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http://FroggyAds.com is a Media Buying platform that connect You to over 85 traffic sources around the world. You will receive high-quality, high-performing and brand-safe traffic from the worlds top SSPs!

We work on CPM basic for Native ads & Display Ads and CPV for popups.
Our minimum CPM is $0.10 and for CPV is our minimum $0.001.

Our self-serve platform http://FroggyAds.com is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. Advertisers, Media Buyers, Agencies and Affiliate marketers can set up campaigns with a full range of targeting options and ad units to reach their desired audience.

Our advertising platform serves over 7,75 BILLION impressions Daily from over 180 countries.

5+ billion Display ad opportunities daily.
2+ billion Native ad opportunities daily.
750+ million Popup/Popunder ad opportunities daily.

We offer popunder, popup, interstitial ads, native ads, mobile & display banner ads.

http://FroggyAds.com ONLY Prepaid

Our Skype ID: live:froggyads

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Dear Affiliates and Media Buyers!

Wingoads offers you a great deal!
You can sell and buy traffic on different models: СPA | CPI | CPL | CPM.
Moreover, Publishers can boost their earnings by referring. Refer a friend to Wingoads and get +5% to your profit!

Advertisers can start promotion at only $50 deposit.

More details:

Skype: live:ryna_39
Email: ryna@wingoads.com

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WW Pop Traffic inventory from $0.0005 CPV

For pop-under, pop-up, interstitials, and $0.1 CPM For Banners and Native- World Wide

All Verticals are welcome

To get an account it takes 5 seconds only

Free Signup

, the account will be created automatically with a new password on the thank you page.

Lets start:

Watch this video

Get our Bonus


Setup a demo with me for 15 mins 1-0-1 session for free. https://calendly.com/popadup/

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We are Motormobile LLC - performance based marketing platform with affiliate network and we are looking for CPI traffic on the WW scale. All verticals and devices.
If you have good traffic sources, we will do our best to find the most suitable campaigns with competitive payouts for you.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me:
email: eugene.bagatsky@motormobile.com
skype: eugene.bagatsky

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MOBIPROFIT looking for hq CPA traffic.
We have direct offers, highest payouts.
We pay in time. Reliable and profitable advertiser for you.
payment terms: NET 30
We can work with S2S or API integration.
Please contact me personally or provide with relevant contact from your company to discuss our cooperation.

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Hello, MyMediAds community!

We are DuMedia, the part of the one of the biggest cpa networks - AdmitAd. We have offices in 8 countries with 200+ experts.

We ready to INTEGRATIONS via OpenRTB or XML. PopUnder. For sell.
We have good sources, big volumes, high quality.
We have adult and mainstream traffic. desktop and mobile. WORLDWIDE.
And we start new partnerships with prepaid.

Ping me in skype: live:v.boichenko
Let's make money together)

#integrations #popunder #traffic #xml #openrtb

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We convert everything! Send us your global traffic and we convert in into $$$. We work with Mainstream, Adult and Incent traffic.
Make money with your remnant traffic!

Ping me for more info on skype: live:barbora.msales

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We are now accepting new clients who are looking for Quality traffic
if you have desktop/mobile product reach out and we will get you the quality traffic you were looking for

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http://FroggyAds.com Get full control of our world class self-serve platform for online advertising where we focus on results, conversion and ROI.

Need to promote your product, business or mobile app?

Our powerful turnkey solution enables you to easily plan, manage and analyze your advertising campaigns.

The http://FroggyAds.com network is a renowned industry leader.

Every day we deliver over 7 BILLIONS of mobile and desktop ad impressions to billions of potential clients, for more than 185 countries.

We have all kind of ad formats like Popunder, Popup, Intersitial, Native Ads, Mobile and Display Banners.

Our innovative self-serve platform is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. It was created for online business owners, media buyers, affiliate marketers, mobile app developers and anyone there looking for high quality traffic, sales and app installations.

Adjust and fine tune advertising budgets and the campaign schedule are with no effort.


EU company
Android (majority), iOS / RTB preferred / Mainstream
WW (top 20 GEOs in description)
A new source of inventory and users. Innovation.
Media-buying services also available. Terms and availability depend on scale.
Must be legally compliant.

Please, contact with specs and demand. Email: liza@tapcore.me


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Looking For Traffic - offering high POs
Hi there,

I am looking for HQ traffic for our direct offers based on CPL/CPI/CPI .

We are working on Net30.

Contact me at skp: live:shubham_381

*** Thank you! ***

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Reporo is one of the World's largest mobile adult networks working on the traditional CPC/CPM model, however we're now accepting high converting CPA/CPL offers.


or contact

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we are an direct advertiser which is looking for specially content-lock traffic for our mobile content campaigns on CPA Basis.
Our verticals are games and apps.
Prefered geos are: FR, DE, PL, TR

Please reach me out on skype: xandrax or write me an email to xandra.gaerisch@freenetdigital.de

Looking forward!

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Hello! SmartyAds offers you:
- HQ mobile traffic;
- CPM basis;
- All geos;
- All IAB verticals;
- Premium publishers.

If you're interested in cooperation just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com

Have a great day!

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We serve good volumes of non-incent traffic for all countries and all verticals. CPM basis.
Minimum prepayment is only $50
First deposit comes with $15 bonus on top with the code SUMMER15
Mobile and desktop
Many targeting options
Adult and mainstream

Skype: live:ryna_39

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Exclusive CPI/CPA Offers
Quality Traffic Looking !!

skype :-live:shubham_381

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I am looking for Android mobile web banner traffic for our CPM campaigns, our creatives are JS tags. Geo:US,DE,FR. Is it relevant to you?


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Hey There,

Ping me if you are looking to run JS script tags!! we got WW traffic.

Skype: Live:surya_350
Email: surya@mobivisits.com

Thanks In Advance!!

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We are offering premium quality traffic at our platform. We support mobile in-app and mobile web traffic.
Ping me if you want to achieve effective ROI.

Skype: live:snigdha_56


We have more than 2000 direct CPA offers WW. If anyone is interested, pls ping me.


There're many direct and non-direct campaigns coming in. Let's start making money!


Hi,this is Kuroky!We are the advertiser and we are providing lots of direct CPA and CPI offers to EG,IN,TH.
Please contact me via skype kuroky_du@rockymobi.com for more details!

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We are buy all your traffic at high cpm rates.

Almost all websites are accepted.
Fast domain approval.
No minimum traffic requirement.
We pay for all visitors.
Real time stats .
Minimum withdrawal amount is only $10.
Withdrawals are processed daily including weekend.

Payments through Bitcoin, Paypal, WMZ, Paxum, Payoneer, Payza, Perfect Money, AdvCash, OKPAY and Payeer.

Quality support and account manager.
5% life time commission from each user you are sending to us.

Note: Not work with prepayments, we pay you daily at minimum 10 USD.

Sign up right now:

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We are offering display banner ads on adult sites. 300x250 and 300x100 spots are available across 100+ direct publisher's sites on CPM or CPC basis on desktop and mobile. We work with image/gif banners, iframes, js for selected clients. $0,03 is the starting CPM, $0,01 CPC. We are also open for customized rates.
Feel free to create an account here https://www.trafficshop.com/

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We are looking for DIRECT ADVERTISERS for following verticals for both incent & non-incent traffic:

- nutra
- bizopp
- mobile app installs
- email/pin submits
- adult/dating


My Skype ID - live:dario_3345
Email - dario@blackfox.io

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Looking for Affiliates with traffic in India, Pakista, Indonesia based on CPI & CPA to promote our offers.(UC news, UC browser, 9 apps and vidmate) Alibaba direct offer with very good payout--- almost all verticals
Contact me for more info:
Email: kyle.cx@alibaba-inc.com
Skype: kyle_sunshine
Whatspp: +44 7554 576861

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Looking for XML traffic partners for mainstream,Adult,Mobile,Pop/redirect traffic.
Direct publishers and open referrer traffic partners welcome.
NET payment term (No Prepay)
Please sign up and create your account
ADK Sign up URL

ADP sign up URL
Add me on skype for more info : bizdev.anytheengmedia

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Adult mobile traffic volumes are growing at Trafficshop. Come and get the listed geos at special rates. We can target any country, offer carrier,device, OS, browser targeting as well as IP ranges. Lots of opportunities for those pushing subscription offers, content offers, pin submits, gaming, downloads.

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Hello All,

I work with MobiVisits, leading Mobile DSP.
Let me know if you are buying traffic!!
Ping me : live:surya_350


• Real Time traffic
• Serve Every Vertical except Adult
• WorldWide inventory
• Lowest CPC & CPM
• Pops and Banner ads
• We Support JS Tags

Feel free to ping me anytime.

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Please reach out : live:shivangi_59

We serve good volumes of carrier specific traffic for ww countries and all verticals other than adult.

Lets talk business right away !!!