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213 ads

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Hello, my name is Veronica and I'm video account manager at Media Shakers. We are a video AD network that Specializes in brand AD's. At the moment we are looking to buy mobile and desktop pre roll traffic.
Please feel free to ping me: veronica.mediashakers


Demand is picking up as the quarter moves along & we are looking for top publishers/networks to purchase your desktop & mobile video inventory.
SM 2/3
MED 4/5
L 6/7/8
MW and INAPP from 1 to 2
We are paying Net45!
Please let me know what rates work best and I'll get you IO over ASAP.

Sell today & start earning tomorrow!
coloradopaludas for more details......

Thank you,

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We are looking for CPI/PPI traffic in all GEO;s.

GEO;s: All
Verticals: All
Platform: Desktop & Mobile

Please Contact:

E-mail: jacob@mixinstall.com
Skype: jacob@mixinstall.com


TV series fans, pay attention! Tvboxaddons.com now brings to you a golden chance to watch all your favorite TV series online from any part of the world on your TV box set. Our latest Tv series addons lets you watch all the latest and the hottest dramas, comedies, and reality shows that’s ruling the television right now.

For latest details, just log into our website.
or call us at - 1 800 2188 566.

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Looking for video campaigns, ww!
Please email me at irina@3ginstall.com

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Hey advertisers!

I have amazing direct traffic world wide

ping me at SKYPE : lior.shapira4


email me at : lior.s@taptica.com

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Hello everyone,

Mybestclick LTD. have a lot of stable offers, which have a need of quality CPA (CPI,CPL,CPR) traffic. We accept world wide traffic. Let me know if you are interested to make business together.

Best Regards,
Tanya Dimitrova

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I represent Strategic Partnerships at Mediallianz. We have a strong Demand for traffic from Tier 1 countries and work on RON/ROS for Display & Video.

For a quick discussion, ping me on:
Skype: navin-chandwani
Email: navin@mediallianz.com

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I'm looking for direct publisher & to buy POP traffic from:
DE, & SW
Both MW & Desktop.
Want to Here more?
let's have a chat about it; my SKYPE- Daria-Matomy.

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Interested to buy USA traffic !!!
Accepted basis - CPL (cost per lead) and CPS (cost per sale).
High payout and 30-40% CR

Please contact me for more information:


@skype - krisbergs123

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We are the network of digital brands premium, we count with portals under verticals News, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Beauty and health, Technology, Finances, Trending topics.
Male 49% and Female 51%
Mobile/dektop - Display/video.

Video: MP - LP
Display: 728x90, 300x250, 300x600, 160x600, 970x90, 320x50, 300x100

Impressions per month
Video 500K per day WW
Display 20MM per day WW

Skype: nfeliu - email: nfeliu@cimacast.com


Buying Movie/TV Streaming Traffic for Tier 1 Geos Desktop and Mobile.

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We managed direct sites with high quality traffic!
Especially in streaming sport, lottery,sweepstakes,downloads.
If you have relevant offers and you want to make money please feel free to connect on Skype: roni breslouer (Taptica)

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I represent Sparta Mobile Limited and I am looking for a CPL, CPA and CPI Desktop and Mobile traffic. If u have such just ping me in skype: yaroslav@spartamobile.com
We have great variety of Campaigns.

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PatoMedia is looking for Mobile, InApp and Desktop Video traffic to buy on a CPM basis. Q1 is doing great, let's make it even better!

Skype: merce.somoza
Mail: merce@patomedia.com

Ping me and let's do some business!

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Many news TV channels use our technology to stream their TV channels online. So we have a developed a tool which replace TV ads to online video ads on the go.
India traffic:
App - 2million
Web - 15million

International: (10% Tier1, 20% Mena,10% ROW)
App - nearly 1million
Web - nearly 7 million

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Mediallianz is offering campaigns from more than 20 Demand Side Platforms. We offer high CPM's depending upon traffic behaviour.

We provide RON tags too.

Skype id: navin-chandwani
email: navin@mediallianz.com

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Hi everyone!

I need to buy video inventory (MW, INAPP and DESKTOP) mainly in Tier 1, Europe and some Apac countries.
Please contact me.



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Matomy is looking to sell traffic on a CPM base for desktop\mobile web.
Let me know if you would like to hear more about our direct publishers.

- Prepayment required for testing
Skype- tomermatomy

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We are looking for new publishers for publishers. So If you have good traffic to your website and you want to monetize. Then Mediallianz has solutions for you.

We have Display/Native/Video Inventory available for your website.

If you have any questions lets get connect on

Email: navin@mediallianz.com
Skype: navin-chandwani

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https://www.keen.tv is an aggregator of 850+ live TV channels, mostly using embed links from YouTube, Dailymotion and Filmon. We also run VIDEO.JS and we can embed VPAID and VAST ads on a CPV or CPM basis.

We are preparing to start buying traffic to the site in big quantities - and we are currently looking for video advertisers that want to receive high-quality fraud free traffic.

We are open to offers - please contact Isaac Cohen on Skype keen.mediagroup or isaac.cohen@keen.media


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I'm looking for publishers with extensions\software
regarding monetization solutions we have to offer.
Crazy high CPM rate guaranteed for qualified traffic.

Skype: tomermatomy


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Quick brief:
- promoting mobile apps/games, Android/iOS on CPI basis
- selling desktop traffic on CPM basis
- type of ads: popunders
- all countries

650+ million impressions per day worldwide

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I work as a media manager at the performance department of Taptica - specializing in streaming sites (sport, movies, series).
among my sites you can find Batmenstream.com, footballstreamings.com, the-watch-series.to, projectfreetv.at and many other great sites.
I'm looking to buy traffic for display - I have many CPA (cost per action) offers that work amazing on streaming sites.
please contact me for further details.
skype - liran.milman

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We're looking for traffic for OUR product.
Entertainment vertical.
Works best on Streaming sites, all types.
High Payouts!
Ping me for more details.

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If you have Tier 1 traffic and you want to monetize traffic with us.

Contact on -navin@mediallianz.com
skype- navin-chandwani

P.S We do have RON Tags for Display & Mobile.


Feel free to add me on Skype- omerrmatomy or shoot me an email- omer.r@matomy.com

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We are looking for Video traffic for premium English speaking Geo's.
Our demand is premium and will be working on Fixed CPM. (No-Prepay)

Tags- VAST & V-Paid.



I have a France CPM campaign to send. The budget is 100.000 emails so 100$.
Anyone interested? Thanks

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Hi Guys!

I am looking for InStream and OutStream Video traffic in all countries! We have a lot of demand from different adServers.

Rates between $1 and $2 at the beginning and Q1 and for exchanges after we see the quality we will give you our direct campaigns.

Add me on skype (luisa.lopez_sonital) or send me an email (lulopez@sonital.com)