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Josh WalletBuyer

I will buy all your MIX, USA, EU installations for my legal white exe file. You need 10-20k per day
My skype live:.cid.d058f5e16af66d07


Hello everybody .
looking for serious people.
looking for a permanent partner for a long-term

looking for installations for desktop,
any country, ready to buy 10-20k installs per day

my offer is: proxy bot

if you want to deceive me, please do not waste time! I will work only after the test.

my skype: live: .cid.72db475ba233acc0

Daniel PutnamBuyer

Looking for WW and USAmix win. installs. Only serious pubs.
I buying 5-30k daily. Need pub for long-term work.

I am final buyer, not reseller, Willing to pay more than competitors

Feel free to contact us via skype - live:.cid.ef150a1e7a1d9b9

Chase WattsBuyer
Roman PolarAdsSeller

Hello Guys

We are CPA network with a pretty big amount of publishers. We are searching for direct CPI/PPI advertisers as we have a lot of traffic.

Please, contact me here with Skype.

Skype: roman.ic.roman

Alex WagleSeller

Hello, dear advertisers and publishers. We have a huge amount of traffic with the best rate. We work on CPC and CPM basis. We can provide you traffic on almost all vertical and from your need sources. WW traffic is available. Ping me on Skype to discuss your offers.

Advertiser Manager,
AdStork Ad Network
Skype: live:.cid.a0da2f9a6b3ca6aa

Felix AdamSeller

I am Felix Adam , we have Quality Traffic in US CA, EU, WW,
We are looking for Good converting bundle offer
we have 500 to 1000 US CA install
And For EU 1k+ Daily
WW 20k daily
we need clean offer
No stealers, No ransomwares, No tech support
we work on prepay in BTC
we can do Few install test like 50 to 100 test install but its not free
test install on post pay then prepay only
we are looking for direct advertisers reseller also welcome
so if anyone need this kind or traffic ping me
Also need Publisher for Own installer..

skype - live:.cid.abe202350880f9c3

Roman PolarAdsBuyer

Hello Guys

We are CPA network with a pretty big amount of best offers on the market.

Our main advantages:
- We always have only clean offers with high rates!
- We value every our publisher and try to help to get maximum from your traffic.
- We have really responsive support.

Please contact me if you have any question.

Skype: roman.ic.roman

Registration link:

Tatiana SazonovaBuyer

Hello! Looking for WW instals.
Dear Publishers, we are open for a long-term relationship, please don't hesitate to reach me on Skype or Telegram (contacts below):

Felix AdamSeller

Hello everyone,
I am Felix adam,
We have high quality ppi traffic available,
We are looking converting bundle offer,
We can give test installs,

We are looking for direct advertiser.
We have daily 10k to 20k worldwide installs
500 to 1k US.
1k plus EU .

if anyone is searching for great deals.
that's the right place.
ping me on skype- live:.cid.abe202350880f9c3

DDR3 !Buyer

Hi !
We are looking for quality CPA and CPI traffic.
If you work with mobile content and mobile subscriptions, Chrome extensions installs, please ping me here !

Sergio BurretBuyer

We are interested in establishing a partnership with affiliates and publishers, and currently, we are looking for new traffic sources to join our network

We have CPA/RS campaigns with the highest PO for all Geos and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Router, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera).
In case you are interested, please get back to me and I will be happy to assist you.

Best regards, Sergio Burret.
skype: live:4882bd1c883504bd


We are looking for Web Search Traffic (Type-in) for our Bing / Yahoo hosted search feeds. Our Search Feeds from Yahoo/ Bing allows you to monetize your Desktop , mobile traffic Worldwide.

Ping Me Skype- live:.cid.20951fe87c2909ed

Baban AglaveBuyer

Hi! Are you looking for Direct search feeds from Yahoo / Bing / Google for your browser extension, mobile apps, website / mobile traffic. We can offer you the highest payouts in the market. Don't wait Start monetizing your searches Today..

Reach out to us and see what we can offer you.

- email:
- Skype: live:.cid.b849f73116b7696e

Jake HilltopadsSeller

Traffic from my direct websites
Looking for offers:

🎯 Dating

🎯 Mobile Tools

🎯 Sweepstakes

🎯 Gambling

🎯 Live Cams/Adult

Telegram: @JakeHilltopads
Skype: adv5_hilltopads
Email: jake@hilltopads


how are you ?
I am looking for PPi traffic for Windows And Mobile
need traffic for WW geos
i need Quality traffic
we can do payment in daily postpay
no prepay
and payment in BTC ,webmoney , payoneer , paypal , wire
if any one have traffic ping me any time thanks
my skype :- live:.cid.f019d18fdf5e1fea

Ian MSeller

I'm looking for offers in Tier 1, 2 & 3.

How is Hastraffic so successful?
We can provide you with optimized CPC traffic that is backed into your CPA, CPL, CPI value.

Our optimization teams in the US, Europe, and Hong Kong optimize the traffic live as it comes in.

Some of our top performing verticals are Survey, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Jobs, Crypto, Auto, Home, Insurance, Finance, Adult, Dating as well as most of the smaller verticals.

We have traffic on email, SMS, push, chat flow, search, social, domain, pop, back button, display/native, thank you pages and offer walls.

If you own any offers or pages we can monetize your back button and offer you the highest CPC. We can also buy your out of geo clicks. With complete control, we sell those clicks to the highest bidder

Chat on Skype:
Skype: live:b55c3048a48593de

Or simply sign up here:

Roman PolarAdsSeller

Hello Guys

We are CPA network with a pretty big amount of publishers. We are searching for direct CPI/PPI offers as we have a lot of traffic.

Please, contact me here with Skype.

Skype: roman.ic.roman

Roman PolarAdsSeller

Hello Guys

We are CPA network with a pretty big amount of publishers. We are searching PPI offers for Mac OS, as we have a lot of traffic.

Please, contact me here with Skype.

Skype: roman.ic.roman

Alex InSearchBuyer

Looking for Organic SEARCH traffic /Type in/browser extensions/new tab/search box. Desktop / Top RPM's! Tier1,2,3
Payments starting at NET35.
Telegram: @Alexalterego
Skype: alexzandrhtc

Jane LarssonBuyer

Hi there! :)
My name is Evgenia. I'm looking for WW traffic for VAS offers.

We have more than 1000 active WW offers.
Adult, Sweapstakes, Games, Video, Music, Software.
1/2/3 Click Flow, PIN Submits, Click2SMS etc..

We buy all subscriptions!
Daily payouts from 20$!

You can register here:

or ping me in skype or telegram:
skype: evgenia_larsson
telegram: @jeylarsson


We are looking for different -2 traffic source or marketing partners.
Who can help us to launch our upcoming projects and programs, Our programs are similar like or

We even need good affiliate partners too, along with we are also looking for genuine PPI download partners also.


i need ppi traffic, WW exclude india, if you have ,price is $0.05 pls contact me:

telegram: @mrjohn111


We r looking for USA/CA desktop bundle installs on PPI basis for tech support if any one offering then contact me on my

Dawn rosaSeller

I am selling MAC PPI
I am runing Mac Flash Player
If u need traffic PPI for MAC offers pls ping me
i need daily or weekly payment
Thanks U


Hi! We are looking for worldwide install traffic (PPI - pay per install).
If you can do 50k+ installs per day - it will be great, but we can also work with you, if you have a good qualitty traffic from 2-3k/day.

Please, ping me in skype (stasblino) , with PPI installs request.
Thanks in advance!


Pop Up Calls available with decent quality flow...!

iOS / Cash App / Roku / Amazon Prime PPC / Printer Calls available with back to back flow

PM me for more info


Hi! We are looking to buy Desktop Traffics/Installs from Worldwide. We offer competitive payout on PPI, and we are looking for massive volume of installs!

We are also looking for CPM traffic, pop-up, banners.
Please contact me if you have the traffic we want!
Skype: xu.chao9406

Michael BeasleySeller

PPI: 30+ GEO for most popular platrofrms (win/mac/ios/android)
Our advantages:
✔️ You can order any number of installations (1-∞);
✔️ The ability to get installs out of turn;
✔️ High quality traffic for your apps;
✔️ Quick and easy signup for advertisers;
✔️ 2.5 billion audiences for your installations;
✔️ Targeting for devices, GEO and OS;
✔️ Several ways to pay for your advertising campaigns (including cryptocurrency);
✔️ The maximum cost of one installation is less than $ 1;
✔️ 24/7 technical support;
✔️ Own referral system is being developed.

WebApps is a new generation PPI Network with which you can increase the number of your customers. So You can earn even more than before.

Telegram: @WebAppsAdvertisers
Skype: live:support_74084

Still not sure? We invite You to try and start making money with the help of fast and high-quality promotion of Your software.

 m willamSeller

have high quality desktop traffic
whats up guys i have huge ammount of desktop traffic from Geos-US,UK,CA,&AU. ppi baandle traffic
looking for chrome browser extensions to run
if you want to have a fair deal then feel free to ping me on skypecid.523592ea25f88c8a


Hello, my name is Anastasiya and I represent media ad. network - platfrom, providing media traffic.
- Any geo
- Any format
- Any targeting
- Any vertical!
We are able to run all of your offers with our World Wide traffic.
Only prepayment.

Skype: live:.cid.523592ea25f88c8a