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I am generating satellite tv calls, interested people message me on Skype id : accordant.one

Dmitriy DoroninBuyer

Hello, I'm represent the campaign PPC.BUZZ - Pay-Per-Click advertising platform.
Many years of experience in PPC.

What we offer:
- XML feed for Search/Injection/Toolbar/POP traffic;
- Wire/PayPal/EPESE/WebMoney timely payments;
- Anti-fraud protection;
- well-experienced personal managers available for direct skype/email support.

Currently we are looking for
- Injection/Toolbar traffic (xml feed / direct link);
- POP traffic (xml feed / direct link);
- JS integration for new tab traffic;
- Vast / Vpaid (video);
- Open RTB

skype: lis566482
e-mail: dima@ppc.buzz

Ursa KhanSeller

Hey people ..

If you are looking to run POP, Banner, Email or Video Campaigns then we can help you to set the campaign ..
We have High Quality traffic for all type of advertising.

You can reach me in Skype or you can reply via email with your requirement.

Skype : live:ursaparvez
Email : ursa@spotleadsmedia.com


HEY GUYS, am looking for traffic for our CPI and CPA direct offers.

Please ping me in skype at mian_225 to discuss more

Sharon OrtizSeller

We have great quality and good volumes. Compliant transfers and data. Add me on skype: sdutil143 if you're ready for a good provider. We are direct.

christophe rizzoSeller

What we sell? http://bit.do/tons-of-youtube-views
Plans start at $10.

YouTube Views, Subscribers, Likes & Comments.


Vimeo Plays, Followers

Pinterest Followers,Likes, Repins

LinkedIn Followers

Pato MediaBuyer

We are looking for HQ Banner inventory for run our Premium Banners Campaigns (from DSP like Criteo, AOL, Appnexus, Rythmone...) in RevShare model.

Ping me at Skype!

Net Terms Only 

70/30 RevShare 


Alejandra TaboadaBuyer

We are very happy to announce that in PatoMedia we have expanded our business to the Display industry, and we can say that we are having excellent results with our premium demand!

We are looking for an association, where we can monetize the Display inventory which you might have.

We are looking to buy Premium Desktop Display inventory for WW in RevShare, JS Tags with Passbaks.
Feel free in add me in Skype:Alejandra Taboada-PatoMedia




We have on-boarded fresh demands for pre-roll and CTV video, looking for more supply partners for Tier 1 Geo's.

The results are awesome on AOL, Beachfront, LKQD and Streamrail and we are working on other platforms to bring some really good demand for our partners.

If you have such traffic please connect with us, we used to work with Net terms only no prepayment option.

Yuro XiaoBuyer

Hi Guys, this is Yuro from Co-leads, we are a subsidiary company of the biggest COD advertiser in the SEA. Ping me, if your traffic is suitable for us. Wink~

Skype me: Yuro Xiao@Co-Leads

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Sarah GabelSeller

Hey There,

We are currently looking for CTV demand on a CPM basis across a variety of CPMs. Our CTV inventory is primarily direct publishers and is growing day over day.

Please comment below with your email and we will reach out.


BCE USSeller

We Accept advertisement on the BCE TV
( TV.b-c-e.us ) Website.
We don't work in Rev-Share style.
We work in CPM Style.
We have above 300,000 unique visitors and over 6 million impressions in 1 month.
90% of the visitors are from the USA.
All the ads will accept just after full payment.
We have Analysis Page you can see Live our visitors before the payment.
For more information please contact us by Skype : auref_handsome or Email us : ads@b-c-e.us


We are looking Popup/Popunder, Contextual Display, XML Feed Traffic, Intext and Search traffic for Home Improvement, Solar, Streaming Device and Tech Campaigns. We are ready to spend 75K USD Per Month.

Please contact me emarketermike@gmail.com or skype: emarketermike

Daniele AntonianiBuyer

Hi all! for our new exclusive offers I 'm looking for experience media buyer, if you are interested to promote VOD and Dating offers on CPL DOI / SOI please ping me and let's make a deal!

Jim AndrewsBuyer

At Appitate, we are looking for direct HQ Traffic in CPI basis. If you have it, don’t waste your time anymore just ping me on Skype: live:jim.appitate


Hello, i buy all your traffic.

I am interested in GEO. Only MSIE BROWSER.

Contact me asap.

Slava KhvoinitskyBuyer

US - $1.00-$2.00
UK - $0.80-$1.50
CA - $0.20-$0.80
DE / FR - $0.50 – $1.00
ES - $0.30 - $0.50

Skype is: slavakh.office


Have direct Publishers for sell-- supply LIMITED

you can contact me
telegram: Albert Matoki


We're looking for direct publishers for our exclusive offer:
Preview - https://tinyurl.com/ybu746qf

Network: 3G/4G, Wifi. Operating System: All. Device: Desktop. Country: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland. Operator: All.

Sign up link - http://altusmediagroupinc.hasoffers.com/signup

More details on Skype: dozeni_1


Hello everyone!
We are looking to buy video traffic on CPM basis. We support:
*mobile web.

Please drop us a line at info@getwaydigital.com and let's get started to make money!

Balazs MBuyer

we have proprietary Direct downloadable offers for MAC

Contact me if you have mac traffic to sell (WW)

Skype: balazs.mike21
email: balazsmi@avantisteam.com


Looking for AU CoReg traffic.

skype: kevin.johnson_conectia

Xeldy HanSeller

Hi there, I'm looking for an advertiser willing to pay a flat rate for display ads or someone willing to become our exclusive sponsor who will have the rights to all our ad spaces and other ad channels (Facebook, email, etc.). Price for flat-rate ads ranges from $50 to $200, while the exclusive ad package costs $400/month. Our site has at least 100,000 page views. Please contact me for more details and negotiations.

Rohit SharmaSeller

Hello Guys,
I am looking for Strong OpenRTB demands for Direct publisher traffic. Ping me if you have any-
Skype: rohitsharma.vertoz
Email: rohit.sharma@vertoz.com


Integma Marketing.
If you are looking for Directv or Spectrum inbound calls email us or add us on skype.

Directv calls: $4 each call
Buffer directv call: $17 (over 120 seconds)

Spectrum: $5 each call
Buffer call: $20 each call (over 120 seconds)

Skype: infor@integmamarketing.com

Drop us an email or add us on skype.

Luis IfalayeBuyer

Huge number of direct offers (CPI/CPA/CPS/CPL) with best payouts are waiting for you.

Adult, Casino Gambling, Dating, Sports Betting, Forex, Binary, Games, Apps, TV and Much More!

*** Weekly payouts via wire, Paxum, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, WebMoney

*** 24/7 automated monitoring with personalized support in multiple timezones

Sign up:

Feel free to ask questions!

Email: support@rocketstraffic.info
Skype: ifalayestudios


HI ,

I Need Publishers who can Provide us Direct calls whole day ,365 Days. we are ready to buy in bulk

Skype- Neerajsharma2009


Im looking for Inbanner video traffic for English speaking countries for my top filling demand. Please contact me.


I'm looking for partners who are willing to work with traffic.
I'm interested in any movement of Windows desktop and Ios phone buy and sell.
Every day value 10 000 000 click very good quality many vertical traffic

I'm not interested in partners who
1. If you want Require documents for any reason.
2. If you are reseller traffic or reseller offer
3. If you working with NET30
4. If you communicate all time email. Good and faster job it is skype,telegram,messenger
5. If you many time offline working day
6. If you dont have statistics


I'm Looking for CPI and CPA Mobile traffic for our direct offers.

GEO: Tier 1 and south-east Asia in urgent basis.

For more details contact at:

Skype: pushpak.rai
Email: pushpak.rai@appsdiscover.com.