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594 ads

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We only feature High Quality traffic and to be sure score every click using Forensiq or IAS and filters every user to insure their intent. Delivering 1B Bid opportunities daily through Search, POP. New advertisers are offered a risk free opportunity to test the traffic. Contact us as admin@onwardclick.com or visit our site: https://onwardclick.com/

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I'm looking for DIRECT Mobile traffic for our Exclusive/Direct WW Offers! Absolutely NO re-brokering! CPA,CPI Basis

SDK/Media Buying/Social OK

If this fits you - send me a message :)

- Skype ID: btmdario
- Email: dario@bluetrackmedia.com


Are you looking for a network with top converting offers and best payout?

Chat me up now for the best deal!!!

skype: fehintola@premiumrevo.com
email: fehintola@premiumrevo.com

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High Quality traffic available for CPM / CPC campaigns.
Popunder Traffic - starting @ $1 cpm onwards
Banner Traffic - starting @ $0.25 cpm onwards
Remnant Worldwide Redirects - starting @ $0.80 cpm onwards.

Reach out CPA Inventory.
Email- anjali@cpainventory.com
Skype- aamnrasuu

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Hi all,

We, Natexo (Dutch market), are looking for e-mail traffic for our CPL campaigns. Get in touch with me if you are interested;

email; buikema@natexo.com
skype: buikema.natexo@gmail.com

Thank you!

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We have the Best Psychic/Astrology/Giveaways email submit offers available for you to run. We need trusted affiliates to see good conversion rates on our latest CPL email submit offers starting at $1.5 CPL

Also we have some other offers available on different verticals (Health & Auto Insurance, Investment, Solar, Jobs, Surveys, etc) and we can supply your needs if you tell us what are you are looking for.

Please register as a PUBLISHER (Affiliate) http://www.big-bang-ads.com/affiliate-signup/ AND let me know when you are finish, so we can start doing great business together during 2017.

Feel totally free to ping / write / call me anytime if you have any questions.


Guillermo Pacheco
Sales Manager

eGENTIC North America Corp.
1940 Harrison St.. Suite 301
Hollywood, FL 33020 USA
Tel. +1 (786) 766-5148
Cell +1 (786) 375-1334
Skype: guillermo.pacheco77
mail guillermo.pacheco@egentic.com
web www.egentic.com

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Get access to the huge number of top tranding offers for various verticals with best payouts. Sign up here: http://partners.ad-gbn.com/signup

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Looking for publishers that have traffic for our CPA, CPI and CPL campaigns.

If you are interested please ping me:
-skype : whitemobi
-mail : partners@whitemobi.com

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Looking for traffic for adult dating, vod, sweepstakes and mainstream campaigns for imonetizeit.com

We have thousands of great offers for all geos and work ONLY on CPA/CPL/rev share basis (80/20). NO prepayments.

Ping me on skype: jameson.digitalbee

P.S. Your traffic deserves higher CR!

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I'm representing greenlight media, CPA network with high-payout direct and exclusive mobile content offers WW.

If you have quality traffic to run our campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact me on the following:

Email: luca@greenlight.media
Skype: bodosi.luca

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Looking For Good Quality Sweepstakes Publishers/Affiliates!

Lot of sweepstakes offers worldwide! Own, direct & exclusive with the highest payouts.

Specially looking for AU, UK, NL & US at the moment.
On CPA/CPL Base! Email, display and social traffic needed.

Email me: Nick@vipresponse.nl

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Please reach me on skype immediately if you can generate Online Pharmacy Buyer's leads potentially through any type marketing tools applied however I need this on Cost per lead basis.. Don't contact me if you can't perform wise.. skype: tony.williams637

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Are you a pub that runs CPL or CPA offers? Add me on skype! I'd love to talk to see how we can do business together :)

Skype: mathilde.evoleads
Email: mathilde@evoleads.com

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Verticals available- #Surveys, #Sweepstakes, #Adult, #Dating, #Insurance.
buzz me on skype: aamnrasuu

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how are you? i am Kavin From PPI9. we Are looking for Pc download
Offer we have WW traffic more then 10k Install In a day. But at this
time We are looking offers For USA. we have 2k install from USA
we have good publishers And quality traffic
And also Want Publisher For desktop
Thanks Kavin
Skype:- live:account.f_2

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Hi good day,
Tractas is looking for some quality publishers/network who can promote our direct and exclusive CPI/CPA/CPL offers.

For further information please don't hesitate to message me via skype or email mary@tractas.com


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The Freshest Offers. Illegally-High Payouts. That’s the Adtrafico difference.
We are an innovative affiliate network connecting industry-leading advertisers with the best publishers in the biz.
We specialize in the Dating, Sweepstakes, Mobile Billing, Business Opportunity and Nutra verticals.

Skype: ivan.adtrafico

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We are looking for high quality of mobile traffic on CPM Basis.

All verticals and Geo are Most welcome.

Inventory: Mobile

Banner code : Js tag

Banner Size: 320X50,468X60,300X250,728X90

Payment : Daily (Min. Payout : 500$)';
Weekly (Min. Payout : 200$)';
Bi-Monthly (Min. Payout : 100$)';
Monthly (Min. Payout : 50$)';
60 Days (Min. Payout : 10$)';

No Pre Payment,
No fixed Price/Rate
Rotating Campaigns.
Revenue share.

Add me on Skype: adcrax.saad
Hangout or Email: asif@adcrax.com

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I have premium databases in all Nordic countries. Ping me if you have emailing campaigns! Skype: DavidOrangeBuddies

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Hi all,

I am looking for publishers/networks who can provide or who wants to buy high quality display desktop / mobile web traffic!

Let's Connect to discuss. Skype : Deborah.mediashakers


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Traffic Types: XML/Search, Intext, Interyield (tab-overs & pop-unders) and Native Ad Units.

Keyword = $.03 to .15
RON = $.008 to $.05

Top GEO's: US, CA, UK, AU, IT, FR, DE, BR, RU, MX, NO, FI, MY, and more!

Advertiser Types: Brands, Networks, Agencies, Affiliates

Goals: Metric based and Conversion based

Minimum Deposit: $1,000 and receive a 10% bonus on any amount up to $10,000. If it is not working you can always refund the remaining balance you deposited.

Service: I can handle all of the setup and optimization, you can handle it yourself, or we can work together :)

Message me for more details!

Thank you,

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I am looking to buy leads on Co-reg or Co-spons Nordics, SE, FI, DK and NO. Write me a line on skype to discuss opportunities: DavidOrangeBuddies


Looking for ALOT of traffic in the USA & Canada, Desktop only.

Adult Traffic Preferred !

msg me your Skype.


We are looking for UK and US traffic for our wide range of sweepstakes campaigns.

We also have our own Life Insurance, Debt Management and Injury Claims offers in the UK on CPL.

And have just launched pin submits in Greece and Cyprus too!

There is uncapped budget available for good quality traffic!

Add me on Skype to discuss further: sara_unnik

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We are an advertising network specialized in the Middle East and North Africa, we serve this type of ads (CPL/CPO - CPC - CPV - CPI).
We have a great reach and good quality in most of the Arab countries as GCC area.

Who has the interest, kindly do not hesitate to contact me.

Skype: akanjo.hsoub
E-mail: akanjo@hsoub.com

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Hello guys,

I am looking for direct offers from agencies for fore,binary,casino,sweepstacks, dating,,ecommerce,coreg/cosponcer, for world wide.We have high quality display and email trafficon CPM/CPC and CPL basis . for more detail contact me on skype: rick.joseph58


Are you still looking for desktop or mobile traffic? Ping me to discuss our further cooperation in Skype: oksana.n.propellerads

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ClickCabin is looking for Partners who are looking for traffic for their CPL and CPC campaigns, Do not Hesitate to contact me if you are looking for the same,.
Skype: sagars.clickcabin
Email: sagar.clickcabin@gmail.com or

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ZinQ Media owns several lead generation sites and we can provide a large volume of premium leads on a competitive CPL basis. Just Co-reg, Cosponsoring or display campaigns.

We use several recognized validation services to enhance the quality of our data bringing you the best conversion rates.

Get in touch
Email: j.aparicio@zinqmedia.com | Skype: jairo.zinq

Thumb 37bb7fd avatarSeller

ZinQ Media owns several lead generation sites and we can provide a large volume of premium leads on a competitive CPL basis. Just Co-reg, Cosponsoring or display campaigns.

We use several recognized validation services to enhance the quality of our data bringing you the best conversion rates.

Get in touch
Email: j.aparicio@zinqmedia.com | Skype: jairo.zinq