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1925 ads

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104+ SSPs and 100K+ direct publisher; Banner & Pop. Integration By OpenRTB & JS tags;

Skype and Email is - b.dave@arteebee.com

Why work with us?
-Transparent SSPs & Publishers.
-No Minimum Bid Limits.
-Programmatic Targeting For Better Conversions.
-No Setup Cost.
-Net Terms Available.
-Real Time Audited For Quality Traffic.

Bharat Dave
+1 289-475-0189 Ext 104

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Hello everyone, we re looking for traffic on Cpl basis In Italy and Spain for our own offers.
Payments weekly and amazing conversion.
Add me on skype: dariobonanno.91

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As I speak, we have over 10 verticals that is working well for us on PLATFORMLEAD and i believe we can make more CA$H together if you give us the QUALITY TRAFFIC on CPL CPI and CPA basis. Feel free to hit me on Skype: Omotoso.pl so we can get started.

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Hey everyone!

Convertise is looking for new DSP and SSP partners to integrate via Open RTB protocol 2.3/2.4.

We work on a CPM basis
WW traffic (mostly tier 1)
IAB accepted banner sizes for all devices (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet)

We do support with JS tags for buying traffic.

Email: ruslan@convertise.io
Skype: ruslaniva

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Looking for Nutra traffic for our Own in house Offers. We have Huge Budget. If you have high quality of traffic then please contact me over skype: live:asif_1161 or email : asif@mcom.io

Payment terms:weekly,Bi Weekly, Net 30

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I represent NiuTux Digital Media: http://niutux.com/

Inventory is available for banners
Tags we support: javascript, iframe and html

Interested? Then reach me @ Mail: parthiban.c@niutux.com, Skype@ Parthiban Chinnappan to discuss and take it forward.

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EasyProfits is an Affiliate Program that is looking for publishers.
The high quality of our products is the reason, why customers readily return to them and why they are recommended by celebrities and promoted by web portals. Make use of the quality of our products and turn it into earnings!
We put your convenience first. We develop the program for you so that you can earn global profits from being a part of EasyProfits.

Be sure to check our site for more details: www.easyprofits.com

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me: piotr@easyprofits.com

What distinguishes us from other affiliate programs?
* High conversion rates – even more than 40%
* One of the latest sales tracking system in the world
* Payments processes by the Elavon
* Mobile traffic statistics
* Payment on demand
* Access to unique tools, e.g. iframe order forms, S2S postback, unique referral system
* 10% commission from recurring orders

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We offer desktop and mobile traffic for all Geos.
- native in-app
- CPM model
- JS/IFrame tags
- several targeting options

Feel free to ping me on Skype: kristina@smartyads.com or via email: kristina@smartyads.com

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We are an affiliation network with our own email database and publishers.

- Traffic available for all verticals
- 5 million opt-in emails.
- Best quality traffic guaranteed.
- WW geos
-looking for direct nutra Offers
Book your campaigns now. First come, first served.

You can reach me on skype: Rajbeer.adhaattec
email: rajbeer.singh@adhaattec.com

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Want to know how we deliver top-notch traffic to our clients, reaching retention rates up to 75% and higher?
(Ain't no joke if stats can prove it all.)

LASERmedia is here to help YOU boost YOUR revenue!

Are you an Advertiser for NUTRA and/or -related verticals?
What are you waiting for?

Find out more on how we deliver top-notch traffic for your online campaigns!


WW traffic available for Mobile Subscription offers as well.
We're more than JUST an Affiliate Network based in the Eastern hemisphere. We're a Private CPA Network in possession of a multi-disciplinary team working around the clock, with its core in Shanghai, accompanied by an extensive network of multiple in-house media buying teams dispersed in each corner of Greater China!

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feel free to ping me on Skype mantoshg_2.

INDIAN please excuse.
I worked only on prepay.


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Looking for good and high-trust Facebook/ Google Ads Accounts?
Add me on Skype: live:vanquang8584 if you are interested.


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I have accounts rental ads, it can spend max $50k per day, good service for CLOAKING your campaign on Facebook.
Skype: anhducuc

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We are looking for quality traffic to the product. Prefer Email
https://secretsofsarah.com Femme Youth - women health (35+)
https://www.secretsofsarah.com/loveyourself - Love Yourself - diet
https://www.secretsofsarah.com/secretsofyouth - Secrets of Youth - vitamins
https://www.secretsofsarah.com/woman - Love for women - Viagra for Women (Libido enhancer)

Femme Youth
Payout: $60 trial + 45$ upsell.
Love Yourself
Payout: $55 trial + $45 upsell.
Secrets of Youth
Payout: $55 trial + $45 upsell.
Love for Women
Payout: $65 trial + $45 upsell.

Conversion Point: offer converts on a valid free trial purchase (5$)
(CPL with phone confirmation*)

Allowed Methods: Premium Media Buy, Search PPC, Social PPC, Organic Search, Banner Display, Contextual, Email, PPV/CPV, Mobile

Mobile Opt

Ping me on SKYPE: goldenh.alex, NO ADS NETWORK

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I have some good and high trust advertising accounts for lease, which can spend $5k per day with white hat and blackhat product. I have worked with many guys around the world from skin care, diet, muscle product.

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we are a company with over 900k daily visitis check website www.gazetaexpress.com
top 5 alexa rank in europe we have mixed traffic and we are looking for some cpi incent offers

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247RTB is a real-time programmatic buying platform connected to a range of DSP, ad exchanges, ad networks and other traffic sources.
100% transparent traffic
Min deposit $20
User-friendly and clear interface

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Looking for Own In House Online APK/DDL offers or Direct Advertiser. We can provide daily 20k installs. Feel to free Ping me over Skype or mail.

Skype : live:asif_1161
Mail : asif@mcom.io

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I have some good and high trust advertising accounts for lease, which can spend $5k per day with white hat and blackhat product: skincare, nutra, muscle, forex, bitcoin.... Add me for further discussion
Skype: ngocduyy (Dư Ngọc Duy)

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I have some good and high trust advertising accounts for lease, which can spend $5k per day with white hat and blackhat product: skincare, nutra, muscle, forex, bitcoin.... Add me for further discussion
Skype: anhducuc

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Are you looking for HQ quality traffic to run your offer?

MobiVisits could offer you, Banner, pops, Native, Interstitial, and JS tag traffic on a global level.

Please add me on skype- live:shubham_386
Email- shubham@mobivisits.com


We are a video platform looking for traffic on CPM Basis.

Skype : sosobens1

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We are interested in the CPA offers for Free Trial & CODs.

Sign up at http://offers.adnut.com/signup_advertiser/10

Contact Robert Curtiss
email: Robert@Adnut.com
skype: Robert_21848

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AdNut has advertisements for Nutra free trials, health products, beauty products (hair and skin care), and dating site. All these advertisements have high and quick payouts. Looking to set these up immediately. Serious inquiries only.
Email: danl@adnut.com
Skype: live:danl_184

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Get a Premium Traffic for your Campaign, we have converting traffic that will give you better results.

If you have any campaign please add me on Skype: click2emails

Or Email us @ info@click2emails.com

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hello all
i am adam
if you are looking for excellent service about all kinds of marketing . so you are in right place . https://goo.gl/KmAQaj

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We are monetizing all types of traffic across all geos and browsers. All quality traffic goes to out bid system and results are 3-10x traditional parking or geo redirects. US RPMs are up to $200 for high quality web traffic! With over 1,000 campaigns buying traffic daily, there is no shortage of buyers!! Go to www.redirect.com

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You have traffic, and want to monetize it maximally? I know the solution!
WW traffic is accepted.
Payment method - net30. paypall or wire transfer(if amount >900$)
Ping me in Skype if you are not skammer: live:6dff6f78cd1b68ac

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Hi guys, SmartyAds sells HQ native mobile in app traffic on CPM model. Top geos (US, RU, ES, IT, IN, TR, JP, CN, FR, PR, ID, GE, SE, KR, MS and many others) are available at a good price!
Feel free to ping me at Skype - elenadavislondon or email - elena@smartyads.com.

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Hello, I am Young from Yesup Media Inc.

We have our desktop/mobile traffics available not only from Tier 1, but also from Tier 2 ,3 and 4.

best working niches: gambling/gaming/entertainment/shopping/nutra/FOREX/BO

Our company works with banner/ pop page/ video/ intext ads, but no in-App Ads !!!

Payment term:
CPC/CPV/CPM: Up to NET30 with credit reference
CPA/CPL/CPS: prepayment deposit only.

Please contact me through Skype or Email at: youngjeong@yesupmail.com