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400 ads


We're a Amsterdam based lead gen company based in Amsterdam with business in AU, NZ, NL, DE, and are currently growing in the UK. We work solely with CPL/Co-reg offers through sweepstakes, emails and displays.

Add me on skype: wkarim99
Or send me an email: William@qubiqlabs.com

Look forward to working with you!

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We are looking to BUY QUALITY traffic from DIRECT PUBLISHERS on

- GAMING and
- SPORTS verticals

in Tier 1 and ASIA/LATAM geos

Please send an email or skype message to sales@targead.com

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Hey there! Hope you're doing great.
My name is Nina, I am from Clickadu ad network.
I am offering high quality popunder traffic for your offers (adult, apps, installs, betting, binary, utilites, etc.).
All kinds of targeting options and self-service platform are available. 130+ mln impressions daily.
If you're looking for HQ popunder traffic for your offers - I can help you with that for sure.
My skype: n.morris.clickadu

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We offer:
* High volumes of HQ traffic on all verticals
* GEO targeting
* Carrier Targeting
* OS targeting
* Time frame targeting
* IP targeting
* Attractive rates and amazing Bonus structure for deposits
* 24/7 client support on Skype!

Reach me over Skype: Andrei ReachEffect

Best regards,

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Adavice is an Ad Network, which provides desktop, mobile and SMS traffic, with targeting options included (age, geo, gender, name, interests, etc.).

We increase the conversion rate and can guarantee you only valid users by using interests as a targeting option, as users have shown their interest in the field before. (Forex, Gambling, Gaming, E-Commerce, Dating).

Would you like to know more?
My Contact information:
E-mail: nastia.p@adavice.com
Skype: live:anastaisha.adavice

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I look for good traffic on cpa, cpl, cps, cpi basis for own, exclusive and direct offers.

Verticals I need: adult dating, gambling, mainstream dating, adult video, download, games, health, beauty, forex, binary and others.

Just follow this link if you want to make real money: https://goo.gl/fFasFK

Skype - dmitriy.ko281@gmail.com

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ZA Pop traffic are available with good volumes for sale.

Targeting like, OS/ device, browsers, Freq. cap, Adult / Mainstream, Wifi / carriers are available.

Feel free to buzz me over Skype for the test or any queries.

Skype @ popundermedia

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Hi, How are you?
My name is Michelle and I am an Affiliate Manager at Reefmedia.
I would like to invite you to work with us.
Reefmedia is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the industry. We have CPA and REV share deals with most of the major brands in the gaming and binary industry.
I can provide direct links, banners and mailers – whatever you need.
If you let me know if you prefer CPA or REV Share and the countries you are targeting I can give you a list of the best deals for you.
Enter your info here to join us: https://www.reefmedia.com/#sign-up?a=dWlkPTE4Jm1pZD0xOA==
I look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Lennox
Affiliate Account Manager
Skype: michelle.reefmedia

Please note that all offers and deals are only applicable if you are not actively promoting any of these brands directly. By accepting any deal you are confirming that you do not already promote said operator directly.

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Buzz me over Skype: honeysingh4343 or Email: contact@buypopunders.com


Looking to buy traffic and/or affiliates to work with our Gambling Affiliate Program.

GEO - Portugal, Madeira & Azores
Industry - Gambling ( Regulated)

contact me @skype - fpombo82

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Looking for campaigns for Casino Gambling/Sports betting vertical on CPM, CPC or CPV basis Geos - Spain, Greece, Norway, Hong Kong, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Austria etc.
We have huge traffic for this verticals.
Buzz me over Skype: honeysingh4343 or Email: contact@buypopunders.com.

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We have all the traffic which your Dating sites need.

CPM Model ( Cost per 1000 Impressions )
Pop-unders starting at just $0.70 CPM for 1000 unique views.
Banners starting at just $0.25 for 1000 unique views.

CPC Model ( Cost per Click )
CPC starts with $0.03 per click only.

Volumes ( including banner and pops )
Around 5 Million views per day for US.
Around 2 Million views per day for UK, Canada & Germany.
Around 1 Million views per day for Italy, France, Spain & Australia, China.
Around 500K views per day for India, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

Let’s get started today..
Reach me on Skype - popundermedia

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Pop-under and redirect traffic is available for Italy with CpmInventoy.

Traffic is available on CPM / CPV module.
1 Million+ quality / real / targeted visitors available per day at price of just $4 CPM.
Cheaper deals available too starting at just $1 CPM.
All OS / Device (Android / iOS, etc ), Adult / mainstream, Keyword, Freq. cap targeting’s are available.
3G Or Wifi only can be targeted as well.

Traffic from Carriers like : Three, AT&T, AemNet, Noverca, PosteMobile, TIM, Vodafone, Wind, and Telecom Italia are available for Italy.

Get in touch today and get started. Reach at anurag@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

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Hello there,
I am looking for UK affiliates with a strong email, display or contextual data who work on CPA / CPL basis. We have many great offers with a range of verticals as gambling offers, surveys, competitions, insurance, funerals, finance and many more.
Anyone with relevant data, please email me on anna@monetise.co.uk or skype me: live:anna_15096

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I'm looking for quality traffic for Poland all verticals. Mostly based on CPA/CPS/CPL models, but for best quality traffic also CPC. Drop me a line if you have something for PL.


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Selling in-house generated POP / Banner over-lay / White-Space inventories (nearly worldwide, over 800M installations) for Casinos, Lottery, Sportbetting and generic Games.

Min bid for RON: 0.8$ CPM
Min bid for Contextual: 3.20$ CPM

No self-serve option. No XML formats.

Can run CPL offers if those are attractive enough.

Hit me on Skype: orr.yoffe1

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We buy tons of CPI mobile traffic:
- GEO: Worldwide
- Verticals: games, app, utilities, ....
- Both IOS and Android
- Both incent and non incent.
Pls ping me on skype: live:jason.vamosmedia_1 if you have something relevant. Thanks in advance.

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We work on CPM on all verticals for both mobile and desktop (all geos). We can do wifi and carrier targeting.

Ping me @ saraahadams@appleadss.com

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for quality traffic for our offers with best payouts.If anybody interested Kindly ping me on Skype at Arvinder.vcommission or email me at Arvinder.kour@vcommission.
Payment terms are post pay only,no prepayment.

Best regards,

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We have quality traffic available at CpmInventory.

Countries : US/ UK/ CA/ DE/ IT/ FR, etc
Volumes : 500k+ per day for each geo.
Modules: Pops and banners ( Desktop & Mobile )

OS / Device targeting Available.
Optimization based on Pub Id's.

for getting started, send an email at anurag@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

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We are looking for new offers on CPA ,CPM, CPC and CPL model to promote on our high quality database.
Verticals : Forex, Binary , Gaming , Dating , surveys , Sweepstakes.
Geo: UK, AU, NZ, WW , GCC

Please contact me on my Skype : Lucyricci14@gmail.com

Let's talk business.

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Hi, I am Ana from Adavice Media.

We offer new players from more then 100 geos.
-Targeting options are available: age, gender, name, geo, carrier.
-interest in betting as targeting
-opportunity to use time approach and to send messages before certain matches.
-competitive rates.

Would you like to know more?
My Contact information:
E-mail: nastia.p@adavice.com
Skype: live:anastaisha.adavice

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I`m Dmitry and I represent www.trafstore.com adnetwork!

We have a big volume of HQ popunder traffic from Russia!

Feel free to chat, my skype is: marketing.trafstore


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Traffic Available. Direct Publisher
We have huge traffic Worldwide We do have XML feed and I frame.
POP,Banner,Video,XML Feed,Iframe, Email.
Skype. live:9f18d580f9fde4f1
Email. raphael@theleadsense.com

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Hello everyone.Im glad to join this wonderful network full of proffessionals.Im Nicole Henry head of media sales Oxegen media and im a new member here reffered by some of my recent patners.I have information that many people are desperately searching for HQ traffic on various verticals and im here to help everyone get HQ traffic in order to acchive their goals.Our top verticals are forex,binary,financial audience extension,spread betting and CFD.For more info add me skype:live:nicoleoxegenmedia

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Hello everyone,

Abacus Marketing Solutions is looking for CPM campaigns for the following countries: FR, ES, IT, UK, MX, BRA, AL, NL, PL, BE NL, BE FR, …etc.

We are also looking for additional databases to « monetize » for the countries mentioned above.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information,

Looking forward to your message

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Hi There!
Traffic in Africa especially Nigeria and Kenya required. Sign up here and start monetizing with the world's biggest lottery brands -> www.24monetize.com/signup

- Lifetime Rev/Share
- High conversion rates
- Quick Payments
- 24Hr support

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Our brands includes Gala Bingo, Gala Casino, Ladbrokes Sports and many more. you can read more about our brands in here:

please contact me if you have Direct Traffic in the UK for Display CPA campaigns at avishay.kelich@ladbrokescoral.com

Note that we work on a Net30 basis and our own IO

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Adavice provides SMS traffic, with many targeting options included (age, geo, gender, name, interests, etc.).

We have refreshed and hot databases of players, who have already shown interest in gambling before in Scandinavia, UK, AU, CH, IE, US, NO.

My Contact information:
E-mail: nastia.p@adavice.com
Skype: live:anastaisha.adavice


Good news!
Flame Digital is recruiting Affiliate partners with High Quality traffic sources who will run our exclusive/ direct CPI/CPA campaigns.
You are welcome to register and get in touch - just hit the following link:


You can contact me via
- E-mail: velina@flame-digital.com or
- Skype: velina.fl

Looking forward to hear from you!