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We are looking for campaigns to send on our internal DBs with email marketing.
We are specialised on cpc traffic and we assure to our customers good performance. We have internal DBs in the major european Geos.
Our best performance are assure in casino and betting campaigns.

contact: micheleb.adream

Carlo Ginno ConteSeller

Selling Auto Insurance Leads.

Mina OpusAdsBuyer

We are a Global Performance Advertising Agency that offers monetization of both Mobile and Desktop traffic worldwide. We have:

• CPI CPA CPL CPS PPI campaigns for Display and Mobile Devices.

• 180 GEOs reach with CN, IN, SA, TH, VN, ID, MY, US, KR, CA, HK, DE, JP, RU, UK, AU, CH, TW, IT, FR, ZA and UAE taking about 90% of our overall GEO traffic.

You can get an in-depth insight about our company by going through our very detailed website: http://opusads.com.

Fill up this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJhKPtfZAtkYp3J6xDMpTBmpTotghYVghIiFCSGQDfEb5l6w/viewform

email: mina@opusads.com
skype: live:opusadsmina

Rob GlebeSeller

Adsimialte Marketing has large available inventory of POP, RON, TOS/PV and Premium traffic.

Sign up here: https://adsimilatecommunity.com/user/newpublisher
I can be reached at rglebe@adsimilate.com Also on Skype: rob.glebe

Tyler ChoiniereBuyer

Revcontent has just signed on 3 huge new advertisers who are looking for mainstream Native and Push traffic across all Geos!

Let us help you monetize your traffic through our massive network of advertisers.

Can integrate through JS Tags or API (XML and Json)

Fell free to reach out to me @ Tyler@Revcontent.com

Or on Skype: TChoiniere@outlook.com

Let's start increasing your revenue!

Ibrahim | Vertigo MediaBuyer


Join our global network and contact me for the best converting offers, more than 150 campaigns WW on CPL and CPA basis in order to increase your profit with the help of our expertise.

P.S. We DON'T work on prepayments.



Over 36 Million monthly unique visitors, all who consider outdoor pursuits to be integral parts of their lives. Farming, Rural Lifestyle, Hunting, Fishing, Skiing, Hiking, etc.

We have over 500 websites, and online TV platform in CarbonTV.com and the 2nd largest YouTube Multi-Channel Network in Sports w/ 2MM+ daily video views.

Randy DSeller

We have 30 day plus aged data available in the following verticals. All data is opt in self generated and fully compliant.

Our aged data HAS NOT BEEN SOLD previously due to the exclusivity contracts that we honor with our real time lead buyers.

We can offer excellent pricing based upon age, volume, states and filters. Contact us and let's find a deal that works for you @ 856-534-8769 or email neworldmarketinglists@gmail.com

Mortage Refi, VA Refi, Biz opp buyers & inquiries, Infomercial buyers, Payday, Debt Settlement/Consolidation Leads, Student Loan Consolidation, Solar, Unsecured Loan, MCA, TV Ad Data, Direct TV & Dish Lead Inquiries, Mag Data, Email Data, Sweepstakes Data & Diabetic/Pain leads, Edu, Weight loss, Legal Help, Auto Ins, Life/Health Ins, Grant Leads, Skin Care Leads & Erectile Dysfunction.

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need WW traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39

Michael VBuyer

Hey, im Mike with Flex Marketing Group, When you have a moment id love to discuss a working partnership between our two firms.

Talk soon! feel free to add my skype:
Please ping me on Skype at:

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Randy DSeller

We have a ton of Auto data, Aged auto warranty leads, Timeshare owner data and Veteran data. Email us at neworldmarketinglists@gmail.com or call us @ 856-534-8769.


Zeus Technologies™Seller

For More Information And Ordering Visit https://www.zeustechnologies.com

Rob GlebeSeller

Looking for Form Fill xml feeds

Great coverage and bids!

Sign up here: https://adsimilatecommunity.com/user/newpublisher

I can be reached at rglebe@adsimilate.com Also on Skype: rob.glebe

Sharon OrtizSeller

We are direct with 120+ proven publishers who have proven properties for tcpa compliant custom opt in lead generation.

We also have a ton of data vendors across many verticals that we sell data for. We know how to grow rooms. Quality is key!

Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me sharon@leadzod.com and let me know your leads needs.

CPL and Prepay ONLY


Dear all, i´m currently looking for traffic inventory for sweepstakes in EMAIL, Display and Social for germany- further please share or recommend the post- great thanks Recep


Looking for FR coreg partners please skype me kevin.johnson_conectia

Alex KSeller

Sign up today on our Native platform and get unrivalled CPC and CPM rates on high converting traffic.


Stephen BrahamSeller

I have a load of Pop ups for sale from my networks of sites, they are for sale at £2 CPM costing $0.002 per pop up, I have massive volume if you are interested please contact me.

Olija MobinariumBuyer

Looking for HQ traffic for good converting offers!
iOS, Android, etc
Skype: olia.study
Email: olija@mobinarium.com


Looking for push-notification feeds for WW geos :) Mostly all topics are acceptable. Can provide 100000 subscriptions daily per all geos. Traffic increase is possible :)

Roxana NikolaSeller

Hello Friend,

Do You Need More Leads And Referrals?
Do you need Traffic to your Affiliate links?
Do you want to build your list?
Do you want your sales to grow ?
Or would you just like to Build Residual Traffic to your Web Sites?

We Will Add Your URL To Our Network Of High Traffic Websites That Generate Millions Of Hits Every Month And Leave It There For The Duration Of Your Campaign!

Check for more details

Best regaards,
Nikolas Foxnet,
Internet Marketer

Adz2you NetworkBuyer

Adz2you – Earn cash from your website traffic. It is very easy to earn money: use two types of banners (468×60 and 125×125 px) or Direct Link.

Earn %10 from any transaction your referral will made for life time.

Ad Network Name: Adz2you
URL : https://ads.adz2you.com/home.php
Company Eamil abdelrahman.a.y.127@gmail.com
Network Type : CPM . PTP , POP
accept all traffic kind
Ad Formats : Banner , Direct link , POP
Minimum Payout : $0.01
Payment Frequency : Daily
Payment Options : PayPal , PerfectMoney , Solidtrustpay
Referral Program : Yes
Referal Program commission : %10
my Contact Email : abdelrahman.a.y.127@gmail.com
my skype id : ab.asmar1


Looking for these offers (GCC Campaigns).

Let me know if you guys have them:

1- Citibank (GCC)

2- automotive test driving (GCC)

3- Noon ( CPI and CPC) GCC

Many thanks!

Randy DSeller

They are web based, filter by zips and states. Starting at 12 cents each with a minimum order.


Marina BarrosoBuyer

I'm looking for BR traffic for many verticals of campaigns.
- DISPLAY and EMAIL Marketing
- ONLY NET 30 payment
- ONLY Brazil traffic
- Basis for CPL and CPA

Skype: live:afiliacaoneoleads
Email: marina@neoleads.com.br

Marina BarrosoBuyer

I'm Marina from Neoleads.
We need CPL/CPA traffic to BR. Many verticals
* Net 30 Payment ONLY
Talk to me!
Skype: live:afiliacaoneoleads
Email: marina@neoleads.com.br


WW database available for monetization (50/50 rev/share)


Skype: live:andrijana.dbstore

Brett KaufmanBuyer

We are working on a call program with a large ride sharing service, they are looking to sign up new drivers (not riders).

This program has been working well for call centers and those with access to data.

If you are a call center and can run a transfer campaign, this has a great chance of succeeding. Many partners have been running this on the front or backend of call programs related to auto insurance, auto warranty, education, job/careers and debt consolidation.

If you just have data that could be a great fit, but don’t have a call center, we can help you partner with a pre approved avatar dialing company that has been having great success on this campaign. They have a low cost model that has been backing out nicely to help yield conversions.

Once a driver completes signup (this happens before the background checks and further documentation), the $10 conversion payment is issued to you.

Marina BarrosoBuyer

I'm looking for BR traffic for many verticals of campaigns.
- DISPLAY and EMAIL Marketing
- ONLY NET 30 payment
- ONLY Brazil traffic
- Basis for CPL and CPA

Skype: live:afiliacaoneoleads
Email: marina@neoleads.com.br


If you've got email or display traffic to sell, lets get right to it and start making some serious money together. Skype me at elsmartadv to make it happen