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306 ads

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AdRight serves over 50 million pop unders per day on our dedicated and exclusive Gambling and Binary channels world wide. We offer flexible CPM bids and a wide range of targeting options in order to help boost performance.

Please visit adright.com for more information or to sign up.

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We have all the traffic which your Dating sites need.

CPM Model ( Cost per 1000 Impressions )
Pop-unders starting at just $0.70 CPM for 1000 unique views.
Banners starting at just $0.25 for 1000 unique views.

CPC Model ( Cost per Click )
CPC starts with $0.03 per click only.

Volumes ( including banner and pops )
Around 5 Million views per day for US.
Around 2 Million views per day for UK, Canada & Germany.
Around 1 Million views per day for Italy, France, Spain & Australia, China.
Around 500K views per day for India, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

Let’s get started today..
Reach me on Skype - popundermedia

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Here @ DCypher Media (www.dcyphermedia.com), we know like no other how to monetise almost any type of traffic!

If you have mobile or desktop traffic and you are looking to monetise it, let me inform you how we can help you:
- 1000+ Direct CPI/CPA campaigns (all verticals and niche's);
- Smart / Rotator links (mainstream, dating, adult)
- API (automatically fetch all our campaigns)
- Custom SDK's (for your in-app traffic)
- Flexible payment terms (from NET30 to Weekly)
- Payments through Wire/Paypal/Payoneer and others...

Looking forward in seeing your application (https://publisher.dcyphermedia.com) or hit me up on Skype (cristina.firtade1) for more details.

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We have quality traffic available at CpmInventory.

Countries : US/ UK/ CA/ DE/ IT/ FR, etc
Volumes : 500k+ per day for each geo.
Modules: Pops and banners ( Desktop & Mobile )

OS / Device targeting Available.
Optimization based on Pub Id's.

for getting started, send an email at anurag@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

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Skype: Yigal@internovus
Email : yigal.c@internovus.com

We represent a direct advertiser and we're interested in high volumes of quality AU traffic to promote our private exclusive Forex (licensed & registered) brand offers with Unlimited budget and high payouts for long term partnerships.

What we're looking for is:

* Banner (Desktop & Mobile) - CPL /CPM /Revshare
* PopUnder (Desktop) - CPL / CPM / Revshare
* Email Marketing - CPL / CPM
* Native Advertising (Desktop & Mobile) - CPC

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We have exclusive email cpm and cpc campaigns on different geo's and verticals. If you think you can run our campaigns and give us good conversion then add me and let's discuss!

Big budget awaits!


Selling the following as a package ONLY today
8,310,897 casino new all info win loss for players
984,912 forex traders full details
790,442 binary traders all info
30,009,521 various consumer data

1400USD via bitcoin and you own it all

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~ Display&Mobile web traffic.
~ SMS traffic (re-targeted database).
~ Type: popup, popunder or popup/popunder&banner.
~ Verticals: Gambling&Casino, Gaming, E-Commerce, Dating, Binary Options, Forex, Sweepstakes, Health&Diet, Streaming.
~ Models: CPM, dCPM, CPC.
~GEOs: Worldwide.

Contact me to discover more:
Eseniia Marchenko, ADAVICE
e-mail: eseniiama@adavice.com
skype: eseniia.m@gmail.com
web-site: http://www.adavice.com/

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Looking for campaigns for sports betting and casino verticals for European countries, Canada and Australia.

We have Popunders, banners and email traffic.

Feel free to buzz us if you are looking to buy any traffic.

Skype @ popundermedia
email at anurag@cpminventory.com

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Mobile / desktop, adult / mainstream, popunder / banner traffic for you!

A lot of GEOs and verticals. Our rates and conversions will surprise you!

Ping me as soon as you see this!

Skype: veronica.targead
E-mail: v.schwartz@targead.com

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we have good result in LKQD platfrom for video ads tag,

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High Quality Adult Mobile Redirect Traffic is available with CPM INVENTORY : -

Geo 's : All Countries ( Strongest with US, CA, AU, CN, & Europe )
Model : CPM / CPV, Mobile Redirects.
Verticals : Adult ( Gay / Straight )
Optimization : Available through Site id's.

Please Contact at anurag@cpminventory.com for more details.
Or Buzz on Skype @ popundermedia

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Looking for HQ desktop traffic in CIS/RU countries on CPM basis, i have unlimited budget for realy good traffic in RU
80% of our offers is gambling (casino+sport betting)

for more details ping me in skype: pavel.dumedia


I'm currently selling cheap CPM on various websites. Traffic comes from Social Media, Google Adwords and Organic Search. I'm happy to offer very low rates since I haven't tried CPM on our sites yet.

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Have a large inventory of Belgium Brazil and Germany traffic from good sources for sale.

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Hello All,
We are looking for extend our partners in this country. If you would have a database that is not performing well with other providers lets make a test and you will get convinced. Our built in house delivery platform can not only monetize Openers but also reactivate Non-active users.
We put all the resources, you only a little bit of data.
lets talk,

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Pixellito sells CPM, Pop traffic,
so you can add me on Skype: evgeniy@pixellito.com
You are always welcome.

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MGID Inc. offers traffic in different GEOs for all devices. We have a network of 4,000+ premium publishing websites, carefully categorized to reach the relevant audience.

If you need more info, pls,
Mail me: lilia.onkhonova@mgid.com
Skype me: writetolilia8

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We are looking for WW traffic for our CPL offers on various verticals.

Feel free to add me on,
Skype- salonialpha or
email me - saloni.clickcabin@gmail.com/sb@alphainfolab.com


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Need best converting CPM popunders and JS tags banners?

Contact me!

Skype: veronica targead
E-mail: v.schwart@targead.com

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High convertive traffic for you! Very competitive rates and best account managers

Mobile/ desktop, adult/mainstream, popunders/banners! Choose what you need ;)

My Skype is veronica.targead, don't hesitiate to write me to discuss our cooperation


If you have some good traffic, CPA, Rev Share or CPM/CPI - pls contact me.

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Please, let me know if you have good quality CPC search traffic and you work via XML-feeds! no emailing traffic.


We managed direct sites with high quality traffic!
If you have relevant offers like Sweepstakes, Music Downloads, Sport streaming and you want to make money please feel free to connect on Skype: roni breslouer (Taptica)
or roni.b@taptica.com

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CPM traffic for everyone! Best account managers and very competitive rates only for you!

Skype: veronica.targead
E-mail: v.schwartz@targead.com

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We have the CPM pop traffic you need

Huge Daily Volume of pop traffic you can buy via Our Self Serve Platform - RTB System ( Live Updating ) + Tracking system built on the platform!

WW traffic |
Most verticals |

Sign Up:
Min Deposit: $100


*We sell via XML also.
Skype: Oron.FOL

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Hello, are you a direct advertiser looking to buy traffic for your campaigns across specific geos with potential ROI? We are an agency, that works together to strategise, plan and optimize your campaigns, to get the desired results.

Our traffic have been tested and trusted, we can give you references; they will tell you what we have achieved for them. And we can do that for you too.

We work on CPI, CPL, CPA, CPM, for bot mobile and desktop campaigns.

Let's discuss on Skype: partners.10media or write an email to business@10mediagroup.com

We look forward to having you on board of our range of advertisers.


if you have converting traffic for sports betting and gambling i can buy it.
PM me to discuss it further.



binary options campains AUS HK MALAYSIA SG TH

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Hi, How are you?
My name is Michelle and I am an Affiliate Manager at Reefmedia.
I would like to invite you to work with us.
Reefmedia is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the industry. We have CPA and REV share deals with most of the major brands in the gaming and binary industry.
I can provide direct links, banners and mailers – whatever you need.
If you let me know if you prefer CPA or REV Share and the countries you are targeting I can give you a list of the best deals for you.
Enter your info here to join us: https://www.reefmedia.com/#sign-up?a=dWlkPTE4Jm1pZD0xOA==
I look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Lennox
Affiliate Account Manager
Skype: michelle.reefmedia

Please note that all offers and deals are only applicable if you are not actively promoting any of these brands directly. By accepting any deal you are confirming that you do not already promote said operator directly.