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Sid Lalami's Ads


I am looking to meet with mobile developers at DMXECO in September to discuss monetizing apps with our premium Google in app ads

Open to fixed CPM

Please get in touch.

Skype: sid.lalami2



I am looking to monetize app traffic with our premium Google SDK

Please drop me a message on skype. sid.lalami2

or email me



Looking to buy video traffic tier 1 for our Premium google pre roll. Our publishers are seeing an average of $25eCPM

We are one of Google's largest publishers for video

Add me on Skype: sid.lalami2


Looking to but premium traffic tier 1

We are also one of Google's largest partners for video and are seeing an average of $24-$28eCPM for video traffic

Feel free to add me on Skype: sid.lalami2

Sid Lalami
Senior Media Buyer A4G
Phone: (+353)16994194
Skype: sid.lalami2


Address: 6-9 Trinity street, Dublin 2, Ireland


Looking to buy gaming traffic, Tier 1eCPMs up to $15

We are also one of Google's largest video publishers and can offer video preroll paying average of $25eCPM

Feel free to drop me an email @

Skype: sid.lalami2