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We're looking for PUBLISHERS, AFFILIATES, PARTNERS to promote our Top CPA offers

** Non-incent HQ campaigns
** TOP payouts - you take home the lions share
** Campaigns from over 70 Countries
** Postback, Image/iFrame Integration
** NET 30 Payment Terms


👉 http://trilliuminteractive.com/publishers/ 👈

Email: goncalo@trilliuminteractive.com

Contact us to learn more

Ivana JovovicBuyer

Looking to partner up with networks/publishers who have traffic for the following verticals: download, software, tv, games, tech.
Every GEO is our target, our payouts are amazing, and the products we promote have the best conversion rate within the industry. One of our best coverting installers is Adobe Flash Player!
So, if you think that you can supply us with high quality traffic for these offers, feel free to get in touch with me so we can get down to business.

Jelena CoinisBuyer

Looking for CPI/CPA desktop pop traffic WW on verticalas such as movies, music, streaming, file-sharing, torrent, software portals, technology...
Contact me:
skype: Jelena -Coinis
email: jelena@coinis.com

George MSeller

Greetings! I'm George from Clickadu AD Network https://www.clickadu.com/.
We are actively developing and expanding our geography, regularly including new sources of high-quality traffic. Currently, our preferred GEO's are VN, TR, TW, BR, TH, IN, IT, PL.
We providing:
- Direct traffic sources,
- Up to 1+ mln impr/daily (depending on geo),
- Advanced targeting and real-time stats,
- Self-Serve Platform with CPM and SmartCPA or dedicated managers,
- Unique IT bot and fraud filtering tools,
- API integration for remote campaign management,
- Real-Time Bidding for networks and big advertisers.
Hit me up via skype or e-mail:

Andrew ButkoSeller

Adsterra Network always looking for new potential partnerships and cooperations on different kinds of business models.

Our advantages:
- traffic from direct publishers ONLY
- 10+ billions impressions per month.
- 6+ millions leads per month
- 200+ geos covered (and we keep expanding!)
- Ad formats: pops, banners, push-ups, interstitials
- CPM, CPL, CPA, CPC, CPO, CPI, CPS payment models
- Deep targeting (OS, browser, geo, resolution, day/time and much more)
- Video Traffic
- Web push traffic
- Retargeting

Alexa ClickaduSeller

Clickadu.com is an ad network that has about 250M+ daily HQ WW exclusive traffic from our direct websites.
You may choose between CPM and CPA models, as well as between being managed or self-served with the help of a user-friendly platform.
For any type we ensure detailed targeting, precise stats and good rates.
Let's discuss ways we can work together.
Please feel free to contact me by email or skype.
email: alexa@clickadu.com
skype: alexa_4238

Elena DavisSeller

Hello! SmartyAds offers you:
- HQ mobile traffic;
- CPM basis;
- All geos;
- All IAB verticals;
- Retargeting;
- Premium publishers.

If you're interested in cooperation just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com

Have a great day!

Keepsolid Inc.Buyer

At KeepSolid, we are looking to increase traffic to our VPN Unlimited app: https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com
We are working on CPS and CPA basis through the Impact Radius platform. If you are interested in becoming a publisher for KeepSolid VPN, please sign up via this link: https://app.impact.com/campaign-mediapartner-signup/VPN-Unlimited.brand?execution=e5s1 or contact us.

Be fast! You can earn up to 120$ per sale! We work both with Desktop and Mobile!

Anastasia YolkinaBuyer

FuriousAds is looking for CPA publishers for our wonderful campaigns with flow 1,2 clicks. You'll be pleasantly surprised by our amazing payouts.
Add me on Skype to get more details:


- Rank on Google & YouTube in Minutes
- Drive 100% Free traffic from Google & Youtube - Starting Today
- No Websites, Domains, SEO, Backlinks or Additional Cost Required
- Simple 4 Click Software - 100% Newbie Friendly

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Tweakbit Labs.Buyer

We are looking for MacOs and WinOs traffic on CPS/CPI/CPM basis for our software:
If you have it please contact me via skype: guralouis

Ad2Ex .AdServer PHP ScriptSeller

Ad2Ex Ad server is an ad serving script developed in PHP & MySQL for businesses. It allows its owners to start their own revenue generating ad serving business
some of Admin features
- Fraud detects ( fraud clicks, Bot click, Proxy click and Invalid click).
- Full network reports and reports each user, ad and site/app.
- live reports per 1 second.
- Turn on or off Ad types (CPA, CPC, CPM, CPV).

some of Publisher features
- Dashboard multi-language.
- Full reports by os, country, browser, date.
- Detected and record site/app automatically.
- Ticket support system

some of Advertiser features
- Target campaign by Language, OS, Categories, Browser and Country.
- Set maximum bidding price.
- Zonids blacklist and report.
- Available many Payment methods (PayPal, Payza, 2 Checkout, coupons, bank transfer).

More features
- SEO pages and urls
- 99% open source code
- No limits on user accounts


staoism .aspBuyer

We now have an offer, that requires a lot of US installation (desktop).
Our offer is a plug-in for IE browser, only IE,We need a lot of US desktop installation, we have a good budget,
If you can provide the installation (which can be bundled installation)Please contact me.
Special Note:
1.We do not support advance payment, we have good payment credit.(If you are a company, high credibility, we can consider prepaid Sign the IO protocol)
2.payment method:paypal , WMZ,PM,wire transfer
3.We are currently only interested in PPI (pay per install), other types of traffic are not very interested in. If not PPI, please do not add me.
4.payment cycle:First cooperation daily payment
Cooperation for a long time to pay once a week.

We have the credibility of that, did not deceive anyone, did not deceive a penny.

Looking forward to your contact!



We are buying USA install (WinOS) for our offer on PPI basis - we are direct advertisers. Need up to 5k installs daily. Please contact me here, or in Skype: support@nottotrack.com


We are looking for direct publishers who can provide us installs via desktop bundle offers on PPI basis for our in-house software.

We are only looking for genuine publishers who want to work with us on a long term basis.

Evgenia AfanasyevaSeller

if you have extension, software or notification types of offers -> Then we have a perfect match.

Please contact me asap to proceed!

Marc JohannesSeller

Hey ,
Genuine tech support calls available in cheap rate BSOD pop , Mixed printer ,Porn pop good conversion ,AHT , good quality calls and replacement of the calls term and condition . Only Prepay interested candidate can ping @ whatsapp 9999883083 , 9999317102 and skype joymati johannes .

Luvy N RamdeneeBuyer

Client looking to buy 500 French TSupp Calls daily on a revenue sharing basis or post payment (Source:Porn/gambling)
Potential providers should be able to sustain the client with calls till 23rd Dec 2018.
scammers and prepayment terms, stays away!!!

Oksana OctoleadBuyer

Tier 1 and Asia;
Games, Shopping, Dating, Utilities etc.

Feel free to add me on Skype:

Don't lose the chance to earn $$$ :)

Lisbeth JonesBuyer

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for direct publishers or who work through revenue share.
I'm interested in RU popunder/popup traffic for mobile and desktop.

Tube Monetize ManagerSeller

Budget Subscriptions for Auto Offers Distribution (Advantage Method)

Publisher can Generate Installs at Lowest Rates & Sale Installs at Own Rates to PPI Network

Ad Acceptance : Files, Software's, Games, Tools, Desktop POP Ads, POP Under Page, Flash Lander, Chrome Extension, Web Offers, Banner Ads, DOC / PDF Exploits

Average Subscriptions / Month : 545 USD - 1654 USD

Average Install Rates (Software's / Tools / Games / Desktop POP Ads) : 8 Cents - 25 Cents

Rates Calculations : One Time Subscriptions for 30 Days / 45 Days / 60 Days

Install Method : Mass Distribution Campaign through World's #1 Network "YouTube Network"

Campaign Type : Fully Automatic & Re-Schedule

Blasting Install Limit : 200 - 10,000 / Day (Till Subcription Period)

Account Approval Time : 24 HRS - 48 HRS

EXE - DOC / PDF / JPG / URL (Exploit) : Additional Charges Applicable

Reference Network : Tube Monetize

Subscription : www.tubemonetize.online

Skype : live:sociotubemonetize


Buy installs bunddler software US

Desktop InstallsSeller

Hi I'm selling US installs (updates). Your file is uploaded to my loader and each order includes a link for you to watch the install statistics. I can sell up to 5-7k updates per day. 1k=2-3 hours. Execution rate is high. No reselling through PPI networks
Price depends on monetization
Crypt - 25$
We can use a middle man that we both agree upon. Popular on boards.
1. Your file must be FUD and working. It is not my responsibility to check it
2. Your file less 5MB.
3. Write what you need, when you add me IM
Is it loads, installs or updates?
It's updates.
Why you named updates loads in your thread?
I see that a lot of people don't know what is updates.
Unique updates from my loader.
Can you do test?
I can do small free test for people with good reputation and who are dealing in installs industry long time.
Can you make refund if I will ask for it?
1k is minimum order
ICQ: 727893121
Skype: live:usdevotion

Anuj BhatiaBuyer


I am Anuj .

Looking for high quality (All human traffic ) for my Tech Support Campaign.

Geo's - USA & Canada

Contact me if you have real good traffic .

PS : I am a real advertiser ,Willing to spend good budget on daily basis , I dont want a network who want's me to to spend $1000's on testing and dont show me any results .

I need instant results i can spend up to $3000-$5000 a day.

Skype - anuj.bhatia81


Hey guys! How's it going?!

If you are looking for more efficient tracking tool for your CPI network/agency - http://pliri.com is the ultimate choice! Robust tracker, anti-fraud, API-aggregator, mailing, smartlink. All this stuff out of the box and in the same place!

Reduce your spending, increase your margins!

For the details and a trial, drop me a line at dmitry@pliri.com or reach me out on Skype live:dmitry_862.


I need installs for PPI traffic for MAC os
these are rates: US - $0,90
UK - $0.80
CA - $0.70
FR, DE, AU - $0.60
JP, IT, ES, NO, SE - $0.30

If you have real traffic not bots ping me on SKYPE: maria_23672

Okan AtmacaSeller

Worldwide inventory on self serve. Direct advertisers are preferred. Add me on Skype: okanatmaca for more info.

Karl BurkeSeller

Hey lads !
sales manager at karlies medias
Traffic buyers needed

Olga DidenkoBuyer

If you have high quality traffic for our Nutra, Extensions, APK and Mobile Subscriptions offers for LATAM GEOs please contact me here or via skype: live:o.didenko_2
Email: o.didenko@kosmiqs.com

Joymati JohannesSeller

We are looking for a genuine buyer for tech support calls BSOD pop , Printer , Quickbook ..We have good call quality,good flow ,conversion AHT with reasonal price .For further details please ping @whatsapp 9999883083 & 9999317102 .