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Nico BlackBuyer

http://www.baseify.com/join Access 70,000 CPC shopping merchants (walmart, ebay, target, etc.).

Our tech doubles your CTR and CPCs.

Earn up to $1 CPC, depending on the product category, in T1 GEOs for shopping traffic.

Product-related inventory needed for the shopping season (ad networks, blogs, forums, programmatic).

A proven record of ecom feed promotion required - 1% conversion rate needed. Rev share only.

Apply now at: http://www.baseify.com/join/

Rob GlebeSeller

We are looking for advertisers who are interested in promoting Pay per Click text ad direct advertising campaigns.

Adsimilate operates our own in house proprietary PPC bid engine. We offer Run of Network and Keyword advertising campaigns. Our advertising network consists of (content sites, video sites, search engines, etc.). We have high quality traffic (including Tier 1), GEO targeting, and strong GA scored TOS/PV/ BR traffic.

Sign up for an advertiser account today.
Sign up here: https://adsimilatecommunity.com/advertisers.html or here: http://login.adsimilate.com/advertiser/signup or contact me directly at rglebe@adsimilate.com Also on Skype: rob.glebe

David DickensBuyer

I am looking to buy leads on Co-reg or Co-spons Nordics, SE, FI, DK and NO. Write me a line on skype to discuss opportunities: DavidOrangeBuddies


Spanish DataBase ready to sell,
Education, insurance, finance, legal, ecomerce ...
Price according to volume purchased. Minimum volume 100K Maximum 800K.
50% prepayment
Antiquity 2015-2018
Basic data + email + phone + address + registration date ...

Dmitriy ChikmaryovBuyer

Monetizus.com - global monetization platform which provides you a number of monetization methods to monetize your browser extension, toolbar, add-ons, websites, installers, bundle-installs and etc. Some methods we developed - are 100% unintrusive and not annoying.
So if you care about your users - we that you need!

We work via revenue share basis - 70%\30%

Give it a try and I sure you will be satisfied with the result.

Feel free to contact me:
Skype: monetizeus
E-mail: dima@monetizus.com
Web: monetizus.com
Registration via :http://partners.monetizus.com/m/m8en-sgja-dmqj

Ines PucheBuyer

Hey guys!
If you have traffic to promote our direct CPA based on campaigns please let me know. A lot of geos and verticals available. Good PO, all offers from *developer*

Let's chat about please find me in Skype live:e90f258d9946a8d5 or e-mail me info@cosmicgroup.mobi

Let's increase our profit together ;)


Looking for UK, US (and soon AU) traffic for our in-house competition and product testing CPL offers. Add me on Skype if you can help! live:sara_crowle

18D MediaBuyer

http://18dmedia.com/home-3/ Access 18,000 CPC campaigns daily, easy approval, net 30 payout, self serviced, adsense alternative for sure.

oyes adsBuyer


I am looking for genuine no bots no data center zero click, park domain traffic.

you can mail me on support@oyesads.com


Mikki LoumanBuyer

Hey! We currently have lots of cc submits on CPA, and CPL base. Lots of different geos and good payouts.

Hit me up if you're interested: mikki@vipresponse.nl


**WE DON'T DO PREPAYS. Please don't waste your time if prepay is mandatory for you.**

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Joe ASeller

We deliver Premium Traffic to your offer, site or social outlets.
All traffic is Tier 1 and filtered to remove clouds, proxys, and VPN's so you only get the best traffic.
Most GEOS and Verts are available.

We offer custom offer creation and campaigns for
CPA, CPI, CPL, CPC, CPV, PPC, Social Shares, Likes and redirect traffic to your pages. Mobile and Desktop options.

For more info ping me on Skype: jarden007 and we will tailor a plan for your growth.


For details contact me @
Skype: neeti.adminds
Email: neeti@admindsdigital.com


We pay for click in our advertiser LP

incentive traffic allowed

Skype: s.trafficschwartz

Kevin GloveBuyer


I am Kevin. Looking for quality traffic for all verticals, all geo's...

We work on CPM basis, required email, Display traffic, Popup/Popunder and Direct Link.

We paying every month, minimum only $10 via PayPal/Wire Transfer.

Register now: https://www.adkode.com/publisher-registration

Skype : kevin_adkode
Email : support@adkode.com

hadar sSeller

i have millions of true callers validated leads, from most countries.
PM me if you are interested

Valeriia KulkoSeller

Looking for in-house (own!) offers - sweepstakes. Your direct offers won't work - sorry for that.

Consider multiple geos.
Have affiliates with CPL, CPA traffic for these verticals.

Please, ping me on Skype: valeriia.k.rainmaker, or e-mail: valeriia.k@rmkr.uk


hello i'm looking for 0 click flow offers

pls let me know if you have it

Alex SidorenkoBuyer

Buying CPA / CPI / CPL traffic to the great converting offers.
BOTH Incent / non-incent.
ANY niche.
ANY geo.
HIGH payouts.

Some of HOT converting offers for today ;) https://ibb.co/bxje5k

Please NO prepay !
@: marina.k@targeleon.com
Skype: marina.targeleon

Carlos LopezBuyer

Hello, im from Delft advertising, and we have own offers WW. BEST GEOS: LATAM, IT, FR, Tier1... We have CPL sweestakes with high payouts of 5$-40 usd. We are actually working with big networks, and they have around 5-6% of conversion rate.
We always work on net 30 basis, and if we start working some months, we can go with a better payments, but at the beginin we never give better than Net 30.
Believe me, lets me a small test, and you will see how it works, and what conversion rate you get :)


Mediaexperteez, centurymedia360, innbluemedia , dpinfosolution.com, Spideradsmedia, adarceus.com, concretead.com, Click and Lead Media, silverglowmedia.in , Rad365, PluckyOpal , Inovation media mglobalm.com and New Castle Media all are same company and they took our money and didn't send any traffic and stop responding to our emails, our lawyers are already doing their task, so anyone doing business with them stay alert!

Damilare OmodaraSeller

I need interesting direct CPL offers in E-commerce, Forex/Binary, Coupons, Health & beauty and others. You can be sure you have the required traffic for your offers.
Reach me via skype: damilare_8.
Thank you.


We are launching a new members shopping site and we are looking for a lead generating co-registration ads with verticals focusing on Online Shopping, Fashion, Style, Beauty, Coupons, and E-commerce.

The top geo focus is Western Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East

hadar sBuyer

we have new smart links to monetize any type of segmentation traffic - adult, dating, apps, mobile web, desktop and more.

postback pixel integration available.

payments via paypal or wire.

Mikki LoumanBuyer

Hi there,
We're looking for publishers and networks to promote exclusive offers.

CC Submit


Iphone, Iphone X, HBO, Spotify, CK underwear, Cinema, Furniture

If you're interested, please add me on skype so we can discuss the possibilities.


Alex SidorenkoBuyer

Send your quality traffic to our Smartlink and get paid every Friday !
We accept POP / redirects / banners.

Here are some actual eCPMs per country: https://targeleon.com/topgeos

Feel free to signup here : https://targeleon.com/signup
@: alex.s@targeleon.com
Skype: lex.sidor

hadar sSeller

Cheap RON traffic, a Ms of impressions.

I am private media buyer and I can sell millions of RON impressions from lower quality traffic sources.

the deal is for an adnetwork or similar buyer that wants to add millions of impressions (not bots) with direct link. and pay at least $0.3 CPM.
starting must be pre payment. and then turn into weekly.

Ethan AndersonSeller

We are looking for CRYPTO offer for GCC.
Payment term: prepay
Skype: live:andersonethan700

Adrian WellingtonSeller

Looking for Direct/Exclusive CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, PPI for Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

Tractas is a Global Online Performance Marketing Agency for Mobile & Desktop Devices.

Please email/skype me: adrian@tractas.com so we can touch-base

Nikolay KurtishevBuyer

You need HIGH demanded services to monetize your TRAFFIC with? We provide the best consumer choices OFFERS that will fit your sources.

**Our dedicated account managers are here for you to SUPPORT with customized features and tools which will optimize and increase your CONVERSION RATE**

Shaylla SuelenBuyer

Seeking to traffic for email marketing campaigns in Brazil, CPL.

Skype: Adlead.operacional2
Email: steixeira@notify.ag