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Aubrey SandersSeller

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Display - Native - Pop - Push Traffic

ReklamStore DSP is an easy to use self-serve media buying platform for marketers, media buyers, and affiliates.

No need to wait for the approval. Signup, create and fund your account, run your campaigns!

* CPM traffic in 200+ countries.
* Integrated 100+ SSPs & traffic sources.
* Many targeting options. Location, device, SSP, browser, domain, placement, IP address, device type, connection type, operating system, carrier, daypart, white-listing, and black-listing.
* CPA & CPI conversion optimization feature.
* 3rd party tag support. JS tags, HTML tags, etc.
* Easy integration to tracking tools like Voluum, Binom, ThriveTracker,
* Many funding options. Credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrency, and wire transfer.
* Inventory forecast tool.

Shai WeinrebSeller

Hello, MyMediaAds members!

Wanted to briefly introduce you guys to our platform, EZmob - is a global DSP with over 3 Billion impressions per day (Mobile & Desktop) across its thousands of directly qualified publishers and SSP cooperations.

We support (Adult & mainstream ) Pop, Push Display and Native with comprehensive targeting features - OS, GEO, Browser, Carrier, Connection, IP, SubID, Domain and more.

Register an account and start today, our minimum deposit amount is $100.

Feel free to contact me on:
s: live:shay.w_2

Or you can chat with one of our guys inside the platform:

Advertisers SupportSeller

Sit back while we do all of the optimization for you! Use coupon code ♦M854M223♦ and get $50.
✔️Can be used for Push, Native, Direct And Pops.

BidVertiser has everything that affiliates need to ROCK THEIR OFFERS with self-serve platform that delivers exclusive traffic from Native, Push, Direct and Pops.

Here is some quick info about our self-serve network:

✔️ Native, Push, Direct and Pops
✔️ Worldwide Reach
✔️ Subid|Geo|Device|OS|Browser|IAB Category|Contextual|Quality|Day Parting
✔️ Global Postback and manual conversion upload
✔️ Bid automation by CPA target
✔️ Blacklisting automation
✔️ Whitelisting
✔️ Segmented Analytics Reports
✔️ High Quality Traffic Only

Ryna WingoadsBuyer

Dear Affiliates and Media Buyers!

Wingoads offers you a great deal!
You can sell and buy traffic on different models: СPA | CPI | CPL | CPM.
Moreover, Publishers can boost their earnings by referring. Refer a friend to Wingoads and get +5% to your profit!

Advertisers can start promotion at only $50 deposit.

More details:



looking for direct Forex/Binary, CC Submit, In-house Ecommerce, CPL offers

Skype - live:martin_26253


High-quality traffic for Mobile content available in the following GEO.
In-house offers preferably.
1/2 click flow

Feel free to contact me:
Skype: Natalia Adavice

Yulia DaopushBuyer

I'm looking for WW traffic for push notifications subscriptions
telegram: @yulia_daopush
skype: live:yulia.daopush

David HoffmanSeller

Hello. I`m David Hoffman. I represent Mediaconvers company. Currently we are looking for CPC partners who are able to work with XML feeds. We have really huge worldwide demand including direct one and the proper worldwide supply for different types of worldwide traffic. Please contact me in case you are interested in long-term cooperation with us and making outstanding revenue together. Stay tuned for more!


Skype: mediahoffman

Daniel JansSeller

we are a large scaled digital agency working with different brands on offline and online advertising campaigns.

Creating large volumes of Traffic & Leads through different methods:
Push, pop, Email, Video, Native and Display
With the option of using our own dynamic Landing Pages in any Language.

Targeting Tier 1, 2 and 3 countries (mainly to tier 1) - available by City, Day of the week, device (Mobile/desktop) <- (only available for CPM model), Age / Gender

Based on CPM, CPL and CPA models
Having different verticals such as - Casino, Lottery, Dating, Adult, Crypto/Forex/CFD (Finance), Sports Betting and much more.

Skype: Live:theturtlemedia1

Alexander BuzzBuyer

I am looking for PUSH notifications, Native ads, POP ads, Zero-click ads, PV TOS traffic. The conversions are required.
Top countries by demand: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Qatar, New Zealand, Spain, Austria.
We support JS tag, XML/JSON feeds, open RTB version 2.3 and higher.
Geat direct campaigns (from our DSP platform) to buy on specifics GEOS and carriers!

George MSeller

Greetings! I'm George from Clickadu AD Network
We are actively developing and expanding our geography, regularly including new sources of high-quality traffic. 220+ geos covered atm.
We providing:
- Direct traffic sources,
- Up to 2B+ impr/daily
- Advanced targeting and real-time stats,
- Self-Serve Platform with CPM, SmartCPM, SmartCPA or dedicated managers,
- Unique IT bot and fraud filtering tools,
- API integration for remote campaign management,
- Real-Time Bidding for networks and big advertisers,
- Ad formats: pop's, pre-rolls, pushups (dialog ads), Search Engine redirect, push-notifications.

Hit me up via skype george_14346 or e-mail:


Looking for Agencies, Ad Networks, Direct Publishers and Media buyers for In-house offers.

We are a Mobile Leisure and Entertainment company with in-house offers in Utilities, Games, Entertainment, Cooking recipes, Fitness and WallPapers.

We create a landing page for each Agency/Ad Network, hence right to Exclusivity to your offer page page for a better ROI/Profit.

Facebook, Display and Google Traffic needed. Once your traffic is confirmed, you will be paid weekly and assigned a personal Account Manager.

NO Prepayment and NO CPM. You will be paid on CPA basis please.

Connect with me and let's get started.
Skype: live:osegun_2

Shubham JainSeller

Hey All,

World Wide Display Traffic Available(CPC/CPM) - Mobile/Desktop (All Verticals)

#Creatives Supported - Banner/ POP/ Push / Native / JSTags / InBannerVideos

#Targeting Options - Category/Vertical, In-App/Web, OS/OS versions, Country/State/City/, Carrier/Wifi

#BlackList / #Whitelist of traffic sources on the basis of - AppIDs, BundleIDs, Publisher, Domains and IP

Advertisers/ MediaBuyers / Affiliates please feel free to connect -
Skype - live:shubham.mobivisits
Email -



We have premium traffic source for mobile content-carrier services,VAS-mobile subscription in CPA/CPC,for further discussion connect to me via skype:live:nancy_13681 #subscription #mobile #cpa


Want to buy huge volumes of pop-under traffic with fix price:Turkey, South Africa, Egypt.
My Skype is Nastya_pass_epom

High CPM!

Kane Wells || AdzsmileSeller

Looking for CPI offers for both Desktop/Mobile for multi geos,

Contact to discuss further.

E-mail :
Skype: live:7e774c863986ad2d

Irene RossBuyer

Our company sells and buys traffic on CPC basis, we work with XML feeds or Direct Links. We do not work with prepayment. Our traffic goes through filters, so you will get the HQ supply. Will be waiting for partners.
Connect me via:
LinkedIn: Irene Ross

Helen MartynovaBuyer

Im looking for JS, HTML5 or tag mobile traffic for Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and Thailand.
Ping me if you have high quality and volumes.

Skype: live:helen.m_17

Elena HerasymenkoBuyer

We are looking for CPL/CPA/CPS traffic.
Direct and exclusive offers, all possible GEOs.
Sweepstakes and mobile content on cpa basis. Dating offers (Mainstream, Adult).
Best payment terms, 24/7 support.

Ping me for more details:

Skype live:.cid.b550746d9e351388

Ullianna KimSeller

Hi, guys!
I want to monetize the dating websites. That why I sell in-house push traffic (CPC)
GEO: us uk ca au nz.
The data is constantly updated and fresh.

Ping me:
Skype ( live:nnovozhilova )

Alex VashchenkoBuyer

Feel free to ping me by skype (live:alexander.v_8)
if you have HQ traffic for most popular verticals
for tier1, tier2 regions
We have direct and exclusive campaigns CPI/CPL/CPA models based


Hi! Unlimited budgets avaiable! Top Sportsbetting(apps) and mobile content campaigns!

Email me if you want to participate in the show

Euroline InternationalSeller

We provide a wide range of mobile marketing services in Turkey for foreign companies and organisations to increase awareness of their products, services and brands, by delivering campaigns and promotions.

We also offer agency representation services in Turkey for mobile related companies to promote their mobile services and mobile applications in the Turkish market.

Please contact us for your enquiries about our mobile marketing services in Turkey.

Euroline International |

Shivani Singh ChauhanSeller

We are a self serve DSP and offering traffic on CPC/CPM basis currently. World Wide Traffic Available on Mobile and Desktop for All Verticals.

Creatives Supported -Banner,POP,Push, #Native,JSTags ,InBannerVideos

Targeting Options - Category/Vertical, In-App/Web, OS/OS versions, Country/State/City/, Carrier/Wifi

BlackList and Whitelist of traffic sources on the basis of - AppIDs, BundleIDs, Publisher, Domains and IP.

Anyone interested ping me on skype: live:ssc895546

email id:

Elakiyan TSeller

Hello Publisher's
Hope you doing well.

We are looking for traffic for our Direct offers only. We have good PO and all are direct one.

So Let's connect over the skype live:telakiyan

Elakiyan T

Max OdintsovBuyer

Hello, Comrades! iWoop Ltd looking for CPI/CPA traffic worldwide. If you have it just ping me by Skype( max.iwoop ) or email ( ) and we will find the way of our cooperation.

Yana R.Seller

Hey guys,
Traffic for Mobile Subscription offers available!
Geos: CH, GR, IE, NO, ZA, RU
In-house offers preferably.
1/2 click flow

Let’s discuss:


I need mobile content,ecommerce, campaign shoot me on skype: live:.cid.a3da0b10f2d57f5

Alice MooreBuyer

My name is Alice!
I'm working at We are affiliate Networks with direct offers, high payout and polite support. Our main GEO's TIER 1, TIER 2. Vertical - app, games, dating, software, casino, etc.
Let's make money together!
Skype: live:alice.appitate

Alice MooreBuyer

Dear publishers,
If you have CPI mobile traffic, please contact me on Skype.
Our company is engaged in the mobile marketing and advertising. We have many sources of various offers what allows our publishers to choose the most interesting deals.
Let's make money together!

Contact me on Skype: live:alice.appitate