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Cedric LevasseurSeller

Adextrem is an adult-only Ad Network based on CPM/CPC with targeted and increasingly exclusive inventory. Created to meet the media buying needs of two of the founders, Adextrem focused initially on capitalizing on premium inventories, tested and optimized internally by experts.
You will not find WW traffic at Adextrem (yet), we want to focus on target countries and we open as we go, our main geo is right now FR.

On the advertiser side, each budget deposited is followed carefully. We check traffic sources, provide suggestions and comments to improve performance in detail on a regular basis. Daily if necessary.

The formats currently available are the Popunder (anti-adblock), banner, smart link, push notification, emailing and social. Our traffic comes exclusively from tubes, dating blogs, social networks, email dating databases and own traffic.

Skype: neo_masterstudio

Cloakerly .ComSeller

We Are Cloaking Experts.

Our modern and optimized cloaking technology improves your lead quality and keeps a real-time watch over traffic to your site. Cloarkerly filters fraudulent visits to your site by cloaking all your ad networks. Get the best ROI and guide your brand against unwanted traffic with Cloakerly!

Join us NOW and get Trial only for 9 $

Visit our website

Clickadilla SupportSeller

⚈ CPM: $0.001- 253 countries;
⚈ Coupon: ClickAdMay 10% extra;
⚈ Banner,web-push, popunder, pre-roll (in-stream video);
⚈ Premium traffic from exclusive 26 adult & mainstream sources;
⚈ TOP-100 Alexa websites (txxx,hclips,upornia, hotmovs etc.);
⚈ Life support team which always ready to help you;
⚈ Real time bidding for each target;
⚈ Referral program with 5% bonus from spending of your referrer.

Targeting options:

✔️ Country;
✔️ Browser;
✔️ Language;
✔️ Operation system;
✔️ Device;
✔️ Carrier/Wi-Fi/3G-4G;
✔️ Category(on websites and verticals);
✔️ Black\white lists;
✔️ IP2 location type;
✔️ Frequency capping;
✔️ IP ranges;
✔️ Calendar limits.

The minimum deposit is $50 to get organic, high quality traffic.

We accept: Paxum, ePayments, Bitcoin, WebMoney Visa/MasterCard and Wire Transfer.

Let's start fruitful cooperation:

Coupon:ClickAdMay 10% bonus from $100 to up
Skype: live:clickadilla

Sirius TrafficSeller

💬 Skype: siriustraffic
🌳Legal MJ, Medical MJ, and CBD
🏞 Display (Banner and Text Ads)
📱🖥 Mobile and Desktop Traffic
🎯 Programmatic Targeting

Olga TsverovaSeller

Best traffic for TS
We have self service platform.

Min prices 8$ CPM - Edge, Explorer and other
Mon 6$ CPM - Google Chtome

Traffic from all over the world WW 🌍 🌎 🌏

🔥 Tech Sopport

💰 Prepay only

For more infromation about volumes, rates and geos please contact us.

Skype: live: oleg_2041

Come and see for yourself the quality of the traffic!

Always yours

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller

You might be interested in TECH SUPPORT traffic.🛠⚙

Traffic which provides CALLS.💸💸💸

Cloacking or not - we do not care! You need only URL link to start. We will approve any of your Landing Page and consult you with creating the best one.

Our managers are ready to support you during the whole period of running campaign. Competition is not a problem anymore - You will be the one who knows all the current top bids first.

With us you can get both: Adult and Mainstream traffic.
CPM starts from 5$ WW - Gogle Chrome browser.

Other browsers minimum price:
USA 9$
Canada 9$
Germany 8$
Italy 8$
Australia 8$
France 8$

Any devuces🖥💻

For more details contact me

My skype: live:oleg_2041
Telegramm: @Daimon777

Best Regards

Alex RoyBuyer

Exclusive & Converting CPI/CPA Offers available Here For Direct Publisher/Network who can provide ROI , PURCHASE , REGISTRATION, LEVEL UP
Pre-Payment please stay Away
payment term :- Net 30

Contact skype:- awilliams.digiaff or alex_44159

Los PollosBuyer

What’s better than fried chicken? Our Global Smartlink! Now with 5 delicious verticals to suit the tastes of any user, worldwide!

- Weekly payouts via wire, ePayments, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin
- 10,000+ Direct and exclusive campaigns
- Smartlinks (Mainstream, Dating, Binary/Crypto and more!)

Want to make a mint from your remnant, geo-redirect, or exit traffic? Join us now at
Do not hesitate to hit me up on Skype (support2.lph) for more details!

PIM KeyzerBuyer

World Wide Dating, Mainstream exclusives smartlinks highest conversion EPC. Get the most lucrative with us. Start Now! Promote smartlink in experienced way!
sign up :

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller

Hello to all fans of profit!

With you advertising network

If you need traffic, then you came to the right place!

We have the best WW traffic for video format.

Do not miss the chance of maximum convert!

Traffic from all over the world WW 🌍 🌎 🌏

🔥 Video formar for all verticals.

Meinstream and Adult
Desktop and Mobile

💰 Prepay only

For more infromation about volumes, rates and geos please contact us.

My skype: live:oleg_2041
Telegramm: @Daimon777

Come and see for yourself the quality of the traffic!

Always yours - UngAds



We are selling real, aged Adwords accounts with previous spend and history, from UK, EU and USA.

Each account is setup with their own RDP and has a good history, is trusted in google's eyes. With each account, you get a real CC for funding(upon request).

Designed for high spend and perform at the top level. They can be used for anything from White Hat to heavy aggressive Black Hat ads. Safe page(with domain) for your niche is included upon request!

** You get full access to the account, account is delivered fully set up, you literally just PLUG & PLAY **

Price: $600 per account!

For all the details contact us on skype,

*** We've been in business for 7 years ***
*** You're NOT dealing with a fly by seller***

skype - whiskeycigar1

Looking forward to deal with you!

Quaiz BitterSeller

Fr calls, Japanese Calls and USA calls.
Stop buying calls or get scam by seller.
Get your own. Guarentee 100% calls.
I will generate your call in front of you on your computer via remote.
Geo: FR, JP and USA
Guarentee 100-150calls per day any of these 3 GEO
Costing may vary between 6$ to 7$
My fees is payable end of shift 1$ per call landed on your tfn panel.
Note that calls are either Adult niche or Shopping.

PIM KeyzerBuyer

World Wide Dating, Mainstream exclusives smartlinks highest conversion EPC. Get the most lucrative with us. Start Now! Promote smartlink in experienced way!
Contact Us :

Steven MarshSeller

This is Steven Marsh from Richmedia, an online advertising Company. At Richmedia, we believe that every brand, product or offer can find its audience and place in the market.

We see our role in making that possible. We focus on helping our clients choose what’s right for their business, and provide them with affordable performance marketing solutions that would bring real financial value and let their business thrive and be known worldwide.

Our model is on CPM and CPC, we can optimize this campaign by adding our tracking pixels as we have some great sources that works well.

As a company, we provide high quality traffic all over the globe especially for tier 1 countries.
Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions

Please contact me through Skype: Steven_12989 or email me : to discuss further

Amanda ParkerSeller

This is Amanda from Richmedia, an online advertising Company. We provide high quality traffic all over the globe especially for tier 1 countries on cpm and cpc basis.
If interested please ping me in
skype: amandaparker2k or


High volume of traffic and leads for various verticals:

Finance - Forex, Crypto, CFD
Casino, Lottery, Sports Betting

Database & Live campaigns-
1. Display – Banners, POP and Domain redirect
2. Emailing – mailer campaigns
3. Social - Facebook / Twitter
4. Search – Google / Bing
5. Native – Ligatus, Plista, Outbrain, Taboola

*All GEOs* - US, CA, AUS, Europe, Scandinavian, GCC, APAC, LATAM & RU + CIS

Skype: oded.vilner

Reyhan zenSeller

Hello folks,

I am Reyhan from SpotLeads Media a leading Publisher Company.If you are looking to run POP, Banner, Email or Video Campaigns then we can help you to set the campaign as we have traffic over a billion served every week with good results.We have High Quality traffic for all type of advertising that includes Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Forex, Lotto, Weight Loss, Solar Panels, Education & so on.You can reach me in Skype or you can reply via email with your requirement

Reyhan Zen
Skype: live:reyhankhan99

we provide all traffics at a very low budgets


**All GEOs** Including Tier 1 Europe, Scandinavian, GCC, APAC, LATAM & CiS

Traffic and Leads for major Topics -
Finance (Forex, Crypto)
Gambling (Casino, Lottery, Sports)

1. Emailing – mailer campaigns
2. Social - Facebook / Twitter
3. Search – Google / Bing
4. Native – Ligatus, Plista, Outbrain, Taboola
5. Display – Banners, POP and Domain redirect

Database is available upon demand.

Skype: oded.vilner

Foisal HossainSeller

I have active email & Number data for all geos want to sell them.if Need ping my on skype: royel.hossain68

Pablo AimerSeller

Hi, this is Pablo Aimer from Richmedia, an online advertising Company.

Any interested media buyer can contact 24*7 .As a company, we provide high quality traffic all over the globe.

Please contact me through Skype: pablo_10320 or email me: to discuss further.

Sarah BanksSeller

We do have advertising options for adult businesses (Dating, Cam) main menu tabs, top menu text links, sponsored ads, home page top banners, premium banner ads, home page billboard ads, article publishing, guest blogs, and we have space available for third party special offers in our monthly newsletter.

7 cashBuyer

- minimum payout : $100
- %5 Referral Commissions
- High Conversion Cpa Offers
- Direct linking, Link Locker, Content Locker, Offerwall, postback settings, postback tester tools
- weekly payment (6 days after weekend {sunday} )
- $10 welcome Bonus
- payment method : paypal , payoneer


I want a lot of good Adult traffic in the US, Au and UK My Daily Budget Is Unlimited, but i want Genuine and Good Traffic Not Fake Traffic Interested People Skype Me

Skype Id:- live:447fe7565e49a9c6

Delphine BENKLIFASeller

We provide HQ traffic on CPL CPM CPC CPA basis for dating forex crypto and casino.
High CR!
If you want to work hand in hand to find your perfect traffic all along the campaigns (dialogue and refine) for a partnership
Ping-me : delphine_524
Prepayment only.

Antonio Manuel RosBuyer

I´m interested in buying all type of traffic.
I can pay weekly or even daily.
Publishers or Webmasters contact me.

We can provide the best CPM.

Skype: live:dff8a22f5d82f3db

Vladimir PetrofanovSeller

High Volumes Desktop and Mobile Popunder Traffic available.
24/7 Support, payment only in the BTC or Web Money. Attention! If you work only with NET5-30 don't write me plz!
Please ping on Skype - traffickit .

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller


We Sell WW HQ traffic for different verticals!!!

Start with the best source of traffic in the media advertising market -

Traffic from all over the world WW 🌍 🌎 🌏

All verticals:
🔥 Tech Sopport
🔥 Adult
🔥 Dating
🔥 Games
🔥 Installs
🔥 Nutra
🔥 Gambling
🔥 Software
🔥 Mobile Content offers,
🔥 Mobile Subscriptions,
🔥 Email submits,
🔥 PIN Submits,
🔥 Game downloads,
🔥 App downloads,
🔥 Sweepstakes,

And much more!

💰 Prepay only

For more infromation about volumes, rates and geos please contact us.

My skype: live:oleg_2041
Telegramm: @Daimon777

Come and see for yourself the quality of the traffic!

Always yours - UngAds

Martha GilBuyer

We have a great reach and a trajectory of almost 5 years in the admediatex market. It is a cpm advertising network with agreed upon payment modalities for each client, we focus on giving the best performance for both advertisers and publishers.

Our website registration for publishers is:

Payments: Daily and Net30

If we accept ad network cpm small, they should only register equally and send request of the domain where they will execute the ads.

Santosh RajbanshiBuyer

We are looking for high quality traffic from tier 1 countries in CPM basis. We provide best CPM rates according to geos,
Payment : Net 15 terms

Alex ShovkunBuyer

Hello we can buy all your Popunder/Push traffic on Weekly payment!

send a message to Skype :