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I'm Beata from Universo Company - media buyer looking for a quality email traffic for touristic offers we own exclusively. I look forward to a long-term business relationship. Let me know if you have some email traffic available, preferably with an information in what countries, what volumes and average prices.

In August we will be also interested in display!

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me:
email: b.p.universocompany@gmail.com


We are looking for vendors who can capture leads for us.
The markets which we are targeting are:
South Africa
New Zealand
Sample Size should be around 1000 per month (TOI)
We believe in the CPL model.

Tiamiyu PlatformleadSeller

Direct Advertisers should contact me if you have Direct offers on CPL, CPA, CPI basis. Kindly connect with me via skype: idris.platformlead

Andrew YurchenkoBuyer

Looking for traffic on CPA/CPL
-> adult dating (smartlink and single offers)
-> mainstream dating (smartlink and single offers)
-> gay dating (smartlink and single offers)
-> sweepstakes (smartlink and single offers)
-> 1click flow and 2 click flow (smartlink and single offers)

We have direct as well as our own products and some exclusives.

Emmanuel TaiwoBuyer

If you have high quality Traffic on CPI, CPA & CPL basis, you can reach out to me on Skype | emmec04 or Email | Taiwo@trafficaraves.com for Direct and Converting Offers
#Note No Prepayment Please.

Ines PucheBuyer

Hey guys!
If you have traffic to promote our direct CPA based on campaigns please let me know. A lot of geos and verticals available. Good PO, all offers from *developer*

Let's chat about please find me in Skype live:e90f258d9946a8d5 or e-mail me info@cosmicgroup.mobi

Let's increase our profit together ;)

Andrew KhrystenkoBuyer

Looking for trafic on sweepstakes offers (pop up, display, email).

Dating (social media etc)

And Gambling.

All offers are direct or semi-direct.

Working on NET30 terms. No prepayment.

We wil provide you with flexible working conditions.

Skype for contact and questions - andrew.cpl@itg.media

Tube Monetize ManagerSeller

Budget Subscriptions for Auto Offers Distribution (Advantage Method)

Publisher can Generate Installs at Lowest Rates & Sale Installs at Own Rates to PPI Network

Ad Acceptance : Files, Software's, Games, Tools, Desktop POP Ads, POP Under Page, Flash Lander, Chrome Extension, Web Offers, Banner Ads, DOC / PDF Exploits

Average Subscriptions / Month : 545 USD - 1654 USD

Average Install Rates (Software's / Tools / Games / Desktop POP Ads) : 8 Cents - 25 Cents

Rates Calculations : One Time Subscriptions for 30 Days / 45 Days / 60 Days

Install Method : Mass Distribution Campaign through World's #1 Network "YouTube Network"

Campaign Type : Fully Automatic & Re-Schedule

Blasting Install Limit : 200 - 10,000 / Day (Till Subcription Period)

Account Approval Time : 24 HRS - 48 HRS

EXE - DOC / PDF / JPG / URL (Exploit) : Additional Charges Applicable

Reference Network : Tube Monetize

Subscription : www.tubemonetize.online

Skype : live:sociotubemonetize

Ira ShiBuyer

Hello everyone :)
We are currently interested in a new traffic sources for our well performing sweeps (SOI), we have great PO's and a variety of brads such as Amazon, iPhone X, fifa 18, Oreo, Zalando., also Car brands - Toyota, Ford, Tesla, Audi, BMW

Payment terms - NET30 ( no any prepayment)

If you have quality traffic for it , please ping me in skype - live:ira_1396 or via mail: ira@mobiletraffic.de

Alex ABuyer

Hey there,
I`m looking for traffic for ES/LATAM to work on CPL campaigns for Survey.

If you work with FB ads we are interested!

Mail me if interested: Spain@daisycon.com

For Crypto traffic contact at: j.weirauch@daisycon.com.


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Los PollosBuyer

Monetize your traffic with us at Los Pollos (www.lospollos.com). We know better than anyone else, the best techniques to cook any type of traffic to payout perfection. At the moment we have one of the best dating smartlinks on the market, producing proven results for our partners with the following features:

- Smartlinks (Dating, Mainstream, BizOpp)
- 10,000+ Direct & exclusive campaigns
- Weekly payouts

Want to make bank on your remnant, geo-redirect, or exit traffic? Join us now.
Do not hesitate to hit me up on Skype (support2.lph) for more details!

Karl BurkeSeller

Hey lads !
sales manager at karlies medias
Traffic buyers needed


We have it! Please contact me at jacqueline@advertise.com.

Mark MunzBuyer


Skype me, ssi.marco.munoz

I head up digital acquisition for Research Now SSI for US, CA and LATAM and I would love to talk to you about paid marketing opportunities on your site. Each month we spend $1MM+ in online member recruitment for some of the most popular online survey panels.

We own all our offers like e-Rewards, Valued Opinions, Opinion World and Opinion Outpost which are free to join online survey communities where members can earn cash and gift cards for sharing their opinions in fun online surveys.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in learning more, or you can sign up for our advertising network OfferJuice and get started right away - https://www.offerjuice.com/

Thank you – I look forward to working together

Yana SoldatovaBuyer

Hello Friends,
Drop me a message if you are in search of direct CPL SOI campaigns,
Skype: live:yana.soldatova_1
Check out what we currently have on TOP:

AsianBeautyOnline INTL 9 countries - SOI
RussianBeautyDate INTL 9 countries - SOI
ColombiaBeautyOnline INTL 10 countries - SOI
Amazon $1000 Summer Theme - US - SOI
Walmart $1000 Summer Theme - US - SOI
Victoria Hearts - US AU CA NZ - SOI
$500 Grocery Gift Card - US - SOI
Flight Voucher $1000 - AU - SOI
Nike $200 - US - SOI



Filip BoučekBuyer

Hello everybody, I work for company HasTraffic and we are looking for more publishers who are able to deliver email, sms, and push traffic in tier 1 countries US, AU and CA mostly. We pay you on CPC. If you will be interested hit me up on skype: filiphastraffic. Our payment terms are net15.

John Ben KosmiqsBuyer

We're looking for significant amounts of traffic for some direct campaigns. Multiple verticals available !
Please feel free to add me !)
Skype - onlyforprivat
Email - john@kosmiqs.com


Looking for email lists to monetize in rev share 50:50 NL and BE

Ping me: francesco.cavalli7


Add me on skype bhanupriya.jain2 , if you need traffic for astrology offers for india market

Ewelina GogolaBuyer

Natexo, leading company in e-mail marketing is looking for PL email traffic for our exclusive campaigns on CPC, CPL, CPM model.

Please reach me out on Skype: live:gogola.tazmedia or mail: gogola@natexo.com


Yohan WijeyawickremaBuyer

Ya Solutions Inc is a Technology-obsessed Digital Marketing company located in Canada. We own top performing US/Canada offers in Cash Advance, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Auto Finance, Legal, Home Improvement, Survey, Mortgage and Solar.

Why us? we are an Advertiser focused on quality over quantity. We understand the importance of using latest technology, user behavior, design trends, follow many best practices and operate a fully compliant ecosystem.

We offer partners high converting mobile optimized offers, top payouts, quick and prompt payments, exclusive/private/white label option and 24/7 support.

I look forward to discussing our offers with you/your team.

Avra BhaduriBuyer


We own survey and sweepstakes campaigns across 6 geos. We are looking to buy content lock traffic, offerwall traffic or any other form of incentive traffic.

Please get in touch with me if you operate in the incentive marketing space.

Skype - live:avra.bhaduri
Email: avra@cogrid.in

Maricel DehneBuyer

SurveyJunkie is looking for new traffic sources to help build out our market research panel. We pay out on a SOI email submit.

We have unlimited budget for great quality traffic, but start you off with a small so we can determine quality.

No Incent traffic
No Pop-Up traffic
No Branded search
No Craigslist traffic

Feel free to ping me on skype for more details:


Gary ConnellBuyer

If you have Pop, Display, Incent, Lead gen. Lets cooperate. We have direct premium high payout out offers for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Geos.
We'll offer you good payout for your traffic all offers have high conversion rate.
Net 30 Terms, (No pre-payments upfront)
Ping me on Skype to get started or for more details: imediazone

or fill out simple contact form and we get you started immediately.

Gijs LiekensSeller


We're looking for credit card submit advertisers. VIP Response wants to design our own landingspages so we can send traffic to "exclusive" offers only!

So if you are great in billing, you have your own CC submit setup, but don't want to create your funnels. Or you just want lot of additional traffic!

If you want to set this up or just want to see some of our previous designs, HMU:

Skype: gijs.vipresponse
Email: gijs@vipresponse.nl

Ankita RoySeller

PluckyOpal is a Digital Advertising company that specializes in driving revenue for companies that invest in Digital Marketing.
We specialize in the creation, production, hosting and tracking of marketing/advertising for computers, smartphones and tablets.

- Large volume, rapid turnaround, economical, turnkey and high quality online traffic

- We work with diffrent verticals like:Forex/Binary, Survey, Lotto, Casino, Beauty & Health, E-commorce

- We reached Europe, LATAM, GCC, SEA, AU.

- Performance Tracking & Reporting

If you are interested you can contact me.
Contact details:
Email id: ankita.r@pluckyopal.com
Skype: ankita.r_8


Hello all!

I'm looking for US data that I can run some SMS campaigns to that we are currently seeing astonishing results.

Currently we work with providers on a rev-share basis and we are seeing returns of 200-300%!!!

We are looking for bulk lists from 2018 or live weekly/daily feeds as well.

We can look at other revenue models, but only once we have tested the source.

Please get in touch asap and we can get started right away!

Nur HafizahBuyer


I've great converting CPL offers for TW, HK, KR, TH, NZ with the best payouts! :)

If you're able to promote mobile-optimised sweepstakes in these geos, feel free to reach out to me!

Skype: fizah.sz
Email: hafizah.suzaini@egentic.com

Milton CohenSeller


App Shake is an online advertising company sending millions of notifications a day to our WW subscribers.

* 100% real users (no bot traffic)
* best viewability possible
* great success on different verticals

Have an interesting offer?
please do not hesitate to contact me

Skype: live:milton_2490