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Evgeniya YanekBuyer

Hello Everyone
We are looking for partners to work with our sports betting offer.
From our side we ensure
- weekly payments
- flexible terms
- friendly support.
If you are interested in being our partner please contact me any following way:
skype: live:affiliate.coordinator
telegram: @Yanek22

Donald ResslerSeller

Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Pasteurize
Product: Caluanie Muelear Oxidize ( Crude Caluanie 99% is generated from Muelear oxidize)
Caluanie (Oxidative Partarization Thermostat, Heavy Water):
Available Packaging: 5L & bulk packaging as from 20L, 50L, 100L or as per buyer’s request.

WhatsApp : +1 415-323-5789
WhatsApp : +1 415-323-5789

Our Service
1.Cooperate with research institutions, we strictly control the process from raw material to finished product.
2.The customer comes first, we provide reasonable price, high-quality product and prompt shipment.
3.We can send the goods to your delivery address directly. It is relatively safe and fast.
4.Quick and clear response to customers questions.
5.We could make our price discount if you place a substantial order with us.

WhatsApp : +1 415-323-5789
WhatsApp : +1 415-323-5789

Kate VukovicBuyer

We are looking for HIGH quality traffic for our own brand.
If you have converting desktop/mobile traffic you are more than welcome ;)

We offer:
- Weekly payments
- Wide range of creative types
- World class support

Please contact me at
Skype: live:.cid.9d22aad9c4eab3ce
Telegram: @katepartners

Looking forward to have productive business cooperation with you!

Max StrahovskiBuyer

Hello everybody.
We're a direct advertiser and we need good traffic for our casino offer.
Working with plenty of GEOs.
Reliable withdrawals, friendly managers and good %.
I'll be glad to meet all of you so let's discuss our future cooperation. You can contact me via skype or email attached below.

skype: live:.cid.85a6e734be457fda

Georgy ShamiryanSeller

Hello, community.
We have huge supply on our own websites.

Key Advantages:
• 💰Various pricing models (Flat deals, CPM, CPC);
• 🔎🌍Targetings (Desktop/Mobile, GEO, Carrier/IP, Device);
• 💻RTB/XML/JSON (Native, InPage, Web Push Notifications, POP, IOS Push, In-App);
• 🔋Traffic (10 premium websites, 285M unique visitors, 330M video views per month, 894M impressions per month,13000M web push impressions per month);
• 🎁Flexible rates (Individual price for each targeting, System of flexible discounts, Quick payments, Start of the campaign in the payment day).

📱For more information please ping me in Skype: live:.cid.84a2390d3579002f

Antoni AroSeller

Gambling Traffic **Highly Addictive :)
SKYPE - live:.cid.9d2dcbde880dcafb

#Casino ## Sport betting # Bingo # lottery #GT

-Trigger cap & minimum deposit: 30 euro baseline in net deposits and 100 wagers


-Various tools & channels: Social, Native, Search, Retargeting campaigns, Email, Banner and more.

-CR- 14-16%

-Reaching to 10 % of native population on targeted Geo's

-most successful GEO’s are: UK, AU, NL, SG, GCC, IT, FR, AU, NZ, ZA, CA, NO, DE, FI

-Let’s connect and check out the potential of us cooperating together

Len Speijer Gambling Affs Seller

HQ Casino $$$ Traffic on:
CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC, PPC and RS basis
Languages - AR, DE, IT, FR, RU, EN, ES etc
working in a vast verity of channels.
amazing payouts for new partners!
skype - live:.cid.ef83f25cca9491d1

Let The Games Begin $$$
#Casino #Gambling #Sportsbetting #Lotto #Games

Alexander KononovBuyer

Let's make money with ADWOOL!
Mobile CPI Offers with worldwide targeting.
Average payout: $4,75 CPI.

Contact us on Skype partners.adwool or email

Jack AlmeidaSeller

Gambling - $Casino, $Sportsbetting.
Languages - EN, AR, RU, IT, DE, ES (and more)
Sources: Display, Native, Push, Pop, Email, and Social media.
CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC basis
$kype me at live:zikmate


We have an exclusive offers from gambling vertical (betting-sportsbooks, casino, poker), with good price.
CityAds is an affiliate network, the largest in Russia and CIS, marketleader in Brazil. Also we have offices in US, China, Mexico, Malaysia and Cyprus.

Free registration, without obligation

Marina TarasenkoSeller

Looking for FX/Crypto/Casino/ offers to promote.
Various GEOs are available.

My Skype: live:.cid.30efc5a21141b11b


Hello All,
We are looking for extend our partners in this country. If you would have a database that is not performing well with other providers lets make a test and you will get convinced. Our built in house delivery platform can not only monetize Openers but also reactivate Non-active users.
We put all the resources, you only a little bit of data.
lets talk,

Eshita SMTPSeller

HeIIo Everyone,

I am Eshita from Mindmagicmedia.
We are Iooking for MGA licensed & curaco licensed casinos, gambing & sports betting campaigns.
If you have must contact us:-

skype- live:ekta_156

erez margalitSeller

if you are looking for high ROI on your offers - i have quality traffic in various verticals, ping me on skype or mail me , as well i have great Data base to sell
if you want a great campaign - i'm here

Johnny ZybermannSeller

- GEO's: NO, DE, FI, NL, SG, GCC, IT, FR, AU, NZ, ZA, UK, AU, CA
- Payout Models: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC.
AdnetworkX is a Media Buying Agency selling High Quality / High Volume traffic.
Reach us for more info.


José BidvanceSeller

Hi, this is José from Bidvance. If you are looking for quality traffic on Betting, Gambling, Dating, Crypto, Software, Gaming, Finance, Forex, etc, we can provide that. We are here to help you with all your advertising needs.

Looking forward to connecting with you for further discussion.

You can connect with me here:
Skype: José - Bidvance

Ruben JansenSeller

Time to hit some jackpots together.
Skype -live:.cid.7376355b8d96fc26
#Casino #Sportsbetting #lottery #Bingo.
- Operating WW
- Adjustable rates
- Variety of Formats available.
- Good service
-Trigger cap & minimum deposit: 40 EU baseline in net deposits/ 80 wagers



I'm a social media influencer. I have a football associated page on Instagram and Facebook. We are providing promotions to any brand related to sports betting and casinos through our stories and posts on a reasonable price. If you are interested in promoting your brand to reach higher audience. Feel free to contact us Skype : live:.cid.70915d7574b45a8c

Eshita SMTPSeller

Hello Everyone,

My name is Eshita patil. I represent SMTP mailers !

Looking for CPA & CPL deals sweepstakes, casinos, finance, sports betting etc

If you have contact us on:-
Skype- live:ekta_156

Antoni AroSeller

Gambling Traffic **Highly Addictive :)
SKYPE - live:.cid.9d2dcbde880dcafb

#Casino ## Sport betting # Bingo # lottery #GT

-Trigger cap & minimum deposit: 30 euro baseline in net deposits and 100 wagers


-Various tools & channels: Social, Native, Search, Retargeting campaigns, Email, Banner and more.

-CR- 14-16%

-Reaching to 10 % of native population on targeted Geo's

-most successful GEO’s are: UK, AU, NL, SG, GCC, IT, FR, AU, NZ, ZA, CA, NO, DE, FI

-Let’s connect and check out the potential of us cooperating together.


I represent a direct advertiser and I am looking for a good quality IOS traffic to promote my brand.If you have converting desktop/mobile traffic on Rev/Share basis you are more than welcome.

Please contact me at:
Looking forward to your response


Hey there! I'm Fynn,
I represent FollowMyLead,

We're a publisher eager to deliver immense volumes of traffic for your product,

we excel with the Gambling scene and the Financial field, but can also do great with any adult product, We're up for the challenge!

Active mostly in
Native English Speaking countries

Can adept and provide great results for all Tier1 Geos.

Working with nothing but the best sources and the long experience of our tech team we provide the finest service to your cause,

▀̿Ad exchange services
▀̿Vast variety of display (Banner,pop,push,etc)
▀̿Extensive Email Campaigns
▀̿Professionally managed PPC campaigns,
and more!

Contact me today and let's find out if we're a match from heaven.


\ (•◡•) /

Steven ANGELOUBuyer

I represent an online betting and casino brand K9win. We would like to offer you a collaboration for our brand promotion on your websites.

Are you interested in having a chat about it?

Looking forward to talking to you.

Skype: affiliate1xbet
Line: adenformedia
Telegram: adenformedia


We are agency working in monthly fee specialist in managing sports betting campaings. Send us email to

Angelina | AdaviceSeller

A huge database of gambling enthusiasts to promote your Sportsbetting and Gambling brands!

Hot GEOs: CA, UK, AU, Nordics, LATAM, Africa, MY, SG, TR, CIS

Contact me: (Skype/email)

DatsPush Ad NetworkSeller

DatsPush is an International Premium Traffic Ad Network.

You get:
🔸 24/7 support team
🔸 bids from $0,001
🔸 personal manager
🔸 advanced targeting
🔸 real-time stats
🔸 $50 min. deposit
🔸 auto blacklisting

Top performing verticals:

Signup 👉

Have any questions? Contact me 📲
Skype: live:elena_10737

Len Speijer Gambling Affs Seller

Sports betting, Lotto, Casino Traffic!
supporting API or S2S integration.
Languages we operating in - EN, AR, DE, IT, FR, RU, PL, ES etc
Channels available - Native, Email, Pop, Push, Display, Social.
Contact me on skype for more info -
#digitalmarketing #Casino


Hi everyone, we have data bases of ES (Spain), AR (Argentina) and CH (Chile) and we are looking for new CAMPAIGNS for CPL, CPM and CPC.

Contact email:

Thank you!!

Tania SeleznovaSeller

Hey guys, our own casino /crypto casino traffic

Let’s talk:
Skype: tania.s.adavice

Amit ZenoclickSeller

This is Zenoclick Network.
Ad Formats available: Native, banner, push, pop
We have good volume of web and mobile traffic in these verticals.
Casino Gambling, Lotto, Sportsbetting, Crypto, Forex, Binary, Dating, Games, Apps, Softwares etc.
We have traffic all around the globe. We are looking to sell our premium sources that we have in our inventory.
You can write following email or skype if you need more info.
Skype: live:.cid.37a50811d448b4b0
Zenoclick Network