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We are looking for publishers able to serve us with installations. We're ready to buy up to 1-2k us/ca per day in future if you provide high quality traffic. Let's discuss details in skype or telegram.

Skype: live:.cid.8f6ca9b021575d45
Telegram: @johnloref

7searchppc .comBuyer

ppc bidding search engine for online pharmacy,

Ben ParkSeller


I'm from Mainwhile network. we have real High quality PPI traffic.
We are looking for genuine PPI offers for distribution on our network.
If you have serious product with Good website, monetization method etc then reach me through skype for discussing possibilities.

Following product owners are welcome: Software, game, media, extensions.

Payment terms: Pre-payment
Minimum amount to start: $100

Requirements: Should be Registered company with Real product and with real monetization etc.


Ben ParkSeller

Selling good quality PPI installs, We have Top GEOs
we are looking for direct campaigns from direct advertisers for traffic monetization
We have direct and decent quality traffic available for many GEOs, Contact us for more .
Skype /- live:benvpark

Estcott JoySeller

I am Estcott , we have Quality Traffic in US CA, EU, WW,
We are looking for Good converting bundle offer
we have 200 to 500 US CA install
And For EU 1k+ Daily
WW 20k daily
we need clean offer
we can do Few install test like 50 to 100 test install but its not free
test install on post pay then prepay only
we are looking for direct advertisers reseller also welcome
so if anyone need this kind or traffic ping me
Also need Publisher for Own installer

Skype - live:.cid.22f27d07ecae2ab5

thanks Estcott,

Ready to use blueprint. Works with push, pop, redirect, inapp, incent, display, exit etc.
1 Smartlink for ALL GEOs, OS, Browsers, verticals

NET-7 (NET-0 once you gain volumes)
WW coverage
Any traffic fits
Can monetize webview, incent, cheap redirects

Private PPI (Pay Per Install) NetworkBuyer

Private PPI Network is looking for a serious direct publishers. We are looking for a large volume of worldwide PC (Windows) installs. We have great fixed rate and we can buy a lot of installs.

Best of all we offer high rate per desktop install for the T2/T3 countries.

This is such a great opportunity for the publishers with traffic from India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia etc.

Who can apply?

Any publisher who can deliver at least 200 daily (WorldWide) Windows Installs. Please save our time with delivering fraudulent installs. We are only working with serious publishers.

Is the exe clean?

Our exe is constantly updated and totally safe to promote. We do not provide any illegal stuff at all.

How do we pay?

We pay on request via BTC or Payoneer. However, we can also pay via some other payment processors.

How to contact us?

Currently you can contact us via:

Skype: live:.cid.378bac784b78d6e6


Jamie KeebelSeller

We have Quality Traffic in US CA, EU, WW,
We are looking for Good converting bundle offer
we have 1000 to 2000 US CA installs on daily basis
And For EU 5k+ Daily
WW 30k daily.
We need clean offer that can run smoothly with our traffic.
No stealers, No ransomwares, No tech support
we work on prepay in BTC
we can do Few install test like 50 to 100 test install but its not free
test install on post pay then prepay only
we are looking for direct advertisers reseller also welcome
so if anyone need this kind or traffic ping me
Also need Publisher for Own installer.

Roman YevtushenkoSeller

Hi all,

Ad Experts Media is specializing in all aspects of downloadable software distribution & monetization.

Please contact me for cooperation

Razan SamSeller

We are an advertising platform, leading in POP, PUSH, NATIVE and IN-PAGE ad formats, we have HQ traffic WW

Pricing model: CPC/CPM

Create your first campaign with EVADAV 👇

Sign-up here :

Feel free to ping me on Skype: live:.cid.467b173a21e556f8

Sergio BurretBuyer

We are interested in establishing a partnership with affiliates and publishers, and currently, we are looking for new traffic sources to join our network

We have CPA/RS campaigns with the highest PO for all Geos and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Router, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera).
In case you are interested, please get back to me and I will be happy to assist you.

Best regards, Sergio Burret.
skype: live:4882bd1c883504bd


Looking for WW HQ traffic? You're in the right place! Clickadu SSP daily serves more than 2B+ impressions and 3.3M+ conversion WW on such formats as - Push, In page Push, Pop under, SKIM, Instant text & Video. Our strongest vertical's are - Gambling, Dating, VPN, Cams, E-commerce.

If you are interested in Premium quality traffic for your offers, feel free to contact me anytime!
TG - @Winestein_Clicka
Skype - live:.cid.47efde9b4806b337
Mail -



Gary here. Looking for only Direct Advs. I have HQ PPI installs. Will give test before starting the campaign.

Can't work with resellers.
Skype: live:.cid.cd3a7c9332854e6e

Derric SmithSeller


I am looking for a only DIRECT ADVERTISERS, who can give me DESKTOP CPI AND PPI offers to work.
I have HQ and high volume traffic available. And I can also give some 10-40 test installs.

Fell free to connect here:
Skype: live:.cid.a2ee0b58577d7c00

Roxana NikolaSeller

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Jayson JackSeller

Hi this is Jayson from we are selling and buying traffic all geos traffic available (vertical software ) we are working in this field over a year we are providing good quality traffic ping me anytime on Skype

Ian MSeller

We have WW traffic for all verticals.
We are definitely strongest in US, but we also have supply and demand for worldwide geos.

How is Hastraffic so successful?
We can provide you with optimized CPC traffic that is backed into your CPA, CPL, CPI value.

Our optimization teams in the US, Europe, and Hong Kong optimize the traffic live as it comes in.

Some of our top performing verticals are Survey, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Jobs, Crypto, Auto, Home, Insurance, Finance, Adult, Dating as well as most of the smaller verticals.

We have traffic on email, SMS, push, chat flow, search, social, domain, pop, back button, display/native, thank you pages and offer walls.

If you own any offers or pages we can monetize your back button and offer you the highest CPC. We can also buy your out of geo clicks. With complete control, we sell those clicks to the highest bidder

Chat on Skype:
Skype: live:b55c3048a48593de

Or simply sign up here:


I will buy traffic or installations for my application. I am looking for partners for a long cooperation.

No intermediaries, only direct cooperation.

Please write in private messages in telegram @octopus_leads


Hey everyone, We are selling PPI bundle Traffic WW and For TIER1 also .. We can give 10k daily installs for WW ASAP..!


Miguel D. RobinsonSeller

New advertisers looking for ppi install

For new offers, advertisers directly find ppi install

Not Ransomware, not steal data

Normal software

Our monetization is Bing feed and Affiliate links.

win7 8 10 ,chrome

need 5k per day, reasonable price

net7 payment

No prepaid

Looking only direct publishers ! NO broker , NO scammers , only real partner for long time worked !

skype at9357

Scott JoeSeller

We can provide you quality traffic for your offer
We have 1000 install for US CA
And 2k for EU
WW 10k daily
We need clean offer that can run smoothly with our traffic.
No stealers, No ransomware , No tech support
we work on prepay in BTC
we can do Few install test like 50 to 100 test install but its not free
test install on post pay then prepay only


Hello guys its James here
i have huge volume of traffic on many Geos and Verticals
if you are looking to haeva great business then ping me on skype or email me
Skype id- live:jameslambort
E-mail -


we'll buy all compliant traffic in tier 1, 2, 3 countries.

Payment on PPI basis.

No scams, no dating, no forex, no crypto, no adult, no gambling, no malware, no adware.

Contact us via:


Hi Guys,

We have a number of direct offers, both browser extensions and software that we are looking to buy traffic for.

The offers run worldwide, and looking for large volumes. Email me at to discuss further.

VMS InfotechServicesBuyer

I am looking for a publisher supplier traffic booster or sender for window apple pop up calls related to technical support or ppc tech support calls,kindly contact me at my skype id mentioned below,or leave your contact at my email id,i love to work with genuine person not scammer ,kindly do not waist my time and stay away if you are for just scam ,
mani singh
my skype id is mani2811199,

Sergio HardySeller

Clickadu is a digital advertising network for Web & Mobile Channels and can provide you with high-quality traffic.

🔰 🔰

❎ smartCPA / smartCPM / CPM / CPI / CPA / CPL ❎

Our top-verticals:
🔹 Push-subscription offers
🔹 VPN apps
🔹 Tools
🔹 All Adult Content
🔹 Sweepstakes
🔹 Soft
🔹 Datings
🔹 Adult mobile/desktop games
🔹 Shopping apps
🔹 Social apps
🔹 Game apps
🔹 All in-house offers

☑ Onclick/Popunder
☑ Dialog Push-Ups
☑ Push-notifications
☑ Video pre-rolls
☑ SKIM-traffic

🌎 GEO: WW 🌎

If you need a high-quality traffic and tons of conversions - feel free to contact me.
Skype - live:sergio_11911
Email -


We are looking for direct publishers who can provide us installs via desktop bundle offers on PPI basis for our in-house software.

We are only looking for genuine publishers who want to work with us on a long term basis.


hello there.
we have two offer regarding tech support and non tech support.
looking to install immediate.

skype - john.walker1880


Melissa AtkinsonSeller

Hey everyone
I am Melissa Atkinson looking to buy HQ quality of traffic
If anyone have that's the right place to ping me on Skype

Denis MarlinSeller

-No prepaid payment
-all types of PPI and CPI offer
-traffic provide country Tier 1
-High quality Traffic

Ping me on skype