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692 ads

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we are looking for traffic to our CPI/mainstream/adult smartlinks on CPA/CPI basis!

We can accept almost all kinds of traffic including adult and incent traffic.

Let us help you to monetize your remnant traffic!

Ping me on Skype for more details - live:dario_3345

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We have a number of 1st page submit campaigns available. These include Gambling and Sweepstake landing pages with full creative available.

For more information, please contact me on Skype: benfconvergys


Sign up to our network here: https://www.surgeaffili.at

We work on 30 Day NET terms.


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We are looking for advertisers who are interested in promoting Pay per Click text ad direct advertising campaigns.

Adsimilate operates our own in house proprietary PPC bid engine. We offer Run of Network and Keyword advertising campaigns. Our advertising network consists of (content sites, video sites, search engines, etc.). We have high quality traffic (including Tier 1), GEO targeting, and strong GA scored TOS/PV/ BR traffic.

Sign up for an advertiser account today.
Sign up here: https://adsimilatecommunity.com/advertisers.html or here: http://login.adsimilate.com/advertiser/signup or contact me directly at rglebe@adsimilate.com Also on Skype: rob.glebe

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Hi, guys!
Nowadays we have high converting CPA and CPL offers. If you havetraffic - let me know.

Skype: live:1e1c03fa3d4201fc

P.S. NET30

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Hey guys!
I'm Ines from Ad Network Cosmic Group LP. Looking for traffic to promote my direct CPA based on campaigns WW. A lot of geos and verticals available.
Let's chat about please find me in Skype live:e90f258d9946a8d5 or e-mail me info@cosmicgroup.mobi

Let's increase our profit together ;)


Looking campaigns:

GEOS: Italy Germany

My Skype contact: Matthew Fasolini-Mediacomm


This is sharan from Expletus Media Pvt.Ltd.we are Ad-Network.We would like to buy some traffic.
We are hoping for CPS,CPI,CPT and CPR as of now.
Geos : IN and US
For more details please add me on SKYPE @ sharan kumaran | Expletus

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Admitad is a network of Cost-Per-Action affiliate programs, which provides advertisers with reliable sources of sales and publishers with new business models to monetize traffic.
For publishers we offer variety of benefits such as:
● An opportunity to earn money every time a user performs a target action, such as a purchase, application or sign-up with affiliate program ads published on your website.
● As our publisher you are getting access to such benefits as domain parking, obtaining sub-ID, a link checker tool, ad server, a 'retag' tool, access to an extensive list of coupons and deals and product feeds, postback URL, admitad API and many more.
To tell more, our publishers get the payments on a weekly basis!

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We are in the process of adding a large number of new campaigns across all verticals and the network is growing very quickly.

We now have some great Gambling campaigns and a growing number of Home Improvement and finance campaigns including Forex and Insurance.

If we don't have a campaign that you like, we will find one for you and launch it!

Scope for increasing payouts with proof of quality traffic.

Please feel free to sign up here: https://www.surgeaffili.at/signup.php

Please contact me on Skype if you have questions! benfconvergys

We only pay CPL, we will not consider any other payment option. We will not prepay. We will not consider CPC or CPM emails.


2SQR Media is looking for high converting and payout offers to monetize our WW traffic. No Casino, No forex. Desktop campaigns CPA, CPC or CPM. Mobile CPM or CPC campaigns only. Get in touch with me and lets get started!

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looking campaigns for DEM traffick
no adult, dating and wizard campaigns

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We have INCENTIVIZED traffic for your desktop campaigns. We run email submits, registrations, surveys, sweeps.

Send a message at: accounts@paymentwall.com
Connect at Skype: syrine.gladys.podadera

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We have DIRECT TRAFFIC for your CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPE offers!

Connect at: advertise@offerwall.com
Skype: syrine.gladys.podadera
Sign up here: http://www.offerwall.com/advertise

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If you have email submits, lead gens, sweeps, surveys, and registrations for US, UK, AU, and CA let me know! We can set your campaigns LIVE. :)

Email: accounts@paymentwall.com
ID: syrine.gladys.podadera

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Monetize your traffic with our CPA, CPL, CPS, PPCall offers in many different verticals like: dating, insurance, loans, solar, health, clothing and more...
Take a look at our huge list of campaigns here: https://account.dekafy.com/create-account
We can take anything but incent and call center (No host and post)
Contact me at: maria.v@dekafy.com
Skype: maria.dekafy

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Looking for Direct/Exclusive CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, PPI for Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

Tractas is a Global Online Performance Marketing Agency for Mobile & Desktop Devices.

Please email/skype me: adrian@tractas.com so we can touch-base

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Best Rates and Conditions for OWN OFFERS.
Big volumes of desktop, mobile, email, video traffic available for you today!!! Verticals: Sweepstakes, Dating, Nutra, Mobile (apps, subscriptions).
Add me up on Skype for more details:

Email: aleksandra@rainmaker.lu
Skype: aleksandra.rainmaker@rainmaker.lu

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We run email submits, surveys, sweeps, registrations, downloads/installs. Most of our traffic from from the US, UK, AU, CA, DE, BR, MX, and Asian countries.

If you have desktop offers for these geos, let me know!

Email: accounts@paymentwall.com
Skype: syrine@paymentwall.com

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Send your quality traffic to our Smartlink and get paid every Friday !
We accept POP / redirects / banners.

Here are some actual eCPMs per country: https://targeleon.com/topgeos

Feel free to signup here : https://targeleon.com/signup
@: alex.s@targeleon.com
Skype: lex.sidor

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We have incentivized desktop traffic from the US, UK, AU, and CA! If you have CPA and CPL campaigns for these countries, let me know.

Skype: syrine.gladys.podadera
Email: advertise@offerwall.com

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Selling huge volumes of display banner traffic on CPM Basis. We have high quality traffic from direct sites and products scanned and verified with traffic tools.

Looking for brand-safe campaigns with great fill rate. working with pass-backs and minimum CPM.
*Works well with DSPs and Marketplaces.

Geos: Worldwide but mainly tier 1 geos (US, CA, UK, AU) .

Lets connect together for better business!


We are looking for advertisers who are interested in promoting Pay per click text ad & display ad campaigns.
Mobcrunch operates our own in house proprietary PPC bid engine. We offer Run of Network and keyword advertising
campaigns. Whether your goal is visibility or direct response. Mobcrunch Media delivers high quality traffic across:
Cost-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Sale, Cost-Per-Install, and Cost-Per-Action.

Please get in touch over skype :- macskumar5

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I'm looking to buy more traffic for my (internal) sweepstakes/promotional offers in the US.

Open to most types of traffic.

Drop me a mail or Skype.

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Looking for Sweepstakes offers for CH.

Contact me at Skype: dan.halevi8


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I am looking for traffic for CPA/CPI/CPS campaigns

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Hey there,
My name is Tej from AdGaem Network [https://www.adgaem.com]

We are looking for Mobile CPI Incent offers/Sweepstakes/Email Submit offers/Survey offers/Download offers to promote on virtual currency traffic. We buy media from top quality sources. Quality won’t be an issue.


Please add me on Skype: adgaem if you want to collaborate.

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For details contact me @
Skype: neeti.adminds
Email: neeti@admindsdigital.com


Revenue Share / Rev Share
We are here to monetize your databases in order to profit amazing revenues for you, according where your data targets work better.

So, if you have e-mail lists to be managed in the following markets: BR, ES, , GER, FR and ITA, pop me a message.

· You don't have any costs or to do any investiment
· We have a in house team to take care of all for you
· We have exclusive campaigns and advertisers
· We share! we work with 50% for each part!

CONTACT MY SKYPE direzionecommerciale.mediacomm

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Hello, everyone!
If you are looking for new lead gen offers worldwide we have some exclusive ones!
Highest rates and weekly payouts are guaranteed!
Let me know if you are interested! Cheers!

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I'm representing greenlight media, CPA network with high-payout direct and exclusive mobile content offers WW.

If you have quality traffic to run our campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact me on the following:

Email: luca@greenlight.media
Skype: bodosi.luca