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767 ads

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Direct Advertisers should contact me if you have Direct offers on CPL, CPA, CPI basis. Kindly connect with me via skype: idris.platformlead

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I have TONS of EMAIL data available!!!

Targeted Data! RAW DATA!! ALL OPT IN TCPA Compliant!!!

GREAT Pricing on BULK orders!!!!!!!

Feel free to Skype me: Carlee.F21

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Are you a direct advertiser and looking to increase your campaigns reach?

We have HQ Incent/Offerwall traffic for you with:

- Accurate targeting capabilities
- Coverage in 12 Countries
- 3 million + monthly active users
- Security technologies (digital fingerprinting, IP-geo validation, 3rd party fraud prevention, Captcha)

We have extremely robust security measures in place and because of our unique targeting and quality control capabilities, we can deliver quality leads that convert.

Please ping me: - Skype: ebuzzm
- Email: jacques@saysorewards.com

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Hi everyone,

I'm constantly looking for US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, FR, DE, ES, PT, IT, BR and LATAM traffic for our EXCLUSIVE AND TOP CONVERTING OFFERS: Padre, Tara, Maria, Angela & Christin (clairvoyance, psychics reading)

Required channel: Email marketing
To a lesser extent: Co-registration and Display

NO: incentivized traffic, CashBack, Sponsor, Site Under, PopUnder, Pop Up, social, search

All kind of mainstream verticals (ideally psychics reading, horoscops,...+35y)

CPL SOI basis with great payouts and conversions (1st page submit)
!!! NO CPM, NO CPC !!!
!!! Net terms !!! (for prepay, very STRONG credit references are requested. Please don't request prepay if you're unable to meet this condition)

More informations:
Email: e.leandro@b-fly.biz
Skype: edgar.leandro78@gmail.com



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I am looking for Direct advertisers or affiliates to collaborate.
I have Great high quality traffic for all the geos
Ping Me:
Skype: sj.alpha123
Email: sj.alphainfolab@gmail.com



we are an affiliate network and we are looking for serious affiliates with databases of Italian nationality mainly but also of other countries willing to send our campaigns.

email: info@gm-corporation.it
skype: GM Corporation Giacomo

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We have exclusive email cpm and cpc campaigns on different geo's and verticals. If you think you can run our campaigns and give us good conversion then add me and let's discuss!

Big budget awaits!

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Monetize your traffic with us at Los Pollos (www.lospollos.com). We know better than anyone else, the best techniques to cook any type of traffic to payout perfection. At the moment we have one of the best dating smartlinks on the market, producing proven results for our partners with the following features:

- Smartlinks (Dating, Mainstream, BizOpp)
- 10,000+ Direct & exclusive campaigns
- Weekly payouts

Want to make bank on your remnant, geo-redirect, or exit traffic? Join us now.
Do not hesitate to hit me up on Skype (support2.lph) for more details!

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Looking for CPA traffic to CC submit sweepstakes in US, CA and EU.
Email: partners@whitemobi.com Skype:whitemobi

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Hey guys!
If you have traffic to promote our direct CPA based on campaigns please let me know. A lot of geos and verticals available. Good PO, all offers from *developer*

Let's chat about please find me in Skype live:e90f258d9946a8d5 or e-mail me info@cosmicgroup.mobi

Let's increase our profit together ;)

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I'm representing graylock media, CPA network with high-payout direct and exclusive mobile content offers WW.

If you have quality traffic to run our campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact me on the following:

Email: peter@graylock.media
Skype: live:peter.karaszi15

P.s no prepay.

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We want to reinforce our MX and COL email databases with co-registration and/or sponsor leads.

Ideally you'd be able to provide : email, firstname, lastname, date of birth, gender, city, state, country, user IP and timestamp.

Please email me with your quote (how much per lead and possible monthly volume) : cid at deux-trente dot com

Please EMAIL me, I won't be able to be responsive on Skype.

Thanks in advance !

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Hello everyone,

Im looking for campaigns from direct advertisers. If you're interested in getting more traffic just tell me. :)

Feel free to add me on skype: ribeirohugo_3

See you soon. :)

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We have quality traffic in many verticals, as we keep growing we would like our offer base to grow also.

Looking for Direct Advertiser or Exclusives for Dating, Finance, Diet, email/pin submits and Solar for the tier 1 countries.

We would like to get paid Net 7 or at the most Net 15. Pre-Pay is welcome.

We also have exclusives offers if you would like to exchange offers with us. : )

Email: Dan@AffBits.com
Skype: Dan@AffBits.com

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UK Traffic only.

Most campaigns are our own, direct, in-house offerings. High converting, High CPL. Mainly Sweepstake and Finance. we also have some 3rd party gambling campaigns.

Scope for increasing payouts with proof of quality traffic.

Please feel free to sign up here: https://www.surgeaffili.at

Please contact me on Skype if you have questions! benfconvergys

We only pay CPL, we will not consider any other payment option. We will not prepay. We will not consider CPC or CPM emails.

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CA - DE - DK - ES - FI - FR - IT - NL - NO - PL - SE - UK - US

Get part of our highly valuable traffic this October!

Currently, we are using mainly SMS sources, since the conversion and brand awareness is much more valuable there, by our experience.

We do serve a lot of other different services such as email marketing an enterprise email verification system, a small dedicated affiliate network, lead generation, Instagram & Facebook management, and optimization.

Reach out to me either here on MyMediaAds, or Skype jackdecuzo or kindly send me an email at jack@decuzo.com, www.decuzo.com mobile: +4520848454

A few words about the segment.

- General people
- Age +20
- Gender 50/50
- With valid credit card
- All numbers are smartphone users
- High click rate
- Premium gateways for best delivery of each SMS
- Only fresh and valid numbers

Cheers! Decuzo Media - www.decuzo.com

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UK/USA Pay Day Loans New Leads –Time To Call Only £3.50-£15.00 Pre-Pay 3 Buyers Only Required
Our telemarketing team will call-validate and take all clients details –within 1 hour the clients details will be Emailed/Texted or added to your admin area .
Pre Booking Order Minimum £200+vat order order £500+ for best Discount
I want 3 Regular Buyers Only. Talk to me NOW
Payment PayPal UK Verified
WhatsApp: +855 87 941748
Skype :Flexymoneyworld

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You simply get a real result - your income multiplies.

Pulsar Ads gives you an opportunity to use easy services to get real money from your traffic.
The conversion does not depend on your experience. After you signing up, you will get access to the intuitive interface that will help you to keep all the advertising campaigns under control.
Everything is crystal clear: detailed real-time reports if needed.
Everything is available: multiple formats of advertisements.
Your campaigns will bring you maximum income and a lot of bonuses.
Pulsar Ads gives you access to offers right from advertisers. That is a main formula of the highest price for your traffic.
Anytime you can choose variants of withdrawing.
Any problems, you can solve them fast with our online support service.

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Available for weekly payouts!

User Conversion Flow:convert on the email submit GEO:US Device: ALL, Push Notification traffic allowed: Yes, Incentivized traffic allowed: No, Search traffic allowed: Yes, Adult traffic allowed:No, Email traffic allowed: yes, SMS traffic allowed:No, Wifi traffic allowed: Yes, Allowed Traffic Adult Traffic,Banner/Display,Classified Ads,Co-Registration,Contextual,Email,Incent,Mobile,PPC,PPV/CPV,Search PPC,SEO,Social Ads,Social Media.

Affiliate sign up http://altusmediagroupinc.hasoffers.com/signup

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Get access to the huge number of top tranding offers for various verticals with best payouts. Sign up here: http://ad-gbn.affise.com/signup

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Available for weekly payouts!

User Conversion Flow:convert on the email submit GEO:US, Device: ALL, Push Notification traffic allowed: Yes, Incentivized traffic allowed: No, Search traffic allowed: Yes, Adult traffic allowed:No, Email traffic allowed: yes, SMS traffic allowed:No, Wifi traffic allowed: Yes, Allowed Traffic Adult Traffic,Banner/Display,Classified Ads,Co-Registration,Contextual,Email,Incent,Mobile,PPC,PPV/CPV,Search PPC,SEO,Social Ads,Social Media.

Affiliate sign up http://altusmediagroupinc.hasoffers.com/signup

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The MaximumData® provides:

Fresh Quality OPT-IN Leads And Database available for your Business! USA & WORLDWIDE (B2B or B2C). 3-6 hours Built, Connectivity and Low pocket cost is guaranteed.


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Hello Colleagues,
I'm looking for content-locking CPA traffic for a number of direct offers (cc submit flow with free trial period; verticals: entertainment/movies, wellness/weight loss, utility/downloads, games/IQ test).
Hit me up in skype or email: sergei.boguslavskii@performante.com


CPL / CPA basis
Please reach our via Skype: levy.reut / mail: reut.l@primegaming.com

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MOROCCO SMART CPA Network is a global Performance Marketing Network that provides content locking and monetization solutions for online publishers interested in maximizing their traffic's earnings.

We have high convertd EMAIL SUBMIT OFFERS and we're looking for publishers to promote them and earn lucrative commissions.

We pay on NET 30 , and we set quick payouts to QUICKLY.

Register today and join our community of happy publisherd:


-SKYPE : Moroccosmartcpa
-EMAIL : Support@moroccosmartcpa.com

Morocco Smart CPA LLC

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Are you a direct publisher / website owner with traffic that wants to make some money? Contact me TODAY to get started with Alfa Convert.

We offer high payouts to our pubs on CPA basis, but we can also work with CPC and CPL. We have access to thousands of offers across both mainstream and adult verticals to run on your traffic.

We want to buy large volumes of your traffic WORLDWIDE!! Let's get rich together!

Email me today at celia.bradfield@alfaconvert.com

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Hi for everyone!

We are affiliate network and we have exclusive offers for verticals like: Gambling, Forex / Binary Options, Sweeps, Pins, Dating.

Basic geo for Gamble: RU, Nordic, AU, CA.
Basic geo for FX/BO: RU, Tier1.
Basic geo for Sweeps: USA, UK.
Basic geo for Pins: RU, Tier1, GCC.
Basic geo for Dating: USA, UK, Nordic, AU, CA.

The priority type of traffic for us are email, display and doorways. But we can provide a wide range of profitable offers for different types of traffic.

Join us: http://my.c3pa.net/signup

If you have any questions, please, don't hesistate to contact our affiliate manager:
Skype: andriy.c3pa
Email: ak@c3pa.net

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I'm looking for traffic for our in-house CC submit offers in CA on CPA:

Hit me up if you can generate trials: gijs.vipresponse (Skype)

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SaySo Rewards, are looking for new partners to supply high quality traffic into a variety of surveys and offers. Incentivized traffic sources work best for this in the following verticals:

Gaming, Rewards/Loyalty Programs, Cashback, Content Unlocking, Market Research

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I'm buying email database or list for B2C users. We currently need it for EU geos only. if you have it, please feel free to contact me on skype: anurag_sh87