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Request free sample for B2B, Healthcare, Finance, C-level, Real Estate, Telecom, HR, Manufacturing, Technology, EDU, C-level, IT, Construction and many more verticals across the globe.

Send your details to sales@dossiershub.com or visit: www.dossiershub.com

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With Real Estate Mailing Lists, Global E-mail Lists helps real estate e-mail marketing to find leads and create product and service conversions across so many different industries and business market segments.

Our Real Estate Mailing List comprises of age, income, education level, occupation, home equity, purchase price, number of investment properties, marital status, lifestyle interests, location of investment properties, ethnicity, square footage of house, size of lot, etc. All these criteria's will help you to pinpoint your ideal real estate investor prospects. Moreover, we also help you build a customized investor list with our Demographic Profile as per the business requirements

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Hi, My name is Wesam and I am
the Sales Director at Imadeya marketing company.
Our company provides several categories of fresh and targeted leads from GCC-Gulf Cooperation Council.
Our Ads Services:
* Native Ads
* Social media
* Google Ads
* Financal webs Ads
- CPL basis for finance verticals Forex,Binary Options & more.
Let's discuss our possibilities to increase our partnership.

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we have premim traffic available,prices are fair we are looking forward for serious patners who are ready to work honestly.For a discussion with me add me on skype live:dantemilton_1


EDU, Healthcare, Travel, C-level, Technology, Telecom, Consumer, Real Estate, B2B, Telephone Numbers and Finance verticals data is available across the globe at affordable cost. For more details visit: http://www.dossiershub.com/

Send your details to: sales@dossiershub.com
Call: +1 305-900-3096

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We deliver qualified double-opt in customers at the lowest price ,0.1c WW/SMS for all geos, Apply now:

What we do:

1. We analyze the offer to see which customer list can best perform
2. We send your offer to our specific group that best matches the offer
3. We handle all operations and logistics
4. Handle all the legal and compliance side of the SMS sending

Ping me - gilvram (Skype)

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Hi All,

I'm looking for good quality emailer traffic for my Direct CPL offers.

Urgently need of CPL traffic for MEA region.

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B2B Data Services' Real Estate Mailing Lists database is brimming with accurate, genuine and updated contacts for marketing. Whether you're a realtor, broker or property manager, connecting with your ideal prospects is vital to your success. A great way to do this is by tapping into your prospects' lifestyle and interests. The key to growth in real estate is farming for future home sellers. B2B Data Services plays an integral part in building long-term relationships and helps you to open the lines of communication with promising Real Estate Agent Mailing Lists.

For more details,
Contact B2B Data Services by calling at: +1 888-538-5188 or by mailing at info@b2bdataservices.com
Click here to watch our YouTube Video – https://youtu.be/8i9b6iTJTbQ


i will provide category targeted traffic, geo-targeted traffic, and keyword targeted traffic ranging fro 5000 human visitors to 1m visitors that can be tracked with goo.gl

i will also provide leads, sign ups ,referrals and downlines to any free to join mlm,affiliate cpa or business.

i can also provide adsense traffic to any blog or webite

The traffic can come from google,bing,yahoo, facebook,twitter, linkedin, instagram or any other social media

i also provide solo email advertising for any business and guaranteed clicks and opt ins for leads, sign ups,referrals and sales


We do provide quality database for Manufacturing, C-level, EDU, Technology, Telecom, Mining, Investors and Real Estate industries across the globe. If interested, send your requirement to
sales@dossiershub.com or contact us +1 305-900-3096

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Please hit me up with your offers.

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Offer people the opportunity to learn more about your business to find out who is most likely to make a purchase through quality leads you generate.

<<Forex, Casino Gambling, Loans, Sweepstakes, Desktop Games, Binary Options, and more>>

We offer quality traffic for CPL campaigns with the goal of converting the leads into purchasing cusomers and therefore, helping your business grow.

Please contact on Skype: partners.10media
Email: business@10mediagroup.com

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Need CPL good quality traffic for MEA region.


Looking for direct pubs for CPL Insurance, Real Estate & Mortgage offers.

Pay weekly or bi-weekly.

Canada & US.

***Interested Pubs Please DM your Skype***
***Ad Networks Welcome***


data comes with the following information -
**Updated Monthly**
Skype me @ kylejritter85

Company Name
Contact Name
Contact Title
Email Address
Street Address
Zip Code
Area Code
Phone Number
Direct Number
Website URL
Number of Employees
Annual Revenue
SIC Code
SIC Description

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Hi guys!
We are selling mobile/desktop WEB/INAPP traffic, all Geo, JS/HTML/Image/Video banners, CPM basis.
Interested? Just ping me on skype or by email, both:

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Hi All,

We are looking for Publishers to deliver our multiple live campaigns of Finance,Education,Real Estate & E-Commerce verticals.
Please ping me over skype @ live:shakti_139

Directly Signup here:


We have HQ traffic and we are looking for good payout email campaigns.
We always archieve the goal of our client.
Please reach me at: a.fonti@enigami.de
Skype: a.fonti@enigami.de

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Hi everyone,

We are currently looking for qualified leads looking for property investment on the French Riviera.

Our needs are as follow:

- Residential Leads :
o Age : 30-60 years old
o Budget : From 200 to 500k€
o Geo : French, English and German speaking countries
- Holiday Home :
o Age : 35-65+ years old
o Budget: from 300 to 800k€
o Geo : French, English and German speaking countries
- Luxury Holiday Home Leads :
o Age : 40-65+ years old
o Budget: From 500 to 1500k€
o Géoloc : French, English and German speaking countries

We ONLY look for qualified leads who have made an actual request and have a real project. No Database accepted.

We can pay CPL or Rev share.

Contact us directly at mcance@leadsmaniac.com or ping me on Skype at mcance.pro

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We sell Mobile and Desktop Traffic.

- Generate quality and validated leads for all Middle East Campaigns
- Ability to generate volume while not compromising with quality
- All of Middle East countries
- CPL, CPI and CPC is our top

Ping me for more info

Skype: contact@sniperoffers.com
Mail Id: contact@sniperoffers.com

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Looking for Display Demand and Supply via OpenRTB integration. Please email me at eric.cheng@adventex.net and my skype ID is shiyeeeric

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category-real estate .
connect me on skype id -punitravani/adonmobi
mail id-punitjravani@adonmobi.com

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Available for weekly payouts!

Pays on full form submit Geo: US only Email, display, search and social traffic only No incent Optimized for mobile Advertiser will not pay for unapproved creative. Please send all custom creative, from and subject lines for approval prior to mailing. Allowed Media Types: Banner Email SEO Social Media

Affiliate sign up http://altusmediagroupinc.hasoffers.com/signup

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Reach the largest list of CPI mobile campaigns for the best PO with Zeight!
please add my skype: live:jp_4110
or visit http://zeight.offerslook.com/ to get access to our demand right now


we are AL HAWA real estate comapny
we are looking for HQ traffic for real estate
we want Just Arabic Speakers not only GCC !!!
we will work CPL and CPA ( its depends on your quality )
Payment method : Net 15 ( no Way for Prepayment )
if you have quality Traffic just ping me and lets make toons of $$$
email : gabimansour.e@gmail.com
skype : gabi.jish

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im looking for traffic to my new offer , diamonds sale and investment platform, spanish and english leads on CPL basis , email marketing too

Skype: martin.empiremoney.com

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We sell Mobile and Desktop Traffic.
If you are advertiser for any of this campaigns CPL and CPI campaigns and target MENA region message us now,
We are Arabic CPA network have more than 1,000 publishers, can deliver any campaign with very high quality.
Ping me for more info

Skype: contact@sniperoffers.com
Mail Id: contact@sniperoffers.com

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Independence Day Special Offer
Link: https://goo.gl/oaYrp3

Buy any B2B/Technology list and get yourselves a 10% discount on the entire database just by using Coupon code: USJLY2017
Make purchases above 2k and get 100$ Amazon Coupon Free
Make purchase above 4k, get an Apple TV or 200$ Amazon Coupon
Make purchases above 6K and get an Apple Watch or an IPAD

Link: https://goo.gl/oaYrp3

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We have just brought on exclusive new offers for a variety of traffic sources - display, native, social, email and m ore. If you have QUALITY traffic and want guaranteed TOP payouts for your hard work, please message me. We are looking for the following verticals:

Adult, dating, finance, insurance, mortgage -Rent to own & refinance, financial investment, eCommerce, Health, Fitness and many more.

Contact me directly to get approved and start running traffic TODAY!

Skype: Danielk_170
Email: danielk@a4d.com

Work for THE Top affiliate network - A4D


we can run any campaign. Let us know!