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Randy DSeller

About 3 years ago, we introduced over 3,000 consumer micro-selects, otherwise known as propensities. We've sold a ton of propensities since that time, with amazing results. I often get the question: Which propensities are the best to use for my customers?

They're all good, as far as I'm concerned! Just tell me about what your customer is selling, and I can give you some suggestions on what propensities might make sense.

How are Propensities compiled? These selects are created with a sophisticated model using industry-specific, syndicated data from leading providers including actual purchase information from companies like American Express. Our clients have been getting 20% to 200% better response adding Propensities to a list order.

Randy D

Sharon OrtizSeller

Are you in need of leads?
We are direct with 120+ vetted publishers who own and operate authentic web properties for tcpa compliant, custom, simple opt in lead generation. We know how to grow rooms. Quality is key!
Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me and let me know your leads needs.

Max rayner Buyer

"Hello Everyone!

We are looking for new supply and demand partners for Push/POP/ (Adult + Mainstream) traffic on CPC and CPM basis, Our best Geos - US,CA,AU,UK,CH,DE,RU,IN,ID,BR,BG.

Please ping us for more details. by email, skype or sign up at.

Best Regards,
Max Rayner
skype : max.rayner3

Miguel D. RobinsonSeller

New advertisers looking for ppi install

For new offers, advertisers directly find ppi install

Not Ransomware, not steal data

Normal software

Our monetization is Bing feed and Affiliate links.

win7 8 10 ,chrome

need 5k per day, reasonable price

net7 payment

No prepaid

Looking only direct publishers ! NO broker , NO scammers , only real partner for long time worked !

skype at9357

Jacob GreenSeller

Currently TopDealAd is looking for new partners for business collaboration regarding various CPC campaigns. Show me your offers and we'll provide you with HQ WW traffic to promote it and involve users from all over the world. Also feel free to contact me if you are a direct publisher or maybe you just have some no-bot/real human HQ traffic. We have different direct offers and decent demand for you inventory.

Just ping me to discuss any of the mentioned opportunities.

Jacob Green
Skype: live:jacob_6797

Louise VerschurenBuyer

Hi all,

I'm looking for traffic for different GEO's in Europe but mainly for NL & BE. Traffic has to be non-incent and we work on CPL base. You can add me on Skype for more info: live: suling_23

Nick StukalovBuyer

Hello, I am buying calls from direct pay per call affiliates in the following verticals and US geo:

Health Insurance 90sec (Inbound calls, Onshore Live transfers)
Auto insurance (dynamic payout) (Inbounds)
Flight Booking 60sec (Inbound calls)
Pest control 120sec (inbounds)
Home warranty 90sec (inbounds)
Home security 120sec (inbounds)

Write to email: or
Skype: live:.cid.b9fc8f1d8afd6649


If any one is looking for Bulk Email Solutions or SMTP Server with mailwizz for sending out Bulk Promotional Emails world-wide, please let us know.

We have powerful PMTA server and good rate of delivery and In-Boxing.

Please connect me if you are looking for Bulk E-Mail Solutions
Skype- live:goyafuture

Melis KavakliBuyer

♦ Register from here now:
♦ High eCPM & high fill rate!
♦ Looking for publishers willing to earn a lot!

Direct Link (Smart Link), Pop-Up, and Pop-Under formats are added to our monetization solutions.

Direct publishers, affiliates, arbitrageurs... We're waiting for you. You'll earn more than other platforms.

📌 Publishers using ReklamStore SSP always earn more than others with our header bidding technology.
📌 We have plenty of demand sources and UNLIMITED global demand!

Come and generate more $$$ than other sources!

You can contact us via Skype to ask your questions.
🌟 Melis-rs
🌟 Esra-rs

Randy DSeller

I just wanted to mention this great new select we introduced on our Velocity Auto Data.

It's called "Currently in the Market for a Vehicle", and it rates a prospect's readiness to purchase.

What makes it such an interesting select is that part of the compilation process is based on actual visits to auto dealerships within the last 90 days. This means your clients can target hot prospects who are visiting the sales lots of multiple auto dealerships without paying for the high cost of a trigger lead.

Randy D

Gibran SelmanBuyer

We're a private pay-per-call network looking for new super ppcall affiliates able to generate high quality volume for the following:

Health Insurance
Payout: $27 per 2 min call

Auto Insurance
Payout: $20 per 3 min call

Air Travel
Payout: $5 per 10 sec call

Car Donation
Payout: $30 per 90 sec call

Help with Book Publishing
Payout: $15 per 60 sec call

Diabetic Supplies
Payout: $17 per 60 sec call

We can also source specific offers for you if you need them.

You will be asked for screenshots of your earnings, payments. We will also asked for your ads/creatives, landing pages and traffic source before being approved.

We only have a handful of affiliates at the moment and only accept serious applicants that can generate serious quality volume.

For more info please contact me via Skype: gibran.selman or via email:

Ian MBuyer

Hello everybody,

Hastraffic is looking for more publishers who are able to deliver traffic on email, SMS, push, search, display, native, social etc.

We work in ALL geos but are strongest in the US and Tier 1. Tier 2 + 3 are indeed welcome too.

Our advertisers simply bid on a CPC on your traffic, the highest bidder wins the traffic. We pay you on fixed CPC rates + everything extra our advertisers bids.

Add me on Skype to discuss and get approved:

Onu FlorinBuyer

We are looking for native HQ traffic from publishers and ad networks. We work with XML, JSON for ad networks.
📌VERY IMPORTANT: We don't work with prepayment

Anurag MahajanSeller

Looking for direct campaigns for the GCC and SEA region
In house promotions via email traffic.
Vertical : Education, finance, banking, Auto, etc

Please buzz me over Skype @ popundermedia


Direct Auto title loan company,

Live transfers, or real time posts
Full Name
Make of Vehicle
Model of Vehicle
Vehicle year 2006 or newer
State of FL ONLY

Email or PM with pricing.

Nazmul HossainSeller



Etc . . . . .

Further lists, upon your demanded can be provided.
Contact for more details:

Skype : live:kazinaiem
Telegram :
Discord :
Whats_App : +880 1979838160

Reyhan zenSeller

Hello folks,

I am Reyhan from SpotLeads Media a leading Publisher Company.If you are looking to run POP, Banner, Email or Video Campaigns then we can help you to set the campaign as we have traffic over a billion served every week with good results.We have High Quality traffic for all type of advertising that includes Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Forex, Lotto, Weight Loss, Solar Panels, Education & so on.You can reach me in Skype or you can reply via email with your requirement

Reyhan Zen
Skype: live:reyhankhan99

we provide all traffics at a very low budgets

Carlo Ginno ConteSeller


Also available:
- at&t and verizon customers database
- Auto Insurance
- Mortgage
- Realtors
- Verified home owners
- Payday
- Loans
- Pharma
- DME(Medicare B)
- Health Insurance(PPO)

- Canada data
- UK B2B & B2C Data
- AU B2B & B2C Data

Anyone looking for VoIP and Dialer service provider?
We offer competitive per minute rates for CC routes
and dialer with no per user fees.

If interested you can reach me at:

Phone PH: +63 (906) 868-6858
Telegram: +63 (906) 868-6858
WhatsApp: +63 (906) 868-6858

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Rob GlebeSeller

Adsimilate Marketing has large available inventory of POP, RON, TOS/PV and Premium traffic.

Sign up here:
I can be reached at Also on Skype: rob.glebe

Randy DSeller

I am offering our print expense leads of 1,000 companies who spend $$$ on printing near you for only $100. You can filter by $5k+, $10K+ or $25K+ print spending each year. Let me know if you want me to run quick numbers to see how far out we have to go from your location to grab 1,000 good print leads. ***Discounted to $100 (regularly $200) in hopes it leads to more business for all!



You can easily think to replace your out-dated engines with junkyard engines. Used engines are durable and compatible with different kind of vehicles. You can also grab our value added 1 to 3 years of engine warranty, on your defined engine.

For more info:

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If you drive small vehicle or heavy-duty trucks, we have ample range of used engines. Used engines and transmissions are also keeping stock for Diesel engine or Electric engine.

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Involvio helps colleges and universities leverage the power of mobile and AI to graduate more students. Built from our own experience of difficulties in navigating and keeping track of events and activities around the university campus, Involvio solves for exactly this.

Involvio’s key purpose is to boost student engagement by enabling colleges and universities to unify access to campus resources, assessing student involvement and therefore, improving student success from orientation to graduation.

Business Address: 261 Madison Ave New York, New York 10016

Business Phone:+1 212-729-6670



Stretch Film help to keep the product dry and prevent the moisture entering inside the products. Minimize the chances of damages, tempering during storage and transit. The elasticity of the plastic keeps products tightly bounded, minimizing shipping damages, It sticks tightly to itself when applied to stretched around products improving inventory control.
See Now

Joy ChiBuyer

Hello guys, we have lots of direct offers with high payout in the categories of loans, insurance, dating, warranty, sweeps, mortgage, health and beauty, diet and skin etc. we do strictly postpay. Hit me up at skype for some cap.
SkypeID: live:foxy_beauty_1

Hey guys! Do you have the best traffic for our FOREX and Crypto offers for Germany and SWISS? Get in touch as we have some well converting offers in those categories!!! We pay 3 times a week. Lets discuss!. Skype ID : Live:foxy_beauty_1

Hello everyone, anybody with quality traffic for the following verticals?
dating warranty
health and beauty diet and skin
Forex and crypto.
Kindly reach out to me for some cap. SkypeID:live:foxy_beauty_1

Aman Singh BaghelSeller

Hello All,
I'm looking direct campaigns for UK.
Home improvement

if you have on these vertical reach me over skype @aman_b0233 or on telegram @Mrthakur7


We hope this comprehensive guide on buying and selling used engines and transmissions helps you a lot. If you are looking to buy the right used engine for your vehicle, you can contact us. We offer you quality based used engines at the best rates.

For more info:

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Where to buy Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Online , We have available in stock good quality Caluanie at affordable price. This product is used for crushing and processing precious metals and semiprecious stones.

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Email Adress

Tamar LeviSeller

Hey All,
We have ppremium traffic sources, we can target unique user , we will give high ROI and good result for your campaign we have strongest geo traffic ping me skype live:tamarlevi1995


In today’s busy life it is not easy to spend our precious time, only on finding new, rebuilt or used engine. We need a destination where we can trust and rely, for sale engines. We are known for our reliability and engine quality; you can elect our store as a best place to buy used engines for your needs.

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