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1824 ads

Radek PoSeller

Sale high quality PPI installs. I have top GEO !

tier1 (EU top countries)
and mix World

only for direct advert ! have a test !

SKYPE - live:.cid.1d4e5715cae613e1

Marc JohannesSeller

We are looking for a genuine buyer for tech support..We generate multiple calls @ reasonable rate with good calls quality , AHT, call flow prepay . so please contact us on whatsapp no 9999883080 or 9999317102 skype joymati johannes.

Juliya VdovenkoSeller

Hello there!

I’m Juliya and I'm glad to offer our traffic via CPC or CPM!

✅ Our best geos - Asian (IN, ID, MY and etc), Arabic (SA EG AE), Tier -1, RU and European mainstream traffic (mobile and desktop).

✅ Available formats: POP, NATIVE and PUSH-NOT

✅ To speak about advantages, you are always able to choose any targeting option you prefer (geos, platforms, browsers, OS and etc) + white/black lists.

💲 Comfortable minimum deposit will make your start little easier. It’s only $15

If you have any question feel free to ping me via skype (juliya.v) or email (

Use this link to register and ping me after that :)

Nadya GolubovaSeller

Dear friend!
If you need HQ PUSH and POP traffic you should join our beneficial partner program! Targeleon presents huge amount of traffic all over the world. We work via CPC model and our minimal CPC for any GEO is just $0.0003 ($0,3 for 1000 clicks).

➡️Daily PUSH performance is 100 000 000 views.
➡️POP traffic is 50 000 000 views.
➡️Our TOP Geos: BR, US, FR, RU, DE, ES, Latam.
➡️Top niches working great with our traffic are Dating, Finance, Push subs, Sweeps.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions!

Sergio BurretBuyer

We are interested in establishing a partnership with affiliates and publishers, and currently, we are looking for new traffic sources to join our network

We have CPA/RS campaigns with the highest PO for all Geos and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Router, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera).
In case you are interested, please get back to me and I will be happy to assist you.

Best regards, Sergio Burret.
skype: live:4882bd1c883504bd

Juan MiguelBuyer

Hi All,

We buy installs for our Mac bundle installer. Payment Net15 on PPI (pay-per-install) basis. We can discuss other systems based on CPA/CPI.

Strictly no prepayments. Sorry.

Several countries (US, GB, CA, FR, DE). Competitive rates per install. Only Mac desktop (Safari, Chrome and Firefox), although Windows is a possibility if campaigns perform well.

Please contact in private for payouts and more info. Thanks.

Skype: live:juan_13915

Social InstallationSeller

Selling HQ Installs (Single Offer) - No Bundle
Maximum Conversion
Minimum Booking @ 500 Installs on Pre Payment
NO TESTING (Social Installation is running Since 2009)
No Suspension on Virus Detection
(We have power tools to make Auto Clean)
No Duplicate Installations
Registered Since 2009

Publishers Can Contact Us on Net Payments

Roman KataevSeller

Exclusive Forex leads - worldwide.
Full name, tel, email, birthday, referral URL, referral ID, deposit amount, withdraw amount, date, etc.
Italy, Germany, Europe, GCC, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa.
Almost every country, HOT and COLD leads.
Just name the country- I will provide the number of leads, amount of deposit, and sample (be advised the samples sent are the same for everyone updated once a week). Every lead sold once per customer, no double leads.

Will sell per lead, or fixed price.
For more info pm.

Sergio ClickaduSeller

Clickadu is a digital advertising network for Web & Mobile Channels and can provide you with high-quality traffic.

🔰 🔰

❎ smartCPA / smartCPM / CPM / CPI / CPA / CPL ❎

Our top-verticals:
🔹 Push-subscription offers
🔹 VPN apps
🔹 Tools
🔹 All Adult Content
🔹 Sweepstakes
🔹 Soft
🔹 Datings
🔹 Adult mobile/desktop games
🔹 Shopping apps
🔹 Social apps
🔹 Game apps
🔹 All in-house offers

☑ Onclick/Popunder
☑ Dialog Push-Ups
☑ Push-notifications
☑ Video pre-rolls
☑ SKIM-traffic

🌎 GEO: WW 🌎

If you need a high-quality traffic and tons of conversions - feel free to contact me.
Skype - live:sergio_11911
Email -

Oleg EvtushenkoSeller

You might be interested in TECH SUPPORT traffic.🛠⚙

Traffic which provides CALLS.💸💸💸

Cloacking or not - we do not care! You need only URL link to start. We will approve any of your Landing Page and consult you with creating the best one.

Our managers are ready to support you during the whole period of running a campaign. Competition is not a problem anymore - You will be the one who knows all the current top bids first.

With us, you can get both: Adult and Mainstream traffic.
CPM starts from 6$ WW - Google Chrome browser.

Other browsers minimum price CPM:
USA 9$
Canada 9$
Germany 8$
Italy 8$
Australia 8$
France 8$

Any devuces🖥💻

For more details contact me

My skype: live:oleg_2041
Telegramm: @Daimon777

Best Regards

Vamshy vorsBuyer

We are looking for traffic CPI/CPA type of campaigns. We have direct offers for all countries.

skype id - ybrant_vamsyv



Invalid offers have caused serious damage to your campaigns, your network and your business. About 50% of all online offers are invalid or have expired. Although each click sent to an invalid offer means a loss of traffic and money, it is unwise to take unnecessary risks without checking the operability of the link.
There are also solutions when there are problems. OfferTest is an efficient and simple affiliate marketing tool that tracks whether your CPI / CPA offers are properly redirected to the app store. It helps members block click waste and identify all networks in the redirect chain.

Jason ClayBuyer

- High PPI,CPI,CPL,CPM Rev/Share Payouts
- Unique content
- High conversion
- Custom in-house offers available
- More then 6 different niches
- High and especially fast payments
- Detailed statistics
- Legendary support (24/7)

♦ Minimum Prepayment: Only $200!

Please check our payment proof with a Paypal Screenshot



I am looking for a way to monetize my chrome extensions.

Send me a PM if you have something!

Roxana NikolaSeller

🥊 If You're Not Using This Traffic Source, Then You Are Losing Hundreds Of Dollars From Under Your Nose! (LETS FIX THAT!)

"Get 250+ Daily Website Visitors On Complete Autopilot in any Niche with 100% Real FREE Traffic "
Perfect For List Building, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, ECom, Business Websites Who Want Traffic.

We have found a solution to your problem with traffic, through a method our customers and ourselves have been using, to get us consistent traffic on a day to day basis.

This traffic method became software, so we can automate our process and help us save time and any effort in getting real traffic. And Now You have the chance to use this same traffic method and software for your own website. This Traffic source is so real, you'll see immediate engagement with your websites, as soon as you turn it on.

Within 24 hours, you'll see traffic which will be engaging with you and your content.

Act NOW To Get Traffic
Back to Your Websites Today!

Henry WatsonSeller

Hey Everyone,

My Name is Henry Watson and I own couple of sites with real desktop traffic. No bot or Fake Install.

I’m providing bundle install for Tier 1 Countries.

Please note that I would like to work with legitimate advertisers only. Currently, I have a bandwidth for around 30k installs per month.

Note - I’m not associated with any installation exchange or network.

Minimum order - $1000

Payment will be prepaid for all the new customers.

For Price - Please Skype on live:.cid.1d26329690e8b5e5


Email -

emily walterSeller

I am pleased to offer you installations of any type on any device.
You can choose any country.

I only work on a prepaid basis

I have an account in one of the installation exchanges. And I constantly make installations there. Ready to do the installation for you too.

I’m also ready to sell this account for the price: balance + $ 1000

minimum order is $ 1000

installation prices:
tier1 = 0.25$-0.40$
tier2 = 0.10$-0.25$
tier3 = 0.01$-0.05$

account replenishment methods:

my last deposit to account:

the number of installations per day by country:

number of my last installations:

For additional information write to me on Skype or by mail.

Skype: live:.cid.5dc67b7a2f15a64b



PLease add me over skype : krishanu_7


Looking install desktop traffic windows OS. Big volume ! Only direct publisher. I am not broker ! I am direct advertiser.

Need next geo - US CA AU NZ JP DE ES FR UK IT PT

George MSeller

Greetings! I'm George from Clickadu AD Network
We are actively developing and expanding our geography, regularly including new sources of high-quality traffic. 220+ geos covered atm.
We providing:
- Direct traffic sources,
- Up to 2B+ impr/daily
- Advanced targeting and real-time stats,
- Self-Serve Platform with CPM, SmartCPM, SmartCPA or dedicated managers,
- Unique IT bot and fraud filtering tools,
- API integration for remote campaign management,
- Real-Time Bidding for networks and big advertisers,
- Ad formats: pop's, pre-rolls, pushups (dialog ads), Search Engine redirect, push-notifications.

Hit me up via skype george_14346 or e-mail:


Selling traffic for model PPI,CPI for you offer. We checked all offer advertiser. Write me in skype: live:alexdobrian

Evgeniy MSeller

I am looking for search feeds from Google/Yahoo/Bing

Geo: BR/MX/FR/DE/IT/ES & many other countries

Only for serious people.

tlg Evgeniy22 / Skype klez40

Max OdintsovBuyer

Hello, Comrades! iWoop Ltd looking for CPI/CPA traffic worldwide. If you have it just ping me by Skype( max.iwoop ) or email ( ) and we will find the way of our cooperation.

Oksana OctoleadBuyer

Tier 1 and Asia;
Games, Shopping, Dating, Utilities etc.

Feel free to add me on Skype:

Don't lose the chance to earn $$$ :)

Euroline InternationalSeller

We provide a wide range of mobile marketing services in Turkey for foreign companies and organisations to increase awareness of their products, services and brands, by delivering campaigns and promotions.

We also offer agency representation services in Turkey for mobile related companies to promote their mobile services and mobile applications in the Turkish market.

Please contact us for your enquiries about our mobile marketing services in Turkey.

Euroline International |

Carry quinnSeller

I Have Good Quantity And Quality Traffic If You Want Ping me skype-

Carry quinnSeller

We are selling Quality traffic on CPI/CPA/PPI WE Have Desktop Installs And Chrome Extensions traffic Looking For Good Partners With Daily Payments No need For Prepayments Contact me
E-mail and
We are selling bundle installs also we have 50k installs daily for ww tire1 tire2 tire3

Marko ZbukvicSeller

Hey everyone, We are selling CPI bundle Traffic WW and For TIER1 also .. We can give 50k daily installs for WW ASAP..!


Liu RongSeller

My email :
My skyper
I am looking for CPI and CPA campaigns. The areas in which we operate strongly are CN KR US EU, Southeast Asia and Western Asia
I have 2 year of experience in online marketing. I work with my team. We have our own traffic to promote any campaigns, but in order to help the campaign run smoothly and effectively, we also buy traffic from our publishers to manage conversions and clicks. It’s really important. Besides, we also use google adword accounts to advertise the offers in case we need.
We have a plan and focus on the some methods such as PPC,Banner, SEO, social networking and my publishers to get the traffic source and high conversion rate.
I hope we can discuss by skype. I'm looking forward to feedback from you. Thanks!


There are some cheaters who are saying having bundle or other desktop install network and publishers, and then ask you prepay $1k - $2k. Once you do the prepay, he will disappear, block you, or do nothing. Here are two cheaters:


take care your money.