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ismail 10MediaGroup's Ads
ismail 10MediaGroupBuyer

Hello everybody
I'm ismail, affiliate manager at 10MEDIAGROUP, the best and top CPA performance marketing network.

We have best and high converting mobile offers and apps with highest and lucrative commissions per action.
The offers have vary verticals and many GEO's supported and all all traffic allowed excpet intent and others.

We pay weekly and we may pay you daily if you do very well and drive high quality traffic to our offers.

Please feel free to sign up on the link below and get instant approval.

--***-- IMPORTANT NOTE ---***--, please in the WHO CONTACT ME '" section type: " ISMAIL ELOUATIK"

-My skype ID:

I wish you the best of luck and welcome you in to our network.

Best wishes

"Affiliate manager"

ismail 10MediaGroupBuyer


My name is ismail , I'm affiliate manager at 10 media group, we have great CPL offers with highest payouts and converstions .

-- GEO's supported: GCC, Australia, UK, Singapore and more.
-- ALLOWED TRAFFIC: Display-Email marketing - Lead generation - Pop Up/Under -- Search Engine -Social media - Video - SEO.... and more.

-NET PAYMENT: 7 and it may uprgrade to daily if you generate 100 leads a day.

-PAYMENT METHOD: Payoneer-Paypal - Skills-Wire ....

Please if you have high-quality traffic for these CPL offers, click on the link below to sign up as an affiliate and get instant approval.


--***-- NOTE --***--: in the WHO CONTACT YOU " section please write: ISMAIL ELOUATIK

Best of luck

ismail 10MediaGroupBuyer

We are looking for affiliates for 10 MEDIA GROUP CPA network

I`m Ismail, I’m an affiliate manager, and I`m glad to introduce you our 10MEDIAGROUP CPA network. Let me give you a short overview.

We deliver profitable growth for online businesses. We deliver you the best results, 10 MEDIA GROUP, employs the best resources in the field that added Quality to ensures your success. To top it all we continue to learn from regular international exposure and investment in research followed by critical analysis of each campaign.

We have great CPL offers for both FOREX and INSURANCE for many countries, in particularly: GCC for forex, and INSURANCE for UK, AUSTRALIA, USA and much more best-converted countries.
The CPL commissions are vary from 5 to 15$, which is amazing.

If you have high-quality traffic to these categories, please skype me to:

Best regards
Affiliate manager