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Evi SkrynnikBuyer

We have offers with good conditions on gambling, betting, dating, loans, crypto, forex, binary options and nutra for WW. We work CPL, CPA, CPI, RevShare.
Please contact us https://my.3snet.ru/?lang=en

Kristina DavidsonSeller

Hey! My name is Kristina, Sales Manager at Smartyads.com

We have traffic on CPM basis for desktop and mobile worldwide.
We are transparent and brandsafe!

Please feel free to contact me at: kristina@smartyads.com or ping me on Skype: live:kristina_3350

Bins MediaSeller

Our solutions will help you get more leads and increase your brand recognition among your target users. Lots of companies have already taken advantages of our services to boost their profits and reduce costs.

Linda GambTrafSeller

🎯CPM, CPA, CPL models
🌐API and s2s integration
🌍Almost in all Geo's
🚀 Wide range of different verticals (Games, Finance, Сrypto,Gambling, Betting, etc.)
🎮 Direct Advertisers
💰 Prepayment terms only

Senya ArtemevBuyer

Hi everyone,
I'm Arseniy from http://adsteroid.pro
We are looking for the new publishers to join our network.
Mainly interested in RU, UA, KZ
Desktop and Mobile.
PM me:
e-mail: Senya@adsteroid.pro
Skype: live:senya_63
Telegram : @senyaartemev

Inga KolesnikovSeller

We have large amounts of DATA on many verticals and live traffic. We work only with direct advertisers, no affiliate networks. * double opt-in on all verticals

We work on :

✅ Crypto,Mining,Forex offers

*No Adult content!

✅ Zero fraud/Bot traffic
✅ You cannot find our traffic sources on any other network

Please follow our link: http://www.skilful-media.com


Please contact me:
💻 Skype: live:d91139f413545e04
📧 info@skilful-media.com

Vasilii BogdanovSeller

We have got VIDEO, DISPLAY & POP CPM-based traffic for sale.
Worldwide. 737.6 m+- Unique users daily. DSP, SSP.
Desktop & Mobile. Full domain transparency. Mainstream & adult verticals and other
Native ads. Various OS & browser targeting. Demography targeting and more options.

Carrier targeting. White/blacklisting. JS, Iframe & HTML tag is allowed.

Senya ArtemevBuyer

Hi everyone,
I'm Arseniy from http://adsteroid.pro
We are looking for the new publishers to join our network.
Mainly interested in RU, UA, KZ
Desktop and Mobile.
PM me:
e-mail: Senya@adsteroid.pro
Skype: live:senya_63
Telegram : @senyaartemev

Fleur InformaniSeller

Informani is a trustworthy HQ traffic & leads supplier in many verticals and Geo's!

Tube Monetize ManagerSeller

Budget Subscriptions for Auto Offers Distribution (Advantage Method)

Publisher can Generate Installs at Lowest Rates & Sale Installs at Own Rates to PPI Network

Ad Acceptance : Files, Software's, Games, Tools, Desktop POP Ads, POP Under Page, Flash Lander, Chrome Extension, Web Offers, Banner Ads, DOC / PDF Exploits

Average Subscriptions / Month : 545 USD - 1654 USD

Average Install Rates (Software's / Tools / Games / Desktop POP Ads) : 8 Cents - 25 Cents

Rates Calculations : One Time Subscriptions for 30 Days / 45 Days / 60 Days

Install Method : Mass Distribution Campaign through World's #1 Network "YouTube Network"

Campaign Type : Fully Automatic & Re-Schedule

Blasting Install Limit : 200 - 10,000 / Day (Till Subcription Period)

Account Approval Time : 24 HRS - 48 HRS

EXE - DOC / PDF / JPG / URL (Exploit) : Additional Charges Applicable

Reference Network : Tube Monetize

Subscription : www.tubemonetize.online

Skype : live:sociotubemonetize

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Bestraf MediaSeller

Our main principle is honest work with decent people. We do our best to deliver great results to every business since our goal is long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Shrina .Seller

from MobiVisits DSP you can get get +2 Billion click / days right now

Sign up now : https://platform.mobivisits.com/login?r=AVRLOY7

Pure self service platform + 24/7 Customer Support.

- WW Traffic
- More than 2 Billion clicks / day and increasing every day.
- Pop, Native, JS, Banner traffic.
- Carrier targeting + whitelisting/ Blacklisiting
- 100% Pre-Payment.
- Top Up your account with your credit/Debit card / wire / Paypal!

Start Getting Conversions now !

Skype : live:shrina_mobivisits
Email : shrina@mobivisits.com

Lucky VBuyer

Hey Hi,

Looking for stable, best converting, direct CPI offers.

Ping me : live:venkat.lucky112

Let's make revenue..

Matthew KennySeller

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for new CPL or CPA offers to promote! We provide traffic globally so if your offer is not in the GEO target above run it by me and lets see if we can do it anyway!

Skype - reflexcash.ac70
Email - matthew.k@reflexaffiliates.com

Dmitry LavrovSeller

We have a lot of traffic from movies web-sites in RU

Skype: marketing.trafstore

Tania SeleznovaSeller

Hey everyone
We are looking for in-house developed Sweepstakes offers.
We have traffic almost World Wide,
so just ask me for details:

Skype: tania.s.adavice
@: tania.s@adavice.com

Liia SheininaBuyer

http://go.kosmiqs.com/ls2MMAD is looking for high quality CPA traffic for our Nutra, Dating, E-commerce, APK, Mobile Subscriptions, Extensions and Finance offers for APAC region.
Contact me here or via Skype: liya.shejnina


Looking to sell traffic for gambling and betting and forex offers. Feel free to ping me. I will prefer the cpm basis, but cpl is good as well.

Rajendra PrasadBuyer


We are buying pop under traffic with daily payment options on cpm basis for all geos, no bot, no proxy/VPN or fake.

We can also buy US/CA traffic in about $2-4 cpm depending if traffic is real and open to accept all ads.

Buying only full page/pop under or redirect traffic thru our publishers program.

Anyone interested in this offer, I would request to request please reach us by email, skype or sign up at..

Rajendra Prasad
Email - bizdev@edomz.com
skype - live:reply444

Tania SeleznovaSeller

Hi everyone!

Traffic for Gambling/Casino offers available
- Different GEOs
- Different Targeting Options

Let’s talk:

Skype: tania.s.adavice
Email: tania.s@adavice.com

Cathie VassBuyer

We provide the best CPI/CPA/CPL offers for our publishers.
Best verticals: games, utilities, shopping.
Best GEOs: tier 1, JP, CN, KR.
Net30 payments.
If its interesting for you, please, ping me on Skype:

Anna KrauzenBuyer

Hello! I'm looking for potential supply partners in order to promote our direct brand. I need first-class traffic on Rev/Share basis for African countries. We offer:
- RS 25% and higher. The more you earn the higher your %. Get bonuses from your players on livelong term!
-Weekly payments via 37+payment systems
- Huge number of creative types. We can make creatives specially for your site
- Smart management and good support
If you are looking for profitable partnership don't hesitate to contact me at anna@partners1xbet.com

Tania SeleznovaSeller

Hi guys,

Do you want to catch new users?
We have sports betting traffic for you:
- 'white-list' gamblers;
- targeting options available - age, gender, interest, devices
- Hot geos: Nordic, UK, ES, IT, AT, CH, NL, US, AU, CA

Ask me!
Skype: tania.s.adavice
Email: tania.s@adavice.com


TEST our HQ WW TRAFFIC on your vertical - STICK and WORK for long term.Skype : live:hqwwtraffic


Hello, media sellers and browser extension or toolbar traffic owners. Ready to buy you traffic with high revenue. Different kinds of monetization (video,search engine, etc) Worldwide Geos.(USA, CA, UK, RU, LV, EE etc) Weekly payouts.

Contact via Skype id: Dimaadvmaker
P.S No network or exchange traffic, only owners and sellers/resellers


We are looking for Publishers, Affiliates, Partners to promote our TOP CPI offers.

** Incent and Non-Incent HQ campaigns
** Excellent Payouts
** Campaigns from all the main verticals and geos
** Postback Integration
** NET 30 Payment Terms

Sign up now: http://trilliuminteractive.com/publishers/

📧 Contact us to learn more:
E-mail: joana@trilliuminteractive.com

Yigal Chertok Buyer

Skype: Yigal@internovus
Email : yigal.c@internovus.com

We're buying high volumes of HQ traffic on CPL
to promote our direct exclusive Forex offers with Unlimited budget and high payouts for long term partnerships.

What we're looking for is:

# GEOs: AU, ZA, IN, MY & GCC (EN speaking)

# Ad Formats: Display, Mobile, Pop & Email

Gaurav PaliwalBuyer

Looking For High Quality Adult & MainStream Traffic for Tech Call Generation[ $2.5k+ Budget Daily after testing ]

If you think you got what I want Hit me up on SKype.
We are in the business since quite long, So only buzz me if you really have traffic that can convert to calls.

Skype: techsupportbusiness



My name is Dave and I represent Bet On Aces, a new sportsbook and casino operator.

We are looking for traffic on RS/CPA/CPL basis. If you have great organic traffic we would be glad to work with you on really good terms.
If you have any questions or cooperation offers, contact me.
Email: dave@betonaces.com
Skype: dgobrien22

Rumyana YankovaBuyer

Hi there,

I am looking to buy for HQ finance/forex/investment traffic in finance/in India inside, Malaysia,GCC, (men 25+ yrs).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Rumyana Yankova
Media Buyer @Internovus Ltd
Email,skype: rumyana.y@internovus.com