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Itay GreenSeller

Selling Forex/Crypto, fresh 24H leads daily.

Source: Make money funnel

by Skype: live:659585268257f665

Zeus Technologies™Seller Buy Traffic At Bing, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo And Youtube !

emily walterSeller

I am pleased to offer you installations of any type on any device.
You can choose any country.

I only work on a prepaid basis

I have an account in one of the installation exchanges. And I constantly make installations there. Ready to do the installation for you too.

I’m also ready to sell this account for the price: balance + $ 1000

minimum order is $ 1000

installation prices:
tier1 = 0.25$-0.40$
tier2 = 0.10$-0.25$
tier3 = 0.01$-0.05$

account replenishment methods:

my last deposit to account:

the number of installations per day by country:

number of my last installations:

For additional information write to me on Skype or by mail.

Skype: live:.cid.5dc67b7a2f15a64b


Dean WhitakerBuyer


We are searching for binary/forex trading or crypto trading depositors, either retention burned leads either scammed leads. They must have connection somehow with trading doesnt matter depositors or burned ones. Important of course they should have money and answer phone. Right now our working style on rev share depends on deals. Without testing we are not making any deals.If you are searching for good deal income we are here. For more further info you can contact me.

Skype : live:.cid.b2f97b12edef844b

Leads Monster WorldWideSeller

Dear Media Buyer.

if you looking to get the best CPL leads created in the last 24h, we have it ready for you.
5% CR With great ROI.

specializes in GCC, ZA, UK, DE Market.
for more info.

payment via wire, wu, BTC.



Kevin GloveSeller


We have large traffic from directly publishers worldwide. All verticals.

Please go here to start your campaign:

Our processing is :

🔥 Advertiser will deposit then we creating account and campaign on our platform. After first deposit, the next payment will be monthly.

🔥 Minimum deposit will be $500 (for new advertiser) via Webmoney or BTC or Wire transfer.

🔥 In the first 3 days, if you want to refund, we give you full refund. In the next 5 day, we refund the unused amount.

🔥 We will signed an IO documentation.

🔥🔥🔥 Promo still active, you will get <<Double Deposit Amount>> to your account balance. 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you!

Skype: kevin_adkode

Leads Monster WorldWideSeller

Dear visitor

- our company delivers fresh mobile leads.
- worldwide targeted without limit of location.

- all the results contain
full name + mobile number + country name + mobile network + status + credit card active or not

- all records are 100% validated before delivery
is not happen we deliver any records with an invalid number.

- records are sold only one time per client.
- each record is guaranteed belong to credit/debit card holder.

please note
this list is created fresh per each order and is not shelf records.
is generated over the online e-commerce partners we collaborated and it will be very available for your needs and suit call centers who working with dialers.

the conversion rate is 3%

we are leads broker who sell those list
we are not marketing company.

skype - joyvagner
email -

Leads Monster WorldWideSeller

Are you interested in real active leads and traders?

very high ROI %%% ???
OVER 5% CR !!!

CLIENTS LIST WHO made a deposit and have active accounts NOW????? WITH FULL CRM INFO.


contact me for more info.
please note.


Lukas MSeller

*25% deposit bonus for all MyMediAds members.

*Minimum bid is only $0.00005 CPV

*Minimum deposit is only $10

Try yourself today:

*After deposit write comment/PM with your username and I will add bonus.

Olivia BuckleyBuyer

Hey all,
We are looking for new publisher for our network.
We have high converting offers with high rate.

Network url:

Our Main goal-
>>Highest Converting
>>Highest Paying
>>On-Time Payment
>>Real Time Reporting
>>Anti-Fraud Management
>>No Conversions Scrub & Hide
>>Life Time Referel Commission
>>24/7 Support

So you can join with us.

Imuly Team

Mihail RusuSeller

New Data with over 1200 Excel files mid 2019 2.1gb size, 14m unique leads.
over 20 brokers and 80+IBs
tested on SMS Marketing with 30%+ CR.

Bulk price: 1500 $

skype: live:7f47c83444000c99


Welcome to the AdverSolutions AD accounts shop!

* We do not sell farmed accounts or bots. Only real ones!


* Accs come with a high spending limit.

* Easy access to account, work with as many as you'd like, can provide CC if needed

* Solid Proxy/RDP access

* All countries available, just request yours!

* Accounts are atleast 2-3 years old!

* Will last a long time with our tips!

* We want to be your main provider, just test the quality of our accounts!

*We are known in the market and have a proven track record of many years

For all the details regarding Adwords accs, hit us up!

skype: live:adversolutions

telegram: Adver_Solutions

Price - $350 per account

For more information on payment methods, guarantees etc, just contact us and start your ads / MAKE MONEY right away!


Banner Ads, Js Tag Banner Ads, Iframe Tag Banner Ads, HTML Tag Banner Ads
CPM Model, Geos : WW

Lets connect via Skype : live:.cid.5ef0cbbc58825dc4


XML Feed Traffic Available - Easy Integration
Vertical : Adult and Mainstream
Geo : WW -
Adformats : POP, Push, Native
Model : CPM - CPC -
Links : Direct Link / XML Feed

AdsWick LTDSeller


We have traffic for Forex/Crypto, Finance, Loans, Gambling, Health, Dating & Nutra offers on CPA.

Join us as advertiser & launch your campaigns with us

AdsWick Sales

Ian MSeller

We have WW traffic for all verticals.
Our biggest geo is the US
Our biggest vertical is sweeps/survey
We have traffic across Tier 1+2

Other verticals include; adult, dating, auto, biz-op, casino, gaming, health/diet/keto/nutra/CBD, insurance, home, psychic, shopping/e-commerce, travel etc.

We have traffic on email, SMS, push, chat flow, search, social, domain, pop, back button, thank you pages and offer walls.

If you own the offers we can monetize your back button and offer you more for those clicks than anywhere else. So you could potentially make income as a publisher too.

Skype: live:b55c3048a48593de


We are in need of someone who can provide us with ITALIAN leads on a weekly or monthly basis. We ask from our providers high quality leads (NOT TRAFFIC ) in return for high salary and LONG PARTNERSHIP together. Whether you are looking to sell or wish to engage with us at a higher level, we are confident we can meet your needs. Only serious sellers write to me.

Skype: live:rbdigital_2

Forex Leads Factory Ltd.Seller



SKYPE ME : live:.cid.d8e1a8fc725a2c7a

Roman TrafficasaSeller

We are working with forex/crypto/cfd/trading and etc products, sell traffic on CPA/CPL models basis. We have traffic for any GEO. We also sell data.

We company - Trafficasa Financial Affiliate Network.
Working with us you can receive premium traffic! We have premium traffic from facebook and google.

You can contact me in Skype or mail:
Skype - live:marketing.sales02-2
Mail -

Ket EstradaBuyer

Traffic Needed - CPA

Display / Social Media / Email

- BitCoin / Crypto
- Sweepstakes
- Adult and Mainstream Dating
- Health & Beauty / Skin

Direct Offers and In-house offers available.


Dear All,
We are looking for campaigns in FOREX CRYPTO BINARY CASINO GAMBLING verticals on CPM CPC CPL CPA models and we can work on prepay term only.
Please add me over Skype at abpatra777 or email me at to discuss further if you are interested .
Thank you.

Filip BoučekBuyer

Hello everybody, I work for company HasTraffic and we are looking for more publishers who are able to deliver email, sms, and push traffic for any type of the offers in tier 1 countries, mainly US and Europe, but do not to contact me if you have traffic in another geo. We put multiple bidders on your traffic and let the highest bidder get the traffic, we will pay you on fixed CPC rates + everything extra our advertisers bids. If you will be interested hit me up on skype: filiphastraffic. Our payment terms are net15.

Aly RadyBuyer

Become a part of our Global Network and contact me for optimal converting campaigns for DE, BE, NL, AT, CH, FI, SE, NO, and DK on a CPL and CPA basis (with possibilities for either CPC and CPM agreements later on, in case of good results). The offers are provided from the direct advertisers.

Note: We work in strict Net30 Terms. We cannot do prepayments (not even on a first time basis).

please contact me for more details and insights on:
Skype: live:.cid.557dc1404eb8db77

Aly Rady
Vertigo Media

Yana R.Seller

Hey guys,
Gambling, Forex, Crypto Traffic Available !!!
Geos: GCC, Tier1, Nordics, LatAm, Scandi, DACH, SEA

Ping me to find out more info!
skype live:yana_1442


Are you interested in Forex/Crypto traffic in the following Geos?
We're looking forward to the chance of working together!

Feel free to contact me:
Skype: Natalia Adavice

Pulsar AdsBuyer

3533 Crusaders Quest - iOS - KR - Non-Incent (Hard KPI) - $2.65
3331 CryptoMeister - INTL - Non-Incent (Weekly Payment) - $33.00
3041 Free Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - US - Incent (Weekly Payment) - $6.00
3014 Camsite Online - INTL - Incent (Weekly Payment) (Pay on Settle) - $48.00
3006 Chat Online Here - INTL - Incent (Weekly Payment) (Pay on Settle plus Chargeback) - $66.00
3314 EliteSingles 28+ - UK - Non-Incent - $3.37
3310 CSR Racing 2 - iOS - US - Non-Incent (KPI) - $0.80
3259 Fitnest - AR, AU, BR, CA, ES, UK, IE, MX, NZ, PT, US - Non-Incent - $9.50
3230 Victoria Hearts - US, UK, CA, AU, NZ - Non-Incent (Web) (CPL) - $5.60
3155 Your Card Search - US - Non-Incent (CPL) - $2.20
2986 Camsite Online - Cams - INTL - Incent (Weekly Payment) (Pay on Settle plus Chargeback) - $66.00

shreya GoelSeller

This is Shreya from Codehexads. We are a direct publisher and we are managing with 30K sites. Our top geo's are all Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. If you are looking for traffic, ping me on Skype (live:shreya_352)

Alex PearceBuyer

Most of our affiliates get up to $15-20 EPC & $150 eCPL on these GEO’s: AU, UK, IE, IS, CH, FI

Here are the rates & tiers we’re offering in October to help you get those results:
0 - 20 FTD > $675 CPA
20 - 40 FTD > $700 CPA
40 - 65 FTD > $750 CPA
In addition you get EXTRA bucks on these FTD Amounts:
$500 - $750 -> +$50 CPA
$750 - $1000 -> +$100 CPA
*Networks – contact for tailored deals!

Arik GrossSeller

if you are looking for high ROI on your offers and have media budget for - i have quality traffic in various verticals, ping me on skype or mail me , as well i have great Data base to sell
if you want a great campaign - i'm here

Skype- live:c6e4872204b0fe23


Im selling HQ traffic and leads for CPL Basis only and for (Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates -Kuwait-Oman Qatar and Bahrain)
you gonna get all leads Valid and interested people in online trading
Don't Hesitant and send me now on skype:fxbusiness12
Let's do Business Together!