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Chris Zhao's Ads

Dear friends :

Hi, This is Chris Zhao, the publisher manager in Yeahmobi, which is one of the biggest mobile performanc company in Asia . Currently, we have more than 7000 direct campagins with fair PO, we are looking publishers to work with CPI CPA CPL models . we have top offers around the international countries . pls ping me if you are the person i am looking for . i bet u will have a wonderful corporation with Yeahmobi.
Skype: mikemike51623


Hi Dear All , This is Chris zhao, the publisher manager in Yeahmobi. Currently ,we are looking for qualified publishers to run our offers , we have WW offers with CPI CPA CPL models ,pls contact us if you are a qualified publishers , pls find me if you have the traffic such like what i described . dont ping me if you are fraud traffic , thank you .

Chris-Senior publisher manager - Yeahmobi


Hi all ,.

How are u guys , this is Chris , the publisher manager in Yeahmobi, which is one of the biggest affiliate network in Asia. Currently we are buying traffic with CPA CPI and CPL models ,. we do have a lots exclusive offers around the world, such like : Grabtaxi ,Bigo live,etc. Pls ping me for any requires , i bet we will have some wonderful corporations .

SKYPE: mikemike51623


Hi all ,Happy new years to everyone !!
This is Chris zhao, the senior smart link project manager in Yeahmobi . For our smart link offers , we do have 30 different categories with 3,000 direct SL offers , we help our pub generate $2,0000plus profits everyday . our smart link offers are CPA based mostly, and we do have CPI and cpl offers , we can help u to monetize ur traffic with thousands of revenues . pls ping me on skype if you are in.
Chris: mikemike51623



Hi All , this is Chris zhao , the Senior media developer in Yeahmobi. we have 10,000 direct offers in WW, the top geos are In TH JP KR CN US UK Br , we have 2000+ director offers with diversified verticals in these areas , the average CR reaches 1.3% . So pls contact me if you have good traffic .

Chris zhao -Yeahmobi
Senior marketing developer