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Eric ChengSeller

Hi, we are looking for partners who can sell CBD product in Australia as we have huge volume of CBD SEO traffic available.

My Skype ID is shiyeeeric
Email is

Anastasia ShulgaSeller

Native & push WW inventory mainstream
Top converting verticals: Casino and Betting, Dating, Nutra, Trading
Contact me if you need information by Skype viiiienk_a

Jacques NaitBuyer

Hey everyone,
We're private network that offers long term partnership and we're looking for high quality in-house email traffic (US/UK/CA/AU) for our best offers in the industry right now.
Are you looking for reliable NET payment, friendly account managers and excellent payouts? Then contact me via skype or by email:
Skype: ebuzzm

Affiliate NinjasBuyer

Direct Advertiser for Nutra COD offers looking for traffic CPA

HIGH approve rates, FAST payments! ;)
We are direct advertiser for Nutra COD offers, looking for traffic on CPA basis.

Health, beauty, anti-age, skin, anti-pigmentation, adult, hair loss, anti funga, diet offers.


Payment Terms: We pay your commission on request.
We can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney - whatever you need.

Contact me for details:
skype: live:.cid.196c7b5be3a3792
telegram: olga_affninjas

Jitender SharmaSeller

Sleepsia is now listed on "ShareASale" Affiliate Program.

Product listed on Amazon and Walmart where we are getting good reviews and sales.

Please get in touch if you have USA traffic and ready for Performance based partnership.

Jitender Sharma
js-onlinemarketing (skype)

Yehor TerraleadsSeller

I'm Yehor, Terraleads' affiliate manager.
Looking for adverts with In-House Nutra/E-commerce for long cooperetion.
We are have traffic with high AR for you.
Contact me if you want work with us.
Telegram: @yehor_terraleads
Skype: live:.cid.34e60e66de8d02ae

Hozefa TijoriwalaBuyer

Comfort Click have 4 type of Health Affiliate Programs such as,,, and we pay upto 25% commission. We have multilingual websites for most of the European countries. We dont accept any Pre-Paid Traffic Offers. We pay Net-30 and $100 threshold for payouts.

We have Live Offers for UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Netherlands. We Deliver our products Worldwide.

UK Offers

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Alina KasprykSeller

Native Traffic & Push direct Inventory
the best for media buyers
TH MY ID VN PH USA CA Nordic DE UK CZ ES LATAM Desktop & Mobile

♦Beauty&health (Nutra) ♦Trading ♦ Insurance, Loans ♦ e-commerce♦ Dating, ♦ Shopping ♦ Sweepstakes ♦ Utilities, Services

📌 NATIVE and Video Ads, premium push traffic.
📌 Desktop / mobile web
📌 CPA/CPL optimization
📌 24/7 support.
📌 Additional Creatives

PM Skype – alina.kaspryk or leave a comment.

Yehor TerraleadsSeller

I'm Yehor from Terraleads. We are looking for perpesctive advertiser with In-House Nutra offers in Latin America.
We have a high quality traffic from many sources.
If you are interesting in strong and profit cooperation then contact with me.
Skype: live:.cid.34e60e66de8d02ae
Telegram: @yehor_terraleads

Luke MirkoSeller

We are live, We deliver more than 200 calls daily for ( Tech Support and Airline Call ) at affordable price, including High and Low Income Leads and Data. Don't miss any business opportunity because of December holiday.

Are you looking for trusted, sales and quality call? - We only deliver quality calls for

- Tech Support,
- Airline Call.

Leads and Data available for
- High Income,
- Low Income
- Debt.

Luke MirkoSeller

For this Christmas we are offering a low rate on CALL, DATA and LEADS. TECH SUPPORT CALLS AVAILABLE.


High and Low Income l Raw I Home owners l Mobile, Gender & Aged filtered l Health Insurance l Education l Payday l Mortgage l DME l Solar| Pharma | Debt l Telecom | Auto Insurance | UK l Australia l Canada Leads Available

Alan DcozaSeller

Using our accurate and verified Dentist Mailing List to get current records of dentists from the US and other countries. Promote the right dental practitioners with your products and boost your ROI.

Want to know more? Contact our marketing experts now, or call
Email :
Call : +1(669)293-6006


What is the Suboxone?

For the dosage, you ought to guide your primary care physician. Nevertheless, they may endorse it relying upon a few elements. These contain:

the sort and mercilessness of narcotic dependence,
the period of treatment you are in, and
other therapeutic conditions you may have.

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Nonetheless, the strength of the brand version of Suboxone are:

For 2 mg buprenorphine, 0.5 mg naloxone is formed.
In 4 mg buprenorphine, 1 mg naloxone is available.
An 8 mg buprenorphine is available with each 2 mg naloxone.
For 12 mg buprenorphine, 3 mg naloxone is available.


WW databases available for monetization, cleaned, DOI (50/50 rev/share)


Skype: live:andrijana.dbstore


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What is Ativan?

Doctors prescribe this medication for the treatment of anxiety disorders, trouble sleeping, and also active seizures. Basically, it is a benzodiazepine medication having the generic name of Lorazepam. It also works effectively in case of status epilepticus; alcohol withdrawal and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

You can always Order Ativan online from any of the online medical websites. In this process, you also receive an authenticity certificate too.

Alan DcozaSeller

Connect with the top healthcare experts and create new sales leads with our verified Healthcare Database for your B2B marketing strategy.

Want to know more? Contact our marketing experts now, or call
Email :
Call : +1(669)293-6006


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Can ADHD be mistaken for depression?
Depression is a mood disorder that may affect a person's daily life. A depressive mood of a person does lead to sadness or extreme anger in him/her. Some people often interpret ADHD as depression or anxiety disorder.

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However, depression is just only a symptom of ADHD. An ADHD-affected person suffering from depression can affect brain functions. The implication is so wrong that it might give birth to suicidal tendencies.
Which antidepressant is best for ADHD?
Antidepressants do refer to drugs that help in giving relief from depression, anxiety disorders.


Drew Carey CBD- Do never be enticed to sharp instruments to ones feet, look for treatment from an enrolled podiatric doctor. This is especially significant if get any medical conditions. Try not to utilize corn mortars which contain acids an individual are diabetic, have fringe vascular infection, or will probably be any way immuno-traded off. Denims . try not to utilize products without speaking with a Podiatrist or clinical specialist. A podiatrist will require a full clinical history before any treatment to guarantee that is entirely suitable for you as a person.


With the development of medical facilities in India, the staff nurse vacancy has increased immensely. There is always an ever-increasing demand for trained staff nurses in healthcare institutions – both government as well as private. Staff Nurse job is one of the pillars of the Medical and Healthcare systems functioning in the country. They are dedicated and committed to serve and care ill and injured people. A staff nurse knows how to push an injection, set up saline, and maintain the medical records of the patient to check his/her medical performance. The staff nurse’s job is to take proper care of the patient and keep a check if the directions of the doctor are being implemented. A staff nurse’s job also consists of administering medicines & injections, conduct follow-up check-ups, and cater to the patient’s overall recovery.
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Buy Norco Online To Defeat Severe and Moderate Pain -

What does Norco treat?

Norco consumption is rising globally because of its rapid results in ongoing moderate to severe pain in the adult body. Although, its chemical configuration indicates that it contains two major elements that are acetaminophen and hydrocodone. These components are in the different ratio and even functions for the different motives such as-

Hydrocodone is an opioid painkiller and functions by treating the ongoing chronic to acute pain in adults.
In contrast, acetaminophen is a non-opioid and functions to treat the fever to offer a stable body.

Bohdan RevolutionBuyer

Hey! We are ready to propose you the best dating and nutra offers if you have best traffic for it! Weekly payment, a lot of payment methods, a bunch of TOP EPC offers available! Please, write me in Skype or Telegram!
S - live:.cid.722f0d88b221d5a6
T - @BohdanTeterevkov

David SalazerBuyer

Category: Mobile Optimized / Responsive Health Muscle / Male Enhancement (Cash on Delivery)
Countries: India
Treatment for men who want to revive their sexual life.

▸ TIP: Works best with Facebook, adult, and mailing
▸ TIP: TA: Men age of 25-85

promotion Allowed: Display, Email, Social, Search, PPV, Push Notifications, Native, and Adult.

Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentives, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg,

Desktop Allowed: YES

Mobile Devices Allowed: All

Carriers Allowed: All

Conversion Process:
(COD confirmed by Call Center)

Pixel fires when the call center confirms COD.



Nick StukalovBuyer

Hello, I am buying calls from direct pay per call affiliates in the following verticals and US geo:

Health Insurance 90sec (Inbound calls, Onshore Live transfers)
Auto insurance (dynamic payout) (Inbounds)
Flight Booking 60sec (Inbound calls)
Pest control 120sec (inbounds)
Home warranty 90sec (inbounds)
Home security 120sec (inbounds)

Write to email: or
Skype: live:.cid.b9fc8f1d8afd6649


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Life gets upside down if you are engulfed with chronic pain. It holds the potential to disturb the daily activities of the person. Moreover, it impacts mood, memory, and relationship too. In some instances, it can cause depression also.
What is chronic pain?
It is a pain that does remain present in the body for a longer duration. It can last from weeks, months, to even years. Moreover, doctors do define chronic pain, which lasts for 3 to 6 months or more. Its examples are- lower back pain, cancer pain, arthritis pain, neurogenic pain.
Such kind of pain produces an abnormal response and doesn't improve with time. It can occur in the absence of tissue damage and persist long after the body heals.

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Paul MoreSeller

We have High Quality Traffic Source in the home. Share your Traffic request, here
Skype: live:.cid.c95fa4f1b28cb0f8

SaintGermain OnwukemeBuyer

Good day everyone.

I have direct advertisers who have a huge need for traffic from the African Geo's such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa etc.

To ensure this becomes easy to do business;

1. We integrate via JS tags
2. We'll need a dashboard and don't mind a managed service. However we're particular about being able to track traffic if it's available.

You can reach out to me via the following:

Skype: germainofficial


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I have good quality email traffic for Finland and NETHERLANDS! Need some good and fresh campaign ASAP!

Eric ChengSeller

Hi, we are looking for partners who can sell CBD product in Australia as we have huge volume of CBD SEO traffic available.

My Skype ID is shiyeeeric

CBD PartnersBuyer

CBD Partners is looking for publishers!
* Direct and in-house CBD and Kratom offers
* CPS up to 40%
* Net-15 payouts
* Different categories (including beauty and health CBD products, food and products for pets)

Look no more: all CBD Partners are here!
Skype we_daria
Telegram @cbdsupport