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Hello, I am looking for large amounts of traffic from pre-roll ads/in stream videos. Don't care about the country (except China). MUST support VAST tags. Please only serious people comment below. Thank you.


Alia has the colorful look that drives our customers wild. This magnificence has streaming dark hair and a dull appearance that is entrancing. She wants to wear brilliant hues and guarantee that everyone's eyes are on her. She has a fantastic figure and she isn't reluctant to display her bends at whatever point the open door emerges. She has a touch of understanding as an escort and an adult artist, guaranteeing that her engaging characteristics are better than expected. Alia expects meeting new individuals from around the globe, including people alike.

Nina ClickaduSeller

Hi guys!
We're selling the huge volumes of mobile and desktop traffic on CPM basis at the best rates. Targeting every device and geo. POPs only!
Test it and see for youself.
If you are interested and ready to buy, please contact me via skype (n.morris.clickadu) or email (

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Valentina Clickadu Seller

Selling pop-under traffic for such offers as:
- online casinos,
-stock exchange trading websites (e.g iForex, xForex etc.),
-dating sites,
-online games,
- adult,
- sweeps, etc

!CPM model only!
!huge volume of traffic ww!
!nice bids!

Thomas AllenSeller


Here at Legendary Paprika, we specialize in Email marketing and Display advertising. We are delivering high quality traffic on CPM and CPC basis.

We offer outstanding high quality traffic on both CPM and CPC basis in a wide range of geos such as Europe,Northern America, Nordics SA SG CA CH US AU and GCC

Please dont hesitate to contact me
Skype : thomas.legendarypaprika
Email :

Thank you
Thomas Allen

Andrew ian CastilloSeller

Hi There!

Here at RentLeads, we are Offering High Performance in Email marketing and Display advertising. We work on CPC/CPM.

We are serving some of the biggest brands around the globe and we hope to include you in our portfolio.

It will be great to have business with you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me any time.
skype: andrewrentleads

Andrew CastilloSeller

We are looking for people that we can help to build their business grow and expand for tomorrow and the near future.

So don't just look and sit there .
Ping me on and
Lets talk about business.

Skype: andrewrentleads

Allen HSeller

Hey guys,
We have world wide popunder traffic for adult website, dating campaigns on CPM basis.

Hit my Skype for more details


Minimum deposit $100

Allen HSeller

We are selling High quality adult popunder traffic.
Serious peoples knock me at Skype "trafficbrokerann"

Looking forward to work with you guys.

Tal ShapiraSeller

Earn more and spend less with our new bid optimization engine.
Make sure you have a postback URL integrated into your campaigns and let the algorithm optimize in real time.

Highly converted! Zero-Click Traffic
We have added new excellent sources
for PPR campaigns.
Keyword targeted traffic that works for all kind of offers. You can run it RON too. Recommended!
The results are amazing!

Lets Talk


Alexander KrylovSeller

High converting traffic for desktop and mobile.

Service: Self-serve, managed

Price model: CPM

Reach: WW traffic, direct publishers

Media: Desktop/mobile video, rich media

Targeting: Geo, carriers, OS, device model, device type, browser, day parting, white list and black list

Please feel free to ask for more information through Skype

Tal ShapiraSeller

ActiveRevenue Traffic in all verticals available now!

- Direct Publishers
- Best Targeting Options
- High Conversion Rate!
- High ROI
- Over 5B unique impressions a day

Start earning real $ with your campaign


Let's do this!

Zeus Technologies™Seller

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DirectRTX TeamBuyer


We accept all types of traffic from all sources - including proxies, adult traffic, toolbars, etc.

What makes us different? We're a "what you see is what you get" network. When we buy your traffic, the amount we pay is guaranteed.

We never adjust your earnings based upon quality and never suspend accounts for the types of traffic they send.

If we can't purchase your traffic, we'll simply send it to your fallback URL. Payments are sent on a NET-30 basis via PayPal.

All accounts are automatically approved. Direct links are provided for you to send traffic to.

Kyle KamppilaBuyer

I would love to discuss our new ad units that are working great for monetization in Toolbars, applications, downloads, extensions, websites, etc…


Currently partner with propellerads.

Organic traffic and current partner dashboard will available to see if intrested.

I do not offer my traffic for adult. So adult network keep away. All other type will be accepted.

Looking for impressive rate of cpm. if you have don't hesitate to contact me. below is my skype id.

skype :

K ChrisBuyer

I want to buy USA & UK Travel Calls in bulk. skype me Calls.Merchant


Hey guys !
I'm Victor From Hooligapps. We are online games developer and direct advertiser so we have really EXCLUSIVE AND GREAT offers for you!
We are ready to spend more that 1M $ this month via our affiliate programm. Our offers are WW, desktop only. CPA/ REVSHARE,CPS/CPE. Chose any model and start earn with us right now!More info at:
live:viktor_2533 my skype my e-mail

Bipin BeheraBuyer

Looking for Mongolia traffic

Ibrahim | Vertigo MediaSeller

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for active top quality campaigns to send out on our databases. Please email me if interested.

Thank you.

Bryan MelleBuyer is a website designed for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people - and their supporters! It's a website designed to give the LGBT community a place to express themselves safely with no worry of being judged, threatened or mistreated.

So this leads me to ask for traffic for LGBT community , PRIDE traffic, Singles traffic..and so on

Leads me to one more request all you wonderful MARKETING MASTERS out there ...if you have any LGBT offer and would like to help us out we can send the traffic its way as well!!


Hi, everyone!
I'm seeking for business cooperation with networks and publishers that have Display (RON, SP, MP, LP), MW and In-App video inventory, for US, UK, CA & AU GEOs. We can provide fair rates and good fill rate. CPM base.
Please feel free to contact via


Hello, I represent S2Ssoftsys. we have direct campaigns and semi direct campaigns for both Incent and Non Incent. Looking for direct traffic for our campaigns, Need your collaboration....

Thanks and Regards...


Hello, i buy all your traffic.

I am interested in GEO. Only MSIE BROWSER.

Contact me asap.

Fernando SegréBuyer

Sell us your remnant traffic. Through our smart waterfall system we can fill your unsold inventory!!


We need US Calls where Customers wants to buy Viagra Calls, we can take around 100 Calls Per day.
if you can supply please email me on or add me on skype: jatin_bhardwaj191

Okan AtmacaSeller

We have great display inventory.
Restrictions: No adult, no malware, no redirects.
Feel free to add me on Skype: okanatmaca for further info.

Nurul HoqueBuyer

hello we are looking for ww cpm traffic we pay fixed rate ... 100k traffic we pay 50$
payment net7
ping me skype - GuruMaza1

Kevin De VincenziBuyer has two travel offers that we are currently looking for publishers for . Huge Caps, Great Payouts - Just in time for the Holidays.

Xy7tina on Skye