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Hi ,
Nice to meet you.
Myself Andrew Morris and we have email database for AU,NZ,USA,UK,IT,DE,FR,ES,BR,MX,ZA.
Our database is segmented by age,gender and Specific interest.
Our best working verticals are: Gambling/Casino, Bingo, Lotto, Online Gaming, Binary, Forex, Health, Beauty.
We work on CPM,CPC basis on prepayment.
So please let me know if you have any campaign of which you want to run on our email database.
Contact details:
E-mail : andrewmorrisbusiness@gmail.com
Skype : live:andrew_18381

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We have traffic for POP, Banner,Video,Native,Email and Tech.
In CPM and CPC basis for WW.
Our strongest is tier 1.
We have adult and mainstream for all the verticals both desktop and mobile.
We serve minimum 1 million impressions per day.
We work in XML Feed,I frame, smarlinks,js tags, direct URL as well.
With Exciting Price For Limited Days..
$ 0.50 Tier 1
$ 0.30 Tier 2
$0.30 Tier 1
$0.20 Tier 2
$3.5 Small
$4.5 medium
$5.5 Large

Skype: live:9f18d580f9fde4f1
Email: raphael@theleadsense.com

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Hello all,

Looking for good payout campaigns for All Geo's..
All verticals...

We have good traffic for GCC, South Africa
Brazil, Portugal, Latam
United Kingdom

Looking for CPC offers all verticals.

Skype:- noble.ghosle1
email :- ng@alphainfolab.com

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We have over 600 active, high converting offers. Most major verticals, insurance, finance, nutra, male enhancement, health/beauty, gaming, sweeps, etc.

US, UK, NZ and AU are our primary geos.

Skype me at Stephanie.SmartAdv

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Hi everyone, I'm Lilla from greenlight media and I'm looking for HQ CPL and CPA traffic.



Looking for a publisher/affiliates with a huge mobile traffic for our exclusive Mobile Sweepstakes/Subscription offers on CPL basis


If you have quality mobile traffic, please contact me via email and skype: karla@tractas.com

You can also register at: http://ai.tractas.com/index.php?r=site/signup

Terms & Conditions:
•No Prepayment
•Bi-Weekly, NET15 and NET30 Payment Terms
•Paypal, Wire, Payoneer, Tipalti, Skrill and Webmoney Payments

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Hello people!

My name is Marta and I work for Roi Boutique. We are looking for WW traffic to our own 80+ campaigns.
We are famous for Aussiemethod, Britmethod or Pushmoneyapp, so if you want some good converting campaigns please skype me!

* CPA deals
* up to $500!
* NET7, NET14, monthly payments

If you are interested in our offer please ping me on skype: marta.roi.boutique for more information.

mail: martas@roi.boutique

Have a nice day! :)

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In- house data from a premium website, segmentation available.

Skype : greetings_sales22
E : kunal.gupta@123greetings-inc.com

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Hi all,

Im looking for emailing campaigns on CPC and CPM for NORDICS.

We have brand new double opt-in databases to test on your campaigns.

Write me a line on Skype: DavidOrangeBuddies to discuss opportunities.

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Hello guys!

We are Trafficluster! Mobile Ad company.
I'm looking for mobile CPI traffic.

WW geo
Android, IOS

Feel free to ping me througt e-mail: mila.n.shutova@gmail.com
or Skype: mila.n.shutova@gmail.com

Have a nice day!

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Adsterra Network always looking for new potential partnerships and cooperations on different kinds of business models.
We are working on CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM, CPL and use traffic from direct source and any GEO.
We have display traffic, desktop and mobile (carrier and WiFi).
We have our own publishers, focused on popunder/display traffic WORLDWIDE.
variant that will be convenient for the both parts.
We are quite flexible with filtering traffic by your request. We have many options, such as, but not limited to: geo, site category, device, OS, browsers, language, time
Our advantages:
- traffic from direct publishers ONLY ( if requested)
- 10+ billions impressions per month.
- 6+ millions leads per month
- 200+ geos covered (and we keep expanding!)
- Ad formats: pops, banners, push-ups, interstitials
- CPM, CPL, CPA, CPC, CPO, CPI, CPS payment models
- Deep targeting (OS, browser, geo, resolution, day/time and much more)
- Postbacks: S2S

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We are looking for quality affiliates to work with us.
clicxy is a leading affiliate network.
we have many offers to promote on all the available verticals worldwide. (Forex, Binary, Casino, Gaming, mobile content and many many more....)

Skype : max-clicxy
Email: max@clicxy.com

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looking for database

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Hello All.
Please feel free to approach if you are in search of quality email traffic based on mentioned GEO/GEOs.

We accept Payments on Net terms.

Fabio Moretti

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I'm looking to drive incent traffic to the following offers:


US geo, CPA only, do not contact me if you have CPM, POP or CPC traffic.

Connect with me on skype cgervasi2

Only reputable companies should reach out!



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Pm me for more info
If you have quality traffic -
We have big budget
We have available API
Amazing sales team and high CR%

PM me on skype : live:wass.media

Or email me - adam@wassmedia.com

CPA only . thanks

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Hey Guys,

NetoPartners is buying ALL KINDS of Traffic for our four Brands! We are a Direct Advertiser, so we have direct offers only for you ;)

Let's discuss some more details on Skype --> natali.nanikashvili

Looking forward to hear from you!! :)

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NetoPartners is the marketing program behind some of the leading sites for scratch and slot games.

We're looking for new partners to promote our direct offers on CPL/CPA only.

Ping me for more info @ Neto-Maria

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Hey Marketeers, Hope all is good.

I am currently looking for Binary, Lottery, Sport betting and/or streaming offers.

The model of work we support is CPM/CPL but always optimizing according to your CPA goal and to the source that generated the best user value for you.

If you are a direct advertiser - pls hit me up, we have excellent traffic for your offer with current results that are highly qualified for these verticals.

If you have anything exclusive or super-special you are promoting, we can definitely find a way to cooperate as well.

Just PM by Skype and we'll take it from there, I'm positive we'll be able to do great things together.

Looking forward for your message,

Skype: lior.shapira4

Email: lior.s@taptica.com

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Hi everybody, I'm looking for FR traffic for my own offers. In Sweepstake and dating exclusivity. If you can help me on it, please contact me by skype: vhuraux Many thanks for all


Hi for everyone!

We are affiliate network and we have exclusive offers for verticals like: Auto; Lotto, Education and Dating.

GEOS: LATAM and Brazil

The priority type of traffic for us are email and display.

If you have any questions, please, don't hesistate to contact one of our affiliate managers:

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Selling in-house generated POP / Banner over-lay / White-Space inventories (nearly worldwide, over 800M installations) for Casinos, Lottery, Sportbetting and generic Games.

Min bid for RON: 0.8$ CPM
Min bid for Contextual: 3.20$ CPM

No self-serve option. No XML formats.

Can run CPL offers if those are attractive enough.

Hit me on Skype: orr.yoffe1

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We have more than 2 M daily volume need Ads to fill. If you have banner ads that need traffic, for mobile or desktop, let us know :)

We can help for your traffic volume.
Good quality with low rate cpm.

We can target to browsers, pass site id, domains, and etc. Support 3rd party JS tag.

The first campaign we working on prepaid terms.

skype- live:wass.media

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Looking to sell high quality leads (sweepstakes) with an API connection.

UK, SG and AU.

100% exclusive!

100% phone-number verified!

100% Email verified!

0% fake leads!!!

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Contact me if you're looking for good Data for your call centers and email marketing. Good stuff!

skype: live:wass.media
email: adam@wassmedia.com

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Interested in quality traffic in unlimited quantities. Preferably post-paid CPI.

Thumb e02df1cff87d4b2eSeller

Huge volume of traffic for sale!

-popunders/banners ad formats
-traffic from direct publishers only
-self-served platform
-variable targeting options (geo, site category, device, OS, browsers, language, time etc.)

Ping me Skype : adv5_hilltopads


Hello, we have best quality traffic for gambling and forex campaigns. Ping me if interested.

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I'm looking for CPC and CPL campaigns for PE, CO, CL, DE, and MX.

Feel free to add me on skype or send me an email: joana.cardoso@bluemarketagency.com


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Hello Members,
Looking for desktop traffic to run CPL & CPA offers for Nordic & GCC. Contact me via mail : sinchan.clickcabin@gmail.com. | No prepayment please...