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Daria ADxADSeller

Hey! We're looking for adult DSP (and SSP) that work with WW geos, CPM model for banner and pop inventory. Let us know if you buy or sell via endpoints and we'll find common ground :)

Ivan SokrushalovSeller

Gambling, Finance, Games, Lotto. etc.
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For any assistance:
Tg: @sokrushalov
Skype: live:.cid.29a877accd74c495



I've got streaming sites, I would like to sell video/display/native inventory with billions of ad request per month.

- Markets: English speaking countries, chinese speaking countries, middle east countries

- Format: Video (instream/outstream), display, native.

Inbox or leave your comment here with skype id/email. I will get back to you shortly.

Tati AnaSeller

We have the Traffic that you need :)
Let me know:

Our GEOs are:

Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Japan, India, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil and Turkey (soon).

Streaming, Online Casinos and Gaming, Finance and (Health/Death/Funeral) Insurance, Anti-Viruses, Subscription-based Apps, Utilities and so many more verticals...

Robin oliSeller

Hello Everyone, This is Robin from Adsaro Ad Media Network. If you are looking for quality traffic for Crypto, Gambling, VPN, etc verticals. We are here to help you. Looking forward to connect with you for further discussion.

You can connect with any of the manager at the following
Skype: live:robin_7707
Skype: live:6614iraj

mads nicholasBuyer

Hi guys!
We buy traffic on CPA, CPL. We have offers with good pay out, exclusive, and high conversion on gambling, betting, sports, poker.

Get in contact: Skype: madsnicholas

Erraz BhattaraiSeller

Hi, This is Erraz from Adsaro Ad Media Network. If you are looking for quality traffic on Betting, Gambling, Crypto, Travel offers. We are here to help you.
You can use below promo code to ensure 10% off on first deposit.

Looking forward to connect with you for further discussion.

You can connect with any of the manager at the following
Skype: live:6614iraj
Skype: live:robin_7707

Sara MacedoBuyer

Hello there! I am looking for WW traffic on emailing, push and display for our exclusive offers!
We have a wide range portfolio for Finance, Insurance, Auto, Voyance, Gambling among others.

πŸ’° We do not accept prepay conditions.
If you want to rock your numbers to the moon drop me a line on Skype (saramacedo_bma) or send me an email to

Sara Macedo
Affiliate Manager at Check my ads


Need email traffic , GEO :- kazakhstan, Spain, Germany. Have you? contact me:

European LeadsSeller


If you are looking database of numbers, we work in a company that can offer you numbers and other information. The clients that we can provide to you are clients who can easily order your product.

The data that we provide are 100% safe and real.
All of them are clients on store platforms no longer than 3-4 months.
So we're not just talking about leads, but clients/investitors.

Convertion rate should be minimum 10% guaranteed with our leads.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us via email or skype (

Price for ALL database (40k+ leads list) FOR 1000$

or 0.20$ per lead / Minimum order 500$


contact us via SKYPE ( )

Best Regards


Hi, I am looking traffic in Brazil, skype: matiasrodriguez73

Sagar SikarwarBuyer

Hello Guys,
We are looking for Email traffic for our CPL and CPC campaigns, Do not hesitate to contact me if you can help us with the same, You can find me on Skype by the name sagars.clickcabin or drop me an email on and

Priyanka PatidarBuyer

Hello Everyone,

We are looking for email database on revenue share model, we have WW campaigns on CPL and CPA model.
Skype: priyanka.patidar57

Tamar LeviSeller

Hey mate
We have always looking for direct campaign ,so if you have direct campaign please connect on our skype live:tamarlevi1995 more details discuss on skype


you can connect with me on telegram : @hereforsupport
or e-mail :

Carole GervasiBuyer

I am looking to buy Web Push Notification Traffic on a CPA or CPC, skype me if you have any.

Santos AlmeidaBuyer

One of the best commission...ever !!!
All New Affiliates -- CIS Countries traffic- 50% revenue share for 1 month, after 40%!!

We are looking for AFFILIATES, NETWORKS !!

Australia New Zealand,Ukraine, Russia, CIS Countries, Spain, Sweden, Colombia, Mexico ..Latam

Nice commission structure and long term relation.

skype- amikab0


let's connect for better business.

Eylon AffillionSeller



Add me on SKYPE:
Eylon Affillion

Or Email me at:

Chris PetersonSeller

At you get
πŸ₯Š Top-performing Formats
Pushground offers premium push notifications and in-page push traffic from over 130 Geos with Native coming soon!
πŸ€– Auto-Optimization
Sit back and relax and your campaigns raise and lower their bids or pause themselves.
🐣 Advanced user freshness targeting
With over 14 user freshness groups, Pushground is the only traffic source where you can ensure that your Push ad is the first that users see.
πŸ’² CPC Pricing
We offer a minimum CPC of $0.003. Find a complete list of our volumes and rates at
🧠 Intuitive Interface
With our platform, you can make complex campaigns fast and effortlessly manage countless campaigns.
πŸš€Instant campaign approval
No more waiting for your campaigns, we offer instant campaigns approval and real-time data aggregation.
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬Expert advice
Our team of experts has your back providing expertise and insight to help you succeed.

Register now at

Ampan SiripitakBuyer

Please contact me if you have more mobile traffic in Thailand.

Waldemar PetuhovSeller

Hi there,

We're able to generate high quality DOI Traffic in DACH.
In many different Verticals and Topics.

If you are interested just write me an Email and I will answer you asap. We are glad to receive your interesting Campaigns.

E-Mail Standalone
Payout: Prepayment


Eylon AffillionSeller

Games - HOT Leads - Casino Players -

Add me on SKYPE:
Eylon Affillion

Or Email me at:


Looking traffic for email in Brazil

Yoni ShterlingBuyer


i'm looking for DIRECT publishers!!! for Tier1 and Eu countries. i have unlimited budgets.
we can work with CPI.CPM.Revenue Share and CPL.
payments are available with PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.
please contact me if you have more questions.


Do you have Live Traffic ?
Do you have large Data Bases?
Lets make some money TOGETHER :)

Pramod KumarBuyer

Hi Folk,
We are looking for traffic for our direct CPL offers .
Lets make money together!!
Lets connect on skype :live:9d8c095e6f8ddca7

Vadim BBuyer

SOI iPhone XS Sweepstakes available for the following GEOS:

US, Australia, France, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain, Norway.

Skype: live:info_958052


We have an exclusive offers from gambling vertical (betting-sportsbooks, casino, poker), with good price.
CityAds is an affiliate network, the largest in Russia and CIS, marketleader in Brazil. Also we have offices in US, China, Mexico, Malaysia and Cyprus.

Free registration, without obligation

Rohit KhattriSeller

Anyone Up For Dream11_INDIA [ 100% Validations : No case of Fraud or bot issue ]
Ping me on Skype.: Twinsmedia12