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420 ads

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We have direct financial & gambling programs on our affiliate platform https://adpump.com/uk-en - Binary options & FX, casino, poker, lottery, slot games, bingo, betting, credit loans.

- CPA & Rev share basis;
- CPL;

Payments terms:
PayPal, Wire Transfer
We pay weekly!

Let's start our collaboration!

skype: mixalis_mavromatis
email: mavromatis@adpump.com

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I look for good traffic on cpa, cpl, cps, cpi basis for own, exclusive and direct offers.

Verticals I need: adult dating, gambling, mainstream dating, adult video, download, games, health, beauty, forex, binary and others.

Just follow this link if you want to make real money: https://goo.gl/fFasFK

Skype - dmitriy.ko281@gmail.com

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Football season is about to start in Europe. I invite you to benefit from our great sports streaming traffic for your related offers.

Create an advertiser account now at https://login.adjux.com/advertiser/signup and feel free to add me on Skype: okanatmaca .

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We work on CPM & CPC on all verticals for both mobile and desktop (all geos). We can do wifi and carrier targeting.

Ping me @ saraahadams@appleadss.com

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We offer:
* High volumes of HQ traffic on all verticals
* GEO targeting
* Carrier Targeting
* OS targeting
* Time frame targeting
* IP targeting
* Attractive rates and amazing Bonus structure for deposits
* 24/7 client support on Skype!

Reach me over Skype: Andrei ReachEffect

Best regards,

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Looking for campaigns for Casino Gambling/Sports betting vertical on CPM, CPC or CPV basis Geos - Spain, Greece, Norway, Hong Kong, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Austria etc.
We have huge traffic for this verticals.
Buzz me over Skype: honeysingh4343 or Email: contact@buypopunders.com.

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High Quality Adult Mobile Redirect Traffic is available with CPM INVENTORY : -

Geo 's : All Countries ( Strongest with US, CA, AU, CN, & Europe )
Model : CPM / CPV, Mobile Redirects.
Verticals : Adult ( Gay / Straight )
Optimization : Available through Site id's.

Please Contact at anurag@cpminventory.com for more details.
Or Buzz on Skype @ popundermedia

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Hi There!
Traffic in Africa especially Nigeria and Kenya required. Sign up here and start monetizing with the world's biggest lottery brands -> www.24monetize.com/signup

- Lifetime Rev/Share
- High conversion rates
- Quick Payments
- 24Hr support

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Direct publishers or ad network

We offer
the highest rates in the industry,100% fill rate and can monetize any device ( mobile video ,display), we have rev share 80/20

Also, we have fixable payments terms


Hi there, I'm Michayla with AdSupply. I'm currently looking to sell our ID, IN & IT traffic. It is 90% viewable and 99% human, verified by Moat. Additionally, our traffic is direct and exclusive through over 1,500 direct site partnerships. If you have MAINSTREAM offers in ANY VERTICAL for these geos or are a network focusing on these geos, let's talk!

Skype: Michayla.J.Tompson
Email: michayla.tompson@adsupply.com

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ZA Pop traffic are available with good volumes for sale.

Targeting like, OS/ device, browsers, Freq. cap, Adult / Mainstream, Wifi / carriers are available.

Feel free to buzz me over Skype for the test or any queries.

Skype @ popundermedia

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We have all the traffic which your Dating sites need.

CPM Model ( Cost per 1000 Impressions )
Pop-unders starting at just $0.70 CPM for 1000 unique views.
Banners starting at just $0.25 for 1000 unique views.

CPC Model ( Cost per Click )
CPC starts with $0.03 per click only.

Volumes ( including banner and pops )
Around 5 Million views per day for US.
Around 2 Million views per day for UK, Canada & Germany.
Around 1 Million views per day for Italy, France, Spain & Australia, China.
Around 500K views per day for India, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

Let’s get started today..
Reach me on Skype - popundermedia

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We buy tons of CPI mobile traffic:
- GEO: Worldwide
- Verticals: games, app, utilities, ....
- Both IOS and Android
- Both incent and non incent.
Pls ping me on skype: live:jason.vamosmedia_1 if you have something relevant. Thanks in advance.

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Buzz me over Skype: honeysingh4343 or Email: contact@buypopunders.com


Looking for data providers in SG/ZA.

Short form, non tlds.

Bulk data (legacy) or feed(live api).

Leave skype or email I'll contact you.

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Pop-under and redirect traffic is available for Italy with CpmInventoy.

Traffic is available on CPM / CPV module.
1 Million+ quality / real / targeted visitors available per day at price of just $4 CPM.
Cheaper deals available too starting at just $1 CPM.
All OS / Device (Android / iOS, etc ), Adult / mainstream, Keyword, Freq. cap targeting’s are available.
3G Or Wifi only can be targeted as well.

Traffic from Carriers like : Three, AT&T, AemNet, Noverca, PosteMobile, TIM, Vodafone, Wind, and Telecom Italia are available for Italy.

Get in touch today and get started. Reach at anurag@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

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Hey guys!
SabotageAds is looking for new direct Tier 1 sources to monetize our CPI campaigns.
Payment terms - net30.
Please ping me in Skype - live:67982aed07a81ee0
or write me to vita@sabotageads.com

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Hi everyone - hope each of you is having a great day! I'm looking for publishers who can deliver good quality traffic for our CPA 1-2 click offers. We have campaigns that can bring you up to $2000 per day!
Geos: worldwide
Verticals: most popular
User flow: no more than 2-click; mostly pin/email submit, surveys
Start making money with us NOW - just ping me in Skype for the details: v.lebed@appave.mobi

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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Lookig for B2B partners to buy pop traffic from via Smart link.

After a successful test run a fix CPM can be negotiated.

No prepayment.

No incentive, no bot, no iframe.

Send me and e-mail or add me to Skype to talk in more detail.

E-mail/skype: silver.karutoom@adcash.com

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We have quality traffic available at CpmInventory.

Countries : US/ UK/ CA/ DE/ IT/ FR, etc
Volumes : 500k+ per day for each geo.
Modules: Pops and banners ( Desktop & Mobile )

OS / Device targeting Available.
Optimization based on Pub Id's.

for getting started, send an email at anurag@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

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Selling huge volumes of display banner traffic on CPM Basis. We have high quality traffic from direct sites and products scanned and verified with traffic tools.

Looking for brand-safe campaigns with great fill rate. working with pass-backs and minimum CPM.
*Works well with DSPs and Marketplaces.

Geos: Worldwide but mainly tier 1 geos (US, CA, UK, AU) .

Lets connect together for better business!

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Hello we would like to introduce our new social media lead engine. We have 100's of whitelabel business pages for you to advertise your brand on. We have an expert social media team optimizing for high ROI.

We offer unlimited leads on CPM.

Real time delivery of hot leads into your CRM!



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I'm looking for B2B partners to buy pop traffic using Smart Link/ Direct Link.

Please ping me on Skype or send me an e-mail if you're interested in a cooperation.

Skype/e-mail: silver.karutoom@adcash.com

Best regards

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Looking for campaigns for sports betting and casino verticals for European countries, Canada and Australia.

We have Popunders, banners and email traffic.

Feel free to buzz us if you are looking to buy any traffic.

Skype @ popundermedia
email at anurag@cpminventory.com

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ResponseConcepts is now launching Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand!

At ResponseConcepts, we can generate high quality leads through co-sponsoring, co-registration and lifestyle surveys through our own data collection campaigns for ALL types of verticals.

With a monthly reach of 100.000 users per month per country through premium traffic sources, we're able to expand your database in a cost-effective way.

Let's discuss business opportunities for those countries through Skype: Nutash.K.Response or simply send me an email through nutash@responseconcepts.com.

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Hi, Colleagues ! My name is Katy, I'm from Jungletap! I'm looking for additional traffic sources.
We are working on CPI/CPR/CPL/CPA (1-click-flow and pin submit)basis.
We have a wide range of campaigns. I hope you will find some interesting offers for you in our dashboard.
My skype:live:katy_3739
My mail: katy@jungletap.com
Add me on skype or send me an e-mail and let's start the cooperation!!!

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Im selling desktop banner on CPM or RS basis only ! - for Geo's such as,US, UK, CA, RU, BR, TR, BE, PL, HU, ID, PH, IN, GR, AR, CL and more,
if you interested please get in touch.

Skype: remi.mojoo




My name is Brice, i'm in charge of the monetization of the largest football news website in France.

We have a large amount of premium desktop inventory available through private deals ONLY !

- Rubicon
- Appnexus
- Adx

Let me know if interessted

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Our brands includes Gala Bingo, Gala Casino, Ladbrokes Sports and many more. you can read more about our brands in here:

Please contact me if you have Direct Traffic in the UK for Display CPA campaigns at avishay.kelich@ladbrokescoral.com

Note that we work on a Net30 basis and based on our IO

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Hello All,
We are looking for extend our partners in this country. If you would have a database that is not performing well with other providers lets make a test and you will get convinced. Our built in house delivery platform can not only monetize Openers but also reactivate Non-active users.
We put all the resources, you only a little bit of data.
lets talk,