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Maya Seinekova's Ads
Maya SeinekovaBuyer

Looking for buying Video inventory for Tier 1 geos.
Do you have direct traffic for Video? - Send me a message now.

I have excellent demand with great fill-rates.

Drop me a message please on Skype for further information: maya-kaban

Maya SeinekovaSeller

We have a great volume of RON banner traffic for mobile web and in-app traffic. Main geos: Tier 1 + Europe, CN, SG, PH, PE and IE. We offer a wide targeting (including city, OS version and time frame). CPM basis only.

Maya SeinekovaSeller

We can offer Mobile Web & In-App Banner plus Desktop and Mobile web POPs traffic on CPM basis. Geo targeting: WW (the strangest geos are Tier 1, DE, CN, IE, KR, PE). Wide range of targeing is available including city, OS versions, browser versions, time targeting and etc. All traffic are managed (no self-serving). We support tags and links. You can always reach us: or Skype: maya-kaban

Maya SeinekovaSeller

High quality CPM traffic available for high performance campaigns. Mobile Web, Desktop and In-App inventory available with wide targeting options.

All traffic is managed (no self-serving) but 24/7 support.