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I'm Looking for CPI and CPA Mobile traffic for our direct offers.

GEO: Tier 1 and south-east Asia in urgent basis.

For more details contact at:

Skype: pushpak.rai
Email: pushpak.rai@appsdiscover.com.


Looking for video inventory( Desktop, Mobile Web, In-app and Connected TV).
We are seeing a great trend in CTV off late.
And demand from Tier 1 DSP’s in the video space.
Please ping me at anita.adsiduous


I'm looking for partners who are willing to work with traffic.
I'm interested in any movement of Windows desktop and Ios phone buy and sell.
Every day value 10 000 000 click very good quality many vertical traffic

I'm not interested in partners who
1. If you want Require documents for any reason.
2. If you are reseller traffic or reseller offer
3. If you working with NET30
4. If you communicate all time email. Good and faster job it is skype,telegram,messenger
5. If you many time offline working day
6. If you dont have statistics

Marco CongeSeller

Do you have mainstream desktop offers for our compliant DBs?

Email & Display.

We are direct publishers worlwide, the source of traffic you needed!

Ping me on Skype or email: marco@orangebuddies.com


Hello Everyone,

I am sami,
I have Movies, TV shows Downloading traffic.
All Traffic From Google Organic Mobile and PC both traffic,.
Top countries: India, USA, Pakistan

I have 500K+ Daily Traffic
Anyone interested add me on skype.



We are looking for direct publisher with big streaming sites in the US with OS Macintosh traffic. let's cut the middle man :)
Willing to pay properly for direct traffic in the following verticals:

Streaming (sport, movies, Tv etc..)
mp3 converters

Not mobile or Video, desktop only please.


I want to work as Publisher
Hello Everyone,

I am sami,
I have Movies, TV shows Downloading traffic.
All Traffic From Google Organic Mobile and PC both traffic,.
Top countries: India, USA, Pakistan

I have 500K+ Daily Traffic
Anyone interested add me on skype.



Integma Marketing.
If you are looking for Directv or Spectrum inbound calls email us or add us on skype.

Directv calls: $4 each call
Buffer directv call: $17 (over 120 seconds)

Spectrum: $5 each call
Buffer call: $20 each call (over 120 seconds)

Skype: infor@integmamarketing.com

Drop us an email or add us on skype.

Vladimir KrukBuyer

Mediawayss AD Agency is looking for Video traffic on CPM basis. We are official Google Partner so our video ads will be absolutely clear and you can earn good with us.

*** The only one way to work together if you have list of sites where you can place our codes***

Prepayment in not problem for us. Send email to v.kruk@mediawayss.com or ping me in Skype - ali3nn1

Yana SoldatovaBuyer

Hi everyone !
The OFFERSEVEN is looking for new partners who have good traffic in LATAM, ASIA, and ZA.
DIrect offers are available!
Ping me for more information!

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Marco CongeSeller

Hello everyone, I am looking for Email&Display mainstream offers for IT.

Add me on Skype if your campaigns are freshly baked!



Looking for a very large buyer ! I can sell up to 77 000 000 views! telegram stasblino

Sharon OrtizSeller

We have great quality and good volumes. Compliant transfers and data. Add me on skype: sdutil143 if you're ready for a good provider. We are direct.

Mikki LoumanBuyer

Hi there,
We're looking for publishers and networks to promote exclusive offers.

CC Submit


Iphone, Iphone X, HBO, Spotify, CK underwear, Cinema, Furniture

If you're interested, please add me on skype so we can discuss the possibilities.




I am looking for websites to run Google ads from Google AdX. We have native ads + sticky ads + traditional banners. We have solutions for desktop, mobile, apps, video and games.

Please contact me at: gonzalo@redmas.com


Dmitriy DoroninBuyer

Hello, I'm represent the campaign PPC.BUZZ - Pay-Per-Click advertising platform.
Many years of experience in PPC.

What we offer:
- XML feed for Search/Injection/Toolbar/POP traffic;
- Wire/PayPal/EPESE/WebMoney timely payments;
- Anti-fraud protection;
- well-experienced personal managers available for direct skype/email support.

Currently we are looking for
- Injection/Toolbar traffic (xml feed / direct link);
- POP traffic (xml feed / direct link);
- JS integration for new tab traffic;
- Vast / Vpaid (video);
- Open RTB (banners / native / video);

skype: lis566482
e-mail: dima@ppc.buzz



I am looking for campaigns for the above mentioned GEOs! Feel free to contact me to: marcomartinez@adviceglobal.com.mt

- No Adult campaigns
- No Sweeps

BCE USSeller

We Accept advertisement on the BCE TV ( TV.b-c-e.us ) Website.
We don't work in Rev-Share style.
We work in CPM Style.
We have rather 200,000 unique visitors in 1 month
90% of the visitors are from the USA.
All the ads will accept just after full payment.
We have Analysis Page you can see Live our visitors before the payment.
For more information please contact us by Skype : auref_handsome or Email us : ads@b-c-e.us

Siim KarutoomBuyer

Hey Online Media professionals,

Do you have Web/ Mobile new tab, redirect, pop under – pop up traffic that needs to be monetized with very lucrative rates? If the answer is YES- then please contact me and lets explore together potential business.

Feel free to add me to Skype ( siim.adcash ) to explore the best possible solutions.

best regards,

Siim Karutoom
Skype siim.adcash

Yoni ShterlingBuyer


i'm looking for DIRECT publishers!!! for Tier1 and Eu countries. i have unlimited budgets.
we can work with CPI.CPM.Revenue Share and CPL.
payments are available with PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.
please contact me if you have more questions.

Lisbeth JonesBuyer

Hello everyone!
I'm interesting in buying direct RU popunder/popup traffic, mobile & desktop.
Ready to work on CPM, eCPM, CPA, CPI, CPL, Revshare.
We work through JS-code & smart-link.

Nastia JungleTapBuyer

Hello guys, we have really coll VOD offers! Direct!
User Flow: VOD campaign - Payouts + links
PO > $12!!

Please ping me on Skype: live:nastia_251
Mark VOD in "hello message" please :)

Pankit DuttaBuyer


We are looking for middle east traffic for direct CPI campaigns,

- Exclusive campaigns
- Open Budget
- Soft KPI

Skype : pankitdutta1993
Email : pankit@adcrax.com

John KrawczykSeller

We have a brand new TV commercial featuring the Wolf of Wall Street, generating lots of calls. Let me know if you want to test some. skype me john.krawczyk2

Shimon Ben YairSeller

Hey Marketeers, Hope all is good.

I am currently looking for Binary, Lottery, Sport betting and/or streaming offers.

The model of work we support is CPM/CPL but always optimizing according to your CPA goal and to the source that generated the best user value for you.

If you are a direct advertiser - pls hit me up, we have excellent traffic for your offer with current results that are highly qualified for these verticals.

If you have anything exclusive or super-special you are promoting, we can definitely find a way to cooperate as well.

Just PM by Skype and we'll take it from there, I'm positive we'll be able to do great things together.

Looking forward for your message,


Matthew JBuyer

MAMO is able to buy all remnant XML search traffic.

If you have desktop traffic that you are unable to monetize we have a solution.

-No need for IAS filtering.
-Monetizing XML search since 2009.
-Many means of monetization available.

Please skype me to get started.

Skype: matthew@iapid.com


Hi All.

I'm interested in exploring a partnership with AD-networks/agencies on Direct link/XML Monetization, RTB based for All Geo's!
We have launched special offers, VIA New In-house ADVERSER that will monetize bidding offers and guarantee fulfilling Partnership for both companies.


Skype - avi.rh


Balazs MBuyer

we have proprietary Direct downloadable offers for MAC

Contact me if you have mac traffic to sell (WW)

Skype: balazs.mike21
email: balazsmi@avantisteam.com

Irina YSeller


we are offering huge volumes of Native Ads traffic on CPC for content websites on different subjects (news, fashion, gossip, travel, sports, leisure, etc.)

For further details please contact me via email: irina@mediafrontpage.com

Thank you.

Pato MediaBuyer

We are looking for HQ Banner inventory for run our Premium Banners Campaigns (from DSP like Criteo, AOL, Appnexus, Rythmone...) in RevShare model.

Ping me at Skype!

Net Terms Only 

70/30 RevShare