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Sally | TrendBakersSeller

Hi, My name Sally Khaled and i'm Senior Account Manager at Trend Bakers Company,

We provide high-quality Forex Leads
and we own 8:12% CR out of the total Leads

We have the best quality in the GCC

Our traffic includes:

Twitter Ads, Native Ads, Google Adwords, Email Marketing.

Our work with the client is featured by:

-Leads very high conversion rate
-Users easily can trust your brand
-No underage leads
-Very interested in Forex
-No expats leads

Our workflow: we send Leads in sheet on daily basis including Leads which are exclusive for your company, and will never reach a third party,also we work only by CPL model.
We are ready to send 50 Leads as a test ,to check quality of our traffic.
Contact me today for more information.
skybe : marianeid5
mobile : 00201227490720

Kemal DovenSeller


🌟 Focus purely on programmatic advertising

🌟 Reach premium traffic in 200+ countries

🌟 Publish on desktop / mobile web / in-app

🌟 3rd Party tag support: JS tag, rotating tags etc.

🌟 Integrated 140+ SSPs & traffic sources

🌟 Advanced targeting options: Geo, device, SSP, browser, operating system, carrier, white-listing and black-listing.

♦ Keep in touch with us: kemal@reklamstore.com
♦ Or simply try our platform: http://bit.ly/2Eycwj6

Basel SSeller

Sponsored Content Ads - Available on exclusive CPC basis - working with leading News, sports, entertainment sites.


Please get in touch on info@jubna.com or register on www.jubna.com

or discuss on skype: bsayaf

Tina ToilessGainSeller

Greetings from Toiless Gain!

We work mainly with finance/binary/cryptocurrency traffic and databases.

We offer:
-CPM/CPI/CPA/CPL cooperation: we drive an outstanding traffic to gain leads or FTDs for your business;
- Selling a real fresh finance databases collected in our marketing campaigns, supporting all top-notch industry geos.

Contact me on Skype : Toiless Gain

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Viktoria GlibTrafficSeller


We are focused on CPM/CPI/CPA/CPL marketing models to drive real and fresh traffic to gain leads.
We work in all verticals, but when it comes to finance/binary/cryptocurrency traffic and databases, we come first.
Our databases, collected in our marketing campaigns, support all world-class industry geos. We don’t provide bot traffic, so there is zero fraud. Quality is our priority. You won’t find our traffic sources on any other network.

Do not hesitate to contact me on Skype : Glib Traffic
Look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

Rahul VermaSeller

We looking for Tier-1 Countries, GCC countries offers on CPC and CPL basis.

We have quality traffic , Email Display and Social traffic.

Try min 100 leads test, to check quality of traffic.

Skype :- live:rahul.monoinfotech
Email :- rahul.v@monoinfotech.com

Nastia JungleTapBuyer

We are looking for publishers for our CPA / CPL offers:
- 1-2 click submits
- dating, gambling, adult, mainstream

Let's make huge money together!

If you are interested in partnership, please ping me:
- e-mail: nastia@jungletap.com
- skype: live:nastia_251

Regards :)

Laura AdamBuyer

Hi Guys,
We need your traffic. The more the best.
We offer you high eCPM and payment is by request. Payments are through 5 payments' system. We find the best way how to pay you.
Our team promises monetization any kind of traffic.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: laura.a_39 or via email support@monkeyhustlemedia.com

Damilare OmodaraSeller

For the best of quality traffics on these verticals (apps, games, crypto, Forex/binary) you can contact me. Preferably I will like direct advertisers to contact me.



We have direct offers on CPL basis,
Tier-1 Countries, GCC.

Skype :- manisha.s@monoinfotech.com
Email :- manisha.s@monoinfotech.com
No prepay.

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We do have premium traffic WW.
We do work on all mainstreams and adults.
If you are interested to work with us ping me on skype@ live:e53d15ab9c12ea05
mail me on gabriella@popyourads.com


Hello guys

I have a lot of android traffic from browsers and webview and I wants to sell it via RTB to exchanges or direct advertisers.

If you're represent any SSP with js tag or direct link with able to buy my traffic with bidfloor at RTB exchange - please reach me out.

Also I would like to sell my traffic on revshare basis.

Louie BorregoSeller

Bitcoin is Making Headlines Again.. Get the premium, intent-driven traffic your campaign NEEDS!

Bypass search engines with browser bar type-in visitors redirected straight to your site.

Create your campaign at www.trellian.com or ping me on Skype: Trellian-Louie

Ethan AndersonSeller

We are looking for CRYPTO offer for GCC.
Payment term: prepay
Skype: live:andersonethan700

Alen ŽlimenSeller

I am selling advertisement area on website about businesses and cryptographic currency. The website has much traffic monthly and it get more and more every month.For now its between 500.000 to 700.000 page views per month and it keeps rising.


Exclusive Traffic For FX, BO, Crypto on CPL basis for all countries of the world. Contact me on Skype @adenijitolulope@outlook.com

Maria AdaviceSeller

Traffic in Sweden for your Gambling, Forex, Crypto and Binary offers. Retargeted database of users for each vertical and narrow targeting can be applied.
Promo prices!

Ask me!
Skype: mary.adavice
@: mariia.l@adavice

Karina MaximovaSeller

Are you looking for cold database? Feel free to contact me! :)
Only CPL deals.
Optimal prices!
E-mail: karina@quantum-projects.com
Telegram:@customer_base (https://t.me/customer_base)
Skype: karina_5986


Guaranteed 2% minimum FTD on all your lead orders of 200 and above for Forex, Binary, Crypto. HMU on Skype: katherinedrive@outlook.com


We have Exclusive Traffic For FX, BO, Crypto on CPL basis for all countries of the world. Contact me on Skype : Oneil Stone | Gratis Digital

Toma StevicSeller

We're doing Facebook marketing campaigns!
Good performance on CPA, CPL basis.

We offer:
- Custom GEO list
- Adjustable campaign parameters
- Free lead replacement for invalid or duplicates

Skype: tomastevicbiz@gmail.com

Esther OlorunsolaBuyer

If you have HIGH QUALITY global traffic on any vertical (crypto, dating, finance, health, forex, insurance, loans and lots more), hit me up on skype @esther_5110 for top converting offers. NO PREPAYMENTS.

Let's increase our revenue together

Maria AdaviceSeller

Hey guys!
We are looking for offers in Greece.
If you need HQ traffic, please ping me any time!
Skype: mary.adavice
@: mariia.l@adavice.com

Mikki LoumanBuyer

Currently we have some great crypto offers, for the Nordics & FR, DE, UK & IT. High payouts.

Hit me up if you have traffic!

Talk to you soon.

Skype: mikki@vipresponse.nl

*We don't work with prepays.

Marcell VárkonyiBuyer

Hi, I'm representing Greenlock media, CPA network with high-payout mobile content offers WW.

If you have quality traffic to run our campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact me on the following:
Email: marcell@greenlight.media
Skype: varkonyi.marci1

Babajimi OgunleyeBuyer

I am Looking for Publishers and Networks with Quality Traffic, Mobile Subscription, Gaming, Casino, FX&BN, CRYPTO. In various geos in the world and we will help you monetize it.

Esther OlorunsolaBuyer

connect with me if you would like to get richer by monetizing your crypto traffic with our high converting crypto offer with huge payout. skype id @esther_5110

Aman MahajanBuyer

LANDING PAGE- http://cryptoin.life/

Looking Good Quality Email CPL. CR -10-15%

Let's talk on skype- aman.gupta764
Email- aman@cpainventory.com

Alexander BraginSeller

High percentage of conversion in deposits! Our traffic makes you money.
Co-registrations, display and email marketing.
If you need more info, my skype: alexander.adsalsa

David BulatSeller

We can give you live, fresh, HQ traffic. We can give you leads, that have interest to invest in Crypto Currency, have money to invest, know your brand and want to hear your sales team offer. All details are verified by us, all non valid leads will be substituted.

We work with all major GEOs.

Skype: Live: d.bulat85