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863 ads

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Looking to buy or sell Pop Up Calls
Contact on Skype : ankur19feb

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Monetizus.com - global monetization platform which provides you a number of monetization methods to monetize your browser extension, toolbar, add-ons, websites, installers, bundle-installs and etc. Some methods we developed - are 100% unintrusive and not annoying.
So if you care about your users - we that you need!

We work via revenue share basis - 70%\30%

Give it a try and I sure you will be satisfied with the result.

Feel free to contact me:
Skype: monetizeus
E-mail: dima@monetizus.com
Web: monetizus.com
Registration via :http://partners.monetizus.com/m/m8en-sgja-dmqj

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I have PPI Offers and Good Payouts I need PPI Traffic i can Purchase Traffic from Big Amount We have Big Budget Guys Ping me on skype (mohd.anas476)

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Hi all who wants to make money!
We are looking for VIDEO (VAST/VPAID) traffic from DIRECT publishers (Tier1 countries are preferable) on CPM basis.
The best campaigns and perfect support for the adequate video pubs ;)

Ping me on Skype: olga.gulakova@tapgerine.com

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Trillium Interactive is looking for Traffic on a CPA and CPL basis for our direct offers.
- Geos: WW
- Verticals: Adult, Mainstream
- Payment Terms: NET 30 or NET 45
- Traffic: Non Incent, Incent

Contact us if you are interested in joining our platform and promoting the best campaigns!!

email: goncalo@trilliuminteractive.com
skype: goncalo88trillium

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I’m looking for publishers for CPI campaigns (all GEOs).
Best GEOs: TW, JP, US, CN, KR
Payment terms: Net-30
For more information ping me in skype: roman.k@stingrad.com

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Hi there)
My name is Paul, I am from F5stat.com.
I am looking for traffic for our gambling and Forex/Binary offers, geo WW.
Feel free to contact me Skype: fenixsmile

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Guys! We have really good results with CPM Video!
We work with LKQD, Verta, SpringServe, AOL, StreamRail
Desktop/mobile/inapp, VAST/VPAID, WW
Ping us: cpm@tapgerine.com

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Get access to the huge number of top tranding offers for various verticals with best payouts. Sign up here: http://ad-gbn.affise.com/signup

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We are direct owners of chrome extensions with really huge users inventory worldwide. We are looking for different types of monetization: Search, Intext, Contextual, Video, Banners, Native and e-commerce / shopping widgets as well. We are ready to cooperate with fair partners and please notice that we are dont integrate any type of scamers tags into our extensions. Our priority is - profitable partners with fast payment or short holds. Lets make a long term business together.

Feel free to ping me in skype: michael.adwirk

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to offer you good volumes of effective traffic!
US, IN, PK, AU, CA, etc,
mobile and desktop popunders.

Contact me -
e-mail: olga@hilltopads.com
Skype: hilltopads_adv
LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-selling-traffic-238177bb/

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We are Motormobile LLC - performance based marketing platform with affiliate network and we are looking for CPI traffic on the WW scale. All verticals and devices.
If you have good traffic sources, we will do our best to find the most suitable campaigns with competitive payouts for you.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me:
email: eugene.bagatsky@motormobile.com
skype: eugene.bagatsky

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I am bruce from THE MEDIA STREET. We are looking for quality traffics mainly in CA/AU/UK/US. We work on NET30. NO PREPAYMENTS. We mainly work on CPI and CPM basis.

email id : bruce@themediastreet.com
skype id: Bruce.themediastreet

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We buy desktop/mobile/video worldwide CPM traffic on revshare postpay basis. skype: reddy.adotize

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We are monetizing mobile and dislay traffic on fixed CPC, CPM basis worldwide using own SSP/DSP which is connected the leading programmatic partners.
Only brand safe ads checked via The Media Trust.
Automatic payment forthe pubs.
Email us: willson@bwadgroup.com

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Buying desktop/mobile CPM WW traffic on Revshare basis

Sr. Media Buyer- Adotize.com
skype: reddy.adotize
email: reddy@adotize.com


MediaWayss is looking for standard banner desktop traffic. Domain specific.

Direct publishers are also needed.

If you have inventory available, contact me please.

Skype alexander.ovsinko5


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Hello! SmartyAds offers you:
- HQ mobile traffic;
- CPM basis;
- All geos;
- All IAB verticals;
- Premium publishers.

If you're interested in cooperation just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com

Have a great day!

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We are DuMedia, the part of the one of the biggest cpa network - AdmitAd. We have offices in 8 countries with 200+ experts.

That's why we are one of the leaders on traffic quality and prices. 67% of our partners buys our traffic again!

We have:

✓ WW mainstream/adult traffic(pop-under and display)
✓ Self-service platform with real-time statistics(updating every minute)
✓ Zone ID Token
✓ Managing, Improving, Recommendation
at Any Step of your advertising campaigns
✓ Refund is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with our traffic

I'm waiting for your letter on v.kruk@mydumedia.com

or ping me via skype: Vladimir DuMedia

Let's begin the great long-term partnership!

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We have large premium POP ads inventory for mobile available for affiliate networks.

Multiple ways of integrations: XML. OpenRTB, s2s(pixel), JS, SmartLink.

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Fast approval 💰💰💰

skype: adv5_hilltopads

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We have developed a brand new way of delivering installs for android, something similar to windows installer.

It is only for android and works with direct apk links.

So... we have 20k installs a day available for android apps.

If you are interested contact me by phone or skype.

Phone: +40751985708
Skype: epureliviuionut

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We are looking for CPA traffic suitable for VPN services. Self-converting product that can be promoted globally with no restrictions, in multiple verticals such as:
- Cyber-security.
- Content Streaming (We Unblock NETFLIX, HULU, AMAZON, etc)
- Webmasters / SEO.
- Internet freedom / Censorship.
- Online Gaming (Not Gambling).
For more information about our affiliate program please visit: https://www.safervpn.com/affiliates

Or contact me directly for more info.

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AddonSmash.com provides you a number of monetization methods to monetize your browser extension, toolbar, add-ons, websites, installers, bundle-installs and software. We mainly focused on Pop ads ,intext,coupons and search feed which gives the most money .

We work via revenue share basis - 80\20

Skype: live:addonsmash
E-mail: admin@addonsmash.com
Web: http://addonsmash.com


Hi All,

I am looking for PPI traffic for desktop on all verticals and GEOs.

Ping me for details or send me an email: maria.b@amonetize.com


Hello !

Mediawayss has now its onw SSP tech and we are looking for new partners to connected via Open RTB.

Looking forward your proposal !

Skype: santim84

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If you have Desktop Display or Bundle, Installer traffic, Search engine traffic,
OR Mac traffic, please Skype or email me: ana@adsology.com
We need traffic for our Utility Software.



We have developed lots of Windows tools that are quite famous in their fields. And we are looking for a serious company that is willing to bundle their product with our installers on PPI basis.

These are the requirements for your products:
- NO Chrome blocking with Google Safe Browsing
- Zero Antivirus detection

If there is anyone here interested in serious cooperation fulfilling the requirements above please message us.

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We're rolling out an engaging ad unit that allows desktop traffic to monetize against the exploding ad spend on mobile app installs.

We use IAB standard ad units to display “Apps You May Like” offering contextually relevant and timely mobile app suggestions for a desktop consumer audience.

Publishers create custom ad units to fit the look and feel of their site and site visitors get mobile apps they want without ever leaving the site.

Check out a live demo here: http://appigniter.com/demo

We're looking for desktop traffic for this engaging format. Will send over a deck and/or jump on a quick call if interested.

Contact me at dave@appigniter.io