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990 ads

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I'm looking for video traffic in Tier 1 (CA US AU UK) Dekstop and Mobile Web / App. CPM Basis. I am also looking for Hispanic traffic in the United States. We have great sources of demand and some direct campaigns as well.
Feel free to add me on skype or send me an email. Thank you very much!
Best regards!

Gabriel Gomez

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We have Quality traffic for all your offer's guarenteed leads / conversions / installs & so on .
Can target any verticals & geos .
Kindly Ping me

jasper jones
skype: live:jasper.jon
email : jasper@theleadsense.com

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We have quality traffic for all geos & verticals at GlobalAdMedia.com and we are specialized pop-under ad network. we are offering to advertisers $100 bonus for signing and funding account with minimum of $1000 at GlobalAdMedia.com, we do offer $50 bonus for funding $500.

I would request anyone who is interested in this offer please signup for an advertiser account. http://www.globaladmedia.com/register/advertiser

Contact us by email or skype support to get further help with advertiser account.

IMPORTANT : We are able to stop 99% fake traffic in GlobalAdMedia.com which means all you get is real traffic and offer guarantee on our traffic, if an advertiser receives any fake traffic and they can prove they received fake IPs then we offer 100% refund for that traffic with no further question asked.

Rajendra Prasad
Email - partners@globaladmedia.com
skype - gamsupport

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I am selling traffic on CPL basis. All verticals including forex-binary options- health-auto insurance-home loan- beauty- financial services etc.

Selling traffic on prepayment with 100 minimum leads test for all verticals. Money back guarantee in 30 days if not qualified leads delivered.


skype: FAST TRAFFIC (mirza.mansoor.ali.baig)


Hi All,

We are looking for Video Traffic on CPM basis. We are open for RON traffic. We have great demand partners and provide great fill to your RON traffic. Our team will take care of your inventory and provide you updated reports. We work Net60 payment terms.

You can reach us on sales@jbscmedia.com

JBSC Media


we are looking for native traffic which has high quality from AU , US and CA , besides ,the prepayment and self-service platform is demanded . and no adult traffic please! please let me kown if you are interested and here is my skype hanna xue .

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Get your content shown on top premium sites across the globe. Sign up to today at Redirect.com

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International lists, opt in generation, and data available. We also have Live Transfers available for Debt, Student Loan, Reverse Mortgage, Home Security, MCA, Payday Debt Relief, Auto Warranty, Refi, Health Insurance, Rehab, and more. TV calls also available. Add me on skype: sdutil143 so we can speak or email sharon@leadzod.com

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We have diabetic/pain leads. Pull by states, age, bins, pcn & group number. Call 856-534-8769 or email neworldmarketinglists@gmail.com

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Hello everyone! SmartyAds sells desktop/mobile web/mobile in-app CPM based traffic in all GEOs!

Are you interested in cooperation? Ping me - Skype mary.smartyads or email m.roberts@smartyads.com

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Hi all,

Im looking for emailing campaigns on CPC and CPM for NORDICS.

We have brand new double opt-in databases to test on your campaigns.

Write me a line on Skype: DavidOrangeBuddies to discuss opportunities.

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Hello! We sell HQ desktop & mobile (WEB and IN APP) traffic on CPM basis. More than 2 b impressions daily. Reliable direct publishers and publisher houses all over the world.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on Skype - elenadavislondon or email me -elena@smartyads.com.

Best regards

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Hi everyone,

I'm constantly looking for US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, FR, DE, ES, PT, IT, BR and LATAM traffic for our EXCLUSIVE AND TOP CONVERTING CAMPAIGNS ( ONLY clairvoyance, horoscops, psychics reading): Padre, Tara, Maria & Angela

Required channel: Email marketing
To a lesser extent: Co-registration and Display

NO: incentivized traffic, CashBack, Sponsor, Site Under, PopUnder, Pop Up

All kind of verticals (ideally psychics reading)

CPL SOI basis with great payouts (1st page submit)
!!! NO CPM, NO CPC !!!
!!! Net terms !!!

Can place image, iframe, JS pixels
S2S depending on the campaign

More informations:
Email: e.leandro@b-fly.biz
Skype: edgar.leandro78@gmail.com



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Premium web leads in insurance verticals Auto, Health, and Life. Contact me and I will be happy to give you more details.

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Hi everybody! Are you interested in HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis? We offer you more than 2 b impressions daily for US, UK, CA, AU, DE markets.

Mail: emma@ivemedia.com

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We sell HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis.More than 2 b impressions daily. GEOS: US, UK, CA, AU, DE.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on

Skype: manager.amante or via e-mail: support@amantemedia.com

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MGID Inc. sells traffic via native advertising in all GEOs and for all devices. We've got around 4000 highly qualified publishers. We are looking for networks and affiliates to become our partners.

If you need any info contact me by Skype or email
valdemarovna_s / svetlana.malikova@mgid.com

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IveMedia Ltd is looking for desktop HQ traffic for top geos. Good Alexa rank of your sites is required. CPM model.

Email and Skype contact: publishersupport@ivemedia.com

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We sell HQ desktop traffic on CPM basis.More than 2 b impressions daily. GEOS: US, UK, CA, AU, DE.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on

Skype: mst_487 or via e-mail: Anto@theleadsense.com

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Hey! I am looking for CedatoX connections on Desktop, MW and Inapp video traffic huge demand to be place right away. ping me on skype hector.c14

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Looking for supply on MX, ES and BR high volume on rev share basis only. ping me on skype my user is hector.c14

Thumb 9edacdcf09d133f7Buyer


Matomy has a large demand to be placed on desktop adn MW connecting with CedatoX so if you have the option to do it let me know and make business together!

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I am looking to buy large inventory from video SP, MP and LP/ US, CA and UK Geos. CPM basis!

skype: hector.c14

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Hi all!

Good quality of traffic for Japan!

We offer various targeting options, 15 types of banners, IP range targeting and more!

NATIVE ADS and Pre-Roll in stream video are available!

Device: Desktop, Mobile (smartphone)

Email me: kanae.matsumoto@exoclick.com
Skype: exoclick_matsumoto

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LeadSense a leading Adnetwork with presence globally. We have user Managed Platform and traffic for all devices and formats. If you are looking to run POP, Banner, email Campaigns then we can help you to set the campaign as we have traffic over a billion served every week.

We are fast growing network for EU and Americas traffic. Our traffic sources are from 50,000 direct publisher sites Managed by us and we can help your campaigns delivers with our quality traffic for both Adult and mainstream verticals.

We are network providing high quality traffic for all type of advertising that includes Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Forex, Weight Loss, Solar Panels, Education.

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We, at Adsolut Media have display CPM campaigns for direct publishers and networks.

We can work on Fixed/Rev-Share business model offering our customers some of the highest numbers.

Adsolut (adsolut..in) is a pure CPM ad network partnered with some of the top Ad Exchanges like OpenX , Smart AdServer , AOL and many more.

Feel free to mail me at kush@adsolut.in or skype me at kush.rohra.

Excited to hear from you !


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I'm Francisco from Check my Ads [http://check-my-ads.com/], an affiliate network of Bluemarket Agency.

I'm looking for traffic on CPL basis for Voyance vertical. From direct advertiser and with good payouts!

We don't work by prepay.

Ping me on skype - francisco.carvalho_16, if this sounds interesting to you.

I'll be glad to give more details about our campaigns.



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I'm Mia- From Eway Global, the mother company of AdFlex brand.

AdFlex is an ad network with regional operation officers in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailland and Vietnam. We're having high eCPM campaigns worldwide. AppsFlyer ranked us at top 30 of their best partners in term of Power Ranking (the combination of installation and retention rate).

We are an adnetwork and also need traffic Worldwide.We hope to work with the best partners in affiliate marketing market to build a long term co-operation.
Hope we can cooperate effectively in the future.
This is my Skype : Mia.adflex

Hope to discuss further with you soon :)

Thank you!

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We are generating Auto insurance,Health insurance,Home insurance and Home improvements exclusive leads.

Looking for a direct buyer for long term connection.

Kindly send me an email with your Skype id.
Email: livemarketingabcs@gmail.com


Muhammad Usama

Thumb 10387382 10203321111253989 6861266185607376273 n avatarSeller

Health Insurance Live transfers available! US Generated for US call centers. All compliant. Guaranteed Calls! Call me 843-879-3301, email me sharon@leadzod.com or skype: sdutil143

We also have mobile inbound search calls for health insurance!!