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Silvia noimanBuyer

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Anastasiya TokmakovaSeller

Hello, my name is Anastasiya and I represent UNGADS ad. network - platfrom, providing media traffic.
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General ThinkSeller

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Abbie ColemanBuyer

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Aliya RichardsSeller

Hi all,

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Levi TamarSeller

We have Massive traffic sources for WW geos
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Affiliate NinjasBuyer

Direct Advertiser for Nutra COD offers looking for traffic CPA

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We are direct advertiser for Nutra COD offers, looking for traffic on CPA basis.

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Victoria LTVadsBuyer is looking to buy and sell WW PUSH traffic via XML feed or oRTB endpoint on CPM basis.

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Anderson MorenoBuyer

Looking for email traffic in FRANCE. I have CPL offers!

Please reach me at:
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Adeola AkinbodeBuyer

Hello Folks,
We have in-house offers on Crypto, Education, Insurance, Health and Beauty, Diets and Nutra.
HQ traffic is needed.
Feel free to contact me on:
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Load AdsBuyer

Hello there :-)

LoadAds is looking for world wide traffic (mobile and desktop also), the CPM rates are based on traffic quality.
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Hi! i am an owner of 24/7 call center (multilingual). I need leads / calls for English Speaking GEOs on any vertical

anyone want to work on revshare - also welcome.

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Chamith JanakaBuyer

Hi there...👋
▶ We're Looking for high-quality traffic for our Exclusive Nutra, Ecommerce, Beauty Offers. (CC Submit, PPS)


Sign up:

Chamith Janaka - AM | Ambalaya Affiliate Network
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Thank you.


Services Available:

1. Business Manager account with NO DAILY SPENDING LIMIT (BM no limit), suitable for E-commerce, Dropshipping, White hat campaign.

2. Huge amount of Business Manager accounts with limit of $350, can be used for Black hat campaign.

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My detail info:
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BTC, bank wire, Payoneer, Paypal is accepted. Contact for further discussion and cooperation.


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Bohdan RevolutionBuyer

Hey! We are ready to propose you the best dating and nutra offers if you have best traffic for it! Weekly payment, a lot of payment methods, a bunch of TOP EPC offers available! Please, write me in Skype or Telegram!
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Ruby TalSeller

I am Ruby from an online advertising company which can help you to reach your ROI goals.
We have traffic globally in POP, Banner, Native, Push, Email and Video, where we can target audience with your ads directly to their mobile or desktop.
Our traffic sources are premium and direct and we work on various pricing models like CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI and CPA,etc. and we promote various verticals like Nutra, Loan, Games, Utilities, Shopping, E-commerce, Adults, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Casino, Dating, Forex & Crypto with the integration formats of JS Tag, URL, Image, oRTB, S2S pixel. If you are looking to buy traffic/ have any queries, please feel free to ping me on Skype:live:.cid.7111cf4375103ca4

Joy ChiBuyer

Hello guys, we have lots of direct offers with high payout in the categories of loans, insurance, dating, warranty, sweeps, mortgage, health and beauty, diet and skin etc. we do strictly postpay. Hit me up at skype for some cap.
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Hey guys! Do you have the best traffic for our FOREX and Crypto offers for Germany and SWISS? Get in touch as we have some well converting offers in those categories!!! We pay 3 times a week. Lets discuss!. Skype ID : Live:foxy_beauty_1

Hello everyone, anybody with quality traffic for the following verticals?
dating warranty
health and beauty diet and skin
Forex and crypto.
Kindly reach out to me for some cap. SkypeID:live:foxy_beauty_1