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201 ads

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https://www.keen.tv is an aggregator of 850+ live TV channels, mostly using embed links from YouTube, Dailymotion and Filmon. We also run VIDEO.JS and we can embed VPAID and VAST ads on a CPV or CPM basis.

We are preparing to start buying traffic to the site in big quantities - and we are currently looking for video advertisers that want to receive high-quality fraud free traffic.

We are open to offers - please contact Isaac Cohen on Skype keen.mediagroup or isaac.cohen@keen.media


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Hello, my name is Veronica and I'm video account manager at Media Shakers. We are a video AD network that Specializes in brand AD's. At the moment we are looking to buy mobile and desktop pre roll traffic.
Please feel free to ping me: veronica.mediashakers

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Hi Guys!

I am looking for InStream and OutStream Video traffic in all countries! We have a lot of demand from different adServers.

Rates between $1 and $2 at the beginning and Q1 and for exchanges after we see the quality we will give you our direct campaigns.

Add me on skype (luisa.lopez_sonital) or send me an email (lulopez@sonital.com)

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Interested to buy USA traffic !!!
Accepted basis - CPL (cost per lead) and CPS (cost per sale).
High payout and 30-40% CR

Please contact me for more information:


@skype - krisbergs123

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Looking for video campaigns, ww!
Please email me at irina@3ginstall.com

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we have good result in LKQD platfrom for video ads tag,

Thumb 6b876f39927bfd6bBuyer

Hello Guys,

If you have any desktop, mobile web, mobile app or video traffic please ping me. We will buy them all ;)

We are an Ingeniuos Programmatic Plex and monetize traffic from all around the world.

PS: Our Video RON demands are performing extremely well on Tier 1 traffic.

Let’s connect and discuss possible business opportunities together!!

Rohit Sharma
+1 646 895 6969 extn - 6097
Skype: rohitsharma.vertoz
Vertoz Inc

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I am seeking publishers for a rehab offer that is currently expanding rapidly!

Raw pay per call campaign, 7 days a week. The payouts and schedules are very competitive for this vertical.

Message me for details!

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We're looking for traffic for OUR product.
Entertainment vertical.
Works best on Streaming sites, all types.
High Payouts!
Ping me for more details.

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Quick brief:
- promoting mobile apps/games, Android/iOS on CPI basis
- selling desktop traffic on CPM basis
- type of ads: popunders
- all countries

650+ million impressions per day worldwide

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Hello guys!

I'm looking for exclusive offers for our HQ traffic. I'm interested in CPA/CPI/CPL. Also looking for incent offers.

Please contact me on Skype: sergeygrytsuyk

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Harrenmedia is looking to buy VIDEO INVENTORY (desktop, mobile video, inapp) for their Premium Campaigns.

Fillrates are very high and specially in the English Speaking Countries

Add me on Skype (florencias.hm) or send me an e-mail (florencia.savasi@harrenmedia.com)

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If you have CPI traffic don't miss out this great new offer from HULU - TV and movies on streaming. Taking both iOS and Android. Competitive payout, US nationwide.
Contact me: maria.v@dekafy.com
Skype: maria.dekafy

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Following the Start Wars fever, Freenet (previous www.Jamba.de) is looking for partners to promote our Darth Vader Voice Changer

Payouts (CPA non-incent):
DE 23€ / PL 5€ / QA & UAE 3,60€

Interested? PM me for more information

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PatoMedia is looking for both Mobile and Desktop Video traffic to buy on a CPM basis. Q4 is doing great, let's make it even better!

Skype: merce.somoza
Mail: merce@patomedia.com

Ping me and let's do some business!


I work in Business development at Newsmax Media and we have what we call the Feed Network. This is simply a collection of over 2,000 websites that host our advertising units. We have over 16 different advertising units that can go anywhere on your website that you want to monetize. This is a passive revenue opportunity.

message me or email me
Andy Pangerl


We managed direct sites with high quality traffic!
If you have relevant offers like Sweepstakes, Music Downloads, Sport streaming and you want to make money please feel free to connect on Skype: roni breslouer (Taptica)
or roni.b@taptica.com


I am looking for streaming sites and download sites with good volume of TH traffic.

Get in touch asap if you have such traffic

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Hello MYMEDIADS beautiful people !

If you have some sport offers (streaming / fantasy / or anything else)
Feel free to ping me or just add me via Skype : lior.shapira4

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Looking to add more video demand partners using only Streamrail platform for IA traffic.
For more info please send email: nir.k@integral-marketing.com

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Many news TV channels use our technology to stream their TV channels online. So we have a developed a tool which replace TV ads to online video ads on the go.
India traffic:
App - 2million
Web - 15million

International: (10% Tier1, 20% Mena,10% ROW)
App - nearly 1million
Web - nearly 7 million


We managed direct sites with high quality traffic!
Especially in streaming, gaming, lottery & financial, downloads and sweepstakes.
If you have relevant offers and you want to make money please feel free to connect on Skype: roni breslouer (Taptica)
or roni.b@taptica.com

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Hello, we are looking for high quality display and newsletter traffic for our Disney Movie Club Offer. This is for Non-Incent, US Traffic only, no search. Please contact us.

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we are offering huge volumes of Native Ads traffic on CPC for content websites on different subjects (news, fashion, gossip, travel, sports, leisure, etc.)

For further details please contact me via email: irina@mediafrontpage.com

Thank you.


Mobile Web Traffic .. Mostly from India.. If u r looking . let me know



I am interested to buy desktop performance traffic!
I would like to promote Google compliant campaigns.

Let me know if we can work on CPI.


Skype: yogev.kidar

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Looking for mobile web traffic - display banners of high quality ads from premium marketplaces and DSPs.

Need domain transparency and passbacks.

Ping me on skype: mojoomedia

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If you have Display Traffic, I want it!

It must be:

Clean (No illegal content);
Transparent (No SubID, PubID, etc, I must see the domains);

Ping me on eronny@web3.co.il!



Hey All,

I have high payout for MAC desktop traffic.
We are working on CPI.

Please ping me for further information.

Email: yogev.k@keydownload.com
Skype: yogev.kidar

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TCPA compliant data for Refinance, Solar, Home Improvement, HVAC, Debt, Student Loan, EDU, Auto, and Payday call centers. "Huge in Solar and HVAC

Form filled data for Merchant Cash Advance, Pain, Health Insurance, and Auto Warranty.

Auto Warranty transfers. 60 sec buffer. Hitting under $400 CPA for clients. Log in provided with recordings.

Home Security transfers. 60 sec buffer. Closing at 15-18%. Log in provided with recordings. Average call length is 15-20 minutes.

Home Security mobile transfers. 70 sec buffer. Closing at 20-30%. Log in provided with recordings. Average call length is 20-25 minutes. 

Merchant Cash Advance transfers 60 sec buffer. Log in provided with recordings. Clients love these. 

Debt Settlement transfers 60 sec buffer. 10k minimum debt load. Log in provided with recordings.

Student Loan transfers. Log in provided with recordings. Great volume and quality.

Refinance transfers. One of our call centers does 1200 transfers a day. Log in provided with recordings.