.

Our website registration for publishers is:

Payments: Daily 24 Horus.
Paypal and Bitcoin.
Skype business: admediatex

If we accept ad network cpm small, they should only register equally and send request of the domain where they will execute the ads.

Admediatex provided formats:
Banners JS (JavaScripts) CPM
Popunder CPM
Direct Link CPM.
Accept Worldwide Traffic.
High Rates and Live Stats.

Plan B ForexBuyer

Forex Call centers and IB's with substantial client portfolio looking for a P & L (Profit and loss) commission structure, and also Rebates cum P & L commissions, i can help with a very good deal.

We can offer a robust PAMM platform to your investors/clients that will generate really good profits for you as well as your client.

Skype - bhagesh.nair

Alexa DruzdinaSeller

Hello, we are searching for Ad Network (Native, Banner, In-page Push) !
We are also looking for Video Ads and Search Feed!
If you have solutions, please contact me in telegram - @pandadnet
skype - live:.cid.131a40beaf809f99


Hello looking for, Ru speakers database, GEO: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. For Eng Speakers, UK, Ireland, Canada.

Aliya RichardsSeller

Hi all,

We have a good volume of traffic sources for all types of campaigns, if you have any online advertising campaign we can help you to increase revenue & CR.

We are able to target all type users & verticals.

Let me know if you have any demand.

Skype live:.cid.3aa54117ffe12ecd

Kate FrattingerSeller

If you are looking for profitable and qualified forex /crypto leads for your bussiness, we can help you providing them.
There are a lot of english, german, spanish desks makes money using our traffic every month.

We have several categories of leads:
- depositors (they have expirience in trading);
- recovery leads (the lost money in scam);
- leads that interested in earning money throght the internet (webinar visitors, downloaded courses).

Countries: UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Netherland, Denmark, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand.

Write me via Telegram and we will discuss all the questions:

Adam FisherSeller

Are you a Broker Or Network?
Looking For CPA Traffic? worldwide?
PostPay Model or Small prepay?
if yes we can help with the best market prices and great payment terms. 

we holding great CR traffic with fantastic results and best market prices specialize on. 

PL, ES, UK, DE, NL, DE, CH, SE, NL, SK, AU, SG, HK, MYPE, MX, CO, BR, CL, ZA, CA, NZ, RU, TR, GCC, And Much More GEOs. 

we offering exclusive, non-exclusive traffic if you looking to have good CAPs we can help you out. 

- CR FROM 3% - 15%
- Full Support team and Dedicated agent.
- High CAP for good CR partners.
- Multi Geos APPLY for good CR partners.

Please Note


Postpay terms for brokers and networks
for more info, contact me today.

For More info Skype me on.


Hi All.

Are you looking for good LIVES leads,
our IN - HOUSE performance Team CAN HELP YOU.

We are specialized in the GEOs

ITALY - CR 9% CAP 50-100 Daily, Cost 1100$
SPAIN - CR 11% CAP 25-50 Daily, Cost 900$
POLAND - CR 12% CAP 35-70 Daily, Cost 800$
TURKEY - CR 4% CAP 75-150 Daily, Cost 550$
LATAM - CR 2% CAP 150-500 Daily, Cost 650$
*EC, GT, PE, MX, CO, PA.
SMALL CAP Available for Pre-order.

We don't work With other GEOs on Lives.

We serve NETWORK Base on exchange traffic only.
we do not send Live Traffic to non-brokers without traffic in return Or Prepay with CR.

Brokers Direct API are welcome for free Tests.
we asking for BTC Payments ONLY.
Daily After we can discuss to Weekly NP.

After Testing we asking X5 FTD Per GEO.
We do not change GEO on the same budget.

Only Serious Partners.

MORE Traffic Options.

Leads Center Martin OlesenSeller

Finance - Crypto, Forex, CFD's - Depositors/traders/huge Data inventory
Traffic Model: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC
sources: Display, Native, Push, Pop, Email and social media.
available languages: EN, AR, RU, DE, ES, IT and more
skype -


I have forex leads (Call center and Europe geos), if you are interested let me know.

Thomas GautierSeller

We deliver HQ Traffic for Forex/Crypto Offers almost worldwide in most of the languages.

The leads will be sent to:
- your landing pages (S2S / postback pixel implementation required)
- via API through our pre-landers and landing pages

For additional information:
- email:
- skype: live:.cid.f9043df1024d6b22

Ben ParkSeller

Private network-Looking to sell bundle traffic requires new product-Long-term Advertisers We have Simple bundling with anti-Installer, and private publisher's

MainWhile- Has started looking for new coming offers for our installer, as we private network we never find more offers for our installer but as of now looking to the things we have very good traffic so we wanna scale up with a new offer's and test how it comes out

need clean and good advertisers for starting - we move with smaller deposits - go up to net terms

Contact Details.
Skype: live:benvpark
Email Address:
Contact Support:-



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Aman GuptaSeller

We're looking for direct advertisers who are work on cost per lead valid basis for forex basis.
My skype- aman.gupta764

Ben ParkSeller

We are looking to sell PPI desktop bundle traffic , We have our own installer, we are private network that offers long term potential partnership,
⚈Only Direct advertisers wanted
⚈Need clean and good advertisers for starting - We ⚈move with smaller deposits - go up to net terms ;
↪Connect On Skype\- live:benvpark
↪Email Us \-


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The email database produced by Lake B2B will have a collection of targeted email lists based on your requirement. We collect email addresses from trusted sources to ensure we focus on apt audiences for you. To get a targeted email list you just have to fill the query form to let us know about your requirements and we will present the updated and accurate email list for you.

Visit us:

Call us : (800) 710-5516

Email Us:

Ulrich MaierrSeller

Do you work for door dash,postmates or uber eats and your looking for another source of income doing the same thing?

Come join us in the joy of joi Delivers Driver's wanted
complete the application

Roberto CSeller

Dear Partner.
Check my NEW OFFER !!!

we holding millions of fx & Crypto TRAFFIC records worldwide.
we able to send you up to 1000 leads a day per GEO.
Our traffic is from 2 months - 12 months old.

If you use any dialer or click to call, we can help.

- we don't asking any prepay on our leads, WEEKLY
- 100% free API integration ON US.
- worldwide covering Lists to feed your call center.

so if you know how to works on colder leads,
you are more than welcome to contact me and start getting leads TODAY.

Payout via BTC every next Monday.
X 1 Geo for testing my traffic
up to 500 leads per 1 FTDs or we close traffic

Like to give it a try?
contact me on my personal skype today.



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Ulrich MaierrSeller

Minimum 620+ Credit To Qualify. Investor Fix & Flip Funding. Up to 90% Of Purchase & 100% Of Rehab. Max loan amount up to 75% of After Repair Value. Single family and 2-4 units. Condo’s and townhomes OK. No Income Verified. No Employment Verified. Investor Loans from $50,000.00 to $2,000,000.00. Fast Closings. No prepayment penalty. 24 hour prequalification WITH NO CREDIT PULL. Apply online at


HI good day we are looking for french speakers from quebec and france
for quebec we are looking for this particular area code
please note that samples leads are obliged before any deal
we are looking for long term
we are looking for someone that provide 1 million leads per week or more
contact directly on my skype

Ulrich MaierrSeller

As you’re well aware, short term loans for businesses and individuals who find themselves with a sudden cash flow issue carry very high interest rates. But did you know you can be a short term lender and make huge profits, here are some examples:

Short-term loans for individuals
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$100.00 for 60 days earn $45.60
$100.00 for 90 days earn $81.90
$500.00 for 60 days earn $228.00
$500.00 for 90 days earn $409.50
$1,000.00 for 60 days earn $456.00
$1,000.00 for 90 days earn $819.00
$2,500.00 for 60 days earn $1,140.00
$2,500.00 for 90 days earn $2,047.50

Bigger profits on short-term loans for business, for examples:
$10.00 for 150 days earn $16.65
$100.00 for 150 days earn $166.50
$500.00 for 150 days earn $832.50
$1,000.00 for 150 days earn $1,665.00
$5,000.00 for 150 days earn $8,325.00

Start now by lending $10.00...

Get in touch for more info

Ulrich MaierrSeller

Easy Way to Make Passport Size Photos or Visa Photos Online. Get photos delivered by post next day which interested in please visited :

Max JrBuyer

I am a Media Manager at an online investment company,
Our company is a regulated global Investments brokerage. We specialize in global fiscal markets – offering the best possible environment for financial trading. These include advanced tools and stellar customer support, so that our customers can trade CFD with the assurance and success of a market leader.

We would like to partner with you to promote our brand.

Let me know when it is a good time for you to discuss our potential partnership.

Thanks ,

Max R.

Skype: live:.cid.b23a0cb12e833e65

Priya JakhariyaBuyer

Attention! Admozart Inc has unlimited budget to spend!

Looking for huge volumes Of POP and Push traffic, both Mobile and Desktop via XML links/ Direct Links.

Feel free to reach me via Skype for more details. Skype ID: live:priya.jakhariya