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Hello ,
We are interested in partnering with direct Publishers from your Network for desktop and mobile web inventory to start a test.Either Rev shares % with passback options OR Fixed CPM.
We are only looking to buy your US non-exclusive desktop and mobile inventory.

Standard Display-300x250,160x600, 728x90 on flat CPMs.

Video Desktop: Medium/Large player: VAST 2.0/ VPAID compliant for linear ads.

It will be great if we can organize a call to discuss this further Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest
skype: nitesh.upadhyay5

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If you have quality traffic and can provide volume, we have several in-house owned offers that pay weekly Net 7.

If interested email me at dexter@alldirectleads.com or signup here http://partners.alldirectleads.com/affiliate_signup.aspx

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Guys, we have WW desktop/mobile/tablet traffic on CPC basis for varied type of offers. GEO/OS targeting.

For the detailed information please contact rachel.parker@mgid.com

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Are you looking for high quality SG & MY traffic? We can work on Coregistration, co-sponsorship, display and emailing :)

If you wish your company to be known in Malaysia & Singapore, CONTACT US!

adSalsa Publicidad

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We sell HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis.More than 2 b impressions daily. GEOS: US, UK, CA, AU, DE.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on

Skype: manager.amante or via e-mail: support@amantemedia.com

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I'm looking for publishers/owners of websites with desktop traffic for some good CPM campaigns all over the world. We offer:
In-time payments
$50 payout (Check or Paypal)
CPM $0.04 - $3.5
All major Ad Formats support
Good Customer Support.
Join our Publishers Team and let's make business together!
Add me in skype so that we can discuss all the details, please.
My skype ID is gabrielegarner

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If you're looking for a self serve DSP for In-app traffic (Video included) Shoot me an email kahlia@appreciate.mobi or ping me kahlia-tabakhoff so we can get started.

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I am looking for Android mobile web banner traffic for our CPM campaigns, our creatives are JS tags. Geo:US,DE,FR. Is it relevant to you?


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GET The PREMIUM & QUALITY TRAFFIC on CPM, CPC, CPL, ping us on skype :- click2emails
or email us at :- info@click2emails

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Hello! We sell HQ desktop & mobile (WEB and IN APP) traffic on CPM basis. More than 2 b impressions daily. Reliable direct publishers and publisher houses all over the world.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com.

Best regards

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MGID Inc. sells traffic via native advertising in all GEOs and for all devices. Right now upholding the positions in Asia. We've got around 4000 highly qualified publishers. We are looking for networks and affiliates to become our partners.

If you need any info contact me by Skype or email
valdemarovna_s / svetlana.malikova@mgid.com

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Hello, my name is Veronica and I'm video account manager at Media Shakers. We are a video AD network that Specializes in brand AD's. At the moment we are looking to buy mobile and desktop pre roll traffic.
Please feel free to ping me: veronica.mediashakers

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Give us your Offers and watch your ROI skyrocket! :)
Skype ID: catia.gomes_9

We have traffic worldwide!

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PatoMedia Sell for both Mobile and Desktop Video traffic to sell on a CPM basis. Q4 is doing great, let's make it even better!

Skype: alejandra.patomedia
Mail: a@patomedia.com

Ping me and let's do some business!

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I am selling traffic on CPL basis. All verticals including forex-binary options- health-auto insurance-home loan- beauty- financial services etc.

Selling traffic on prepayment with 100 minimum leads test for all verticals. Money back guarantee in 30 days if not qualified leads delivered.


skype: FAST TRAFFIC (mirza.mansoor.ali.baig)

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Hi guys, SmartyAds sells HQ native mobile in app traffic on CPM model. Top geos (US, RU, ES, IT, IN, TR, JP, CN, FR, PR, ID, GE, SE, KR, MS and many others) are available at a good price!
Feel free to ping me at Skype - elenadavislondon or email - elena@smartyads.com.

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We're looking for email traffic for CPL campaigns (ES, IT, MX).
Plase, contact us at: info@leadtheleads.com

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I represent Strategic Partnerships at Mediallianz. We have a strong Demand for traffic from Tier 1 countries and work on RON/ROS for Display & Video.

For a quick discussion, ping me on:
Skype: navin-chandwani
Email: navin@mediallianz.com


Do you desire to increase your revenue? If yes, then...
Increase your earnings with Top Converting Offers at Digital Raves.
We've got offers with High EPCs and CRs and very good Pay-Out.
Our Models: CPL and CPA
Geos: Tier 1 (UK, US etc)
Verticals: Gaming, Health and Beauty, Insurance and Survey.
Signup to Digitalraves today: https://digitalraves.com/new-signup/
Hit me up and let’s have a chat.
Email: jimmy@digitalraves.com
Skype at me: live:jimmy_4977

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We have Pop under traffic for desktop and mobile (Android an iOS) for most of the Geo's.

reach us @ Skype: virendrashekhar

Email: virendra@zeuscpa.com

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We buy tons of CPI mobile traffic:
- GEO: Worldwide
- Verticals: games, app, utilities, ....
- Both IOS and Android
- Both incent and non incent.
Pls ping me on skype: live:jason.vamosmedia_1 if you have something relevant. Thanks in advance.

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I'm looking for HQ Tier 1 regions desktop video traffic

you can contact me at sagysh@vispot.io
or ping me on skype live:a9db55d8bcec6234

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80 000 Publishers+ looking for Nutra / Health / Beauty / Fitness products like crazy. Ping me if you are a Direct advertiser - denitsa.velcheva

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Admobly Sells CPI CPR Android Traffic on bulk quantity IN ,US , UK , RU , FR , CA , AU , BR some more !

Daily 5-10k+

We sell CPL Traffic on various countries with different verticals .

ADULT Offers - AO, BO, BY, HN, KH, KZ, OM, PA, PH, SY, TN, TR, YE, US , UK
MAINSTREAM Offers - BA, IR, TW, ME, NG, UY, SV, TH, CL, PH, ID, CO, LK, GT, CR, AZ, NI, LB, RU, TW, SG, GCC , IT , RU , US , UK , AU

Desktop/Mobile - Display/Email both

Work only on prepayment , Refundable policy is available !

skype - aman.gupta764
Email - aman.mahajan@admobly.com
Website - www.admobly.com


We have lots of traffic to sell in Tier 1 markets - mobile and desktop.

You can start running your campaigns right away -
just sign up here https://console.pachads.com/signUp.do and credit your account on paypal or paxum

Any questions? My skype is helodarg1


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I'm looking for HQ Tier 1 regions desktop video traffic

you can contact me at sagysh@vispot.io
or ping me on skype live:a9db55d8bcec6234

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Hello guys! SmartyAds offers high-quality desktop and mobile (web/InApp) WW traffic on CPM basis. Our clients get more than 2 b impressions daily from reliable direct publishers and publisher houses all over the world.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon@outlook.com or email me -elena@smartyads.com

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Give us your CPA, CPS and CPL Offers and watch your ROI skyrocket! :)
Skype ID: catia.gomes_9

We have traffic worldwide!

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Weekly payments for qualified traffic.
Pm me for details

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to offer you good volumes of effective traffic and good CPM-rates!
BR - 90k - 2.50
IN - 45k - 0.90
US - 30k - 2.50
PK - 25k - 0.70
PH - 7k - 0.35
FR - 7k - 1.50
GB - 5k - 2.00
WW - 0.50

Contact me -
e-mail: olga@hilltopads.com
Skype: hilltopads_adv
LI: https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/olga-evans/bb/177/238