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1388 ads

Nico BlackBuyer Access 70,000 CPC shopping merchants (walmart, ebay, target, etc.).

Our tech doubles your CTR and CPCs.

Earn up to $1 CPC, depending on the product category, in T1 GEOs for shopping traffic.

Product-related inventory needed for the shopping season (ad networks, blogs, forums, programmatic).

A proven record of ecom feed promotion required - 1% conversion rate needed. Rev share only.

Apply now at:

Inxy AdsSeller
At the moment we have Tier 1 and Tier 2 traffic available from direct publishers from + 500k per day. Banners and pop unders with a lot of targeting options, please fell free to contact us and to get more information. Thank you for your attention.

Pratima KumarSeller

Get highly laser targeted traffic, conversions and sales month after month for your business. Conact for further details at

David DickensBuyer

I am looking to buy leads on Co-reg or Co-spons Nordics, SE, FI, DK and NO. Write me a line on skype to discuss opportunities: DavidOrangeBuddies


Spanish DataBase ready to sell,
Education, insurance, finance, legal, ecomerce ...
Price according to volume purchased. Minimum volume 100K Maximum 800K.
50% prepayment
Antiquity 2015-2018
Basic data + email + phone + address + registration date ...

Kristina DavidsonSeller

Hey! My name is Kristina, Sales Manager at

We have traffic on CPM basis for desktop and mobile worldwide.
We are transparent and brandsafe!

Please feel free to contact me at: or ping me on Skype: live:kristina_3350

Anastasiia ShypkoBuyer

I have a huuuge quantity of WW CPI offers! my skype live:anastasiia.shypko - I am 24/7 to answer your questions!

Leo LeoSeller

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to introduce our brand-new private affiliated-network.

* We are the team of professionals in the sphere of affiliated marketing.
* Operates on CPA/CPS models.
* Providing high-quality traffic in world-wide GEOs.
* We have our own media buying team thus we can guarantee big volumes besides volumes from affiliates.

Right now we are expanding and looking for new offer (product)-owners realized by COD, CC, Trial models (Health&Beauty, Home improvement, Adult and other good stuff)


Ping me on:

Millard DivinagraciaSeller

100% transparency CPM traffic and report
Covers more than 200 countries in total

Service: Self-serve, managed

Pricing model: dynamic CPM

Reach: 50+ billion ad impressions worldwide, more than 200 countries

Media: Display (desktop and web), in-app, mobile video, rich media, native ads

Targeting: Geolocation, carrier/ISP, connection type, IAB categories, OS, device model, device type, browser, day parting, IP range, domains white list and black list, daily budget, total budget, frequency capping, traffic delivery speed, etc.,

Creatives accepted: static, rich media, JS tag/HTML available

Strict control of non-human traffic

Macros / tokens available

Prepayment Model Only.


Ruslan ConvertiseSeller

Hey everyone!

Convertise is looking for new DSP and SSP partners to integrate via Open RTB protocol 2.3/2.4.

We work on a CPM basis
WW traffic (mostly tier 1)
IAB accepted banner sizes for all devices (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet)

We do support with JS tags for buying traffic.

Skype: ruslaniva

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Kristina DavidsonSeller

We offer desktop and mobile traffic for all Geos.
- native in-app
- CPM model
- JS/IFrame tags
- several targeting options

Feel free to ping me on Skype: or via email:


Hi traffic owners,
Picella Ltd offers RON JS tags for WW banner traffic (desktop/mobile web) and VAST/VPAID tags for video traffic. We provide realtime stats, due payments and good rates.

Skype: publishers_22

Anastasiia KovalchukBuyer

Appitate is looking for good volumes of effective traffic on CPI basis.
We can offer you top-converting campaigns with great payouts.
Will turn your traffic into money.
Signup here or add me on skype: live:a.appitate

Kristina DavidsonSeller

I am from SmartyAds. We offer advanced targeting options for sophisticated advertisers. JS and IFrame tags are supported. WW traffic for almost all verticals available.

For more details feel free to ping me on Skype:

Eliza WoodBuyer

Appitate is looking for direct HQ Traffic in CPI/CPA basis.

Ping me on Skype: live:eliza.appitate

Louise VerschurenBuyer

I'm looking for traffic in IT for a big brand! You get paid based on CPL and CPS. Contact me now through Skype; live:suling_23

Ross ADnimationBuyer

If you own or manage a website/app and are looking to increase your revenues, reach out to us and we'll let you know about some ideas that you might not have considered!

We assist your sites to increase revenues VIA our exclusive AdX feed along with programmatic ad revenues through advanced header bidding(with proprietary algorithms), all using your own(or your publishers)DFP and with full transparency. Actual, and insane increases from 40% to over 500% in monthly revenues.
Skype: Ross ADnimation

Ivan TokarevBuyer

Slavia Mobile is an ad network - we will consolidate all your advertising efforts in one place and deliver stellar ROI results as well as generate your revenues and increase the volume of quality users through leading advertising campaigns. We currently focus on CPI traffic to promote iOS and Android apps and would like to monetize your traffic.

skype: live:ivan_11859

Ashok KumarSeller

Hi, I am Selling HQ Traffics on CPM Model. currently has a ton of traffic on our top Geo's. You can target by country,city, browser and carrier on mobile devices.

Desktop and Mobile web & in-apps Traffics available.

We Support tags: JS,Html and Iframe.

let's Connect skype@


I am looking for CPA (VAS) traffic for our direct offers.
I have only exclusive and direct offers

Skype @ siddhant_125

Kristina DavidsonSeller

We offer tons of desktop/mobile ww traffic for pre-roll and in-banner inventory.

For further information feel free to ping me on Skype:


Looking for UK, US (and soon AU) traffic for our in-house competition and product testing CPL offers. Add me on Skype if you can help! live:sara_crowle

Anastasiia KovalchukSeller

Delicious offers for Best traffic.
WorldWide CPI/CPA offers for different verticals.
We guarantee that you can find all that you need.
Signup here or add me on skype: live:a.appitate
Let's make money together!

Ines PucheBuyer

I'm Ines from Ad Network Cosmic Group LP.
I have great offers on CPI, CPA, CPL basis WW, for Android, iOS and desktop.

Let's make good profit together!
Please find me in Skype, mine is live:e90f258d9946a8d5 or e-mail me

Looking forward to hear from you my future best pub! :)

Sheila JacklinSeller

Hello All!!
Ping me on !!
Awaiting for your offers to run!!!
Good quality traffic available !!
We work on WW!!
We work on all Verticals!!
Ping me live:sheila_0457
e-mail me:


We manage WorldWide Display traffic (CPM), feel free to ping me on Skype in case you are interesting.
openRTB or JS possible
My Skype ID: Robert-tomson

Pratima KumarBuyer

We keep adding fresh traffic to our database. If you have traffic for E-commerce and Crypto, then please contact me at

Eliza WoodBuyer

We have AliExpress campaign for all GEOs.
If you are interesting, please ping me on skype: live:eliza.appitate


If you are an SSP/Publisher looking for high budget campaigns or a DSP looking to reach a unique audience, we conduct billions of auctions every month on Banners, Native & Video.

Inbox us at /
Or Skype us at Nitika Shaikh / Ashwin Subramaniam -Griffin Digital Media

Ryan GeelsBuyer

Hi all! is looking for publishers for our new direct CPI\CPA offers with really high payouts.

go, choose those you like and let's cooperate = )
or pm me - live: ryan.appitate