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1210 ads

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We are looking for traffic on exclusive offers (Geo: Asia, USA,UK, AU, EU are preferable)

Adpump is a global performance marketing network presented in 14 countries with best ans exclusive mobile, ecom, game and travel advertisers. CPS, CPL, CPI, Smartlinks.

We pay by paypal, wire and webmoney weekly.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss our future corporation options !

Please, contact me by mail: rebechenko@adpump.com
SkypeID rebechenko@actionpay.net

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I'm looking for mobile web,InApp and desktop video inventory in (AU,US,UK) for on of our direct advertisers. The supply source must support LKQD Adtags. If you have inventory with these characteristics please contact me ASAP by email or: skype: LTRIVIGNO

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Hello everyone! SmartyAds sells desktop/mobile web/mobile in-app CPM based traffic in all GEOs!

Are you interested in cooperation? Ping me - Skype mary.smartyads or email m.roberts@smartyads.com

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Hello, my name is Veronica and I'm video account manager at Media Shakers. We are a video AD network that Specializes in brand AD's. At the moment we are looking to buy mobile and desktop pre roll traffic.
Please feel free to ping me: veronica.mediashakers

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Hey guys. I represent Smartyads. We are an independent global SSP and DSP, focused on US, UK, CA, Europe, Australia and global traffic as well.
We work with a lot of formats (desktop, mobile web, and inapp, video, native) on CPM basis.

How we roll:
- OpenRTB 2.4 technology
- AIB standards
- All formats of inventory
- Premium traffic
- Global reach
- Own in-house solution to control quality of traffic
We are looking for DSP/SSP partners. Feel free to ping me on Skype: mamyshkina or via mail tm@smartyads.com

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Hello guys! SmartyAds offers high-quality desktop and mobile (web/InApp) WW traffic on CPM basis. Our clients get more than 2 b impressions daily from reliable direct publishers and publisher houses all over the world.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon@outlook.com or email me -elena@smartyads.com


Hi everyone, add me on skype if you have good traffic in Italy.
diet sector
I work cpl basis.


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GET The PREMIUM & QUALITY TRAFFIC on CPM, CPC, ping us on skype :- click2emails
or email us at :- info@click2emails

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Looking for Pharmacy traffic. Feel free add me in Skype (michael.affz) or write me an email michael.affz@gmail.com

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We sell HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis.More than 2 b impressions daily. GEOS: US, UK, CA, AU, DE.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on

Skype: manager.amante or via e-mail: support@amantemedia.com

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We have traffic for WW.
for mobile and desktop.
for adult and mainstream.
providing high quality traffic for all type of advertising that includes Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Forex, Weight Loss, Solar Panels, Education.

Skype: live:ethanls_2

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IveMedia Ltd is looking for desktop HQ traffic for top geos. Good Alexa rank of your sites is required. CPM model.

Email and Skype contact: publishersupport@ivemedia.com

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We sell HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis.More than 2 b impressions daily. GEOS: US, UK, CA, AU, DE.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on

Skype: mst_487 or via e-mail: Anto@theleadsense.com

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Hello! We sell HQ desktop & mobile (WEB and IN APP) traffic on CPM basis. More than 2 b impressions daily. Reliable direct publishers and publisher houses all over the world.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com.

Best regards


Unique Insight into thousands of merchants and millions of publishers across all the major affiliate networks globally, helping you find:

High-Quality Publishers
Publishers linking to competitors and not you
Publishers new to affiliate marketing
The platform is currently being used by many of the leading Networks, OPM’s and Advertisers across the UK, US, APAC and Europe.

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Selling HQ USA traffic.

Very targeted traffic by - geo (50 states),age range, interests, gender etc. Banner placement, email campaigns and exclusive database!

Let me know if you are interested!

skype: krisbergs123
email: sales@kidscasting.com

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Rainmaker team is glad to offer Email Traffic for every campaign!

Don't hesitate, contact me on Skype right now - ilona.rainmaker

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Hello everyone!
My company AdOptim is looking for Direct Publishers to run our Premium Interstitial ads such as shopping, travelling, life-style, beauty, finance etc
Everything you need is to make a short registration with our platform http://www.interstitiad.com/, integrate JS tag to EVERY of your websites and start with traffic!
Every time Landing Page is displayed, you get paid by Cost Per Visit / Cost Per Clicks.
Please pay attention that we DO NOT WORK WITH PREPAYMENTS! You earn by your traffic!
If you are interested, please contact me directly on:
E: iryna@adoptim.com
S: Iryna Samtsov | Adoptim

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We Sell mobile & desktop traffic on CPM basis.We have a 80 Million Impressions per day.

We Support: Open RTB,JS Tags,Mobile Banner.

Banner Size: 320X50,468X60,300X250,728X90

Add me on Skype: adcrax.saad
Email: asif@adcrax.com
Hangout: asif.adcrax@gmail.com

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Get access to the huge number of top tranding offers for various verticals with best payouts. Sign up here: http://partners.ad-gbn.com/signup

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If you need it we can provide it to you from our native advertising network on CPC basis only.
We deliver traffic through the native ads.

for the detailed information please contact
skype: prospectprof

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MGID Inc. sells traffic via native advertising in all GEOs and for all devices. We've got around 4000 highly qualified publishers. We are looking for networks and affiliates to become our partners.

If you need any info contact me by Skype or email
valdemarovna_s / svetlana.malikova@mgid.com

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LeadSense a leading Adnetwork with presence globally. We have user Managed Platform and traffic for all devices and formats. If you are looking to run POP, Banner, email Campaigns then we can help you to set the campaign as we have traffic over a billion served every week.

We are fast growing network for EU and Americas traffic. Our traffic sources are from 50,000 direct publisher sites Managed by us and we can help your campaigns delivers with our quality traffic for both Adult and mainstream verticals.

We are network providing high quality traffic for all type of advertising that includes Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Forex, Weight Loss, Solar Panels, Education.

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Hi guys, SmartyAds sells HQ native mobile in app traffic on CPM model. Top geos (US, RU, ES, IT, IN, TR, JP, CN, FR, PR, ID, GE, SE, KR, MS and many others) are available at a good price!
Feel free to ping me at Skype - elenadavislondon or email - elena@smartyads.com.

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to offer you good volumes of effective traffic and good CPM-rates!
JP - 195k - from 1$
UA - 100k - from 1$
US - 60k - from 1.5$
TH - 55k - from 1$
FR - 45k - from 1$
LT - 32k - from 0.5$
IN - 20k - from 1.5$
RU - 17k - from 1$
GB - 13k - from 1$
BR - 10k - from 1$

WW - from 1$

Contact me -
e-mail: olga@hilltopads.com
Skype: hilltopads_adv
LI: https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/olga-evans/bb/177/238

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Guys, we have WW desktop/mobile/tablet traffic on CPC basis for varied type of offers. GEO/OS targeting.

For the detailed information please contact rachel.parker@mgid.com

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I'm Francisco from Check my Ads [http://check-my-ads.com/], an affiliate network of Bluemarket Agency.

With a great range vertical options I'm looking for traffic on CPL basis for UK, IT, IR, DE and NL.

Ping me on skype - francisco.carvalho_16, if this sounds interesting to you.

I'll be glad to give more details about our campaigns.




Hi All,

We are looking for Video Traffic on CPM basis. We are open for RON traffic. We have great demand partners and provide great fill to your RON traffic. Our team will take care of your inventory and provide you updated reports. We work Net60 payment terms.

You can reach us on sales@jbscmedia.com

JBSC Media

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Hello everyone!

SmartyAds sells huge volumes of CPM based traffic in all GEOs.

Our formats are banner, in-banner video and native.
We deal with all IAB verticals.

If you are interested in cooperation, just let me know:

email - m.roberts@smartyads.com
Skype - mary.smartyads