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We provide display campaigns for Our clients in EU geos, also Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. Nutra, finance, language education products avalable. We look for good quality traffic, we work on big scale. CPA - high payouts. Non limited budgets after test traffic source. Lets make business together ;)
Please contact via email: lukasz.pankowski@itf.pl

Sonu VyasBuyer

We are looking traffic for CPA, Health/Diet/beauty & Fashion.

Exclusive and Direct Offer's with good payout.

Ping me on
Skype: sonu.digitalmediads
Email: sonu@digitalmediads.com

sharan kumaranBuyer

Hello Folks,

We have direct and exclusive CPI campaigns
We have best converting CPI offers.
If you are interested add me on skype live:sharan.kumaran1996
Mail: sharan@kalpssoft.com

Sandy AdiBuyer

I am Sandy from Digital MediAds.
We have a Large volume of CPA and CPI Offer with High payout.
And we are Looking for good traffic .

Feel free to add me on Skype: live:sandy.digitalmediads

Saanvi BhagwatiSeller

Hello everyone,

We are selling Mobile and Desktop traffic on CPC, CPM to all verticals and all Geo's

please feel free to ping me on:
Skype: live:saanvi.digitalmediads
Email: saanvi@digitlmediads.com

Mina OpusAdsBuyer

We are a Global Performance Advertising Agency that offers monetization of both Mobile and Desktop traffic worldwide. We have:

• CPI CPA CPL CPS PPI campaigns for Display and Mobile Devices.

• 180 GEOs reach with CN, IN, SA, TH, VN, ID, MY, US, KR, CA, HK, DE, JP, RU, UK, AU, CH, TW, IT, FR, ZA and UAE taking about 90% of our overall GEO traffic.

You can get an in-depth insight about our company by going through our very detailed website: http://opusads.com.

Fill up this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJhKPtfZAtkYp3J6xDMpTBmpTotghYVghIiFCSGQDfEb5l6w/viewform

email: mina@opusads.com
skype: live:opusadsmina

Maitri PatelBuyer


Do you have traffic? We have exclusive direct semi-direct offers.

- Banner and native ads
- Postpaid only

Ping me if you have traffic and looking for new offers.
Skype (live:maitrip_1)

Or mail me on maitri@addrawtech.com

Cyrus KayBuyer

I would like to cooperate with some lead generation company on a CPL basis for Hong Kong and Taiwan. Vertical, adult, health & beauty.
Skype: CyrusKayani

Don't hesitate to ping me asap

Rob GlebeSeller

Adsimialte Marketing has large available inventory of POP, RON, TOS/PV and Premium traffic.

Sign up here: https://adsimilatecommunity.com/user/newpublisher
I can be reached at rglebe@adsimilate.com Also on Skype: rob.glebe


Hi community,

Please, don't hesitate to contact me if you might be interested in push notifications solution for your offers or brands. Adskeeper has almost 200k new subscriptions every day with total 1.5 million clicks from push right now.
Dating, Gambling, Nutra/Healthcare, Binary/Forex/Crypto and other verticals perform awesome with us.

My contact details:
Skype: nikita_gapchuk
Telegram: @gapchuk
E-mail: nikita.gapchuk@adskeeper.co.uk

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Hello guys my name is Yaroslav, I am an affiliate manager DirectAffiliate

We are direct advertiser for Nutra COD offers, looking for traffic on CPA basis

Health, beauty, adult, skin diet offers

you can ping me in skype - yaroslav.gonza
or email me at yaroslav@directaffiliate.com

Vishal SharmaSeller

Looking for direct adv., app developers, agencies only for direct CPI Campaigns. We have a good sources of traffic on CPI and can meet your KPIs.
Lets connect if you've some great campaigns.

Skype: vishal367@live.com
Mail: vishal.sharma@silverpush.co

Paul GraySeller

Native traffic from thousands of publishers across the globe. Sources such as MSN, Breitbart, Newsweek etc.

Check them out and then add me on Skype to discuss more - paulrevcontent


I am looking for UK coreg clients with offers we can run.

please skype me kevin.johnson_conectia


Hey there,

I am Beatrice from RUNative, a fast-growing native advertising network.
We are a fully self-serve platform that offers a seamless integration of our widgets onto your website.

I’m looking for websites with high traffic from the following countries - US, UK, CA, AUS, Tier1 Europe.

If interested send an email or add me on Skype: beatrice@runative.com


John Ben KosmiqsBuyer

If you have high quality traffic for our Nutra, Gambling, E-commerce, Free-trial and Dating offers for US/AU/CA/BR/NL GEOs please contact me here or via: Skype - onlyforprivat
Email - john@kosmiqs.com

Parthiban ChinnappanSeller

NiuTux Digital Media, an Ad Network with self serve DSP platform.

- 20 plus SSP's (Sources includes: Rubicon, Geniee, In-Mobi etc.,) / Direct publishers
- CPM based Banners and Videos, we've inventory for all the Geo's worldwide
- Direct integrations with leading third-party verification services
- 100% High Quality traffic with no bot and fraud
- Real time reporting on private dashboard

Interested? Then reach me @ Mail: parthiban.c@niutux.com or Skype@ Parthiban Chinnappan (Live: parthiban.c_3) to discuss and take it forward.

Evgenia KSeller

Hi guys!

KMA.biz is looking for direct / in-house offers for nutra/dating/education verticals. We’re mostly oriented at confirmed order / CPL / revshare models for nutra vertical, but are open to other models (trial, CPS) for certain GEOs in dating/education verticals.

You want to know more?
Please contact me via Skype: live:e.kadrul or email me at e.kadrul@kma.biz

Ayodele ObisesanSeller

High-Quality traffic is needed for Nutra, Dating and E-commerce offers which allows facebook, google and native traffic.

Also, there are Direct and Exclusive offers available with a weekly payout.
DM me via skype on obisesan.ayodele84

Alyona GapchukBuyer

Hi there!
Please contact me if you have traffic for the next veticals:
adult dating (smartlink and single offers)
mainstream dating (smartlink and single offers)
gay dating (smartlink and single offers)
Sweepstakes (smartlink and single offers)
Mobile content- 1click flow and 2 click flow (smartlink and single offers)
Nutra (single offers)
Forex, Crypto (single offers)
Gambling (single offers)
We'll do all the best to monetize 100% of your traffic!

Skype id:

Abraham SmithSeller

I represent TrafficXpress as Email Marketing Specialist. Our core function is to provide quality traffic to our clients.
I handle multiple offers & Database worldwide and also maintain the large database.
You may call me a one-stop shop for business data integration and customer outreach.

You can reach me on SKYPE live:abraham_3323
E-mail: abraham@trafficxpress.co


UK-DE-USA traffic needed

Sarah KristelBuyer

Need traffic to our Adult-Dating offers
Contact me for details:
e-mail/skype: marketing@byoffers.com

Jennifer ChenBuyer

This is Jennifer (Business development at Backspace) buying traffic for our direct advertisers.
We have demand for mobile web traffic, using banners via JS tags
Budget : 1K~10k per day,with open monthly budget.
Countries: T1 ,US

Working Model: CPM with post payment.

Well Performing Offers: shopping ,traveling ,gaming,etc

Verticals: All

Would you be interested in running our campaign?

My email is: jennifer@backspace.ltd
My Skype is: live:jennifer_15192.

Maitri PatelBuyer

Hello Everyone,

We are ADdrawTech India based affiliate company working for CPA, CPI business model. We have direct and semi-direct campaigns and we are looking for publisher who can who can do quality install to them and reach KPIs.

Kindly mail me on maitri@addrawtech.com
Or connect me over Skype live:maitrip_1

Dan BookerBuyer

Hi Ad Publishers,

Poptimize is a ad network which helps bloggers and publishers to monetize there website.

We are looking for best partner who can driving high quality traffic every day to our advertiser's high paying offers.

If you want to join the best popunder network, push notification ad, interstitial simply click here or click on the link http://pub.poptimize.net to get started!

Payouts are done daily via PayPal/BTC/Payoneer/Webmoney.

If you have any question, please ask, we are here to help.

Best Regards,

Poptimize.net Team.
Email: support@poptimize.net
Skype: live:support_61622
FAQ: https://poptimize.net/faqs/

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need WW traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39



I am looking for polish email campaigns CPC/ CPL/ CPM for all industry. 
I'm seeking also polish databases to monetize. We have a lot of experience in this area.

if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me!:)
email gruszka@natexo.com 
skype gruszka.natexo@gmail.com

Iryna BukhenskaSeller

Hello everyone!

Get high volumes of push notifications starting from $0.006. We serve over 2M clicks daily over push and we get 200K new subscribers daily. The strongest GEOs are US, UK, CA, EU, APAC, LATAM. Dating, Gambling, Nutra/Healthcare, Sweepstakes , e-commerce, Binary/Forex/Crypto, Adult and other verticals convert with good results.
Hit me up on skype: irabukhenska or via email: iryna.bukhenska@adskeeper.co.uk

Zeus Technologies™Seller

For More Information And Ordering Visit https://www.zeustechnologies.com