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1485 ads

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Hello, We are looking to buy traffic WW both mobile and dektop. Smartlinks only. My skype is live:ryna_39

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I buy cpl traffic in Italy Spain and Poland.
Display, Native and Email marketing.
add me on skype dariobonanno.91

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High Quality E-Mail & Display Inventory in ES/IT/UK/FR/DE

Only BRAND offers!
Best Verticals: Travel, Insurance, Telco, Coupon Downloads, Brand Sweeps

NO Shady Offers!
NO Pin-Submits!
NO Nutra!
NO Forex/Binary!
(We will not send the above offers, no matter how much you offer on CPM)

If your campaign has a TV commercial and Wikipedia page it's more likely to be suitable for us. Only well-known brands.

Contact our Campaign Manager on Skype now: jerry.nullo

Thanks & Best regards

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I am looking to buy desktop video traffic, we have a huge demand for All Player - Small, medium, large.
Geo's - US,UK,CA,AU
Huge Demand and Great Fill.

Contact me for further details -
Email - ashima@xapads.com
Skype - ashimashukla.as

Kind Regards

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Hello everyone, let me introduce our network first!

Zetaniche is performance based affiliate network who is offering affiliates to promote some of the most popular products in unique and low competitive geos of Europe. We have exclusive adult and mainstream offers in a wide range of verticals such as health, beauty, weight loss, dating and male enhancement, which you can start running right now!

If you are an affiliate or a webmaster who is ready to promote our offers in targeted geos, here is what we are offering you:
Payment options: wire, Paxum and Payoneer
Payouts: monthly - minimal payout for wire is 100€, for other payment options is 50€, weekly 1000€ and bi-weekly 1500€

We offer you professional and experienced personal AM who is looking forward to answer all your questions and show you the best way to promote our offers!

Want to start making some money? You are more than welcome to join Zetaniche today!


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I'm looking for publishers/owners of websites with desktop traffic for some good CPM campaigns all over the world. We offer:
In-time payments
$50 payout (Check or Paypal)
CPM $0.04 - $3.5
All major Ad Formats support
Good Customer Support.
Join our Publishers Team and let's make business together!
Add me in skype so that we can discuss all the details, please.
My skype ID is gabrielegarner

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We sell HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis.More than 2 b impressions daily. GEOS: US, UK, CA, AU, DE.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on

Skype: manager.amante or via e-mail: support@amantemedia.com

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Get access to the huge number of top tranding offers for various verticals with best payouts. Sign up here: http://ad-gbn.affise.com/signup

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Above All Offers has some cap open right now on Diet and Skin due to increased caps, this is your time to get in. We can offer Weekly Payouts, Competitive Payouts and a level of service you've never experienced before.

If you don't have an account go to www.abovealloffers.com and click on "affiliate" to sign up. Put my name and MyMediaAds down in the referral section.

Feel free to hit me up on skype if you have any questions.

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We can offer you on our DSP platform :
- #Banners - 2nd bid price auction
-Transparent relationships & advanced targeting
- Small test amount ($100)
- Pop under and banner traffic on CPM
- 300 MM daily impressions worldwide
- conversion tracking
- optimization by subid and domain
- carrier targeting
- IP range targets
- budget cap & Frequency capping
..and etc..

If you have a need of quality traffic - please contact with me - tanya@mybestclick.net

Thank you,
Tanya Dimitrova
Mybestclick team

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I am looking for high quality of APK traffic for india and other geo location . If you have then contact me on skype.
Skype : siddhant.shekhar@adcrax.com

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Are you a super affiliate & publisher?
I'm looking for Facebook, Google AdWords, or native traffic for our exclusive Nutra trial & E-Commerce CPA campaigns.

We can offer great payment frequency & better payout for a long term business collaboration!

Besides, we also provide: virtual credit card / Fb Ads accounts /spy & cloak tools

Reach me out @ skype & Email:
To check our exclusive offers we request you login in here:

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Hi all who wants to make money!
We are looking for VIDEO (VAST/VPAID) traffic from DIRECT publishers (Tier1 countries are preferable) on CPM basis.
The best campaigns and perfect support for the adequate video pubs ;)

Ping me on Skype: olga.gulakova@tapgerine.com

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Good day!

Laserdia now bring much more high quality traffic from Facebook for diet, now we can run big volume on Diet.

Kindly contact me if your are still looking into it. We continuously bring the high quality Facebook traffic and high retention.

email/skype: will.hu@lsaermediagrp.com

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Lotto, sweepstakes, surveys, discounts, vouchers, clairvoyance.
Skype : greetings_sales22
E : kunal.gupta@123greetings-inc.com

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Ronsearch is looking for partners to work via Open RTB protocol (2.4) integration (CPM).

We offer you:
- WW desktop and mobile traffic (mostly tier 1)
- Advanced targeting options
- 100% transparency
- 2B ad impressions per month in more than 112 countries
- Various ad formats: banners, native ads, rich media, video, pop-up and pop-under
- Strict filtering of non-human traffic

For further info, please, contact us via
e-mail: manage@ronsearch.com
skype: doris.winter86

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Hi, i'm looking for traffic in Italy and Spain, PAYOUT 20 EURO LEAD.
Add me on skype antoniochessa.wander

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Looking for affiliates to run our own inhouse Nutra offers on CPA basis for the Nordics (SE, FI, NO).

Please ping me: - Skype: ebuzzm
- Email: jacques.nait@vitaelife.com

Or sign up as an affiliate: http://regimen.hasoffers.com/signup

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We are DuMedia, the part of the one of the biggest cpa network - AdmitAd. We have offices in 8 countries with 200+ experts.

That's why we are one of the leaders on traffic quality and prices. 67% of our partners buys our traffic again!

We have:

✓ WW mainstream/adult traffic(pop-under and display)
✓ Self-service platform with real-time statistics(updating every minute)
✓ Zone ID Token
✓ Managing, Improving, Recommendation
at Any Step of your advertising campaigns
✓ Refund is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with our traffic

I'm waiting for your letter on v.kruk@mydumedia.com

or ping me via skype: Vladimir DuMedia

Let's begin the great long-term partnership!

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IveMedia Ltd is looking for desktop HQ traffic for top geos. Good Alexa rank of your sites is required. CPM model.

Email and Skype contact: publishersupport@ivemedia.com

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Hey everyone!

Convertise is looking for new DSP and SSP partners to integrate via Open RTB protocol 2.3/2.4.

We work on a CPM basis
WW traffic (mostly tier 1)
IAB accepted banner sizes for all devices (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet)

We do support with JS tags for buying traffic.

Email: ruslan@convertise.io
Skype: ruslaniva

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Hi all,

My name is Alessio and I'm the person in charge of italian market in Addoor, a native advertisings operator. We do currently collaborate with 66 publishers in Italy (5mln uniques users per month).

If you`d like to buy traffic for your campaigns and test our technology, please let me know and I'l be glad to assist you.

My skype is : alessio.lupino2

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Hi Guys,

We are media agency from GetNV Media, we want to buy tons of mobile web traffic for ww in high volume on CPM basis( CPM banners). We are many kinds of offers with very good rate. You need to run the 3rd part and JS tags. If you have this kind of traffic, pls contact me:
Skype:Vera Smit | GetNV Media
Email: verasmit@getnvmedia.com

Thanks for your attention and wish you a happy life.

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At AlfaConvert we have the best converting CPA offers. I could help you to find the most proffitable way to monetize your traffic.

If you are interested in getting high payouts, drop me a line at: magda.p@alfaconvert.com


I am looking for publishers from where i can buy pop up ads , Pop under. No bots only quality traffic

skype id-hitechcloud



Our company, R1Data, is a leader in the leads-generation world, providing you with a simple and cost-effective method to generate prospects for mailing lists. Whether it is thru subscriptions, loyalty programs, memberships or other customer acquisition and retention programs, our data suits any of your needs.

Being in the industry for over 10 years, many publishers and marketers have taken notice of the opportunities and revenue they could generate with our data. Utilising the data from R1Data, it is an excellent way to increase your sales in the short term, but also reduce any risks of dead emails, opt-outs and lost revenue.

We have one of the largest databases in the industry and getting daily leads in the following niches.


Our leads will suit any of your needs, short, long-form, email or dialing, we are getting fresh leads everyday!

My name is James, add me on skype - james.wiss


If you have any Co reg offers please contact me but really looking for CA MX offers with uncapped or large budgets

please contact me at kevin.johnson_ conectia

Thumb aaeaaqaaaaaaaankaaaajgexnwvjnzjhltdlyzutngiwns1injc2ltrimtbinzkwnzi0ng1 avatarBuyer

Trillium Interactive is looking for Traffic on a CPL basis for direct offers.
- Geos: PT, ES, US, UK, SE, AU
- Verticals: Sweepstakes/Freebies
- Payment Terms: NET 30 or NET 45
- Traffic: Non Incent
- Flow: SOI

Contact us if you are interested in promoting the best campaigns!!

email: goncalo@trilliuminteractive.com
skype: goncalo88trillium

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to offer you good volumes of effective traffic and good CPM-rates!
JP - 195k - from 1$
UA - 100k - from 1$
US - 60k - from 1.5$
TH - 55k - from 1$
FR - 45k - from 1$
LT - 32k - from 0.5$
IN - 20k - from 1.5$
RU - 17k - from 1$
GB - 13k - from 1$
BR - 10k - from 1$

WW - from 1$

Contact me -
e-mail: olga@hilltopads.com
Skype: hilltopads_adv
LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-selling-traffic-238177bb/

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I'm selling US inventory banners for web.

Cpm gets more than 1.2 ecpm on several DSP's.

Ill give more tips while we contact :)

reach me at Skype: remi.mojoo