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Hello everyone,
i m currently looking for traffic Cpl in Sweden, Italy, Germany, France And Finland!
add me on skype: romanoemanuele0

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High Quality E-Mail & Display Inventory in ES/IT/UK/FR/DE

Only BRAND offers!
Best Verticals: Travel, Insurance, Telco, Coupon Downloads, Brand Sweeps

NO Shady Offers!
NO Pin-Submits!
NO Nutra!
NO Forex/Binary!
(We will not send the above offers, no matter how much you offer on CPM)

If your campaign has a TV commercial and Wikipedia page it's more likely to be suitable for us. Only well-known brands.

Contact our Campaign Manager on Skype now: jerry.nullo

Thanks & Best regards

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Hey guys. We are an independent global SSP and DSP, We focused on IN,US, UK, Europe and global traffic as well.
We work with desktop and mobile ad formats on CPM basis.
Creatives we support: JS, adTag, iFrame, Vast,rotating tags
Platform type: self-serve DSP with RTB and retargeting capabilities.
We support :
- OpenRTB 2.3 technology
- AIB standards
- All formats of inventory
- Own in-house solution to control quality of traffic
We are looking for DSP partners. Feel free to ping me on Skype: pankitdutta1993 or via mail pankit@adcrax.com

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need high quality traffic, can pay good rates if quality is good.
Geo - US/CA(popunders)
Desktop only
Contact me or send your skype for more details.

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Hi All, Looking for huge CPL, CPM and CPC traffic for WW Geo!!!! Offering the assured best payouts =) only 100% real humans visitors.

Mobile and Desktop traffic!!!

Feel free to ping me: Skype: geyze.nallydasilva


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Premium and High converting Traffic in all verticals Worldwide, Only for Direct Advertisers, hit me up on
Skype at Segun.digitalraves
Email at Segunomokafe@digitalraves.com

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Providing high quality traffic for all type of advertising that includes Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Forex, Weight Loss, Solar Panels, Education.
For WW.
Our strongest geo is tier 1.
Skype: live:c301ef6942a1a0cf

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Kindly contact me for Premium and High Converting Traffic via Skype at Segun.digitalraves and Email at Segunomokafe@digitalraves.com

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Hello i' m looking for campaigns in new zealand.
we got a db in COI with a size of 250.000 users all profiled for city doi name and surname , i'm looking for campaigns where i can bring very good traffic

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We have high quality email traffic / coreg / sponsor on FR, ES, IT, UK, US. my mail ID:b.rochdi@mycoreg.fr OR can ping me on my skype ID : bayane.weedoit
Lets make it happen !

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Hello everyone!
SmartyAds sells huge volumes of CPM based traffic in all GEOs.
Our formats are banner, in-banner video and native.
We deal with all IAB verticals.
If you are interested in cooperation, just let me know:
email - m.roberts@smartyads.com
Skype - mary.smartyads

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Utilizing a variety of tools including email marketing, media, pop under, display, and call center to devise successful marketing campaigns that will in turn generate uniquely tailored leads to each of our clients.
We have quality traffic for your campaigns across all geos and we are ready to start right at anytime!
Skype: lucienanderson


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Any traffic-hunters out there? I have the ftd's you need, or perhaps you're looking for traffic for surveys?
Perhaps i sent to much on clairvoyance, but i predict.... You ping me on Skype and and let me know what country to test in! :-)
Skype: adilmailandtraffic
Email: adilap@mailandtraffic.com

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Hello to everyone,
I' m looking for campaigns in Germany, Belgium(Dutch), Netherlands and Poland.
We got a db in COI/DOI all profiled for name, surname, age and gender. I'm looking for campaigns where i can bring very good traffic. See you soon!

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I am direct email publisher looking for email offers. we have good data for European countries.can you help me regarding this ?

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DigitalRaves provides High Converting Traffic on all verticals in all the Geos of the World.
Contact me on Skype at Segun.digitalraves and Email at Segunomokafe@digitalraves.com

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Looking for HQ publishers that have HQ traffic for our CPA, CPI and CPL campaigns. (WW)

If you are interested and have good quality traffic please ping me:
-skype : bonnie.kato29
-mail : bonnie@desktapp.com

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2016 Should be a Year where businesses need to grow, and ROI has to increase. We can guarantee you long term collaboration, with quality leads and effective means of handling your CPL offers across all geos.
Forex, Dating, Gambling, Casino, Binary, and Games we got you covered, and we are here to help you promote your business and see you gravitate to another level of increase in ROI.

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Quality traffic is available for all your Forex, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Finance, Beauty, and Dating Campaigns with effective and qualified turn around.

Skype: Allennperry

We need more offers to promote, as our advertisers are enjoying great ROI and are happy to work with us. We look to seek more offers from advertisers to promote. We deliver quality traffic, and we keep to agreements.

If you would like to promote your offers to see great results in sales, please get in touch with us, we will help you get results.


Publicizing to ship your products , shot campaigns and mobile emailmkt , displays ... Abacus Marketing Solutions is an agency with own bases in Spain , Poland , France, Brazil , UK , Italy, Australia, LATAM... , among other countries which could reach our users .
We campaign CPL, CPM, CPC...

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We are an advertising network who selling traffic on CPL basis.
All verticals including Forex - Binary options - Brokers - Health - Auto insurance - E-commerce - Home loan - Beauty - Financial services etc.

Selling traffic on prepayment with 100 minimum leads as a test for all verticals. Money back guarantee in 30 days if not qualified leads delivered.

Feel free to contact me:

Skype: akanjo.hsoub
E-mail: akanjo@hsoub.com

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Hello all,

Looking for good payout campaigns for All Geo's..
All verticals...

We have good traffic for GCC, Russia countries.

Looking for CPC offers all verticals.

Skype:- noble.ghosle1
email :- ng@alphainfolab.com

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Hi Guys!

AdMobly is looking for really good offers with high payouts.

CPL (Incent/ Non- Incent)

VERTICALS: Beauty, education,forex/Binary, dating, adult and insurance.

Please ping me:

skype- live:tanyagupta1301
Email- tanya@admobly.com

:) :) :)

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I have a good quality email in NO, DK, FI, SE and DE, if you have any interesting email campaign. Please add me on skype: anderson.j.moreno or email me: anderson@abacus-marketing.com

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Are you an advertiser, looking to increase your ROI? Or perhaps want to promote one campaign or the other, here comes an amazing opportunity for you to meet the best Quality Merchants & Affiliates, as we have set the necessary things in place so as to deliver you an optimum result that will surely surpass your expectation.

We only work with qualified catalog-based merchants and vetted affiliates that are serious about affiliate marketing, coupled with Unraveled Support that helps you get the best results on your campaigns.

Skype: Osmondnewland
Email: osmond@newland-digital.com

Let's start a wonderful relationship together!

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Looking for advertisers & companies I can help with large appetite for email clicks. We have massive internal email database and have the scalability to send huge volume of direct response solo emails on Adverbid.

All of our traffic on is from direct opt-in subscribers we have over 443 million consumer records in 27 different verticals all English speaking countries.

When subscriber/consumer clicks unique. We give you real time data on a dashboard and sheet that you can export via CSV with date/time stamped/ IP/ Subid/ Browser/ Operating System


Hi All!

If you have direct offers for RUSSIAN market, please feel free to write me!

Skype: linepete21

Company: adwad.ru/en

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Trafficlightmedia providing fresh validated leads on key verticals with volumes and quality, get in touch to set a test!

Skype: amir.mikay


Got great UK email traffic.

Looking for campaigns across all verticals.

Leave your skype I'll contact u

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Hi Guys, Do you have Vikings CPL offer in tier 1 directly, if yes please contact me on Skype : Creative.mindznow