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Hello all

I'm looking for networks who have ability to sell traffic via XML/RTB protocol. I'm interested in all popular GEO's and verticals.

If you have extensions and adware sources and have ability to sell it via XML - welcome too.

I'm not interested in direct link.

Please add me in skype sergey.arb


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You simply get a real result - your income multiplies.

Pulsar Ads gives you an opportunity to use easy services to get real money from your traffic.
The conversion does not depend on your experience. After you signing up, you will get access to the intuitive interface that will help you to keep all the advertising campaigns under control.
Everything is crystal clear: detailed real-time reports if needed.
Everything is available: multiple formats of advertisements.
Your campaigns will bring you maximum income and a lot of bonuses.
Pulsar Ads gives you access to offers right from advertisers. That is a main formula of the highest price for your traffic.
Anytime you can choose variants of withdrawing.
Any problems, you can solve them fast with our online support service.


Hi there!
I'm looking to buy high quality pop traffic- we can work with XML integration, JS or direct link.

Hit me up with good suggestions,
and I'll provide high rates!

My Skype ID: live:mor.giladi
email: mor.giladi@ad-maven.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mor-giladi
Facebook: facebook.com/mor.giladi.12

Take care,

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Looking for traffic on CPA !!

We have direct as well as our own products and some exclusives.
Please, let me know if you are interested.

skype: live:shubham_381
e-mail: shubham@mobolead.com

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We have developed lots of Windows tools that are quite famous in their fields. And we are looking for a serious company that is willing to bundle their product with our installers on PPI basis.

These are the requirements for your products:
- NO Chrome blocking with Google Safe Browsing
- Zero Antivirus detection

If there is anyone here interested in serious cooperation fulfilling the requirements above please message us.

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Our offer/campaign almost are HQ direct mobile subscription CPA offer, we have done business before with HUAWEI, BAIDU, Gameloft, MOBUSI and etc so many years.
Now we looking for long-time business relationship with you guys.
If you want to, please don't hesitate to contact with me ASAP.

Ping me on skype: Ryan Wang/Mobikok email: ryan@sparklemob.com
Unacceptable: prepayment policy
Acceptable: net 30 or net 15

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Looking for profitable mobile CPI offers?
Join us now!
Monetize your traffic with us!
skype :- live:shubham_381

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Looking For Traffic - offering high POs
Hi there,

I am looking for HQ traffic for our direct offers based on CPL/CPI/CPI .

We are working on Net30.

Contact me at skp: live:shubham_381

*** Thank you! ***

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I sell software "seo, ppc, media buy, sem - adwords"

With cheap price and quality

To get good and true traffic

Target country: europe and Asia

Please contact skype hendra.boyz

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Looking for MX Telcel, AR EC NI GT Claro carrier traffic

CPM, CPC basis

My skype is sergey.arb


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Hey guys!
Clickadu offers you huge volumes of mobile and desktop traffic on CPM basis at the best rates. Targeting every device and geo. POPs only!
Interested? Please, contact me via skype live:ritta_46

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We are Motormobile LLC - performance based marketing platform with affiliate network and we are looking for CPI traffic on the WW scale. All verticals and devices.
If you have good traffic sources, we will do our best to find the most suitable campaigns with competitive payouts for you.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me:
email: eugene.bagatsky@motormobile.com
skype: eugene.bagatsky

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Hi, guys!
Nowadays we have high converting CPA and CPL offers. If you havetraffic - let me know.

Skype: live:1e1c03fa3d4201fc

P.S. NET30



Tractas is a Global Online Performance-Based Marketing Agency and we're constantly looking for Mobile Traffic for our Direct & Exclusive campaigns.

If you have quality mobile traffic, please contact me via email and skype: karla@tractas.com

You can also register at: http://my.tractas.com/signup

Terms & Conditions:
•No Prepayment
•Bi-Weekly, NET15 and NET30 Payment Terms
•Paypal, Wire, Payoneer, Tipalti, Skrill and Webmoney Payments

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Hey! My name is Kristina, Sales Manager at Smartyads.com

We have available traffic on CPM basis for display and mobile worldwide.
We are transparent and brandsafe!

Please feel free to contact me at: kristina@smartyads.com or ping me on Skype: kristina@smartyads.com

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Urgent! Traffic needed for our top converting CPI/CPA campaigns. Net30. Please ping me on skype: kate.iwoop for more details!

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Get access to the huge number of top tranding offers for various verticals with best payouts. Sign up here: http://ad-gbn.affise.com/signup

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Hello! SmartyAds offers you:
- HQ mobile traffic;
- CPM basis;
- All geos;
- All IAB verticals;
- Premium publishers.

If you're interested in cooperation just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com

Have a great day!

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to offer you good volumes of effective traffic!
US, IN, PK, AU, CA, etc,
mobile and desktop popunders.

Contact me -
e-mail: olga@hilltopads.com
Skype: hilltopads_adv
LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-selling-traffic-238177bb/

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Hi there)
My name is Paul, I am from F5stat.com.
I am looking for traffic for our gambling and Forex/Binary offers, geo WW.
Feel free to contact me Skype: fenixsmile

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US Payout: 0.35
BR Payout: 0.14
IN Payout: 0.193

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with CPI/CPA/CPL traffic;
Tier 1 and Asia;
Games, Shopping, Dating, Utilities etc.

Feel free to add me on Skype:
Guys, let's make money together :)

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We'd like to promote Chrome Extensions offers
and we'd like to cooperate on CPI/CPA/Rev models

rates: 0,01$ - 0,05$ / 1 install
We can set postback.
Daily payouts (PayPal, Webmoney, e-payments)

Pls contact me skype: igor.adwirk

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Hi there, i need installs for our own PC software. If you have installer traffic that you are willing to sell on PPI , or if you have display traffic and you accept cost per sale deals, please ping me on Skype or write me to ana@adsology.com

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Exclusive CPI/CPA Offers
Quality Traffic Looking !!

skype :-live:shubham_381

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Osool Media is a "Business & Service Excellence Award, 2012" winning creative marketing services company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, PPC Management Campaign, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Online Brand Management, Internet Reputation Management.

We are a team of Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants, Internet marketing consultants, SEO content writers and highly experienced business consultants with Engineering/MBA ensures all projects and delivers superior customer values and return on investment (ROI).Our team also includes freelance SEO/Internet Marketing experts from all metro cities of Middle East.

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Hi, this is Jessica from 360totalsecurity ,and this is our product ,
As our 360totalsecurity is free , we promoto our premium products .We can do CPS 30% with our partners .
If you have interesting to know us , please feel free to contact me .
my skype is , jiajia_0796
PS.this is our affiliate page , https://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/affiliate/

have a nice day !

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Huge Volumes for Banner traffic available.
Majorly for US , UK, CA
Fix CPM / CPC models only.
Managed Platform.

JS tags accepted only for brand campaigns.

For more details or getting started, contact at anurag@cpminventory.com
or reach me on Skype - popundermedia

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Do you have unsold inventory? Sick of making little money from it? - Then I've got the solution for you.

Desktop and Android welcome.
Thank You Page Traffic looking for offers

I have access to some fantastic download/software offers, all clean, all paying high CPA's with no restriction on GEO/Platform or flow.

Have pages and flows for all traffic types and sources, perfect as Thank You page offers, or just looking to fill that gap in your inventory, whatever GEO or type it is.

Happy to chat to whoever, about whatever they might have.

Ian.leighfield > Skype