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Account ManagerSeller

EvaDav - advertiser network which helps you to get maximum results
You looking for traffic one of these categories?
! Adult\Dating
! Crypto\Forex
! Gambling\Betting
! Software\Tech support(!)\Installs
! E-commerce (COVID 19 mask, antiseptic)

You are on the right way :)

Advanced targeting
OS 🖥
TYPE Push\Pop under\ In-page push
and much more :)

Single platform for...
* 100% viewability
* 100% brand-safety
* 100% fraud-safety
* Premium inventory
* Highest CR/CTR
* Creative police
* Deep statistics
* Top WW volumes
* Personal manager
* Exclusive sources
* Minimum payment - $100

Wide choice of payment method
Visa, Payoneer, Bitcoin(altcoins), Bank Wire, WebMoney, Paxum, Skrill, PayPal, Capitalist, and other methods.

Ping me via Skype live:.cid.7f5973eb28011dcb
Telegram @roman_sol1 to more information SupportSeller

We have worldwide high quality push and pounder traffic available through our advanced SSP:

A number of advantages of working with noviclick:
✅ Transparency
✅ User-friendly and fast dashboard with advanced targeting options
✅ Practically bot free traffic thanks to our self-developed 3-layer fraud filter
✅ Automatic refunds for suspicious traffic that slips through our filters
✅ No bonuses or promotions but a constant low margin
✅ Adequate support
✅ Fast development of feature requests
✅ $50 minimum deposit

For more information or business opportunities feel free to connect:
Skype: websitefavourite

Leo PopCashBuyer

Tired of bad rates? Monetize your traffic with us!
- 80% Rev-Share CPM basis
- High Priority Daily Payments
- Dedicated AM
- Non-Intrusive Ads
- High fill-rate

All major categories and verticals open for connection to our list of users.

We will connect you to the huge demand we have on our side, all you need to do is serve quality traffic and smile at the result.

Reach out to us! (We are not looking for prepayment, our media buying team is already meeting demand on that side.)


Hey guys,
It's Liam from PopBounty - a private network looking to buy worldwide traffic on CPM basis to our Direct links (Smartlinks). All verticals accepted, except Adult.

As we work mostly with direct & exclusive offers, we can offer one of the highest CPM rates on the market.

Sample stats of one of our traffic partners:

We offer Weekly NET5 payments via PayPal and Wire (for larger volumes).

We don't work on prepayment basis but we can negotiate fixed CPM rates per country / source after some traffic quality evaluation.

If interested, please ping me on Skype:


Vlad MBuyer

Wanna get the highest EPC possible? Let's do it now with your traffic and our the best exclusive offers you can find on the market! ML logic Smartlinks and single offers are at your full service

Verticals we're really strong at:

- adult and mainstream dating
- sweepstakes
- nutra

Just buzz me on skype: cskievua2 or register here

P.S. NO prepayments, only net payment terms

Ian MSeller

We have WW traffic for all verticals.
We are definitely strongest in US, but we also have supply and demand for worldwide geos.

How is Hastraffic so successful?
We can provide you with optimized CPC traffic that is backed into your CPA, CPL, CPI value.

Our optimization teams in the US, Europe, and Hong Kong optimize the traffic live as it comes in.

Some of our top performing verticals are Survey, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Crypto, Auto, Home, Insurance, Finance, Adult, Dating as well as most of the smaller verticals.

We have traffic on email, SMS, push, chat flow, search, social, domain, pop, back button, display/native, thank you pages and offer walls.

If you own any offers or pages we can monetize your back button and offer you more for those clicks than anywhere else. We can also buy your out of geo clicks. With complete control, we sell those clicks to the highest bidder

Chat on Skype:
Skype: live:b55c3048a48593de

Or simply sign up here:

Julia RBuyer

We have fresh CAP available for our top performing EU offers! Come get it before its gone 😉

Hit me up for more info: live:.cid.c7b7fc62d0b2b05c

Julia RBuyer

Hi all! We have fresh CAP for some of the best International CC submits. Come get it while you can! 😏

Hit me up for more info: live:.cid.c7b7fc62d0b2b05c

Nadine NatificoSeller

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
I just got a smartlink for iOS APP available for wide range of geos.
Reach us to get your traffic evaluated and be launched.
Budget is huge!
Geos and Payouts are below:
Sign up:

Juliya VdovenkoSeller

Hello there!

I’m Juliya and I'd like to offer you CPC/CPM traffic!

✅ Our best geos - Asian (IN, ID, MY and etc), Arabic (SA EG AE), Tier -1, RU and European mainstream traffic (mobile and desktop).

✅ Available formats: POP, NATIVE and PUSH-NOT and new format ON PAGE PUSH

✅ To speak about advantages, you are always able to choose any targeting option you prefer (geos, platforms, browsers, OS and etc) + white/black lists.

If you have any question feel free to ping me via skype (juliya.v) or email (

Use this link to register and ping me after that :)

Gary ConnellBuyer

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have Quality High epc pin submit offers for the following Geos CZ, GR, PT, RO and SL. Looking for traffic for these Pin Submit offer all traffic accepted except bot and incent. Ping me on skype: imediazone if you have traffic. Good payment terms available as well.

Alena Chekalova (TRAFFIC)Seller


-Self-Side Platform.
-WW traffic.
-Wholesale prices.
-Verticals: gambling, dating, adult, webcams, nutra, games and sweepstakes.
-Ad formats: push/banner/pop/native/in-stream.
-Integration via API.

Here is the platform:

Don't hesitate to contact me:
Skype: live:.cid.c2d4221b867ebbde


Mobtika MobtikaSeller

CPA, CPI in-house offers
We can make exclusives for you!
Amazing PO, insane landing pages, kind managers in support.
- Games
- Sexy
- Diet & Lifestyle
- Downloads
- Sweepstakes

Carlo .Seller

Selling :

GDPR compliant Legacy Data 0.04 CPL

Live data too Cosponsor Coreg From 0.08 to 2.5CPL

Comment Below!







Payment in Bitcoin Accepted!

Chelsea LesleySeller

Hi everyone,

I am looking for in-house/direct sweepstakes offers for tier1 markets. You will get qualified taffic traffic on them. Feel free to ping me for more details.

Skype: chelsea_3797


Anastasia MatylevichSeller

Push / Pop / Display (video,banner) - we run-directlink/XML/RTB! Prepay, sign-up bonus, get 100$+ ! visit our platform -
or ping me - live:2855ea4278481423 or , telegram: @A_BID

Olivia EsliBuyer

looking for HQ traffic that can run our in-house offers

Gaurav ChandlerSeller

Hey All,

World Wide Display Traffic Available(CPC/CPM) - Mobile/Desktop (All Verticals)

#Creatives Supported - Banner/ POP/ Push / Native / JSTags / InBannerVideos

#Targeting Options - Category/Vertical, In-App/Web, OS/OS versions, Country/State/City/, Carrier/Wifi

#BlackList / #Whitelist of traffic sources on the basis of - AppIDs, BundleIDs, Publisher, Domains and IP

Advertisers/ MediaBuyers / Affiliates please feel free to connect -

If you are interested, Kindly ping me on:
Skype ID: live:.cid.e0f26b32093c7628
Email ID:

Ruslan UngAdsSeller

You know nothing if you haven't launch your awesome pre-roll ad camp on our platform! It's excellent time now to do it and take your profit the more so that the last season of the best TV series “Game of Thrones” was recently released. 💰Profit is coming!💰

As always top adv network ✨UngAds✨ glad to help you with it and our experienced managers assist you in all questions to improve your camps! We appreciate every our customer and give best service and traffic on the market during 5 years!

☘️ All 252 GEO's
☘️ Only exclusive direct publishers
☘️ 10x Higher Conversion Than Other Traffic Sources.
☘️ 100% Bot-Free
☘️ Flexible Targeting
☘️All verticals and adult creatives available🙀
☘️ 24/7 Support
☘️ Personal manager

Skype - live:r.ungads. Telegram - @dzh_ungads

Best regards,
#1 Ad Network | UngAds SIA

Ruslan UngAdsSeller

Hello, guys! UngAds here!

☘️ All 252 GEO's
☘️ Best Push Notification Advertising Network
☘️ 10x Higher Conversion Than Other Traffic Sources.
☘️ Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google.
☘️ 100% Bot-Free
☘️ Millions Active Subscribers
☘️ Flexible Targeting
☘️Accept the most daring creos and Emojis🙀
☘️ 24/7 Support
☘️ Personal manager

🔥Our powerful SSP is at your complete disposal for reaching your aims and our team of professionals always glad to help you and never let your question be unanswered🔥
💸No more useless chatter - sign in and let's earn cash together💸

Skype - live:r.ungads. Telegram - @dzh_ungads

Best regards,
#1 Ad Network | UngAds SIA

Ruslan UngAdsSeller

🔥Aloha, my friend! UngAds with you in touch!🔥

☘️Looking for not just good, but kosher traffic? Want to launch a successful ad campaign and get excellent ROI, but don’t know where to start? Or the goal is to imptrove the statistics of existing campaigns? ☘️
☘️It seems that you received a prophetic message! ☘️

My name is Ruslan and I am manager one of the best ever existing advertising network 💚💚
Not a drop of pathos in the words above, only excellent converting traffic, good service and satisfied customers. What are needed else?

💥Our team spirit for the result and confidence in it you have already caught, so let's get down to business! 💥

We sell premium direct media traffic.
✅ Video (CPM);
✅ Banners (CPM, CPC, SmartCPA);
✅ PopUnders (CPM, SmartCPA);
✅ PushNotifications (CPM, CPC, SmartCPA).
Geo WW.
Mainstream and adult traffic. Work only with direct and exclusive publishers.
Mobile and Desktop.
💰Only prepayment.💰

Ping me in Skype - live:r.ungads


We have CPL,CPA,CPS and CPI Dating, Adult, Gaming.Finance, campaigns for DOI, SOI, Sweepstakes, CC Submit, the campaigns are good converting with huge budget and good Payout and we are looking for quality traffic to promote our campaigns. Payment Term NET 15.

Skype ID : akashdeep9837

gusta kadakBuyer

hi, i want to buy ww mobile android+ios cpm cpc basis FACEBOOK browser traffic. if you have contact me please. live:fbfc4c581de31674

David GloverBuyer

Hello, I represent company Adsurge, we are direct advertiser with owned Sweeps and VOD offers around the world (over 40 geos) We are currently looking for new partners for next quarter to fill out our budgets, If you have any type of the traffic for sweeps and vod, please feel free to hit me on skype or email and we can discuss more details.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Nihar NehraSeller

Looking for direct offers for our premium sources...
Sweepstakes, Game SOI desktop, Dating mainstream..

Please contact over skype:
Skype id: live: nihar_63



I have one viral site having daily more than 1,00,000 indian mobile users. I am looking for the best CPI offer to monetize my traffic. Especially game playing earns money, make money apps working goods on my traffic.

Contact me on skype: tusharramani028 if you have good indian cpi offers as well as good payment terms.


We have so many good sources for GAMES CPI,SHOPPING FOR CPS,SWEEPSTAKES FOR SEA,if you have these good direct campaigns,pls contact me by skype

Olga YankoBuyer

Don't lose conversions. Take a look and boost your numbers up with CPARK.
Connect me via skype to get it.

Candice LiBuyer

Hi dear,
Nice to meet you.this is Candice from mobplus.I'm very glad to know you.
Please let me give you a brief introduction of our company.
Mobplus start the mobile subscription business of CN and SAE market for over 6 years. Now we shaped the 4 pillars:E-commerce, CPA, SOI, CC.This is our website.MobPlus – Witskies Limited
Our main business is looking for traffic for our direct/inhouse/Huawei CPA/CPL/COD offers.
We have WW offers with good conversion,main AT,DE,KW,TH,EG,BH,PK,LK,IT,MY,US,UK,and so on.
If you have traffic for this,please contact me,thank you!
My skype:live:1336276793

Pavlos LentidisBuyer

Looking for carrier billing traffic - We have our in-house offers ZA Vodacom, RU Tele2, MM Telenor, MY Celcom, TH AIS/TRUEH

Flow: 1-click, PIN flow

Weekly payments!

Ping me on the Skype: live:.cid.e61affdd0914adc1

Let's make some gold.