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192 ads

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Skype: Yigal@internovus
Email : yigal.c@internovus.com

We're looking for high volumes of HQ traffic on CPL
to promote our direct exclusive Forex offers with Unlimited budget and high payouts for long term partnerships.

What we're looking for is:
# GEOs: AU, ZA, MY & GCC (EN speaking)
# Ad Formats: Desktop and Mobile : Banners, Pops
& Email Marketing

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Pm me for more info
If you have quality traffic -
We have big budget
We have available API
Amazing sales team and high CR%

Email me - marketing@fulloptionstrade.com
Or skype - live:fulloptionstrade

CPA only . thanks

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Hi everyone!

We are looking for traffic for the following verticals: casino, gambling, Forex, binary, investing, and finance.

Our prior geos are: US, FR, TR, DE, CN, RU, KZ.
We can offer creatives for all types of traffic.

Please contact me with your offers:
Skype: nextadnet
Email: artem.s@nextadnet.com

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I am looking for additional publishers with financial traffic (Ideal Demo: Males, 40+, High HHI, Interested in Stocks, Investing and Retirement), or partners who own financial related sites and blogs. We own numerous financial newsletters and are always looking to bring on new quality traffic partners. We have standard lead gen and CPA/CPS offers available, so hit me up if this is something you can assist with.

In addition to traffic, send me all the financial offers you have that we could possibly run for you...

Skype: adamscotthoyt
em: adam@surefiremediagroup.com

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Dear members,

We are urgently looking for Tech traffic for US & UK for display mobile.

These podcasts are tech based, talking about the present and the future of technology. We want to target CTOs, CEOs, tech enthusiasts, etc...

So let me know the possibility on same....share sitelist and rates as well.


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We are buying desktop pop & display traffic on CPM basis for Tier 1 geos. Please contact me for more info.Add me on Sky pe: prem.revcer@outlook.com.
we work on net term with fixed CPM or rev share for pop and only rev share with net term for display traffic.

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Direct and best binary offers in the market - highly convertible and best payouts ever :)

CONTACT - victorbanerjee@adsmarkets.com

or skype me at live:d6ce1e7ef9746a7a


Thumb e7d5dede17283ee3Seller

we are one of the biggest financial sites on the web: ADVFN.com & Investorshub.com. We generate over 21-million unique investors to our site per month globally. ADVFN generates over 200-million impressions/month, so we have plenty of inventory for you to benefit off of.

If interested, please contact me back to set up a phone conference. Thanks for your time.

Contact email: rened@advfn.com

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I'm looking for CPL offers especially at the following countries :

Business website :http://marketstm.com/

EMAIL : shahargi@marketstm.com
Skype : shahargi@marketstm.com

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Huge gamblers and Traders DB for sale.
A lot of gamblers, traders leads, former
high-rollers, high volume traders and a lot
of FRESH leads.
** ALL GEOS **

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Looking for UK traffic, 18+, high net worth investors for Fixed Income Bonds!

Contact: affiliate@bassetgold.co.uk

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We are monetizing all types of traffic across all geos and browsers. All quality traffic goes to out bid system and results are 3-10x traditional parking or geo redirects. US RPMs are up to $200 for high quality web traffic! With over 1,000 campaigns buying traffic daily, there is no shortage of buyers!! Go to www.redirect.com

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Check out the newest diamond's trading technology for brokers...
Contact me for more details on Skype: tamarabaytelman

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Looking for Binary Traffic , Preferable geo's - UK, de,au, RU
CPA deals only . High Timely Payouts for each affiliate
Please contact me by email or skype
skype : live:d6ce1e7ef9746a7a
email: victorbanerjee@adsmarkets.com

link to register an affiliate account : http://affiliates.adsmarkets.com/signup

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Datablazers Inc. is currently looking for partner centres for our UK Lead Generation Marketing Questionnaire, having over 10 years of expertise in Lead Generation, Bespoke, and Data Management.

Kindly reply with the following information and we will contact you very shortly to discuss more specifics:

1. Skype ID
2. Contact Person
3. Company Name
4. Company Telephone/Mobile number
5. Company Email Address

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We have a database of infomercial leads. These are impulse buyers!! Great for cross selling many products. Call us @ 856-534-8769 or email neworldmarketinglists@gmail.com

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Hi all,

Im looking for emailing campaigns on CPC and CPM for NORDICS.

We have brand new double opt-in databases to test on your campaigns.

Write me a line on Skype: DavidOrangeBuddies to discuss opportunities.


we work to generate leads from any vertical.

quantity can be HUGE on a daily basis.

working only on pre payment

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We have display, e-mail, PPC, mobile, pop ups and
other types- we can send traffic from almost any geo you need.

We can generate a lot of dedicated traffic for your
brand- both high quality and high converting.
We can run your landing pages or do it through an API.

If you are from India, DON'T contact us, thanks.

Skype- live:wass.media
mail: adam@wassmedia.com

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I always looking for new potential partnerships and cooperations on different kinds of business models.
We are working on CPM, CPC, , CPA, CPL and use traffic from direct source and any tier 1 GEO.
We have display traffic, desktop and mobile
With our own publishers, that at all times are looking for popunder/display traffic WORLDWIDE.

Our advantages:
- traffic from direct publishers ONLY ( if requested)
- 10+ billions impressions per month.
- millions leads per month
- 50 geos covered
- Ad formats: pops, banners, push-ups, interstitials, video and much more!
-reputation for years in lead gen technologis

for mor details, Skype me : John_electrads


I will provide category targeted traffic, geo-targeted traffic, and keyword targeted traffic, alexia traffic, adult traffic ranging from 5000 human visitors to 1m visitors that can be tracked with goo.gl

I also provide organic traffic to any website

i will also provide leads, sign ups ,referrals and downlines to any free to join mlm,affiliate cpa or business.

i can also provide adsense traffic to any blog or webite

The traffic can come from google,bing,yahoo, facebook,twitter, linkedin, instagram or any other social media

Targeted solo email advertising for any business for guaranteed clicks,leads and opt-ins

I will do press release to 150 pr websites and google news

I will write articles with your website promoted on 100 articles websites

I will provide country and category targeted mobile traffic

I also provide social media advertising like facebook fan page likes,fb followers, twitter followers(not bots), twitter retweets, youtube views,followers,likes,comments and subscribers, p

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Interested in long term Partnership for our Smartlink based offers( Adult and Mainstream)

SKype- Andy.cooper3317
E - Paul.marshall@post.com

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I am looking for buyers for our US database leads for all verticals. All leads are double opt-in with API integration and refund on all bounce email leads.

* Selling Fresh Leads
* Up to 50,000 leads a day

Please feel free to add me on Skype at Sam k Lawi or email me at: keybetterleads@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you,

Lead Generation Verticals | DME | MCA | EDU | SLC | Auto | Debt | Solar| Credit Repair | Diabetic | Call Centers | Sales

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We have a biz opp / affiliate offer for people who are interested in starting their own online business.

We have a VSL page that offers a $1 trial signup: http://singledollartrial.com/video?t=mma

We are looking for someone who can drive traffic and get trial sales for us.

We have an immediate need for 50 trials per day and if the quality is good, we can handle virtually unlimited.

Looking to pay between $4 - $8 per trial signup, depending on quantity and quality.

Message me on skype: macsbank

Need to start ASAP.

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SELLING Display, Pop Up/Under, Banners , HOT FRESH LEADS - worldwide traffic on CPL+CPA basis.

*100% Replacement on invalid leads.
*Conversion rate GUARANTEED

For more details comment your Skype
Or: Toomuchusers@gmail.com

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Hi everyone,

I look for email traffic for CPL campaigns geo IT.

Can someone of you help me please?

If so let me know. :)

Thank you!


We do provide quality database for Manufacturing, C-level, Home Owners, Telecom, Mining, Investors and Real Estate industries across the globe. If interested, send your requirement to
sales@dossiershub.com or contact us +1 305-900-3096

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Lets cut straight to it, here is the brand www.platinumtradingacademy.com we provide forex education to english speakers globally and would like to find lead providers who can match our demand to find people who are interested in forex education.

The problem: I am having problems finding providers who can back up their claims of great data by providing a test or sample before any money spend.

Solution: Show me that your data works, If the data is that good what's to hide?

The Deal : We can set-up long-term relationships which suit both sides financially. With the caveat that you are helping these people in achieving a proper trading education, so a win win all around on the karma scale :-)

e: richard.short@platinumtradingacademy.com
s: platinum-systems05
t: +44 115 988 6272

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Do you have FX & Investor leads?

I buy RAW/COLD DB's and lists.

English speaking GEOs is a must.

Connect with me if you are a serious seller, no time-wasters or mobile traffic offers please.

e: richard.short@platinumtradingacademy.com
s: platinum-systems05
t: +44 115 988 6272

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Hey folks,

I have exclusive direct biz-op deals running on very high scale.

English speaking countries , along with some LATAM work extremely good in these days and make a lot of money.

Drop me a line if you have traffic and let's boom your advertising revenue.

Skype: hunor.obm