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Kush Rohra's Ads
Kush RohraBuyer


Buying Video traffic at large scale. Below are the rates on which we are buying traffic:

1. SP: $3.5
2. MP: $5
3. LP: $6
4. MP/LP: $5.5

The Countries that we perform best are:

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. Spain
6. Brazil
7. France

Please ping on skype: Kush.Rohra and let's discuss the video opportunity.


Kush RohraBuyer


Adsolut Media is looking to buy traffic across Display, Video and Connected TV on Site specific/RON basis.

We are flexible in terms of business deal (Fixed Rate/Rev Share). To discuss this further, kindly mail us on or leave a comment below!

Skype ID : aksh.chhetija
Website :

Look forward to hearing from you guys!

Kush RohraBuyer


I represent Strategic Partnerships at Adsolut Media.

We have great campaigns lined up for Video & Connected TV with flexible payouts.

Skype: Kush.Rohra

Kush RohraBuyer


We, at Adsolut Media have display CPM campaigns for direct publishers and networks.

We can work on Fixed/Rev-Share business model offering our customers some of the highest numbers.

Adsolut ( is a pure CPM ad network partnered with some of the top Ad Exchanges like OpenX , Smart AdServer , AOL and many more.

Feel free to mail me at or skype me at kush.rohra.

Excited to hear from you !