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Kristina DavidsonSeller

I am from SmartyAds. We offer advanced targeting options for sophisticated advertisers. JS and IFrame tags are supported. WW traffic for almost all verticals available.

For more details feel free to ping me on Skype: live:kristina_3350

Anastasiia ShypkoBuyer

I have a huuuge quantity of WW CPI offers! my skype live:anastasiia.shypko - I am 24/7 to answer your questions!

Simon AlexanderSeller

Hello Team,

Greetings to you.!

I am Simon Alexander from CPX-Traffic, a leading Ad network with direct Publisher's traffic Worldwide for POP, Banner, Video, Native and Email campaigns.

We can also target Device, ISP and Carrier adult and mainstream for all the verticals both desktop and mobile. We work in CPM, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPA through Smartlink, XML Feed, I-Frame, JS tags, Direct URL as well.

Reply or Ping me on Skype for further queries, thanks.

Simon Alexander
CPX Traffic

Skype : live:d1aab17e6b48c766
E-mail :
Website :

Parthiban ChinnappanSeller

NiuTux Digital Media, an Ad Network with self serve DSP platform.

- 20 plus SSP's (Sources includes: Rubicon, Geniee, In-Mobi etc.,) / Direct publishers
- CPM based Banners and Videos, we've inventory for all the Geo's worldwide
- Direct integrations with leading third-party verification services
- 100% High Quality traffic with no bot and fraud
- Real time reporting on private dashboard

Interested? Then reach me @ Mail: or Skype@ Parthiban Chinnappan (Live: parthiban.c_3) to discuss and take it forward.

Ines PucheBuyer

I'm Ines from Ad Network Cosmic Group LP.
I have great offers on CPI, CPA, CPL basis WW, for Android, iOS and desktop.

Let's make good profit together!
Please find me in Skype, mine is live:e90f258d9946a8d5 or e-mail me

Looking forward to hear from you my future best pub! :)

Kristina DavidsonSeller

We offer native traffic for all Geos.
- desktop, mobile web and in-app
- CPM model
- prepay
- several targeting options

Feel free to ping me on Skype: live:kristina_3350 or via email:


if you want to buy the traffic
ping me on skype : live:vamsi_147
email me:-

Oksana OctoleadBuyer

New way of monetization

Who can work on it? 😍

Add me on Skype:

Kristina DavidsonSeller

SmartyAds DSP now has the best solution for the pre-roll video ads.
You can upload your video and get the generated VAST tag right at the platform! No need in 3rd party tags anymore.
A lot of pre-roll DT and IA traffic for US available.

For further information feel free to ping me on Skype: live:kristina_3350

Elena MandrovskaBuyer

Doberman Media is a big and trustable network.
At the moment we are expanding our base of partners.
I`m looking for new publishers with high quality traffic.
We have great offers with amazing PO for WW which converting like crazy

So, if you want to earn BIG money with us , please ping me
or just sign up

I`ll share all details🖤

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Liia SheininaBuyer team is searching for CPI shopping traffic for AU. Contact us if you have some here or in Skype: liya.shejnina

Elena DavisSeller

We are happy to present the latest update of SmartyAds DSP for advertisers, featuring the new retargeting tool. We wanted to provide our clients with additional opportunity to deliver their messages to the target audience and improve their campaign results. Therefore we have added the new retargeting feature to SmartyAds DSP functionality.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about SmartyAds cutting-edge solutions please contact us at


Available US database (50/50 revenue share), DOI, recently cleaned, ALL VERTICALS
Skype: andrijana.dbstore

Millard DivinagraciaSeller


Looking for quality traffic? We have loads of traffic ready for your disposal. We also have our own DSP a self serve platform partnered with over 20+ Ad exchanges and Ad Networks. Strong verticals on the English speaking countries.

Available traffic: Display (mobile and Web), Native, Video, Pop, PUSH,

Targeting: Site, IP, Device, Device Model, Browser, Bowser Version, Carrier/ISP, Connection Type

Shoot me an email:
Catch me on skype:
Self serve Registration:

Shrina .Seller

WW Mobile traffic directly form Top Ad-Exchanges and SSPs

- Whitelist/Blacklist
- Carrier, Geo, Source Targeting option
- Track board feature
-User Friendly Platform

Start getting Converting Traffic NOW !
Sign up for FREE !

For More Details :
Email :
Skype :

Carlin AingSeller

I'm selling traffic for both Mobile and Desktop on a CPM model. We do support JS,HTML,Iframe tags.We have inventory for all geos and able to target all verticals.
for more info ping me via Skype

Ivan TokarevBuyer

Slavia Mobile is an ad network - we will consolidate all your advertising efforts in one place and deliver stellar ROI results as well as generate your revenues and increase the volume of quality users through leading advertising campaigns. We currently focus on CPI traffic to promote iOS and Android apps and would like to monetize your traffic.

skype: live:ivan_11859


Hi Folks,

We have direct campaign of Amazon Prime CPI Campaign.

Ping me if have huge traffic

Skype : live:a9771c6a99cb072

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need WW traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39 Nexter.orgSeller

We're looking for a profitable way to monetize traffic from English speaking countries with more than 200 000 visitors per month. We work with a number of models like sponsored posts, CPM/CPC/CPA etc. We have a lot of quality traffic from Direct and Social media sources.

Naomi snowBuyer

We have demand for mobile web traffic, using banners via JS tags if you can support this.
Budget : 1K~10k per day,with open monthly budget.
Countries: T1
SSP: Rubicon,OpenX,Pubmatic 
Working Model: CPM with post payment.
Well Performing Offers: shopping ,traveling ,gaming,etc 

Vertical s: All

Would you be interested in running our campaign?

My email is:
My Skype is: live:264d6ed370592afd

Elena DavisSeller

Hi guys, SmartyAds sells HQ native mobile in app traffic on CPM model. Top geos (US, RU, ES, IT, IN, TR, JP, CN, FR, PR, ID, GE, SE, KR, MS and many others) are available at a good price!
We have retargeting available!
Feel free to ping me at Skype - elenadavislondon or email -


Looking for email lists to monetize in rev share 50:50 NL and BE

Ping me: francesco.cavalli7

Ewelina GogolaBuyer

Natexo, leading company in e-mail marketing is looking for PL email traffic for our exclusive campaigns on CPC, CPL, CPM model.

Please reach me out on Skype: live:gogola.tazmedia or mail:


Marina KosmiqsBuyer

We are looking for shopping CPI traffic for our offers on APAC region.
Don’t wait - contact me here or via Skype: live:63748966ba6efdcf

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need WW traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39

Oleg AlekseevSeller

Показываем отличные показатели интернет-продаж:
- хорошая конверсия интернет-продаж e-commerce, туристических, финансовых и других B2C рекламных кампаний. (наглядно демонстрируем действующие кейсы)
- снижаем CPO (стоимость закупки заказов)
- увеличиваем AOV (средний чек заказа)
We show excellent indicators of Internet RU sales:
- a good conversion of online sales of e-commerce, travel, financial and other B2C advertising campaigns. (clearly demonstrating the operating cases)
- we reduce CPO (cost of purchase of orders)
- increase the AOV (average order check)
Best Regards, TradeTracker Russia
skype - live:596cdb7e2df91650

Oles DzyubSeller


My name is Oles. I am running Business Development for GoWide - Global Mobile Inventory Supplier.

We are an affiliate ad network serving ads on iOS and Android. It is mobile CPI only, both incent and non-incent. Our traffic comes from direct and affiliate sources.

Top geos are English speaking countries, Asia and LATAM.

Please register here:

If you have any questions, I Would be happy to hear from you

Cheers, Oles

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need WW traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39

Viktoria AdChargeSeller

Do you want to show your ads to mobile subscribers with every incoming/outgoing call they make?
Yes, it’s possible! #AdCharge is a self-advertising platform allowing you to display your ads on mobile subscribers’ phone screens.
We offer: 
•    #CPM, #CPC and #CPI traffic  
•    High retention 
•    Advanced targeting 
•    Full reporting and control
Join AdCharge now. Reach real people and get real results. Make an impact.

Contact us at or visit our website to learn more.