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Constantin RusuSeller

Live Native CPM/CPA CRYPTO, FOREX Leads - Direct Traffic
(Full transparency on budget and how it is used)

GEO’s: All.

CPM commission on 4 different floors:
1st Floor - $0.29 + $0.10 / CPM (cost per thousand Bid impressions)
2nd Floor - $0.60 + $0.05 / CPM (cost per thousand Bid impressions)
3rd Floor - $1.20 + $0.03 / CPM (cost per thousand Bid impressions)
4th Floor - $2.49+ $0.02 / CPM (cost per thousand Bid impressions)

Content - OVER 120 landing pages you can choose.

We work based on a minimum Campaign Budget of 5000 EUR (30% of each budget is spent on creatives, host, content, API integration, management of the campaigns and other services) - The remaining budget of 70% is used as budget (full report transparency with access (as guest) in order to see what is happening) + the CPM Commission Floor you choose. Higher the floor = Higher the Unique visits.

Mobile/Telegram/WhatsApp: +35796291473
Skype: live:c6e65f41a6bbe88c

Martha GilBuyer

We have a great reach and a trajectory of almost 5 years in the admediatex market. It is a cpm advertising network with agreed upon payment modalities for each client, we focus on giving the best performance for both advertisers and publishers.

Our website registration for publishers is:

Payments: Daily 24 Horus.
Paypal and Bitcoin.
Skype business: admediatex

If we accept ad network cpm small, they should only register equally and send request of the domain where they will execute the ads.

Admediatex provided formats:
Banners JS (JavaScripts) CPM
Popunder CPM
Direct Link CPM.
Accept Worldwide Traffic.
High Rates and Live Stats.

Chase WattsBuyer







Go places with IELTS
Want to Sdudy, Work or Migrate Abroad ? the is Answer IELTS

Whatsapp +44 7448 183503

Email:::( )


Sirius Digital MediaSeller

🏞 Display (Banners and Text Ads)
πŸ“±πŸ–₯ Mobile and Desktop Traffic
🎯 Programmatic Targeting
🧠 Programmatic Optimization
πŸ›© Private Exchange
🀳 Self-Service
πŸͺ™ $0.10 Minimum PPC Bid
πŸ’΅ $30 Minimum Ad Budget

Jane FengSeller

offering DIR & Sim card SMS channel to :
New zealand )& other countries.

accept: (Bitcoin/ Affilate/E-commence/ Part time/ Game marketing promotion )and all kind of content. Ping me to get more details.

Interconnect: API &web send

Skype- chinaskylinejane1
whatsapp: +86 15914395190



Roman FominSeller

Dear community, we have huge supply of :
🐰 Adult and mainstream 🎁 WW traffic 🌏
βœ… Push, POP, push iOS, native, in page, teaser
πŸ’² Bid, CPC/CPM
🎯 6 billions show
For more information please ping me in Skype: live:.cid.1de699dea350632e


Hello community!

We are direct advertiser who owned self-serv Crypto Trading Platform with own Crypto Currency and own Crypto Social Network.

Now on we looking for new Affiliate Partners for together collaboration, it could be everyone like: CPA Networks, Advertising Agencies, Media Buying team's, solo media buyers and anybody who can bring traffic.

Payment models: CPL/CPA ;

Payment terms:

Post-payment/pre-payment in individual way;

Geos: WW

About all conditions and further partnership please ping my in skype:

live: appleenemy100

Roman PolarAdsSeller

Hello Guys

We are CPA network with a pretty big amount of publishers. We are searching PPI offers for Mac OS, as we have a lot of traffic.

Please, contact me here with Skype.

Skype: roman.ic.roman

jennifer loraxSeller

Get 25% off on all medicines online
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Douglas HareSeller

Designers/Architects create plans and take care of the construction projects' design specifications. They are also interested in making improvements to current systems or old ones.

Our Email List of Designers and Architects allows you to create contact around the globe with reputable designers and architects.

Purchase our Designers and Architects Email List under $300 in ASEAN. Also, Get promising leads with the fast conversion rate. Hurry up! Buy Now.

For more information Visit :
Send your requirement at or
Contact us (669)293-6020

Aliya RichardsSeller

Hi dears,

Contact me if you are looking for HQ premium WW traffic on CPM/CPC basis.Kindly ping me

Skype live:.cid.3aa54117ffe12ecd

Abbie ColemanSeller

♦ Check our platform now:

♦ Minimum payment: Only $5!

No need to wait for approval. Signup, create and fund your account, run your campaigns!

For more info:

Ben LundinSeller

I am a web promoter and marketing expert in finance niche.

We generate Forex Active Traders & Newbies leads through "Live Conversations" through all major social media networks and "Email Marketing" country wise.
I completely understand that we can deal for a long term only If I deliver potential leads (people who're really interested in trading or who're already trading).
Anyone who is interested in purchasing Forex Traders and Newbies leads, please reply with your requirements so we can discuss further.

GEOs: Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Australia, New Zeland, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic

We replace all kinds of bad leads:
- under 18 years old
- the phone turned off
- did not make any deposits
- wrong person
- wrong number
So, as a result - you pay only for potential, good and correct leads.

Telegram - yourdeposit
Email and Skype -


Blast Your Ad To 1000000000 Leads, Get $200+ Per Hour, Download 1000 Of Leads Every 60 Seconds. :

Jane FengSeller

Are you still looking for a better marketing promotion tool? SMS is the best choose!
#BPO #Fintech #Adult#Gambling#Game #Bitcoin #Loan #E-commence #Garbage marketing and all kind of Spam content.
to : USA/UK/Australia/India/France/Germany/Italy/Spain/Thailand/Philippines/Vietnam and all other countries .come and get more details.
Skype- chinaskylinejane1

Jane FengSeller

Do you need stable/HQ SMS channel to : USA/UK/Australia/Germany ?

Do you going to promotion : Bitcoin/Crypto/Dating APP/Gambling/Lotto/Amazon/Loan/Fintech/ call back etc

Ping me ,skype- chinaskylinejane1

We can help to make your promotion more easy.

Jay KuhnBuyer

♦ Monetize traffic from anywhere in the world!
♦ Register now:
♦ Skype : live:.cid.55cba13fe0f7f0d5

Douglas HareSeller

The Bond Adapt Users Email List is a carefully curated list of Bond Adapt Technologies' main decision-makers in the United States, the United Kingdom-Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Our highly recommended Bond Adapt Users list will help you expand your company by 5x.

What services and products you can market to Bond Adapt Users?
Software Solutions
Technologies Equipment
IT Solutions
Engineering Solutions
Many other products and services

Target Industries for Bond Adapt Email Database

Technological Industries

For more information Visit :
Send your requirement at or
Contact us (669)293-6020

Douglas HareSeller

Hospitality solutions are offered by hotel suppliers to companies. They also deal with hospitality-related technology, facilities, marketing, investment, and security. Our Hotel Vendors Customers Data assists you in contacting Hotel Vendors all over the world. Our mailing lists are authentic and extremely sensitive.

Targeted Industries of Hotel Vendors Email Database :

Hotel and Motel Business β€―β€―
Apartment Hotel Operators
Hotel or Motel Management
Apartment Building Companies

Make contact with us to increase your income! Promising leads with a high conversion rate are assured. Now is the time to place your order. Fabulous offers on your first purchase!
Hurry up! Buy Now.

For more information Visit :
Send your requirement at or
Contact us (669)293-6020


looking for big amount of GCC traffic,
must test before purchase!
singapore and malaysia is also good.

Skype - live:benlagz1


if you're a website owner of GPT, Faucet, Game, or other related websites We would like to invite you to join our expanding network of publishers to monetize your website with our unique offerwall that will boost your revenue.

you can also benefit from our referral program: Refer users to Notik Offerwall with your referral link, and you'll be eligible to start earning 5% of their monthly revenue.

Join today:

if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask on skype: live:243c5a84b59c638a

Ben ParkSeller


I'm from Mainwhile network. we have real High quality PPI traffic.
We are looking for genuine PPI offers for distribution on our network.
If you have serious product with Good website, monetization method etc then reach me through skype for discussing possibilities.

Following product owners are welcome: Software, game, media, extensions.

Payment terms: Pre-payment
Minimum amount to start: $100

Requirements: Should be Registered company with Real product and with real monetization etc.


Ani BakerSeller

We have high volume traffic for WW as well as tier 1 offers

Jay KuhnBuyer

Smartlink affiliate network is looking for traffic for CPA/CPL offers WW.
Skype: live:.cid.55cba13fe0f7f0d5
Email :
Sign up :


Blast Your Ad To 1000000000 Leads,Download 1000 Of Leads Every 60 Seconds. :

Daniel PutnamBuyer

Looking for WW and USAmix win. installs. Only serious pubs.
I buying 5-30k daily. Need pub for long-term work.

I am final buyer, not reseller, Willing to pay more than competitors

Feel free to contact us via skype - live:.cid.ef150a1e7a1d9b9

Alexa DruzdinaBuyer

We are searching INCENT traffic!
We can pay daily and we will take all your WW traffic. Only CPA and CPL model. Very short flow for your users!
We don't do Prepayments!
If you have INCENT CPL, CPA traffic please contact me in telegram - @pandadnet
skype - live:.cid.131a40beaf809f99

Derric SmithSeller

Contact me if you want amazon AWS EC2 accounts. Ping me on skype : live:.cid.a2ee0b58577d7c00