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233 ads


Mobile Web Traffic .. Mostly from India.. If u r looking . let me know

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We managed direct sites with high quality traffic!
Especially in streaming, extensions,sport & financial, lottery etc. (CPL,CPA,CPI)
If you have relevant offers and you want to make money please feel free to connect on Skype: roni breslouer (Taptica)
or roni.b@taptica.com


i wanna work with dirct advertiser.if anyone interst contact me on skype
my skype id is

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Hello, my name is Veronica and I'm video account manager at Media Shakers. We are a video AD network that Specializes in brand AD's. At the moment we are looking to buy mobile and desktop pre roll traffic.
Please feel free to ping me: veronica.mediashakers

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High Quality Fast Views with A Region ( Country ). Average watch time 1:55 Min.Retention will be 50%-90%. Non Drop views until now and Instant start in Main Server. Service have 30 days warranty for any views maybe Drop . NOTE: Please don't upload any copyright/spam/scam videos or videos which breaks tos of youtube. No refund. After order , No refund/Cancel .

Normal Views - No drop until today. No refund / No Refill. Speed is 20k - 60k per day NOTE: Please don't upload any copyright/spam/scam ... videos or videos which breaks tos of youtube. After order , No refund/Cancel .

Price for 1000 views is 1$ yes
or contact me validvcc@gmail.com

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Hey! I am looking for CedatoX connections on Desktop, MW and Inapp video traffic huge demand to be place right away. ping me on skype hector.c14

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I am looking to buy large inventory from video SP, MP and LP/ US, CA and UK Geos. CPM basis!

skype: hector.c14

Thumb 9edacdcf09d133f7Buyer

Rev share basis, mostly CPA campaigns for downloands and streaming. sizes 300x250, 320x50, 728x90, 234x60 and 320x480.

Thumb 9edacdcf09d133f7Buyer

Hey Guys!

feel free to ping me on skype (hector.c14) if you have some Video, display, mobile and performance inventory i will be more than happy to help you monetizing it.

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I'm looking for direct publisher & to buy POP traffic from:
DE, & SW
Both MW & Desktop.
Want to Here more?
let's have a chat about it; my SKYPE- Daria-Matomy.

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We are buying display / Video traffic on CPM basis (both mobile and desktop) for Tier 1 countries.
Connect me on skype or email me for more info.
Skype : garima.vertoz
Email id : garima.bhat@vertozadvertising.com

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PatoMedia is looking for Mobile, InApp and Desktop Video traffic to buy on a CPM basis. Q1 is doing great, let's make it even better!

Skype: merce.somoza
Mail: merce@patomedia.com

Ping me and let's do some business!

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Hey all!

I´m looking to buy video inventory from the geos described above.

We are reaching amazing fill rates in all the formats: desktop, web mobile and inapp.

If you have video traffic for selling, I'm your guy!

Ping me for more details :-)

Mail and Skype: federico.pellegrino@harrenmedia.com

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Freenet (previous www.Jamba.de) is looking for partners to promote our offers (DIRECT) in Italy.

CPA 8€ non-incent

OFFERS: gossip/sports/download/games

PM me for more information!

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My name is Demian, i represent DuMedia Ad Network.

We are buying Mobile,Banner,Video traffic, for our direct advertisers and have good prices.
Will be great if you contact me, so we can discuss possible options for cooperation

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Only for direct offers!!! Ping me on skype: xenia.trafficluster

Thumb 11899772 10152857575901362 347799285087515025 n avatarBuyer

I have unique and highly performing direct demand for video desktop.

I am interested in O&O sites/direct sites - Fixed CPM only and looking for MW, IA and desktop video inventory.

We focus on EN speaking countries but also FR, DE - but we also can run RON too.

If you think you answer all these elements please add my Skype - kaz12061970

Happy new year every one ;)

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Quick brief:
- promoting mobile apps/games, Android/iOS on CPI basis
- selling desktop traffic on CPM basis
- type of ads: popunders
- all countries

650+ million impressions per day worldwide

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I got a huge branded contextual (overlay text ads) inventory from the best of my installations growing bigger and bigger and I'm willing to run just about anything (no tech support) on CPwhatever model that works.

I cannot accept rotating links, JScript tags, iFrame tags etc. Only direct, stable and long-lasting offers.

Also you gotta have a very solid affiliate platform or ad server (HasOffers is not considered as a solid platform for example).

Volumes are exceeding 60M Daily unique views currently, and growing.

Hit my on Skype with your CiS offers: orr.yoffe1


Hello, We are looking to buy Credit Repair leads. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks.

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RU 3G mainstream traffic
no email
white list ip only

!For subscriptions.

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I am looking for premium video demand targeting the US Geo. Below are some of our stats:

Desktop Buying Opportunities: 15 Billion
Mobile Buying Opportunities: 8 Billion
Male to Female Ratio: 55% / 45%
Bot Calls: 2.7%
Masked Domain Impressions: 0.42%
Injected Ad Impressions: 0.99%
Med/Large Player Rate: 82.64%
Viewability Rate: 73.5%
Verified Impressions: 99.17%

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есть видео на Россию
до 500000 показов/сутки
продам от 100 рублей/1000 показов
предоплата, или постоплата максимум 1 неделя!!!
skype: kulikovsawa

Thumb 10387382 10203321111253989 6861266185607376273 n avatarSeller

We have great quality and good volumes. Compliant transfers and data. Add me on skype: sdutil143 if you're ready for a good provider. We are direct.

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Hello everyone,

Mybestclick LTD. have a lot of stable offers, which have a need of quality CPA (CPI,CPL,CPR) traffic. We accept world wide traffic. Let me know if you are interested to make business together.

Best Regards,
Tanya Dimitrova

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Hi Guys!

I am looking for InStream and OutStream Video traffic in all countries! We have a lot of demand from different adServers.

Rates between $1 and $2 at the beginning and Q1 and for exchanges after we see the quality we will give you our direct campaigns.

Add me on skype (luisa.lopez_sonital) or send me an email (lulopez@sonital.com)

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Hi everyone!

I need to buy video inventory (MW, INAPP and DESKTOP) mainly in Tier 1, Europe and some Apac countries.
Please contact me.




Hello Everyone!
We provide high-quality content and buy traffic on a CPC base to few articles on this website: www.newsforants.com . No bots or other frauds.

We currently acquire users via native ad networks, looking to expand our options to different acquisition verticals. Would love hearing from you and hear your ideas for optional collaboration or partnership.


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We are offering very good traffic source from Brazil on cpm basis, we assure this traffic works very good for extns or similar cpa/cpi offers.

Anyone interested in this traffic please contact me on skyp : GAMsupport

I can assure about quality of traffic and its performance.

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We managed direct sports sites with high quality traffic!

If you have relevant offers and you want to make money please feel free to connect on Skype: roni breslouer (Taptica)
or roni.b@taptica.com