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349 ads

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I'm looking for EN speaking Video traffic for all environments. Email me kahlia@cignal.io if it's something you have.


HI !!
I am needing CTV Supply for US mainly on all platforms. Please reach out at:
skype: bernasanmartin
mail: bsanmartin@deliads.com



We are looking for direct publisher with big streaming sites in the US with OS Macintosh traffic. let's cut the middle man :)
Willing to pay properly for direct traffic in the following verticals:

Streaming (sport, movies, Tv etc..)
mp3 converters

Not mobile or Video, desktop only please.

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We're looking for pre roll video traffic RON from US,UK,CA and AU, to run our client campaigns in desktop and mobile.

Ping me at: federico.pellegrino@harrenmedia.com (Skype and email)

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Hello Mymedia Community,

Adsolut Media has a huge Pre-Roll Video Inventory available. Let's make some money this Q4!

Desktop, In-App& Mobile Web

Email: aksh@adsolut.in
Skype: aksh.chhetija

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Please contact me in case you have Mac desktop traffic to sell. Avantis is a direct advertiser with its own proprietary downloadable products. We pay per install a rate that will be worth your while.

Looking forward,
Balazs Mike
Business Development Manager
Avantis Team
Skype: balazs.mike21
email: balazsmi@avantisteam.com


We are looking for Mobile and Desktop Video Inventory on Fix CPM and Rev share basis. If you got please feel free to contact me at:
skype: bernasanmartin


Need HQ inventory for Mobile and Desktop on a CPM model. Looking for inventory for all geos

Email : sreenivas@adsiduous.com
Skype : sreenivas.pappala

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Quality traffic available with several filter options to choose from (MOAT, DV, IAS, etc).


CPC only. Worldwide Geos.

Send me an email or skype do discuss further.

Email: Allison@deximedia.com
Skype: Aligator6208

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We have great quality and good volumes. Compliant transfers and data. Add me on skype: sdutil143 if you're ready for a good provider. We are direct.

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Hey Guys,

We are looking for publishers from all over the world. All verticals, desktop and mobile. Ready for XML partnership with ad networks and ad exchanges. Great opportunity to monetize your site, extension or app . Mainstream and Super converting type of ads with high ecpm are ready and waiting for you!

Let's connect over the skype or mail for healthy business relationship.

email - ravi.k@xapads.com
skype - xap.ravi

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I work at Keynetic Digital as media buyer. I´m looking for video inventory (desktop, web mobile, in-app) CPM basis GEO Tier1. We work with CEDATO and AOL platforms. All verticals

Skype: ignacioleon.12@gmail.com

Email: ignacio@keyneticdigital.com

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We have high-quality GCC traffic
on desktop and mobile
we support JS codes
Ping me on Skype if you want to make deal

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"Special offer for <yourservicename> subscribers! Get your FREE 7-day trial!" and alike creatives with custom LPs; available verticals: Weightloss/Fitness guides; IQ test / Games; Utility / Antivirus; Language learning; Streaming TV / Movies / Videos; Files / download.

Direct exclusive offers, CPA (CC submit or PIN submit flows).

Hit me up in email or skype: sergei.boguslavskii@performante.com for further details ;)


Keydownload are looking to Buy DESKTOP performance traffic!

We are working on a CPI model and promoting Google compliant products.

I would love to further discuss about the opportunity to BUY desktop media on POPS and BANNERS.

Please respond if you find my offer relevant so we can further discuss about it.

Waiting for your response,
Skype: yogev.kidar

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Looking for mainstream verticals!!

Inventory must be transparent.
To buy with tags and passbacks.

Skype or email me and let's do business.
Skype: julianvardi
Email: julian@web3.us.com

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Hello everyone!
I'm interesting in buying direct RU popunder/popup traffic, mobile & desktop.
Ready to work on CPM, eCPM, CPA, CPI, CPL, Revshare.
We work through JS-code & smart-link.

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Please contact us to run your CPM/CPA/CPL campaigns on CPM basis on our DSP. Only BrandSafe Traffic (NO ADULT)

email: kiranraj@adstrondigital.com
skype: kiranraj322


Hello guys,

We're in permanent look for quality traffic in the mentioned countries above for our exclusive mobile subscription campaigns, you'll only run exclusive offers with us.

You can register on our platform to have a look on the available offers: http://affiliate.tminainc.com/index.php?r=site%2Fsignup

Or you can contact me by email/Skype: andrew.b@tminainc.com

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Interested in more information, please contact me via Skype or email , I will be happy to negotiate possible payouts and campaigns to you by e- mail marketing.

skype: novosafiliados.ufirst

e-mail: novosafiliados@ufirst.com.br

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Hi ,
We have a website ( 1.4M - 1.7M visitors per month )
We are looking for the best networks for Popup & Popunder.
High CPM - Clean ads

Only serious company . PM your skype with details , Please



We are looking for Display campaigns for our premium publishers whose main traffic is from US, UK, In and UAE.

You can reach me through Skype at ravi@addnyx.com.



Media / Streaming / Books/ Sport
we are a good advertiser who accepts any source of traffic, pays twice a month
Good Rates
Flexible payouts
Contact me directly on skype : Sam Ad-center
More info : www.ad-center.com


Hi all and happy friday!

I am looking for video desktop and mobile traffic for Cedato VAST tags.

US Traffic.

Please reach me to speak the details,



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We are looking for high quality traffic on most verticals across our top GEO's and WW. We offer pre-roll video ads on desktop, mobile web, and in-app. We have several campaigns and very competitive rates available.

Feel free to pm, skype, or email.

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If you're looking for tier 1 demand to monetize your traffic, I'm your guy!
Skype: federico.pellegrino@harrenmedia.com

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Hello Folks,

I'm Looking for Traffic for India.
We have great direct Mobile offers
attractive payouts No KPI.


Hello there,
My name is Davor and I represent Coinis.
Coinis ltd is software distribution download agency and we work with a lot of affiliate networks WW buying traffic for our Desktop download (Win and Mac) campaigns.
We have many different campaigns which are suitable for many kinds of traffic.
Our campaigns have very good payout and amazing conversion rate! We monetize in more then 100 GEO's.
We specialize in downloads for Windows and Mac.We work on different models (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, ect), but we prefer CPA, because it is one that has shown the best results.
We have really good conversion rate all thanks to our platform that allow us to track and optimize our campaigns in real time.
We have one of the best conversions in all industry. The best type of sites for our campaigns are streaming sites, file sharing, software download, torrents and for some offers adult and ad inject traffic. Only restriction in our traffic is incentive traffic.

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I am looking for mobile Video campaigns for my premium traffic from Cedtato on HTML!

WW Premium Traffic!

Contact me! => horn@smadex.com (horn.smadex(skype)).

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Hello Mymedia Community,

Adsolut Media is a young Media Buying Company open to buy Display traffic in large quantities. We have direct campaigns on open budget for the above stated GEO's.

Reach out to me on Skype at aksh.chhetija or mail me on aksh@adsolut.in.

We are open to Flexible Payments.