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We offer fresh traffic on any vertical (beside binaries, casino, forex, adult) . As well as SEO optimization and natural traffic improvement (best quality leads) based on a new strategy.

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Hi, My name is Wesam and I am
the Sales Director at Imadeya marketing company.
Our company provides several categories of fresh and targeted leads from GCC-Gulf Cooperation Council.
Our Ads Services:
* Native Ads
* Social media
* Google Ads
* Financal webs Ads
- CPL basis for finance verticals Forex,Binary Options & more.
Let's discuss our possibilities to increase our partnership.

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I’m looking for high quality traffic on CPI basis.
If you have it , reach me out in Skype or register on our platform as a publisher to see what we can offer to you.
It will be pleasure to have a good partner like you.
Thank you and have a great day!
Skype: ostrowski@alohadvertising.com
Register as publisher: http://login.aloha.afftrack.com/affiliate/
Our web-site: http://alohadvertising.com/

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Hi all,
We have some great exclusive offers and would love to see the traffic you can drive to our offers! We pay on a CPA platform! Some of the best EPC!!! Must be TCPA compliant! We are looking for USA traffic for almost all verticals!! Please feel free to add me on skype and we can discuss further!
Enjoy your day!
Skype: BryanMelle.RTO
email: bryan@xanadumarketing.com

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Let us help you to monetize your traffic.
If you have CPI or CPA traffic, our managers will share with you our Top offers and sure that You will be satisfied with performance, timely-payments and feedbacks.
Let`s try it!
skype: a.appitate

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Don`t need to look further if you have HQ CPA traffic!
We can offer you exclusive campaigns with great Payouts.
Ping us on skype and our managers will help you to monetize your traffic in best way!
skype_id: live:alice.appitate

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We have HQ email traffic for GCC geos on CPL basis.
The direct advertisers who are looking for CPL web traffic please reach out at Skype: aamnrasuu or drop an email at anjali@cpainventory.com

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Appitate have exclusive campaigns on CPI basis.
Different verticals and geos, good converting rate, timely payments.
Lets start cooperation!
skype: a.appitate

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Lots of High Quality traffic available in FR.

If you have good demand for it, let's talk!

Great opportunity!

Skype: ronnyed


Looking to buy email database for real estate in Canada. Criteria are Real Estate Education and Training,REal Estate Investment,Buying Real Estate,Selling Real Estate,Vacationers
Real Estate Financing
People who attended Real Estate Seminars

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If you looking to bulk up your email lists, or if your looking for good data to call on, or maybe SMS, you have found the right place. I have data avaiable in multiple verticals and can offer both real time exclusive and aged records.

The verticals listed are just the tip of the ice burg in comparison of what I can offer you....

All data is TCPA compliant, and ready for your contact....get ahold of me through here, or you may email or skype me

email: amy@xanadumarketing.com

skype: dreyer_amy

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Looking to buy UNITED STATES leads and data for ALL Verticals!! Please join our FACEBOOK GROUP!!!


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Looking for new partners who can deliver us high quality traffic on CPI basis.
We have offer World Wide!!
If you have such, just feel free to add me in Skype, LinkedId, e-mail:
Skype ID: live:kayla_2523
e-mail : kayla@alohadvertising.com
Thank you and have a nice day!

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If you are on the internet and this site because you want to make some serious money Let's Talk!! Looking to BUY DATA!!! Purchasing informational DATA. Contact me if you have quality LEADS!! Skype: Carlee.F21

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Blue Mail Media helps you reach key decision making real estate industry executives including: Real Estate Builders, Investors, Agents, Brokers and More.

We have up-to-date Real Estate Database and you can get it customized as per your unique needs to target your prospects.

For free samples and count contact us today at: https://www.bluemailmedia.com/real-estate-industry-executives-lists.php

You can also send an inquiry directly to the sales representatives at: sales@bluemailmedia.com

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We sell Mobile and Desktop Traffic.
If you are advertiser for any of this campaigns CPL and CPI campaigns and target MENA region message us now,
We are Arabic CPA network have more than 1,000 publishers, can deliver any campaign with very high quality.
Ping me for more info

Skype: contact@sniperoffers.com
Mail Id: contact@sniperoffers.com

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I am a Esprit guy who is trying to achieve my goal in life by helping others online, being isn't about how much you have, but how much you can give .please try to help on increase my aim . .i will give you 1 M FRANCE emails with their names to promote your business online , Use only for email marketing ! no spam ! It is not general email list It is quality full Data!
contact me :)
skype: viroahmed99@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankit-ais-4a1aa7149/

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I am looking for traffic for campaign in insurance, finance, services to company and work at home.

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We are focusing on selling traffic.
We have big traffic about 35B/month in VN and 4m/month in Tier 1 ( Display)
Currently, we can work on openRTB, Js tag, headerbidding....

Feel free contact to me via skype: baodung91

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I'm looking for CPL or CPM model B2B incentive email campaigns in all countries in Europe. Lead price starting from 20 euro per lead with 6 fields


We need high volume , high quality long and short form fresh & real time mortgage leads and data. In addition we are also seeking publishers to work with directly and form a long term relationship with.

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I am interested in buying standard banner inventory on a CPM or rev/share basis with tags and passbacks

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Hey guys, my name is Parvez and I’m a video account manager in Adsirus
We specialize in video branding campaigns, and I’m currently looking for video Desktop/Mobile inventory.
If you have quality traffic, we can offer a great fill :)

Feel free to ping me on Skype: parvez_adsirus


i will provide category targeted traffic, geo-targeted traffic, and keyword targeted traffic ranging fro 5000 human visitors to 1m visitors that can be tracked with goo.gl

i will also provide leads, sign ups ,referrals and downlines to any free to join mlm,affiliate cpa or business.

i can also provide adsense traffic to any blog or webite

The traffic can come from google,bing,yahoo, facebook,twitter, linkedin, instagram or any other social media

i also provide solo email advertising for any business and guaranteed clicks and opt ins for leads, sign ups,referrals and sales


Looking for direct pubs for CPL Insurance, Real Estate & Mortgage offers.

Pay weekly or bi-weekly.

Canada & US.

***Interested Pubs Please DM your Skype***
***Ad Networks Welcome***


High Quality Traffic (Native Display) on (PC and Mobile) for Jordan (mainly) and GCC.
Contact me if you are a direct advertiser!

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Hi, My name's Kim from ANTs Programmatic.
We have big traffic in VietNam.
We have available traffic on CPM basis for display and mobile worldwide.
Please feel free to contact me at: mail: dungnb@antsprogrammatic.com or skype:baodung91


Hello! I am the affiliate manager of Abacus marketing solution and I am looking for new affiliates with who collaborate in the long term. I mostly do cpl and some cpc but i want to check first the traffic of my contact. I have several campaigns with good payout for IT and ESP and i am looking forward to plan with you. ADD ME ON SKYPE: gianmarco_227 NO FAKE LEADS

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Hi Mates,

Hope you all are doing good.

Here we are looking for email marketing publishers for our good performing direct campaigns.

Interested people, Please Contact.

Best Regards
Rahul Chaudhary
Sales & Email-Marketing Manager
Skype: rahul.bedigitech

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We have big traffic and good rate in VietNam
We work on openRTB - JS Tag as well.
If you have any demand in VietNam, please contact to me via Skype: baodung91