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370 ads

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We have direct gambling programs on our affiliate platform https://adpump.com/uk-en - casino, poker, lotto, slot games, bingo.
Binary options & FX programs.

- CPA & Rev share basis;

skype: mixalis_mavromatis
email: mavromatis@adpump.com


I have 1,000,000 Liquid skin impressions and 1,000,000 Mobile interstitial creatives to serve from as soon as possible until 3pm on Sunday Afternoon GMT.

IT is a betting ad for the boxing, running at a cpm of £5 GBP net you publisher on 60 day payment terms.

Contact me asap for more details



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We buy tons of CPI mobile traffic:
- GEO: Worldwide
- Verticals: games, app, utilities, ....
- Both IOS and Android
- Both incent and non incent.
Pls ping me on skype: live:jason.vamosmedia_1 if you have something relevant. Thanks in advance.

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Selling global Mobile & Desktop pops and display CPM traffic at very competitive rates:

- non-incent

- cross device targeting

- "vertically-smart"​ system

We have everything you need for a successful campaign including a wide range of optimized ad units, flexible targeting opportunities, and the best account managers in the business!

Skype: sales@targead.com

email: sales@targead.com

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Looking for campaigns for Casino Gambling/Sports betting vertical on CPM, CPC or CPV basis Geos - Spain, Greece, Norway, Hong Kong, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Austria etc.
We have huge traffic for this verticals.
Buzz me over Skype: honeysingh4343 or Email: contact@buypopunders.com.

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Hello, are you a direct advertiser looking to buy traffic for your campaigns across specific geos with potential ROI? We are an agency, that works together to strategise, plan and optimize your campaigns, to get the desired results.

Our traffic have been tested and trusted, we can give you references; they will tell you what we have achieved for them. And we can do that for you too.

We work on CPI, CPL, CPA, CPM, for bot mobile and desktop campaigns.

Let's discuss on Skype: partners.10media or write an email to business@10mediagroup.com

We look forward to having you on board of our range of advertisers.

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Through our DSP, you will have access to millions of global audience in both desktop and mobile. You can also target online audience by location, device, browser, IP address, website, carrier / ISP, etc.

I included some links and additional information below:

Demo account: http://dsp.bluagile.com - username: demo / password: demo

Sign-up page: http://dsp.bluagile.com/#/signup

DSP features: http://bluagile.com/dsp

FAQ / Support page: http://bluagile.com/support

Tutorial: http://bluagile.com/guides/mobile-campaign-setup-guide/

Top geos: http://tinyurl.com/zfzradz

Skype: bluagile.support
Email: support@bluagile.com

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Hi there,

I am looking to buy for HQ finance/forex/investment traffic in finance/in India inside, Malaysia,Uganda, Namibia , (men 25+ yrs).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Rumyana Yankova
Media Buyer @Internovus Ltd
Email,skype: rumyana.y@internovus.com


As I have listed, we even could run KPI offers well. And deliver huge traffic in these geos. If you are a big network, or an admin that are looking for HQ traffic and willing to pay me fast based on my traffic quality.
Pls ping me : r.roy911

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We are selling our very good traffic to direct advertisers:

- Emailing on CPM
- Content marketing on CPC
- Pops on cpm

We have WW traffic and stronger in the following geos: AU/NZ/ZA/UK/BE/ES/IT/FR

Let's do business together and ping me on skype: rebecca.kreactive
Or by email: rebeccas@m-themarket.com

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Thumb rob 500x500 02 avatarSeller

Through our platform, Cash4Winners.com / Cash4Traders.com (live end of this week) we will generate mass amounts of players/traders for your brand, we only work with direct advertisers not affiliates. Send me a message to discuss. Cheers..


I need Financial Brands Forex& Binary to start advertising on the number one financial website in Spain and number 46 in the world.


Special promotion for this week.
and only accepting the first 25 contracts signed

100 leads 15 euros
200 leads 14 euros
300 leads 13 euros
400 leads 12 euros
500 leads 10 euros

Skype michaelmorena01
email michael.morena@webfg.com

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Hello everyone,

Abacus Marketing Solutions is looking for CPM campaigns for the following countries: FR, ES, IT, UK, MX, BRA, AL, NL, PL, BE NL, BE FR, …etc.

We are also looking for additional databases to « monetize » for the countries mentioned above.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information,

Looking forward to your message

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Ready to help get super HQ traffic!!!
Mobile Streaming
MobileWeb/Mobile content
Mobile In-app



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I am looking for quality email campaigns/offers worldwide to run on our traffic.

Hit me on skype : sandipan.rad365

Web : http://rad365media.com/


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Hi everyone,

With our e-mail traffic worldwide we can tailor our databases to your requirements and needs.

I am responsible for the UK and FR market, I have high quality Databases and I am currently looking to test new campaigns and new agencies to achieve optimal results.

We also monetize the following countries: FR, ES, IT, UK, MX, BRA, DE, NL, PL, BE NL, BE FR, and more.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information regarding your needs and how we can achieve our respective goals.

Looking forward to your message
PS: You can also add me directly on skype or send me a mail
Skype: arthur.abacus
Mail: arthur@abacus-marketing.com


tir- 1 en
make it simple with us
you can think big we make it bigger
skype: anny.clickiri

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Hey Guys,

I have Pop Under traffic available on CPL or PPI. If you are a direct advertiser and need traffic please get in touch.

Skype: bryan.glass3



Hey Marketeers, Hope all is good.

I am currently looking for Binary, Lottery, Sport betting and/or streaming offers.

The model of work we support is CPM/CPL but always optimizing according to your CPA goal and to the source that generated the best user value for you.

If you are a direct advertiser - pls hit me up, we have excellent traffic for your offer with current results that are highly qualified for these verticals.

If you have anything exclusive or super-special you are promoting, we can definitely find a way to cooperate as well.

Just PM by Skype and we'll take it from there, I'm positive we'll be able to do great things together.

Looking forward for your message,



Looking to sell traffic for gambling and betting and forex offers. Feel free to ping me. I will prefer the cpm basis, but cpl is good as well.

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Pop-under and redirect traffic is available for Italy with CpmInventoy.

Traffic is available on CPM / CPV module.
1 Million+ quality / real / targeted visitors available per day at price of just $4 CPM.
Cheaper deals available too starting at just $1 CPM.
All OS / Device (Android / iOS, etc ), Adult / mainstream, Keyword, Freq. cap targeting’s are available.
3G Or Wifi only can be targeted as well.

Traffic from Carriers like : Three, AT&T, AemNet, Noverca, PosteMobile, TIM, Vodafone, Wind, and Telecom Italia are available for Italy.

Get in touch today and get started. Reach at anurag@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

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AdRight serves over 50 million pop unders per day on our dedicated and exclusive Gambling and Binary channels world wide. We offer flexible CPM bids and a wide range of targeting options in order to help boost performance.

Please visit adright.com for more information or to sign up.

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Hi. I'm Leo from UngAds ad network.

We have big experience in gambling traffic, work with own publishers in WW

Feel free add me in skype: ungads.sales


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High converting traffic for your needs!

We have our own traffic as well as publishers in our network. We have a valuable MAINSTREAM traffic for you from Contextual JS monetization (targeted ads), Browser extensions, Toolbar monetization, Add-ons monetization etc...

GEOs: US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES etc...

RevShare or CPM/CPC, CPL, CPA basis!
If you are interesting - PING ME on Skype: ebuzzm
or Email: jacques@natomx.com

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My name is Federica and I work for adSalsa. We use our own state-of-the-art technology to connect you with your target audience in the most effective way.

Don't hesitate to contact me on Skype: federica.crippa.adsalsa or by e-mail: federica.crippa@adsalsagroup.com.

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Hey! If you are looking for high quality Turkey traffic, you can test our traffic on display, emailing, Coregistration and co-sponsorship.
Please get in touch with me if you're interested in.
Skype: live:zelal.altun_1
Zelal :)

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We are looking for new offers on CPA ,CPM, CPC and CPL model to promote on our high quality database.
Verticals : Forex, Binary , Gaming , Dating , surveys , Sweepstakes.
Geo: UK, AU, NZ, WW , GCC

Please contact me on my Skype : Lucyricci14@gmail.com

Let's talk business.

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Hi there!

If you have a high converting traffic and can generate a fast high quality traffic then feel free to ping me on skype or email me @ rfm@adbee.me

Don't waste time!

Let's go and make some money!

Best Regards,


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We have exclusive email cpm and cpc campaigns on different geo's and verticals. If you think you can run our campaigns and give us good conversion then add me and let's discuss!

Big budget awaits!

Thumb aaeaaqaaaaaaaaz1aaaajgzmmzdimwiwlwi0mtitndy2my05zte4lwqymgy0mge3yja5zg avatarBuyer

Looking for HQ desktop traffic in CIS/RU countries on CPM basis, i have unlimited budget for realy good traffic in RU
80% of our offers is gambling (casino+sport betting)

for more details ping me in skype: pavel.dumedia