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QLTY Media a leading media company in the field of lead generation is looking to become your new traffic partner.

What we do?

QLTY Media generates all of our media in-house. We have our own e-mail databases (over 12 million users worldwide that subscribed to our newsletters), we have Social (we utilise targeted Facebook campaigns and receive high ROI), Display (work with platforms that make the best keywords and domains for each vertical- millions of websites in each industry and country, also do domain redirect, intext, banner, POP) and more.

If you're interested in working with us please add me to Skype: zweiss1989 or email



Whether your goal is visibility or direct response, Showcase Media delivers high quality traffic across: Cost-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Lead, and Cost-Per-Action. We work on all devices and geo's across all industries. We bring strong results and positive ROI to online-oriented and performance-oriented clients.

We provide e-mail (database of tens of millions worldwide), display (inText, Banner, POP), Social (Facebook targeted), PPC and more. After years of experience and successful campaigns, we know what works, let us show you.

If your interested please ping me on Skype: live:joe.globalvoice


Hello Media Buyers & Affiliates,

TR Media has large volumes of pop, email and display traffic worldwide for all verticals.

We can generate a lot of dedicated traffic for your brand- both high quality and high converting.

If you're interested please contact me on Skype - zweiss1989.