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Hello ,
If you are looking for high quality Sweepstakes traffic incent and NON incent .
CPL Biz Opp traffic available ,
High Quality .

Skype : Swaggygoth

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Hi for everyone!

We are affiliate network and we have exclusive offers for verticals like: Gambling, Forex / Binary Options, Sweeps, Pins, Dating.

Basic geo for Gamble: RU, Nordic, AU, CA.
Basic geo for FX/BO: RU, Tier1.
Basic geo for Sweeps: USA, UK.
Basic geo for Pins: RU, Tier1, GCC.
Basic geo for Dating: USA, UK, Nordic, AU, CA.

The priority type of traffic for us are email, display and doorways. But we can provide a wide range of profitable offers for different types of traffic.

Join us: http://my.c3pa.net/signup

If you have any questions, please, don't hesistate to contact our affiliate manager:
Skype: andriy.c3pa
Email: ak@c3pa.net

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We are looking for a good traffic for our internal offers. The complete list of our internals can be found here - http://netfusionmedia.com/exclusives/

EPC reaches 0.70 and CR is up to 40% on a targeted traffic.

Email, display, linkout, coreg

We accept CPA only, net30 without prepayment. CreditApp can be provided.

Looking forward to work together! My skype is live:successful.story

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Hey there!

Our new exclusive and direct offers are hungry for some decent mobile traffic on CPA basis for the mentioned GEOs.

Please feel free to contact me on the following:
email: luca@greenlight.media
skype: bodosi.luca

Let's make money together!;)

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I'm representing greenlight media, CPA network with high-payout direct and exclusive mobile content offers WW.

If you have quality traffic to run our campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact me on the following:

Email: lilla@greenlight.media
Skype: lilla.greenlight


Looking for CPM traffic in ZA to launch HUGE campaign with open budget.

Email: patrick@affiliate.co.za

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UK Traffic only.

All campaigns are our own, direct, in-house offerings. High converting, High CPL. Mainly Sweepstake and Finance.

Scope for increasing payouts with proof of quality traffic.

Please feel free to sign up here: https://www.surgeaffili.at/signup.php

Please contact me on Skype if you have questions! benfconvergys

We only pay CPL, we will not consider any other payment option. We will not prepay. We will not consider CPC or CPM emails.

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Get access to the huge number of top tranding offers for various verticals with best payouts. Sign up here: http://ad-gbn.affise.com/signup


MediaWayss is looking for standard banner desktop traffic. Domain specific.

Direct publishers are also needed.

If you have inventory available, contact me please.

Skype alexander.ovsinko5


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Hello guys. We still can round off the week with great conversions.
I'm on a look out for quality traffic for Nutra campaigns in HU, RO, ES, IT, CZ, SK and more.
Connect if you got such traffic, and lets' round the week off with some $$$$
Please, we work on CPA/CPL basis, no CPC/CPM.
Skype - live:tayo_167

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We need direct/exclusive email and Display offers for UK AU PL BR GCC IT NL BE TH MY SG MX

We need incent friendly Direct email campaigns for UK, US, FR, DE, AU

We need CPI incent (without KPI and CPR) for US IN

Reach Out-
Skype: aamnrasuu
Email: anjali@cpainventory.com

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Hi all,

We, Natexo (Dutch market), are looking for e-mail traffic for our CPL campaigns. Get in touch with me if you are interested;

email; buikema@natexo.com
skype: buikema.natexo@gmail.com

Thank you!

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Hi all,

Natexo is looking for traffic for a CPC campaign (travel) in NL and BENL.

Contact me if you are interested:
email; buikema@natexo.com
skype: buikema.natexo@gmail.com

Have a good day

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I'm looking to drive incent traffic to the following offers:


US geo, CPA only, do not contact me if you have CPM, POP or CPC traffic.

Connect with me on skype cgervasi2

Only reputable companies should reach out!



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Guys I have traffic CPA, CPL, CPI, CPM. The best traffic in Russia. Dispaly and Email Marketing (600K). My email: alexander.bragin@adsalsagroup.com

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I'm representing greenlight media, CPA network with high-payout direct and exclusive mobile content offers WW.

If you have quality traffic to run our campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact me on the following:

Email: luca@greenlight.media
Skype: bodosi.luca

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High Quality traffic available for CPM / CPC campaigns.
Popunder Traffic - starting @ $1 cpm onwards
Banner Traffic - starting @ $0.25 cpm onwards
Remnant Worldwide Redirects - starting @ $0.80 cpm onwards.

Reach out CPA Inventory.
Email- anjali@cpainventory.com
Skype- aamnrasuu


We are looking to buy traffic on a cpc basis to our survey, sweeps, and freebies sites. Weekly payments available. Please email me at andrew@sbgmediainc.com

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Reach out- Anjali
Skype: aamnrasuu
Email: anjali@cpainventory.com

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looking for high quality SG traffic for SG high converting viral SG offers

contact me via skype at mahmoud.h.adv

mention this message as well to get increased payout

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More than 250 countries and represents 300M impressions per day. (All verticals)
Looking for direct offers please

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I look for CPM in email marketing and telemarketing campaigns in Canada.
Are you in need of good b2c quality data? Get intouch if you are looking for leads in Canada geo? We help you target your right audience!

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Hey There,

Ping me if you are looking to run JS script tags!! we got WW traffic.

Skype: Live:surya_350
Email: surya@mobivisits.com

Thanks In Advance!!

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We are looking for in-banner video demand on Tier 1&2 Geo's. If you have good demand means please connect me On Skype at Partha Sarathy.


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SKYPE: darmon_16
EMAIL: darmon@natexo.com


Are you looking for a network with top converting offers and best payout?

Chat me up now for the best deal!!!

skype: live:fehintola_4

email: fehintola@premiumrevo.com


Providing high quality traffic for your campaigns worldwide.

Looking to fill your demand, then we are the right one to your needs. Please share me your contacts to get connected.

We don't work on ROS only RON or whitelist basis.

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Looking to sell high quality leads (sweepstakes) with an API connection.

UK, SG and AU.

100% exclusive!

100% phone-number verified!

100% Email verified!

0% fake leads!!!


Hi Guys,
We own quite a few trial like offers and we're looking for additional distribution.

At the moment we can only take on 3-5 new sources. Apply while positions are still open.

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Hi everyone, please contact me if you need traffic worldwide. Almost any types of. CPM on prepayment. CPA, CPI, CPL - flexible basis (net0, net7 etc).