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We are looking for traffic on gambling, betting, lotto, poker for different countries: RU, CIS, DE, EN-speaking countries, Asian countries and etc. We work ONLY on CPA, CPL, RevShare.
Please contact us https://my.3snet.ru/signup or es@3snet.ru.

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Looking for good and high-trust Facebook/ Google Ads Accounts?
Add me on Skype: live:vanquang8584 if you are interested.


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Hello All,

Feel free to approach if you have email campaigns on CPM/CPC.

Jason Taylor

Email : info@adarceus.com
Skype : live:95203bfc4615e0a1

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Looking for publishers with high quality traffic for Binary & CC submit campaigns.
We offer some of the best converting campaigns available.
*No prepayment.
*Weekly payment for high volume.
*Email, SMS, Social Media & banner campaigns.

Ping me on skype: anders@javandi.com

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Hi. We are looking for traffic for our online Bitcoin lottery - Bitplay Club.

If you are ready to work on lifetime RevShare basis, please contact me, we can give 20% for all purchases.

Payouts in Bitcoins.


Email: affiliate@bitplay.club
Skype: affiliate@bitplay.club - the same as email

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Interested in Gambling, FX/BO, Crypto, Dating traffic or database?
Let's chat!
Skype: mary.adavice

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Hello All.
Please feel free to approach if you are in search of quality traffic based on mentioned GEO/GEOs.

Fabio Moretti

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Leads generated from in-house media buying on financial content in 61 languages on unique content.

Endless amounts of Forex / BO databases available as well.

Skype: orr.yoffe1
Email: yoffe8@gmail.com

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I am looking to buy Web Push Notification Traffic on a CPA or CPC, skype me if you have any.

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I am Marco representing CPX Traffic – top network for worldwide email traffic. We can help your campaigns delivered with our Double Opt-In E-mail subscribers.

We can also target relevant audiences such as age, gender, geo, etc, based on your campaign.

Kindly reply or Skype me if there are opportunities,

Email : marco@cpx-traffic.com
Skype : live:marco_11970

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I represent Mobvault, mobile ad network.
We are global ad network that offers solutions for publishers, advertisers and media partners worldwide.
We have numerous direct and semi-direct CPI and CPA offers and we look for a high-quality traffic worldwide.
Contact me for details
skype: a.holub@mobvault.com
Best regards,Alexander

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Myself Andrew Morris and we have email database for AU,NZ,USA,UK,IT,DE,FR,ES,BR,MX,ZA.
Our database is segmented by age,gender and Specific interest.
Our best working verticals are: Gambling/Casino, Bingo, Lotto, Online Gaming, Binary, Forex, Health, Beauty.
We work on CPM,CPC basis on prepayment.
So please let me know if you have any campaign of which you want to run on our email database.
Contact details:
Skype : live:andrew_18381

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I'm Raga Media Buying Manager with LeadSense, a fast growing online advertising company, I'm looking for good traffic in Email, Banner, Video and POP. Kindly add me as your connection and also reach me for any other query.Skype: ragapriyam.sp
Email: raga(at)theleadsense(dot)com

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LeadSense FZC is a online media publishing company.
We have display traffic, desktop and mobile (carrier and WiFi).
We are partnered with 50K publishers, focused on popunder/display traffic WORLDWIDE.
We are flexible with filtering traffic by your requirement such as geo, site category, device, OS, browsers, language, time
Our advantages:
- own opt in email list globally.
- 1+ billion impressions per Week.
- Ad formats: pops, banners, videos and email
- CPM, CPC, payment models
- Deep targeting (OS, browser, geo, resolution, day-parting and much more)
- provide macros to track the performance.
- completely user managed with 24X7 dedicated Account manager

Add me in Skype or email me with your requirement and I shall revert immediately.

Bryan Hills
Email: bryan@theleadsense.com
Skype: media_sales14

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Offering great quality NL traffic through COSPONSOR, COREG, BANNER, IFRAME, EMAIL MK & offline list rental in NL ( we also have another 30 geo's apart from NL)

Contact me and let's earn some money together!

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Hi all,

Im looking for emailing campaigns on CPC and CPM for NORDICS.

We have brand new double opt-in databases to test on your campaigns.

Write me a line on Skype: DavidOrangeBuddies to discuss opportunities.

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If you have Gambling offers and looking for new players we can offer you retargeted SMS traffic WW. Also we can help you to do a sendout to your existing players - to keep them posted every time with your relevant promo.

For more details please contact me:

Skype: julia.l.adavice

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We are a Direct Publisher selling Email & Display Traffic on CPC & CPM & Flat Fees. We have traffic for DE, AT, CH, PL, CZ, NL, IT, ES, FR, BE, SE, FI, NO, AU, UK, DK & US.

Contact me asap to discuss deals! Skype: DavidOrangeBuddies Email: David@orangebuddies.com


Need HQ Japan inventory for Mobile

skype : sreenivas.pappala

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Updated email traffic for European & LATAM countries. Feel free to approach if you have email campaigns.
Email: michael.johnson@mglobalm.com
Skype: michaeljohnsonmj09@gmail.com


Hey Marketeers, Hope all is good.

I am currently looking for Binary, Lottery, Sport betting and/or streaming offers.

The model of work we support is CPM/CPL but always optimizing according to your CPA goal and to the source that generated the best user value for you.

If you are a direct advertiser - pls hit me up, we have excellent traffic for your offer with current results that are highly qualified for these verticals.

If you have anything exclusive or super-special you are promoting, we can definitely find a way to cooperate as well.

Just PM by Skype and we'll take it from there, I'm positive we'll be able to do great things together.

Looking forward for your message,


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The main problem with the traffic is the quality of the traffic. If you are tired from jumping from affiliate to affiliate, from failure to failure, it will all change if you contact me Skype: aleksandra.rainmaker. I will provide you best terms for your Gambling, Adult, Dating, Forex/Binary, Lottery, Gaming, Nutra offers. WW traffic, comfortable payouts!


I'm looking for Direct partners and Networks who has a large volume in APAC.
Especially Singapore and South Korea in March.
Please don't hesitate to contact me any time.


Restrictions: incent traffic

Targeting: male/female 18+

Offer description: user should submit registration on the landing page, where he is offered to increase his chances to win in lottery for free by using unique and high effective technology. Then user received 50% discount on a regular lottery ticket. Afterwards user will be redirected to payment page. Lead will be counted as payable after user’s payment.

Payout: 12 EUR for any first deposit (min amount: 2.04 eur).

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'll be at AWA in Bangkok. Let's chat and make some business!
For booking meetings: https://lnkd.in/dafATAJ
Skype: Tal_740

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Currently looking for this desktop campaign


If you have it live and with a decent budget, contact me so we get the best out of it

Skype : live:41ed0a9ea0032093
e-mail : nikolay@mybestclick.net


We are doing 2$ CPL coreg sign ups for everyone who buys 1000 sign ups, if you pay today, the offer will be valid for a year.
The conversion rate is 5% and you will have only people interested in your offer.
API or postback integration.
If anyone does not provide their id, we will not count and replace.

We guarantee that your businss will get qualified leads.
This is valid only for Forex / Binary, Casino, Ecommerce
Prepayment only!

All interested contact us.

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We need mobile traffic (CPI/CPA) for our high-converting direct offers! Highest payouts and unlimited caps!

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Adavice media can supply you with desktop/mobile traffic in Singapore for any vertical: firex/binary, gambling, gaming, dating and others.

Also we have SMS traffic with targeting options available:
personal approach - first name
specific time etc

Feel free to contact me at mariia.l@adavice.com
or skype: mary.adavice

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I'm looking for email campaigns on CPL or CPC to BR.

If you have something for me, please contact me: