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Kristina DavidsonSeller

We offer tons of desktop/mobile ww traffic for pre-roll and in-banner inventory.

For further information feel free to ping me on Skype: live:kristina_3350

Parthiban ChinnappanSeller

I represent NiuTux Digital Media: . We sell High Quality CPM based Desktop and Mobile traffic.

Inventory is available for Display, Pop Up/Under and Video

Interested? Then reach me @ Mail: or Skype@ Parthiban Chinnappan to discuss and take it forward.

Elena DavisSeller

Hi guys, SmartyAds sells HQ native mobile in app traffic on CPM model. Top geos (US, RU, ES, IT, IN, TR, JP, CN, FR, PR, ID, GE, SE, KR, MS and many others) are available at a good price!
We have retargeting available!
Feel free to ping me at Skype - elenadavislondon or email -

Labiyi AyoolaBuyer

Are you looking for a network with top converting offers and best payout?

Chat me up now for the best deal!!!

skype: live:labiscoredox

NOTE: No prepayment please

Rob GlebeSeller

Adsimialte Marketing has large available inventory of POP, RON, TOS/PV and Premium traffic.

Sign up here:
I can be reached at Also on Skype: rob.glebe

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need your traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39

Beatriz LirolaSeller

We are looking for direct advertisers with offers in all verticals. Connect with me on skype: alvaroh.avm

Rob GlebeSeller

Looking for new publishers to take our CPC XML Feed

Great coverage and bids!

Sign up here:

I can be reached at Also on Skype: rob.glebe

Sharon OrtizSeller

We are direct with a few big publishers who have opt in tcpa compliant data in almost every vertical for many countries.

Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email me and let me know what verticals you're looking for.

CPL and Prepay only


Hi sellers, ping me if you have display traffic by CPM in RU geo, JS code intgration.
RTB is not supportet at the moment.
Only mainstream demand from direct advertisers and brand agencies, no networks.
Skype: atonement89

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Randy DSeller

About 3 years ago, we introduced over 3,000 consumer micro-selects, otherwise known as propensities. We've sold a ton of propensities since that time, with amazing results. I often get the question: Which propensities are the best to use for my customers?

They're all good, as far as I'm concerned! Just tell me about what your customer is selling, and I can give you some suggestions on what propensities might make sense.

How are Propensities compiled? These selects are created with a sophisticated model using industry-specific, syndicated data from leading providers including actual purchase information from companies like American Express. Our clients have been getting 20% to 200% better response adding Propensities to a list order.

Randy D

Marina KosmiqsBuyer

We have offers from direct advertisers worldwide. Contact me to join our galaxy of premium partners. All GEOs are welcome!

Skype: live:63748966ba6efdcf


looking to buy video inventory..require huge volumes.

only tier1 geos.

Olija MobinariumBuyer

Looking for HQ traffic for good converting offers!
iOS, Android, etc

Randy DSeller

They are web based, filter by zips and states. Starting at 12 cents each with a minimum order.


Randy DSeller

We have a ton of Auto data, Aged auto warranty leads, Timeshare owner data and Veteran data. Email us at or call us @ 856-534-8769.


Péter KarásziSeller

Sponsored article opportunity at GLM for the following websites: - Health Magazine (Health, Lifestyle, Fitness, etc.). - Men Magazine (Cars, Accessories, etc.) - Family Magazine (Parenting, Games, Fun, etc.) - Woman Magazine (Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, Fitness, etc.)

There is no better prelander than an online magazine. The 4 websites already have 600k+ unique visitors per month and it's increasing! When published GLM can offer the opportunity to run native traffic towards the article if wanted.

For more information please contact us in email ( or skype(live:peter.karaszi15).

Roxana NikolaSeller

Hello Friend,

Do You Need More Leads And Referrals?
Do you need Traffic to your Affiliate links?
Do you want to build your list?
Do you want your sales to grow ?
Or would you just like to Build Residual Traffic to your Web Sites?

We Will Add Your URL To Our Network Of High Traffic Websites That Generate Millions Of Hits Every Month And Leave It There For The Duration Of Your Campaign!

Check for more details

Best regaards,
Nikolas Foxnet,
Internet Marketer

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need your traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39

Rahul SSeller

Greetings Everyone,
Vishibility is an Adnetwork working with All DSP's & Major publishers to buy traffic with expert strategies to meet any Industry/Campaign Kpi's in the most efficient way.

We are a Marketing firm you can rely on for any of your Requirements.

Verticals - CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI, CPA, CPS.

Ping us Anytime you're looking to buy traffic, small campaign or Robust, whatever the size of campaign/traffic you're looking for - at best rates.

Skype id - ravindra.sp009

Randy DSeller

We have 30 day plus aged data available in the following verticals. All data is opt in self generated and fully compliant.

Our aged data HAS NOT BEEN SOLD previously due to the exclusivity contracts that we honor with our real time lead buyers.

We can offer excellent pricing based upon age, volume, states and filters. Contact us and let's find a deal that works for you @ 856-534-8769 or email

Mortage Refi, VA Refi, Biz opp buyers & inquiries, Infomercial buyers, Payday, Debt Settlement/Consolidation Leads, Student Loan Consolidation, Solar, Unsecured Loan, MCA, TV Ad Data, Direct TV & Dish Lead Inquiries, Mag Data, Email Data, Sweepstakes Data & Diabetic/Pain leads, Edu, Weight loss, Legal Help, Auto Ins, Life/Health Ins, Grant Leads, Skin Care Leads & Erectile Dysfunction.

Dmitriy KurtovBuyer

Hi everyone, we are happy to introduce PPC.BUZZ - Pay-Per-Click advertising platform. Many years of experience in this industry allowed us to build solid and robust system.
What we offer:
- XML feed for Search/Injection/Toolbar/POP traffic;
- 85% publisher Revshare;
- Wire/PayPal/EPESE/WebMoney timely payments;
- Anti-fraud protection;
- well-experienced personal managers available for direct skype/email support.

Currently we are looking for
- Injection/Toolbar traffic (xml feed / direct link);
- POP traffic (xml feed / direct link);
- JS integration for new tab traffic;
- Vast / Vpaid (video);
- Open RTB (banners / native / video);

skype: Dmitriy_PPC.BUZZ


Be aware of scammers in market adswisk is big time scammer also be aware of affiworld both organizations are chitters

Shrina JainSeller

Hello there,
Are you looking to target the right audience with the help of self-serve DSP platform?
We have premium traffic for Mobile through our self-serve DSP platform.
Please feel free to connect me on Skype or Email.

Skype: shrina.mobivisits

Rob GlebeSeller

We are looking for advertisers who are interested in promoting Pay per Click text ad direct advertising campaigns.

Adsimilate operates our own in house proprietary PPC bid engine. We offer Run of Network and Keyword advertising campaigns. Our advertising network consists of (content sites, video sites, search engines, etc.). We have high quality traffic (including Tier 1), GEO targeting, and strong GA scored TOS/PV/ BR traffic.

Sign up for an advertiser account today.
Sign up here: or here: or contact me directly at Also on Skype: rob.glebe

Shrina JainSeller

Mainstream Traffic available for all verticals
- Various targeting option
-WW geo
-user friendly interface
Managed/self serve

Skype : shrina.mobivisits
Email :

Rohit SharmaSeller

Hello Guys,
I am looking for AOL Display RON demand for our premium publisher traffic. Feel free to connect if you can offer.
Rohit Sharma
Email: rohitsharma.vertoz
Skype: rohitsharma.vertoz

Natasha VeljkovikSeller

Hey guys, I am looking for campaigns for NO and BE on models CPC and CPL. I do only email marketing, add me on skype : natasha.alexanderadv

Saanvi BhagwatiSeller

We are looking CPL Campaign for US in these Vertical : Auto/Life/Health/ Insurance, Home Services, and Solar etc.
It can be displayed by host/post,co-reg,iframe ,linkout and also can be shown as Survey Questions.

if you have ping me over the Skype or email

Skype: live:saanvi.digitalmediads


Looking campaign for email traffick,
i do all verticals without Adult, Dating and Clairvoyance


if you are interested plese contact me on Skype:⭐️Matthew Fasolini-Mediacomm⭐️